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Ham and cheese master race reporting in

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Yeah pretty much. I never used to eat the cheese though because even when I was a kid I was too patrician for that shit. Probably would only ever have 1 or 2 slices just to use some of it.
Pizza lunchables haven't aged well into my maturity. Had one once for the first time in like 15 years. Pretty sure they only suit the palate of a child.

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shit, it's bowl movements time, I blame you guys.

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Obviously pizza ya fucking cunt

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Do Americans really eat this?

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when we're young, yeah

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you must be 18 to post on this board.

if you are over 12 years old and eating Lunchables
well just .....

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Also the superior hot pocket versus pepperoni pizza.

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pic related was the dopest

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>can't even meme correctly
you don't have you be 18 for this board dum dum

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Turkey and cheddar is better.

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>field trip
>mom buys me two lunchables
>the other kids only got one lunchable
>tfw eating delicious lunchables in the sunny park while my friends played pokemon
These memories actually make me cry

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>turkey and cheddar

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Mini hot dog master race

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Do kids even eat Lunchables anymore?

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My kids do

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>eating cheese and crackers is childish
You seem desperate to pretend you're an adult.

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This is my go to, or Turkey & American if they don't have cheddar.

I don't buy the ones with a drink and desert though, just the small packs like the OP picture.

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The best, I eat this shit at work all the time. I don't give a fuck nigga.

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do they still have the one with the bonus dessert pizza

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These? Not sure, looks gross though.

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yo that shit was gross but i still ate it and liked it

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It was gross but you liked it? You sound like my kind of masochist. What's your address?

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1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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Got em.

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Actually this one is better

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The nacho one is best. Why does everyone on /ck/ have such shit taste.

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2/10 you made an effort

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This nigga knows his shit

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>cold pizza

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Lunchables more like cuckables

Even as a kid I knew they were shit.
>130grams of food at beast
give me a break

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Lunchables fucking sucked. I knew this faggot kid in school who was smug as shit because he had them for lunch every day. I try it once and it was crap. Made me regret asking my mom not to make me lunch for this garbage.

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You sound like that weird jealous poor kid at school.

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I'm sorry I don't like raw pizza ingredients and got home cooked food instead. The kid who are lunchables everyday was actually poor. His family would probably have more money if they didn't buy him lunchables everyday.

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are you me?
>cold uncooked pizza or mystery meat and 4 ritz crackers
so much jealously while I eating a ham and salami sandwich on oat bread with the condiments I like

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Stay poor faggot.

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I don't even get what that faggot was smug about. I had a fucking glad container full of spaghetti and Italian sausages and this guy is smug about his cheese and crackers.

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Another poor faggot.

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Enjoy your cheese and crackers, faggot.

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look at who got lunchables for lunch!!

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Triggered tumblerinas.

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Tacos were the best loved that cold meat paste in the tube

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Did someone seriously start a


post on that article in the fucking lunchables wiki?

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Global rule #2: You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

>says site, not specific boards. You are incorrect.

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If you are a parent and you are sending your kid to school with lunchables you have failed at parenting.

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Nacho master race here

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My wife's son will only eat the chicken nuggets one

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I see a lot of people buy them on food stamps because obviously they are so busy raising their kids and working hard to not have time to make them real meals so they get $600 a month in food stamps to subsidize their lack of pay for all their hard work in raising timmy, johnny and sara beth. All of whom have different fathers, ricky, john jeff jr, and bo dill bumphrey. Good nights of moon shining there betty jane louise jones parker.

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Lunchables are MREs for autists.

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oh fuck, I forgot about these
these were so fucking good

Also, pic related is best

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Nobody talking about how S'Mores was the best nonsense. Kay.
You can get the dippers now but the original gave you full graham crackers and a decent slab of chocolate.

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Who gives a fuck

This is about the best lunchable.

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I dont think we had those when I was a kid.

And whats the fucking deal with all these fucks acting smug as hell with their meals they had as a kid in elementary school? You faggots were probably shunned by everyone in your 1st grade class acting like an asshole you are eating some authentic cuisine most children hadnt developed a taste for yet. Robots in the making if you were shaming kids on a lunchable. If they were eating that shit in Middle School or High School I could see getting made fun of but who ate that small amount of food then besides 1st and 2nd graders?

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oh fuck I forgot about these. They were great, better than the pizzas.

>> No.8585830

I still eat these sometimes. I don't know what it is about the sauce and the way that the little biscuits are semi-soft. They good

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>Not making your own sandwich for lunch.
>Literal children.

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Arizona sells an aesthetic version that's a bit closer to adult portions

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It's the nacho one. Everything else is or seems like absolute garbage.

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Hey, anon. Where's your lunchable? Oh your parents don't buy them for you? Well then you can find a different table to sit at.. fag

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Any food that comes with an applicator is automatically better.


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What kind of shit-stacking is that? Now you have to clamp down on ham..

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That meat paste was delicious.

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