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What is the opinion here on High Fructose Corn Syrup?

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There are much better and healthier sweeteners than that shit

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There is nothing particularly bad about high fructose corn syrup

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It appears to just be sugar. Above poster is retarded, spreading bunk nutritional science.

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nearly identical to sugar, but sugar is terrible for you

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Say it with me:


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t. Mongo

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Avoid if you can. But I also use shitty peanut oil. Really if you want to eat unhealthy, own a gun so you can off yourself before dying in the hospital letting weird fucking nurse people masturbate to your suffering.

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It's a form of sugar very similar to white sugar. The recent push against sugar is a propaganda offensive by the meat and dairy industry. It's a poorly concealed but successful distraction from the fact that saturated fat causes heart disease, stroke and diabetes and that various animal products cause cancer. Sugar in physiological amounts is actually completely harmless in healthy people.

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So you're saying the paleo diet is bullshit?

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I can taste it and I prefer other sugars. Should only be used when its consistency is a benefit.

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>brain needs sugar to function
>stop consuming sugar

Fill in the blank.

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I'm not saying that specifically in that post but I do believe it

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Should be banned or strictly regulated by the FDA. HFCS is the cornerstone of America's obesity problem.

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It makes sodas disgusting. I don't give two shits about the nutritional stuff versus sugar, I don't drink sodas to be healthy. I just know that HCFS sodas are crap.

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Who on earth thinks that the amount of sugar in food (mostly food 'products') these days is a healthy amount?

I know this is a troll/shill, but sugar is obviously the biggest dietary problem for first world health problems.

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>regulated by the FDA
>the agency that will send you to jail on felony charges if you refuse to buy their chemicals and dump them in every loaf of bread you manufacture

Are you sure about that?

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>Who on earth thinks that the amount of sugar in food (mostly food 'products') these days is a healthy amount?
I never said it's healthy. Sugar isn't a health food, it's empty calories and its intake should be limited to ensure proper nutrient intake, especially in sedentary people. Athletes can and do go hard on refined sugar as a simple and effective fuel source.

>sugar is obviously the biggest dietary problem for first world health problems.
No, the biggest dietary problems are "obviously" an excessively high intake of saturated fat, animal protein, cholesterol, salt and total fat. This is scientific consensus and supported by a vast body of evidence over half a century.

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both sugar and saturated fats are very bad for you. stick to 90% vegan diet with sides of fish.

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>it's empty calories

Sugar is a starch. Potato is a starch. Will you defend calling two if the exact same things different? They aren't.
Just because it's sweet tasting you demonize it as useless, when it's literally just starch.
Fucking hell mate get off my aboriginal petrol sniffer's sandal trading forum.

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"Sugar is bad for you"
*eats a potato* "Mmm healthy!"

It's fucking starch. You 15 year old nutritional scientists piss me the fuck off.

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Epic troll

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What the fuck is a physiological amount? Anyways, the amount of sugar people in the US consume is definitely unhealthy. You absolutely need sugars, but literally every carbohydrate you eat is composed of sugar. You don't need high fructose corn syrup or other highly concentrated simple sugars.

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Sorry mate just had a big old sniff of petrol, I meant carbohydrate not starch.

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Cane sugar in sodas taste much better. The industry as a whole is noting people's preference for it and are beginning to change things accordingly.

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I never said that people "need" sugar. A physiological amount is at least 1-2 pounds at once (1 kilogram) from a fasted state, probably more though depending on context, I actually forgot since it's been a while since I looked at those studies. Most anything has an intake level at which it becomes harmful or toxic. Nobody in the world consumes a toxic amount of sugar because it makes you physically ill.

Oh OK. Yeah the petrol explains it. It's true that sugar and potatoes are both carbohydrate sources.

Refined sugar is empty calories because it contains no fiber, minerals, vitamins or other nutrients. Potatoes do contain those. So if you eat a lot of refined sugar every day you actually run the risk of nutritional deficiency. Many Westerners have an inadequate intake of several minerals and vitamins in part because they consume too many empty calories (oil, butter, animal fat, refined sugar etc.)

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>No, the biggest dietary problems are "obviously" an excessively high intake of saturated fat, animal protein, cholesterol, salt and total fat. This is scientific consensus and supported by a vast body of evidence over half a century.

It's especially trans fat that's bad for you. Isn't the judge still out on saturated fat? Like coconut oil is supposed to be insanely healthy for you.

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That's just what the FDA wants you to think so they sell more chemicals. You will get struck by lightning four times in a row while getting eaten by a shark while riding a unicycle underwater on February 29th of the next leap year before dying of malnutrition.

