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>when you see expensive craft beer on sale
>trying to resist buying as much as possible

I picked up a 6pack of Hitachino Nest for 30
bucks. usually goes for $8 a bottle where I am. There were at least 30 more bottles there.

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What's the appeal of craft beer? My hipster cousin is obsessed with them. I prefer regular beer, honestly.

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5/10 average quality bait post

paying 5 dollars per beer = a fool and their money shall soon part ways

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I can buy a 6pack of Heineken, or for 20% more I can drink something with a much more interesting taste

>durr everyone lives in the US
5/10 brain you got there

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>Craft beer
Op you are getting fucked. Obviously you have a dick in your mouth as well.

Bend over and pull your panties down, knowing your dick sucking ass you will get fucked again like the retard you are.

>Find out his life is a lie
It w-was not r-reeeahhl??

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>using an american website
>talking in american
>american dollar sign

Huurr durr obviously I live in a shitty backwater third-world trash can fucking americans and their basic logical reasoning no wonder theyre the world's superpower.

10/10 bait but at what cost?

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Literally worse than /b/

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poar pics you shouldnt share and fluffy torture xD

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>worse than /childporn/
There should be a gun in your house somewhere. Go to the bedroom and load it up. Before you pull the trigger bake a lie in the kitchen. Preferably Apple. Why the pie? you might ask.

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>tips fedora

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I drink vodka and coke zero and get a six pack maybe once every 2 weeks. I get whatever six pack I want though, the place near me has all massachusettes craft beers and a bunch of maine ones so I'll get these rediculous $22 mixed sixers. but yeah, vodka coke zero is delicious and it keeps the gut off

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>using money
>to purchase things


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>beer on sale
>$8 a bottle
>5 dollars per beer
>$22 mixed sixers

>tfw living in belgium
My local beershop has like two basketball courts floorspace, stocking 800-1000 different local beers. The next closest place (10min drive) is like two and a half basketball courts shop floorspace, with a warehouse twice as big out back. They actually have about the same number of different beers, but around 1/4 don't overlap with the first place's range.
I pay €1.50 - €2.20 for single bottles of most of these. Supermarket prices are about the same.

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>$8 a bottle
what the fuck

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Since I decided to drink alcohol only when I'm in vacation, yesterday I got a alcohol free beer, I will drink it this evening because you cannot eat pizza without a beer

What should I expect guys?

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Vapid boredom.

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>6pack of Hitachino Nest for 30
>usually goes for $8 a bottle
This is why we are headed for financial ruin.

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If I were American I'd probably buy it over regular beer :^)

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Americans can't into beer.

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This is why I brew. Even the cheap shit is $2 or $3/bottle. I have trouble with those ultra light German styles but the American styles that actually taste good are pretty easy. If I just want to get fucked it's under $20 for a basic pale ale. Even getting fancy with a big beer it's still under $50/5 gallons.

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>when i see a cat in a /ck/ thread

every fucking time. motherfuckers are gross and make me lose my appetite

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Okay /ck/, we get it, the vocal majority here hates craft beer.

>it's too expensive
>it's not better
>it's for hipsters

Maybe you're underage. Maybe you're a poor cheapskate. Maybe you're adverse to change. Maybe your tastebuds plain suck. Maybe it's a combination of all that.

I'm sorry that you can't appreciate the vast spectrum of beer flavors available to you during this absolute renaissance of beer making in America. To be fair, it is a bubble and there are a lot of breweries that plain don't know what the fuck they're doing and produce bad shit. And there are big breweries that are trying to capitalize on the craft boom but still put out inferior products. But somewhere in the middle of all this there is amazing beer. I guarantee there's a style and a brewery out there that does it all perfectly to suit your tastes.

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the thing about craft beer is that you can go to a ubrew and get for 50% less than it can legally be sold anywhere else (where i live at least)

but people pretend like it's somehow not that

keep in mind i'm not dissing craft beer or ubrew but they're literally the exact same thing

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>a gallon of beer is $6.01 here

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Where is that? That's less than in America for the good stuff as far as I know, but I don't buy sankes so that might be what you're talking about. Even if it were that cheap I'd probably still brew. I like the flexibility to get exactly what I want.

