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Has /ck/ ever attempted a meetup? /k/ does it all the time and I think having a regional potluck of some sort would be a neat idea. I live in South Florida and it would be interesting to see the cuisine all the cu/ck/s from the local area would bring due to the ethnic diversity.

Is this a good idea or would it just devolve into people bringing their favorite fast food and cum-laced brownies? Would anyone else be opposed to /ck/ a meetup?

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>would it just devolve into people bringing their favorite fast food
You'd end up with literally an entire table draped with McChickens, and the party wouldn't be much more than a small group of teenagers and really weird-looking adults showing each other Jack videos on their iPhones.

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I'm in South joisey but I would be down for a meet up if people were in Atlantic city .

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Is that fucking Andrew W.K. in the plaid shirt?!

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Hoboken reporting in. How's the wop population down there? Here, it's insane.

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>socially autistic teens and young adults show up
>they all bring their best microwaved pizzas and platters of tendies from favorite restaurants
>nothing but dry small talk and awkward, uncomfortable conversations about /ck/ memes
>people get too uncomfortable and leave
>never have one again

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I'm in Miami btw if anyone wants to do a meetup

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Not bad. Niggers in AC and that's it. The rest are average white American. The only wops are from North jersey who go to stockton.

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moot tried to organize one for NY and called it off because people are creepy

>would be interesting to see the cuisine all the cu/ck/s from the local area
STOP. no one wants to meet a fucking meme spouter you autistic piece of awkward shit

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I'm in South Florida too.

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>not calling it CraveKon

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>only mcchickens
>not frozen pizzas and kraft meals

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Kentucky fag reporting in for the meetup.

Their should probably be two meetup destinations, both an east and west coast convention, somewhere towards the center of the coasts with a respectable driving distance between all those destinations of people wanting to attend. And a fair way of planning, figuring out how many people are interested and willing to attend should be organized by something like a /ck/ Discord.

We could even grab someone with some marketing skills to get us some sponsors so that we can easily pay for this thing.


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Literally one of the worst ideas I've ever heard.

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When I have the time and money to travel I visit family....plus nobody but me lives in Florida.

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Orange reporting in, /JoiseyBoys/ meetup when?

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If a bomb goes off at this meetup America's national welfare bill will halved.

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>Costs one pizza or burger to enter.

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Who the fuck would want to sponsor and have their name condoning one of these things? Nonetheless the difficulty of trying to convince someone to sponsor it.
>hey would you be interested in sponsoring a country-wide potluck?
>yeah sounds like a great idea! Any information about the participants--age group, occasion, favorite cooking styles, etc?
>oh, well, it's a meetup from an anime cooking board with the crowd consisting 14 to 25-year-olds who tend to favor fast-food. Is that something you'd still be interested in sponsoring? Hello?

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one rule. no niggers allowed

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Caterers? Chefs? Up and coming marketing students who also browse this board?
We could ask >>>/biz/ you know?

We could even ask /k/ how they do it.
Besides, we don't have to tell the sponsors who we really are. We could make something up.
And we would hold the potluck as a charity or something. Giving away kitchen prize packs and sets, showcasing new kitchen utensils.

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> a fundraiser raising awareness of Diabetes.
>everyone shows up with fast food

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Get Ritalin to sponsor you.

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Based off of 99% of posts I see on this shithole of a board, people would bring various fast food and therd be a guy with a projector forcing everyone to watch ja/ck/ webms....(that guy would be me)

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i'd imagine everybody's aspiring Ja/ck/s and we all get food poisoning by the end of the introductions

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>The dish one guy brings that took effort and looks really good is actually poisoned

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I see no problem in this.
We could invite Reviewbrah and that new little nignog.
We could even invite Steve! He apparently attends some kind of MRE meetups of sorts.
We'll invite Ramsey AND Jack, maybe even EpicMealTime?

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Maybe we can invite some local breweries and wineries!

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Rutgers fag here

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can we get a german meetup going? leipzig here.

