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Will this be the next normie meme sauce?

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It's almost certainly going to be Szechuan sauce.

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Is there enough room at the top for another "asian" sauce?

Sriracha seems to be locked in.

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I agree. If they can pull off some sort of spicy Asian barbecue sauce, it will memed into every restaurant and grocery store.

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I know szechuan sauce isn't barbecue sauce for the record. Don't yell at me.

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Only if it's forced.

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I'm Mexican, by the time any of our sauces reach you they've already become normie meme sauces.

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I hope not, it's my second favorite after Tabasco's Chipotle

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thats fine caus i find the new hot shit

dont tell

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Already is

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Do Americans really eat 6 egg sandwiches as a snack?

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Only alphas

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most places only have enough to serve locals
anything else is watered down crap
still this green habanero sauce is mighty mighty hot should you drench your bites in it
ive seen enough white folks steer away from any sort of pepper sauce i can only imagine this not having the greatest legs as an everyday product aside from it being meh to begin with

stay fresh babies

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That's a pretentiously small amount of cheese

>inb4 you must be fat XD

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>The cheese is the problem

White people are stupid af. Can't wait for your women to mix and delete all of you

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I'm a nigger, thanks

>le 'hand shredded' cheese

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Ezekiel bread is based af. They are truly doing God's work.

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He's right faggot. Ain't nobody gonna taste those 3 grams of shitty cheddar.

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The whole taco is shit. Everything is wrong with it. Kill yourselves you utter pieces of shit

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How can we take you seriously when you have no idea how many people you're even talking about? Is your penis really so small that you can't count? You fail at life. KYS.

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This guy gets it.

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back to redd!t subhuman scum.
Day of the rope is coming soon.

American authority knows no bounds.

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he's right
the entire taco is foul
tacos look much more like this

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>he didn't know it was me even know I referred to myself as someone else in >>8811224 durr

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Yeah look at all the fat rolls on him.

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You think we LIKE dominating you, kiddo? It ain't so. Just so happens that you're a weak little bitch and i'm an alpha male. These things happen. Get over it. Move on. Progress with life. Take a pill chill. Rub your gooch. This was a game of chess and you got beat soundly. Try checkers, kiddo. More up your alley.

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nigger is lame

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Go easy on him, he clearly isn't used to playing with the big boys.

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Is this
Is this the legendary reverse samefag
Holy shit I thought it was a myth

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it's not authentic if you aren't constantly flipping your tortillas for some reason

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This is basically a fancy Taco Bell taco

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>that cheddar
it must suck to be poor

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Why not? Eggs are healthy af

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why does old guy strong look so weird?

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Cause he's a manlet

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i don't understand how someone takes so many good ingredients and fucks it all up.

gouda? slice? with an egg? and a stack of halapeenyos?

what the fuck? and some off and some on?

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>not getting the chipotle one
The habanero ones are just heat with no flavor.