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Am I missing something? Mac & Cheese is bland, am I using the wrong cheddar here?

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add spices, meat, vegetables, anything

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I put some emergency meetwurst in and that gave some pepper into it.
I also threw a shitload of pepper in but what the heck is the right way to spice this stuff? parmesan cheese?

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Nutmeg, white pepper, a small amount of mustard and generous salt. Use as strong a cheddar as you can find.

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Use Gorgonzola

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that's pretty clever.
not gonna trust the taste after it melts, I have a similiar thing with molten parmiggiano, it just becomes a block for other ingredients.

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You don't just use cheddar. Use all sorts of cheeses. Feta, Gouda, Provolone, Parmesan, Mozzarella, a sharp Cheddar.

Add butter to it. Season it with salt, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper. This is an indulgent comfort food. Don't be afraid to make it rich and delicious.

Add sausage, beef, ham, bacon, any kind of meat you want.

Put it in a baking tray, top it with more cheese and bake it until the cheese is nice and golden.


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stop making a roux, there is no reason to do that shit. Just keep it hot and melt your cheese in

the milk and flour is the reason it doesn't taste good

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>waaah i can't eat something if it's not exciting to me

kill yourself.

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Solid advice. I also suggest a little bit of very finely chopped onion.

>posts this on /ck/

Why the hell are you here? Fuckin' fast food memes? Get the fuck out.

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Add a shit load of mayonnaise

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Add some beef and you got cheeseburger mac.

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>Fuckin' fast food memes?

that's what /ck/ is for.

get your retarded bullshit out of here. this is a mcchi/ck/en board.

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Add some smoked fish and you got yourself a meal.

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Nearly all recipes suggest a white roux, but I promise you it will taste better after you've cooked your roux to a golden color.

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>Add mustard to the sauce as it makes the cheese seem even richer and cheesier
>Up the maturity of the cheddar
>Use a mix of cheeses

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The easiest way to make mac n cheese better is to squirt a bit of sriracha in it. Ketchup is disgusting in general, and especially in mac n cheese.

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ketchup is fucking amazing, retard.

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Mac and Cheese is comfort food.
Personally, I like it baked with bread crumbs on top and some salt, but it isn't supposed to be some weird flavor expedition.

And if you add meat to mac and cheese you are white trash. Just make some damned alfredo if that's what you want.

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mac and cheese IS bland

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are you adding salt?
also, add a bit of sugar because if you use a lot of sharp cheeses you'll get that blandness.
adding other ingredients is a good way of spicin' it up

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I tend to agree with you for this one. I use different cheeses and an egg or two and salt/pepper and whatever else. Almost every time I've tried recipes with a roux, it tastes...off.

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Maybe yours is

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Sharp cheddar, dollop of mustard, nutmeg, thyme.

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This, it's so simple, yet not done properly by most people.

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what should I eat with it? I like to put some chicken in before baking but im getting bored of that

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Add sausage and peppers.
Use beer instead of milk (I call it Beerchamel.)
It's kinda hard to really mess us, so experiment.

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Eat it with BBQ. Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, steak, meatloaf, any of that stuff works.

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My nigga. Mac & Cheese is best when paired with a good Barbecue.

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This. I've had good luck with just simple meatballs seasoned with generic Italian spice mixes.

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you need to use a strong cheese.

while those cheeses would make a delicious macn cheese using roquefort or blue cheese would give the recipe a fair kick.

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I understand it's survival food at most, I was trusting that the american cheddar would make it taste like cheeseburger pasta.

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There is no burger in it.

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stir-fry meat onions spices and maybe more.
layers of it, macaroni, stinky cheese, repeat
top with mild cheese, bake

not quite a mac n cheese though :^)

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A good mac and cheese has three different kinds of cheeses - one melty, one creamy, and one sharp. The idea is to take the best of all cheese aspects and combine them into one.

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Listen to this man

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Thissssss. Adding spices to mac n cheese is always the answer. That and good sharp cheese

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>it isn't mac n cheese

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Personally, I don't think mac and cheese is worth all the calories that come attached with it. If anything, I'd say cheese in general isn't usually worth all the calories it comes with. I'd say the only cheeses I'd really consider worth eating are Brie, Romano, and maybe a really good goat cheese

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>caring about calories
what are you gay?

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I like to mix in some ketchup and give it some black pepper, dried basil and oregano

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>white pepper
>an actual roux
>more cheeses than dull cheddar

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sharp cheddar
cream cheese
parmesan cheese

mix a roux, add milk, chicken base, salt, pepper, and your cheeses. melt cheeses until saucey.

mix in your noodles and bake in oven until lightly browned.

add bacon or beef.

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Use pepperjack cheese and a bit of curry powder for the best spicy mac and cheese ever

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I just cook some penne and add shredded cheese

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This man is correct.

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Spinach & artichoke mac and cheese

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Bacon & mushroom mac and cheese

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Crab mac

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Cheeseburger mac

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Broccoli chicken cheddar mac

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First off, macaroni is a specific type of pasta.
Second off, mmm-mmm motherfucker, that shit looks tasty.

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I'm so used to spinich and articoke being paired with cream cheese in some capacity, there any of that within this?

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There doesn't have to be, it doesn't need to be as creamy as the dip. You can use whatever cheeses you like.

...it is pretty good if you use some cream cheese, though

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>live in northern canada
>plenty of lobster traps

I live in the best and emptiest part of the world.

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This makes it a different dish altogether. It has to have cheese only, just the right blend, made into a roux.

This is the only way to do it wrong. Even if it turns out shitty, it will still be mac and cheese. Not broccoli and cheese with pasta.

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'Mac and cheese' has two ingredients. It IS bland.

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That looks amazing fellow citizen...lobster is a little sparse where I am...Eastern Ontario...

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>cooking macaroni and cheese
>not using this
>you fucking animals

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>being this retarded

>being this pretentious

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I don't make macaroni and cheese often, but I go all out when I do. Multiple cheeses, baked bread crumb top, lump crab meat. It's supposed to be a decadent dish.

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no, it's definitely not.