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dude at the back of the line looks and dresses exactly like me, except I can't grow a beard that's not red and patchy as fuck

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>would it just devolve into people bringing their favorite fast food and cum-laced brownies
I don't see any other possible outcome

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Didn't /k/ have a meet up where a guy jizzed in brownies while making them and then served them.

Wouldn't /ck/ inevitably be the same but just plates of tendies and mcchickens that had been cum on?

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I wouldn't eat anything at a meetup unless we went to a restaurant. maybe after a couple of meetups and getting to know people I'd eat shit folks I know brought, so long as the food isn't left alone in a seperate room. I can see some assclown jizzing in someones potato salad or something, at the meetup

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There's a lot of people from Orlando here too. I know /o/ has been trying to have a Florida meet up for awhile.

I say we meet at a McDonald's and recreate the alinea table dessert

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I'm in GA if anyone wants to get a /ck/ meetup going. We can meet at a restaurant, eat, and share /bantz/

That was from a /k/ Georgia meetup way back. The cum brownies were just a joke.

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>eating anything made by anybody from 4chan

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restaurant and pub crawl thing might be interesting. too bad I am stuck in flyover country.

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A-anon, i'm sorry to hear that you're so fucking ugly.

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You guys really can't get enough cum brownies can you?

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Sounds fun, I would bring a big bag of McChickens and try to fuck any female who shows up. I don't care how fat

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Just a normal family photo goin' on, yeah? Everyone's sorta stood around... with a little mate, and he's got that aging disease. Sittin' around the piano, singing happy birthday for the 8th time that day.

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>Someone brings brownies.
>Everyone eats them.
>Later tells them that he came in those brownies.
>/k/ really does show up to everything.

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SoFL /ck/ meetup 2017
>nouveau riche faggots show up in their Dads leased cars, say "what up brah!?" and hug you
>cuban faggots who think they aren't water mexicans
>white trash faggots with fucked up grills, chickens in their yards and shootin' cars come down from Leesburg
>face tattoos everywhere
>bathsalts fueled cannibalism
>random meth fueled furious masturbation sessions
>swords are brandished
>convenience store is robbed by Anon seemed with pickled sausage
>/pol/ attempts fomenting race war at Disney world
>Jeb! Brings guacamole
Never again.

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There's probably enough posters from NYC to get a good meetup going here; Thankfully it's all jaded misanthropes so nothing will ever come of it.

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>Every mcdonalds within a 20 mile radius runs out of mcchickens

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>you must be 18 to post on this site

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I would not eat a thing any of you bring.
I love you all, but i don't trust a single one of you fuckers.

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Manhattanfag here, I hate(love) every single one of you and wouldn't trust anything you guys made. Mite b cool to grab a slice and sit on a stoop shootin the shit though.

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>80% of the people bring fast food
>20% cook something decent but put their cum in it

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>tfw live in bumfuck Waldorf MD
>only thing here are hobos
No meetup for me.

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>/ck/ potluck
>find out later that every dish had semen

yeah i wouldn't trust that.

maybe if we all go together with lots of booze and get drunk and cook together i'd be alright.

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Where is south FL?

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Damn Hotwheels going full cheeki breeki in that pic.
Also if there was ever a /ck/ meetup it would have to be at a bar for all us whisky snobs to enjoy.

>> No.8386940

This killed me wtf was the water for

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Water makes the meat wetter.

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Who's from San Diego? We could all meet up at a local restaraunt and judge their food.

Sorry but I don't want most of you in my home.

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It's all about the juices for ja/ck/

OP i'm down for a soflo meetup. but like someone said earlier I wouldn't eat any food people brought. having food cooked on the spot like a bbq is something I trust more

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I went to a meetup for a Social Anxiety forum once. Everyone seemed normal and sociable. I felt awkward and left early.

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That's a fucking floating head

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Is that hotwheels?

On topic, Bodymore Murdaland in the house, would be down for a meet up somewhere between DC and NYC

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>Kentucky fag reporting in
I'm always surprised seeing other KY anons on here, thought most of us would be too backwards to even admit it.
>606/270 reporting in

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>Travel to Baltimore twice a month
Get better barbecue. Your beer is legit though.

