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redpill me on HFCS, /ck/. Is it any worse than sugar?

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For fellow medfags, here's some evidence I have found that fructose may be just slightly worse, or may lack mechanisms regulating satiety and fat storage

>fructolysis lacks the tight regulation present in glycolysis (paywalled article)

>Fat produced in the liver isn't regulated or stored in the same way as the fat from glucose.

>To sum up, fructose does increase intra-abdominal fat gain, decrease insulin sensitivity and increase cholesterol in overweight and obese people more than glucose — but glucose still increases fat and increases cholesterol.

Pic related is from a physiology class.

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Its artificial amerifaggot chemicals their happily addicted too dispite being near lethally toxic

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Not really, but sugar is pretty bad for you, so it's still not great. There's this thing called moderation that helps with that though.

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Corn is a vegitable. Vegitables are healthy.

Fructose is fruit. Fruits are healthy.

Hfcs is fruits and vegitables. Hfcs is very healthy.

....and loaded with vitamins and minerals.

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Neither sugar nor HFCS are independently unhealthy. Such evidence does not exist. In the absence of weight gain, refined sugar has no negative effects, except in that it can promote tooth decay if you lack proper oral hygiene, which is however true for a large number of foods.

The new sugar scare is pretty emblematic of why Americans in particular are incredibly stupid on top of being fat idiotic fucks. For good health virtually everybody in the Western world needs to reduce their intake of saturated fat, cholesterol, salt and animal products. Sugar is a distraction from this simple fact. A distraction that appeals to obese American morons who who can't put down the fucking cheeseburgers and donuts. The sugar scare is actively being promoted by the meat and dairy industry and their shills.

The great majority of nutritional science organizations and experts bodies don't even suggest an upper limit for sugar intake because there is no evidence whatsoever that any particular amount of sugar is unhealthy as long as you stay at a healthy weight. By contrast, eating more than 15 grams of saturated fat or 5 grams of table salt a day is most certainly unhealthy even if you run a marathon or 2 a week and have a normal weight.

This laughable garbage study has already been debunked.


And neither glucose nor fructose "increase fat". Only excess calories lead to weight gain, and in anybody on any halfway normal diet, only dietary fat is ever stored as fat.

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Thank you for clearing that up soda lobby

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>Corn is a vegitable
Corn is a fruit

>Only excess calories lead to weight gain,
True, but if fructose leads to you feeling less full via lack of inhibition, you'll eat more calories.

HFCS isn't particularly full of fructose though, as it turns out.

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>sugar rots your teeth

All logic points to the fact that you are wrong.
These things eat nothing but sugar and tooth decay is unheard of in their species.

Explain this shit, toothpaste shill.
Whoever started this shit is a fucking moron that can't was probably blind to boot.

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I don't see why it would possibly be any worse than sugar. Sugar tastes better though.

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sugar doesn't rot teeth. specifically in soda its the combination of the acid and carbonation that acts like a binding agent to the sugar which than plaque rapidly grow. Its no different in diet soda either. Its not the sugar that causes decay.

Sugar by itself is harmless in the mouth as human saliva has a enzyme that breaks it down instantaneously

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>Sugar by itself is harmless in the mouth as human saliva has a enzyme that breaks it down instantaneously
Salivary amylase breaks down starches, chains of sugars, into smaller sugars

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Its sold in the veggie section, its a veggie.

If a half black persons skin color is white, they are white .

And are you sure? It says HIGH fructose in the name.

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i love this thread, you guys are so smart (not even being sarcastic), so much to learn
>tfw started counting kcal lately, and decided to decrease the fizzy drinks intake

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>redpill me on HFCS, /ck/. Is it any worse than sugar?

Much worse. Avoid it. Period.

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can you back this up somehow?

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pretty solid bait there, jackass senpai

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>This laughable garbage study

He linked to three studies you illiterate fuck, and your fucking garbage blogspot opinion piece is not a valid refutation of a peer reviewed study, you cretinous moron.

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it will literally give you AIDS

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