Actual malnutrition death rate in the US?
0.00058% Of population per year.
Also, starvation deaths are automatically classed as malnutrition deaths, so the data is rigged as fuck.

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hfcs is awful, and it ruins the taste of anything it's on.

sugar coke for life.

it also can't be a coincidence that since HFCS started becoming widespread in the 80's, the obesity rate has skyrocketed.

though to be fair, portion sizes and sodium have gone up too.

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Same thing as any other sugar as far as your pancreas is concerned.

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You're assuming the only negative effect of vitamin deficiency is death. There are plenty of medical conditions that are caused by vitamin deficiencies and are non-fatal if treated. Also a vitamin deficiency generally just lowers your quality of life by causing things like a weaker memory, lower cognitive abilities, tiredness, depression, etc.

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It really isn't. Fructose goes straight to your liver, it's the only place the body can process it into fat. Excessive fat buildup from excessive fructose consumption will cause chronic disease.

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is there a name for this particular variety of autism? the one that presents with an obsession over the vitamins in bread and the FDA's enforcement thereof?

it seems to be spreading around these parts because I refuse to believe that one person could make this many posts about that single topic

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What are they putting in your water, man?

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i'm eating it right now
p. good

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broscience from the broscience board

you're all such epik nutritional anthropologists, keep correcting the record! fight da powah! xD

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The FDA enforces the addition of chemicals rated hazardous to humans with a complete list of 40 not minor side effects. I just want you guys to understand this.
I eat the shit every day too because I would starve if I refused it. I'm just saying we're overdosing without good reason. My opinions don't go here so I don't add them, I just pass on factual information and anecdotal evidence like the fact that the people that call energy drinks bad consume thousands of percents of the DRV of the same chemicals every day because they're in all the wheat.

Level with me, no one's tin foil hatting, the chemicals are sold by the government itself, forced by law into food and rated hazardous to humans. These are facts. Consider these things, not the autistic middleman.

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Keep fighting the good fight
Glad I'm living in Europe. Here some companies also sell enriched flour, but the normal flour is not enriched

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row row fight da powah! let's bring it to le EVIL EFF DEEE EAY LIKE IT'S 2007! WOOOOOOO CHANOLOGY yeah e-activism! CHANGING DA WOOOOOORRRLLLDDDD


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I believe they also use tax dollars to purchase the chemicals from themselves and add them to the food, so it's 100% profit for selling toxic b "vitamins" because only one company is allowed to distribute them for actual use in food. The government owns this company.

That's less concern to me that the health effects.

And have you guys ever tasted unenriched wheat? It's fucking delicious and you don't curl up into an agitated ball for 4-8 hours after eating it. The hypertension is crystal clear, it's shocking to me how few people notice it.

Also riboflavin is a biocumulative liver toxin. Wikipedia is fake as fuck and claims excretion by urine with no source. A separate study, scrubbed from the internet the second I notices it and spread the word, found that rats die at a rate of 100% from liver failure after fairly normal doses by weight of riboflavin were added to their food. Far lower doses than humans eat even.
So your liver is at severe risk. The chemical never leaves your body. The government uses your tax dollars to pay for it and feeds it to you by law. The fact that people still find no fault in the enrichment of foods baffles me.

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This is the exact format, structure and tactical approach a cointelpro trained FDA shill will use.
They don't know how to hide themselves yet.

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lmao this is an argument XD pay attenshun to me senpai

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>A separate study, scrubbed from the internet the second I notices it and spread the word

I can't tell what's sadder, the fact you expect people to read this or the fact you expect people to fall for this.


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Every government agency can scrub the internet.

Try finding the studies about rats being able to detect poison on contact because their hair stands up.
This is a fact, but the studies were scrubbed. The nat geo video was removed. The info is gone.
But you can still buy a rat for $11 and bring him near a poisonous substance and watch it happen.

They scrubbed this once I started asking people to adopt rats to help them determine poisonous substances in their own home. The ability still exists in humans, but barely, and the people above you don't want you to know that their toxic mixes of ether and poppies are killing you, so they scrubbed the info.
I don't deal in myths friend.

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I try to eat like ~100g sugar a day, and I feel fine. I think the issue is so many people are pre-diabetic that if they eat too little sugar they end up having a fucking seizure or going into a coma or shit like that. Doesn't help that most food/snacks that are prepackaged which is what most people herei n the states at least eat, is loaded with sugar and preservatives bumping the sugar content up to ridiculous levels. 20 oz soda, 70g sugar. the fuck man?

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>not adding additional sugar to soda
its like your not even american

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2/10 downgraded for trying too hard

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The issue is that Americans are nutritionally illiterate. Most Americans think steak is a good source of fiber and chicken is healthy. Americans consume more calories from added fat than added sugar, but it's not a fact anybody wants to hear since public discourse is controlled by the meat industry.

