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How much creamy horsey sauce do you squirt in your arby's?

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what is horse sauce made out of

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sauced horseys

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i put my homemade white sauce on them

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when i go inside arby's i always do 2 pumps

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Love that!

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How much can you cum in one session?

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ask ur mum

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where I live arby's is clean, and the people are polite . but very expensive. only thing I wser to go there for was the cheader/beef on an onion roll. and the triangle tater cakes. and the horsy sauace and the red stuff. but the blt and other stuff, forget it. but I figured out how to make tater cakes at home. and the roast beast , um beef is pretty good. not great and like it or not those stupid adds don't help, and I know, you cannot sustain that long 5 or 4 or even 2 for 5. that's ok. but play to your strengths if driving and want to eat, s quadrillion burger places. and subway if I want a turkey club. wat do you have, that no one else has? roast beef. and horsey sauce. not umpteem turkey samiches. define your market. Its a bit higher, but I am willing to part with some cash. why? sure is not bugers or hot dogs. Must be the--- say it again---roast beef and horsey sauce. the adds are cute, but makes me want subway more than arby's. and for all that, Arby's is a nice place I've never been terribly unhappy but you cant be everything to everyone, all the time. those that try are doomed from the get go. no matter how man tv ads if I see a place adverising burger, barbeque, pizza, tacos and fish. um no thanks, or get your money out, because its a fair or carnival. ad that is ok also . just so you know sorry if I spoke to much.

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Protip, put the curly fries on top of the beef under the top bun, it makes the sandwich 20 percent cooler

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it's american so I'm guessing

corn oil
artificial horseradish powder

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Weapons grade autism

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Dude, no lie, Arby's subs are at least ten times better than a Subway sub

People tend to think the only thing worth getting at Arbys is the beef, but honestly that's one of the cheaper quality products they have, their chicken sandwiches are good and usually their other sandwiches are very good. Like I said the subs they have right now are great, I had an Italian sub from there and couldn't believe how much better it was than Subway, I could actually taste the ingredients

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doomed from the gecko

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I thought you had died, glad to see you back

>tfw never eaten at Arby's

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Can't believe Americans really eat this stuff.

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It's fine dining in flyover country