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When's the last time you had a fortune cookie? What did it say?

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You will do better in real estate than in stocks

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"Google Ron Paul"

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A couple weeks ago.
"You will meet someone special before work."

Nothing really happened before work, but during it, I flirted with this 6/10 for 10 hours.

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is that a whole wheat fortune cookie?

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"Reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight"

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"Check my dubs"

I wonder what that meant

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You will face new challenges soon

less optimistic than most ive gotten.

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Fortune of truth

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hory shet

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What restaurant

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About half a week ago, realized I hadn't had chinese in a few months, still have the fortune on my desk

"Care and attention to the key relationships in your life will pay off."

Long distance gf and I had a couple deep conversations and are planning on meeting up for a few days sometime soon, so fairly accurate.
The food was trash though

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Actually my last fortune

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What did you do?

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I dunno senpai, but my life hasn't come crashing down yet

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whoa. where do they serve those?

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Close to 10 years ago I oinked out in Vegas at 4AM with a friend at a Panda Express in a casino
the fortune was "You are a connoisseur of food and drink"

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meme magic

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Society creates the crime, the criminal commits it.

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last week i got one that said i would win a prize or award within the month

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wow... how wrong they were

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Did someone say fortune cookies?

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"your best days are behind you"

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the last time i had chinese delivered, they didn't put one in there! they are normally on the ball and don't forget things like that.

but i wonder if they didn't throw one in because i ordered from the non-white menu that was written in chinese? i'm pretty sure they know im a whitey because i order from them a lot. i wasn't upset or disappointed, because fortune cookies are gay (but tasty when not stale). but i WAS really perplexed.

also funny story, one time my boss opened her fortune cookie and it was some computer error message that said something like "fortune message not found, press 1 to try again press 2 to abort". everyone was having a shitty time at work and it felt really ominous to read that out of a fortune cookie. we have no idea if it was really a computer error or a deliberate joke.

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"Bad luck and misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity."

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Prolonged prostitution doesn't count anon.

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Why is it so dark... it must've been fried in filthy oil.

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it's rye

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>Why is it so dark

I've done a great deal of experimenting with deep frying. Common sense would suggest that dirty oil would result in dark food. It doesn't. The worst you will see--even with horribly filthy oil--is little specs of burnt food that might be floating around in the oil.

However, overcooking deep fried food will turn it dark. That's especially true for batter which contains a lot of sugar (like a fortune cookie).

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never had chocolate fortune cookies before? boy you're in for a treat

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You are living on borrowed time, anon. Fix your shit before it's too late.

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>'Very misfortune.'

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it's chocolate, dude

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"the rubber bands are headed in the right direction"
Explains my life perfectly so I laminated it. If I remember and this thread is still alive I'll take a picture when I get home

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I'll take your word for it. But if you overcook fortune cookies (or anything that's battered) they take on that exact same color.

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That kebab meat looks pretty tasty

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Jackie Chan

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Drumpf btfo

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"You will soon meet a lifelong kindred spirit."

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"Black people are destroying the nation"

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"receive free shipping when you subscribe for delivery"

im not kidding

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Related question: why does Chinese takeout taste delicious hot, but even better cold? I have found this is true for dishes from chow mein to water cooked fish.

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>the asians at the chinese place are in cahoots with the vietnamese whores at the mani pedi place

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My friend got one that said something along the lines of 'you will soon meet your future wife and be very happy together.' She wasn't amused.

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Maybe it means a tub of oil, for deep-frying, and a dry rub for barbecue. I'd be ok with that.