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>under 50/5gallons for big beers

If by that you mean something like a 12% Imperial Stout, it's much less than that. The malts are cheap, generally $2.50 or less/lb. It's the hops and liquid yeast that are expensive. So yeah, a big IPA will be pricey, but an Imperial which uses much less hops, not so much.

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>6 pack
I have major respect for craft beer producers. Must be awesome ripping off hipsters.

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not sure what ubrew is, is that some sort of homebrewing club? yeah homebrewing is cheaper but brewing decent beer is still kinda expensive, especially when you get into specialty hops and malts and adjuncts and barrel aging and...

craft beer is essentially just well made beer, like if you made it at home and knew what you were doing. you can't compare that to the trash macro corn adjunct lagers that taste like skunked watered down corn piss

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Even Heineken is $20/6 here and it's to be expected that you pay more for 7% beer

>it costs more than the bare minimum, so it MUST be hipsters

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he's a good kitty

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Wow. Do Americans really have to pay so much for beer? Hitachino Nest is pretty cheap here, you can buy it in regular grocery stores and is often included in deals such as 4 bottles for £6


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American here. Heineken is a $1-$2/bottle beer, $3-5 at a restaurant. Homebrew is about $0.25/bottle.

I pity you all out of the country. Went to Aruba once and had to pay $5 for a 'fun-sized' bottle. Worst place to be an alky.

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Buy some fresh organic cold pressed green juice from your local juicery instead. You willl feel way way better about it.

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Still pretty expensive.


https://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=255218992 (note 650ml/22floz bottles and 3 for 5.25)

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Also just looking on Walmarts website it seems that American beer bottles are tiny. Around 200ml or so. That is really pathetic.

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Not bad, but I'll pay given it has to be imported and shipped. Does Bud exist over there?

12oz = 354ml
Bit shy of a pint, I think we get a lot of flack from the al/ck thread esp given it's usually 4.5% abv.

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Yeah we started brewing our own Budweiser here a while back.


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My bad, it's on sainsburys. Pretty comparable to our prices.

Those 300ml bottles are a scam - exactly what I got in Aruba.

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They have 18x440ml cans of bud light for £10 which seems like a good buy. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=295359920

Does the Walmart website show different stock to what is in store? Because on the page for Heineken it shows the bottles to be at 200ml as well. They do have slightly bigger cans at 350ml though.

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>I like music in genreal. I listen to different kinds of genres because I like music.
>I only really like this one genre, but listen to a lot of songs in this specific genre because I like music.
This is reasonable
>I like music. Music is my shit. I only listen to this one song on repeat. I have this other song here if im feeling adventurous.
This is /ck/

>I like beer, so I only drink this one beer I like, or the cheapest one availiable. Its beer after all! No big deal!
This is a hipster for /ck/

A hipster is someone that compulsively follows the newest trends or fashions, and outright refuses to do anything "mainstream".
Drinking or eating what you like to eat is not hipster per se, as long as you're doing it because you like it and not because the beer youre drinking is the hottest new shit this week.

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I've also heard you pay huge prices for Stella Artois and most people consider it to be a luxury beer that is worth paying extra for, is that true?


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Yea, inventory always varies by store.

I've never seen a 220ml in the states except for a margarita in a bottle. 350ml is the standard.

18 pack usually runs $15USD here -
$15USD = $13.50 euro
I'd say it's on the higher end of mainstream, but that has a lot to do with marketing.

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Interesting, thanks.

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Does Aecht Schlenkerla flow freely over there?

We pay $3-$5 a bottle - something I don't mind doing in the least.

What country are you in?

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>american dollar sign
The $ symbol first occurs in the 1770s, in manuscript documents of English-Americans who had business dealings with Spanish-Americans, and it starts to appear in print after 1800.

I love how the word 'Americans' appears second in each of these.

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England. I've never seen that for sale in stores, it looks like I could buy it online for somewhere between £2-3 a bottle, so it's expensive here too then.

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Probably Aus m8

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