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I've never had a Big Mac. Are they good? What does it taste like?

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Like a burger, dumbass.

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Only thing that sets it apart from the rest of the lineup is the special sauce they use on it.

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Good flavor, way too much bread, way too much money

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it's a fast food burger
they taste like fast food burgers

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Sweet, salty, tangy. The crunch from the lettuce and the diced pickles in the sauce add a great texture. The soft and sweet bun mixing with the salty meat and the tangy sauce is heaven.
People will shit on McDonald's all day, but in the end it's biologically impossible to hate a Big Mac. It hits all the primitive recepters on the tongue which ultimately releases a ton of dopamine in your body.
Don't eat it every day. Hell I get fast food maybe once a month. It fucks with my stomach, but once in a great while it just really hits the spot.

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t. bk marketing

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They're ok once in awhile.
Nothing special.

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>I've never had a Big Mac. Are they good? What does it taste like?

They're awful. Light and fluffy with an overly sweet flavor and almost no beef flavor. Bizarre.

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The Big Mac is truly a great thing, it is delicious

>too much bread
Never actually had a Big Mac

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the greatest burger mcdonalds sells

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It is the first thing I would feed to aliens we have made first contact with, to show the achievement of the human race

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nothing special, burger king's big king xxl is way better

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