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>muh meat industry!!!

Vegans are more obnoxious than the additivefaggots. People refuse to listen to you not because of shady cabals or new ager conspiratard bullshit but because you hold yourselves as sacred goats, too haughty to be slaughtered.

If vegans weren't pretentious cunts obsessed with persecution complexes, people would take your arguments with more than a pinch of salt. Instead, you dump blood onto people and bomb fur farms only to let exotics run free and become invasive in the local ecosystem.

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I'm neutral, but corn syrup is NECESSARY for making certain candies; you can't have divinity without it. It also makes certain candies simply easier, I.e. marshmallows and the like. High fructose I don't deal in as I'm not a large candy manufacturer, but I do deal in plain corn syrup for certain of my candies.

Tend to prefer honey and alternate sweeteners though. BUT JUST STRAIGHT UP FUCK AGAVE NECTAR
t. Candyman

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Not a big deal to be honest.

>b-but sugar...
And then what? If you're consuming too much sugar, you're doing it wrong - but so are you if you're consuming too much of anything. (Yes, even water.)

Also, our bodies actually require sugar to work properly, living longterm on proteins and fat isn't viable.

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It's irrelevant to me, any invert syrup I can buy as a consumer is 50/50.

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Except hfcs is constructed in a way that gives you the most powerful surge of dopamine a food can give

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top quality broscience, which blog or op-ed piece did you take that superlative from?

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Half of /ck/ are fat hypocrites with corn syrup in their cabinets as I type.

The other half are the fast food faggots.

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Interesting that you can't afford $11 for a rat and get a free cage off craigslist. Are you poor? This is reality I discuss.

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no different from maple syrup.

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Piece it together yourself

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>That's just what the FDA wants you to think so they sell more chemicals.

Oh fuck it's you again.

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You appear to have trouble reading...

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t. my link doesn't actually prove me right so I'll just pretend the impetus is on you for proving me right

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You appear to not be able to think very hard. Different chemical build up = different reaction in your body.

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>different chemical build up = different reaction in your body

Good, you learned stuff.

>synthetic FDA chemicals are the same as naturally occuring vitamins


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1. The sweetness of an actual food product is primarily a question of the concentration of sweetener, not which sweetener is used.

2. Pure fructose is sweeter than any of the commonly used caloric sweeteners including HFCS. However, the average person can only digest 15-50 grams of free fructose, anything more leads to diarrhea. That's why sweeteners are always a halfway-balanced mixture of glucose and fructose.

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What's your position on synthetic anti-psychosis medication?

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It appears to work, but shit like adderall being given to kids creates monsters.
Synthetic b vitamins serve no purpose but to damage human livers.

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>It appears to work

Judging by your posts I'm not so sure, anon.

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Chemical food additives were not researched at all, simply put into law.
While anti psychosis drugs have been extensively studied, tested and used up to the very moment you consumed them.

Not all synthetic chemicals are rated hazardous to humans, but the ones they put in your wheat are.

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I've tried to quit sugar altogether. I figured I'd have a cheat day after 3 weeks. when I drank a glass of 7up I felt no sweetness at all. what the hecky.

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you made yourself way too obvious, enjoy no replies

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Nice autism reply newfriend

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He's been around a few days, and keeps it up constantly. I genuinely think he believes it.

Don't worry, he'll go away soon when the spiders get under his skin again.

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You're correct. The ratios of fructose to glucose cause different reactions in your body, but somehow thinking that doesn't include your brain seems ignorant imo.
My claim might not be correct, but to neglect it completely is unscientific.

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Since 2011 I've been proposing this here.

But retards actually still believe they need to eat synthetic chemicals to survive.
It's hilarious. You're not talking to a newfag or a troll, you're just too fucking dumb to Google what's in your food and you project your stupidity and laziness on me.

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Cooking or eating anything with added sweeteners is a strong indication that you are a woman or homosexual.

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>implying he doesn't pull epik troles like this every other fortnight

Stop feeding him.

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>Since 2011 I've been proposing this here.

With just a few short breaks to attend hospital against your will, I'm guessing.

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I even don't like sweetened stuff in general, but stop being a faggot.

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Spoken like a true dyke.

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4411 Days friend.
No trolling, I don't waste my time informing people that they are eating literal poison.

If you call energy drinks bad and then eat a slice of bread containing the same exact chemicals, what are you?
Explain. All your food is energy drinks and you think you need to eat it to stay alive. Hilarious.

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Oh it's you. You're weird

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haha you repliod to everyone so epic dood

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HFCS stops mutants from being born.

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Good. Lace the tapwater with HFCS and riboflavin

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