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who /ketogenesis/ here

now jack approved https://youtu.be/Pgkgemzp5ps

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Down 16 lb in 6 weeks. Cheated multiple times which set me back, but feels good to be literally .3-.6 lbs lighter nearly every day.

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>Fat diabetic American retard who eats nothing but greasy fried shit and dead animals all day while praying to a dead kike on a stick thinks carbs are evil and butter is healthy
Yeah, wow, so surprising. There just is no lower bound to the IQ of people who are attracted to keto, it's a true idiot magnet if there's ever been one

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I'm glad I've never watched a video of that greasy fatfuck evangelical in my life. Why the hell would /ck/ idolize a worshipper of a loony jew religion?

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dat fucking Tbs of butter on that small piece of bread
>"mmmm so buttery"

no shit your basically eating a chunk of butter

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what do you eat every day?

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Is that pre-shredded Mozzarella?

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>Didnt even take the sticker off

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Is this keto?

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semen usually, with a spoon

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Jack endorses miracle water

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Good cooking Ja/ck/asses

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Post one where he does something correctly.

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>Not curds

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Did jack just plate a bloody turd?

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What the fuck is that?

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Absolute madman. I'm out.

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Can someone explain why he's pulling his burger patty apart in this clip?

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Why is he trying to twist that off? Why was this included in the final version of the video he published?

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Requesting the Jack webm that starts with the spinning egg.

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Did he plan on drinking the water as a kind of broth for his pasta? Why the fuck would anyone cook pasta this way?

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gotchoo sempai

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Thanks ham

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>trying to coat chicken in a non-newtonian fluid


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Fuck I'm glad I'm vegan.

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>phone in the empty styrofoam meat tray

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What the fuck is this guys problem?

Pic is london broil I made two days ago. Marinated for a day.

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I've been doing keto for the last 60 days. I can't comment on how effective it is for fat loss as I'm gaining on it, but I don't seem to be getting any chubbier and my lifts keep going up. My blood pressure has dropped 10 points as well.

I really miss bread though.

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I refuse to believe Jack doesn't do all this shit on purpose.

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I'm an overeater and have poor self control so I try to keep my diet as simple as possible. When I make complex stuff with tons of ingredients the calories add up fast. So I find that mainly eating bacon and eggs, steak, pork chops, and canned green vegetables to be sufficient. When I want some variety I'll order some chicken wings or make a keto pizza. For snacks I get cocoa covered almonds and Slim Jims. That's 90% of my diet and while it isn't very exciting I don't find myself getting tired of it and it keeps me from overeating as well as very full, in fact I'll often easily go 14+ hours without even thinking of food or feeling the slightest bit hungry. Highly recommend it.

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what a fucking idiot. He doesn't even realize that this mechanism will not be caused when a human eats less sugar

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what did he mean by this?

Also he sure cares a lot about cancer for someone who eats that much smoked meat

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the food pyramid was created by the government to trick the people into buying into the grain jew. Sorry, not sorry that you can't see through their lies

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>eating grains is jewish

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Constantly being foodpoisoned is also a great way to lose weight

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>tfw it comes down to the grain jew and the fat jew trying to jew each other over and we are fucked anyway

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I can literally hear the edge of that seemingly very nice kitchen knife screaming as it is raped over the glazed stoneware surface

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You quoted multiple people but asked "what the fuck is this guys problem?"

Which person whom you quoted were you referring to?

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Iirc, he thinks his shit being legit raw is it being rare, and likes to show it being "cooked to perfection"

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Working so far for me

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Why does he plate his food on top of a dirty towel?

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What's the point of the ladle? He could have just dumped/poured that shit on.

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I've seen this webm so many times and I just can't fucking take it. I can't. How the FUCK does an adult human being cut himself on THE HAND THAT IS HOLDING THE BLADE???? HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?

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Not bad if you're an American fatty to start with but the rest of the world doesn't understand your lb or pounds inches whatever the fuck you use so fix it up faggot

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>trying to lose weight
>"Not Very Active"

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>lost 35 pounds somehow

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Because most of 4chan are fuck ups and can identify with him

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a telling question... perhaps more interesting of one is why are you not?

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God I'm so glad Jack threads are back. They went away for awhile...love Ja/ck/ing it!

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the best part is that the plate is on top of a cutting board

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Guys, first watching these videos, I got angry.

Then I got speechless.

After 20 of these lessons of stupidity, I sincerely want to cry.

