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>halfway though drinking from a glass
>see something nasty at the bottom that you didn't notice earlier

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>Find a short, very kinky hair in your fast food
>Everyone working in the place is white

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>pour a glass of milk to have with a slice of cake
>about to drink from it
>see a thumbnail-sized spider struggling to stay afloat

Horror stories thread?

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Yes, share your horror. Here's a lame one I have

>elementary school
>eating Bugles during recess
>munching away
>suddenly taste something gross
>spit it out
>it's a Bugle that's been burnt to a crisp

Almost two decades later I still never eat these fuckers without looking at each one

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>depending on how nasty, drink to nearly the bottom of the glass, or just pour it out and get something else to drink

>every hair I find in my food is always my hair (even if it's clearly not)

>stick finger in milk so spider can climb out, put him in a bowl or something and sprinkle water on him to give him a shower and wash the milk off, then put him outside in the sun so he can dry off
>finish milk

>all bugles taste gross
>never eat bugles

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This was so cute

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>see nasty thing in drink
>tell myself I'll just avoid it until there's only a little water left
>a few minutes later
>finish the glass without thinking
>realize what I've done

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I have another one from when I was a kid

>used to have a fridge in the basement with nothing but drinks in it
>always went and grabbed a Coke after school
>one day open it up and grab the nearest red can I see
>take it up stairs, crack it open, and take a big gulp
>it was Tecate

That was my first experience with beer

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>>it was Tecate
I'm so sorry.

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It was your hair and you're the nigger

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>penis tickles
>pull back foreskin
>find girlfriend's hair

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>find your dog's hair

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>be kid
>want some cereal
>manage to do the whole process without paying much attention to it
>take bite
>a good 1/4 of the bowl was ants

Imagine the most 90's sitcom-ish reaction possible, that was my reaction.

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>School is serving shrimp scampi for lunch
>Pretty shit, but it's edible, doesn't taste too bad
>After eating a bunch, I discover two dead earwigs floating in the oil/sauce that looked in the bottom of my tray