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>Don't touch the steak after putting it in the pan, only flip it once!

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I think you fell for more than one meme

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>grilling a steak when you can cook it in pan and actually give it flavor other than char and meat

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A pan provides heat only.
A grill provides heat, smoke, and the flavor of the juices dripping down into the fire.

Thus the grill provides the cook with more flavor potential than a pan does. Don't blame the grill if you are inept at using it.

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>The yolk doesn't need to be cooked to be edible

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Runny yolk is the best yolk you little shit

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steak in a pan or on the grill are not memes

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for once, an anime has a decent opinion

If you don't flip your eggs and make them over easy they're worthless, but that's the only way to eat eggs.

I like to soak it up with ground beef or tuna, alternatively pop them on a bed of guac

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Covering shitty steaks in salt a la ja/ck/

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>you should cook your beef

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Ok, /ck/
>get gifted this chunk of filet.
>have basically no experience cooking meat.
>have an electric range, a stainless pan, butter, oil, salt, and pepper.
What do?

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I'm not him and can confirm you're retarded

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>I like to soak it up with ground beef or tuna, alternatively pop them on a bed of guac

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Eternal hatred for you and your kind.

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Season steak 40 minutes in advance and let chill in fridge before cooking with just a little bit of salt. Don't use the pan, use the electric range directly. Oil it with olive oil and put steak on it, then turning heat on low. Don't flip it on the other side, just cook it on the same side you put it down on. Finish it off with your favorite steak sauce (mine is A1!) or ketchup. NO MUSTARD.

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the problem?

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>He fell for the egg flipping meme

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>he can't flip an egg

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>cooking burgers medium-well is the only way to make sure that no surface bacteria made it inside stay alive!

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do not put the steak directly on your electric range please

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I'm well aware.

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>salted caramel

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>he doesn't know how to poach an egg

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>he's french

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