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Whatever, we invented the internet

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I used to HATE Jack posting. Now it's one of my favorite internet features.

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Just like in my animes

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Fucking Americans making poutine with shredded cheese

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You go to your new gfs place to meet her parents. When they open the door you see that Jack is her father and he has just finished cooking the dinner you'll all be having.

What do you do?

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>durrr what the FUCK is your problem bro??
Please take your dog food tier steak and fuck off you incapacitated ape

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>jack jr will never be your wife

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Literally any diet works if you just don't eat too much, I hate how people need guidance on this.

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> I've been on Keto for 4 months. Have cheated twice and it's made me sick for 4 days each time. I've lost 35lbs so far. From 225 to 191. What works for me is drinking bud light platinum if I have a beer (drink a few daily) only 4.4 carbs. I keep it under 30g carbs a day. Also I've been doing a 20 hour fast for 3 months so fast for 30 hours a day. Also walk between 6 and 8 miles a day. So I eat once per day at night. Keto/warrior diet. This is what's worked for me. Feel amazing. Side note I have developed eczema and my wife does this too she has developed psoriasis. Hope this helps an Anon

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Do a 360 and walk away.

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why this nigga cut his melon like Riddick?

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Fuck off back up your tree.

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did he seriously just run his fucking thumb over the edge of the blade while trying to move it

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What do you think?

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do what i did to get blocked from jack's channel back in 2008

call him a fat kike and leave

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start choking my gf out for putting her hands on a woman :^)

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It's a rhetorical question anon.

>> No.9007648

You're so cool and edgy.

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OP is literally and figuratively a faggot.

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Keto is bullshit for soccer moms and fatties in denial.
Calories in<Calories out=weight loss.
It's not rocket science.

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Wrong Anon. You know nothing of hormonal effects on the body from keto. People who have not tried it are ill informed and massively autistic niggers.

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With Jack, anything is possible.

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Literally anything is better than the typical flyover diet.

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>ITT: /ck/ disproves the first law of thermodynamics.

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hi varg

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i mean, keto is good for rapid fat loss just bc of the krebs cycle. its almost as if you don't have any "short term" energy sources in your body so you are consistently burning fat.

You're statement is still true and any diet could work.

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I have noticed in my research that enormously fat niggers that are upwards of 400 pounds lose initial fat faster because they will literally and figuratively lose 79 lbs of water weight. A normal human being that is less weight to begin with and not a huge monstrous mass of fat will not respond that way.

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how is he so fat? he must have DOZENS of tapeworms by now.

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are you a doctor?

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>Off his meds

I bet he just stopped taking them when he felt better and didn't consult a doctor.

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You sound like you're having a blast

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i've seen all the ja/ck/ webms a billion times, where's the kay's good cookin webms

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>Nice Jack thread guys... hey where are all the Kay's Good Cookin Gifs?

start your own thread on /tv/ and get out, this is and always has been Ja/ck/ territory

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that was actually cool as fuck

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I've been doing keto for 2 years now. Never going back, except maybe have a slice of cake at birthday parties.


> Stay thin even when you don't exercise
> Lowers appetite and cravings, don't even want to eat junk anymore
> Better skin for some reason: Pores become invisible, not filled with white goop all the time anymore
> Easy to follow if you eat by yourself: use artificial sweeteners like stevia, steamfresh veggies int eh microwave, eat whatever meat
> you can still eat chocolate, pizza made with low-carb crust, xylitol candy, cheese, etc.


- You need to make sure you get enough salt and electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, etc), on keto you need more, and not eating processed food anymore reduces your intake a lot

- Normies flipping out and hating you for not being a fatass like them anymore and not wanting to eat their donuts.

My typical foods:

- rotisserie chicken from the supermarket
- avocadoes
- lettuce, cabbage, brocolli (chop it up, put olive oil, salt and vinegar on it)
- low-carb fruit: raspberries, blueberries, cranberries
- hamburgers with no bun
- deli meat
- zucchini processed into thin "zoodle" noodles
- buffalo wings
- protein shakes
- home-made shakes: mix and match tea, cream, gelatin powder, low-carb sweeteners and flavorings, supplement powders
- deli meat
- eggs, seafood
- almonds, peanuts, pecans

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someone needs to update this with more jack fuck-ups. Add the oobleck chicken, fail pie, and cutting himself on a fish. I would do it, but I'm too stupid to know how to make a webm.

other vids to add:

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Kill, marry, fuck between Jack, Kay, and Sara?

>> No.9007930

kill myself