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not gonna lie that looks pretty comfy

just enjoying each others food, sitting down on some soft hay and talking with your /ck/ bros about cooking and memes

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Hey! That's where Bach was. Noice.

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/k/ just pick a spot to meet up where they can shoot any amount of ammo for any amount of time.
/o/ just pick a place to meet at and a place to drive to.
Everyone else has conventions they can arrange meets at.
Except /int/

Personally I'd love to see the live threads of the al/ck/oholic meet up.

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Does anyone have the screenshot where /k/ had a meetup, and some anon feed everyone cum brownies? I wouldn't trust any food from any meetup

>> No.8387571

Doesn't matter, you wouldn't remember it the next evening

>> No.8387650

Wanna eat a bratwurst with me at the christmas market of Berlin?

>> No.8387659

But, you read it.

>> No.8387666

Cu/ck/ was shorthand for /ck/ folks long before 4chan started obsessing over the alt right version of the term, ya newfag

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We could fly /cK/ay in from her shithole in Bongistan so that she can poison us with her classic eggs in motor oil, cooked in her scratched to shit nonstick pan

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I'm Owensboro. I can drive around this entire state like it's nothing,
I'm guessing your Somerset?

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i also live in SoFlo. Brickell. probably not down for a meet up unless you guys play poker at the hard rock

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Inability to distinguish faces is one of the most common symptoms found in children suffering from autism.

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pls post more

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So there should be a couple of Discords for the east and west sides of the US, and maybe for any other country if it goes well, or vice versa, whatever.

There could be two states to each different channel. Like an Oregon/Washington channel and a North/South Carolina channel for example.

When that time of year comes, the discord invite is opened, and maybe throughout the year people are reminded and kept updated about what to expect that year.

In the Discord (or any free, alternative chat site whatever) you join your respective state's channel and leave messages and posts to keep others informed or to let anyone know what's up, etc.


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Too soon

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those girls are qt, the one on the left looks like alexandra daddario

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Oddly enough some of those people in OP's pic look familiar, not just that Alexandra chick

>> No.8387738

Nah, little more to the west close to E-town. Went to Moonlite in Owensboro once though, that smoked turkey was on point with the vodka pepper sauce

>> No.8387742

Catonsville here. MD should have a crab feast to keep it safe

>> No.8387760

meet up when?

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Big Dipper is infinitely times better.
Have you been to the Bar-B-Q Fest before?

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Apple Festival?
ROMP Bluegrass Festival?
Panther Creek's Civil War Reenactment?
Our new convention center should begin playing host to numerous food related events as well.
Old Hickory Bar-B-Q?
Sweet baby jesus

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Ah, I've always heard people say there were better places than Moonlite there, but I never got a name before; will definitely have to visit it one day.
Nah man, I've only ever visited Owensboro that one time. Googled it just now though, can't believe I haven't heard of this before cause it sounds amazing.

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I only mention Big Dipper because it's right next to Moonlite, and it is actually the fucking bomb. Cute little Catholic girls work there, and I believe all the meat is local (if yah nomsayin). And I distinctly remember as a kid eating out somewhere past there on a farm before, probably nonexistent by now.

Anyway, American Pickers ate at a restaurant out towards Windy Hollow when they visited once to do their thing. There are a shit loads of local eateries that are privately and locally owned. Mostly breakfast all day's and burger joints, a few pizzerias here and there. . There's even a health food store with it's own food truck now. And with the remodeled downtown, I can't fucking WAIT until food trucks start popping up. (If they haven't already, I don't get out much anymore.)

You're also a stupid dumbass if you haven't had Rolling Pin pastries and donuts..

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>Apple Festival
Damn, didn't ever think I'd ever see that name on here. I grew up pretty close to it, but it's lost most of its former vendor glory outside of the gyro and yakitori stands. Giant Apple Pie/Cookie/Pizza is still dope though.
Haven't heard of the rest though, guess I need to find more food festivals instead of car shows.

>> No.8387964

>car shows
How could I forget about those?

>> No.8387979

I'd definitely be interested.
I don't even care of all the McChickens have semen sauce, I'd just eat the mayo first to make sure it's palatable.

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>/k/ does it all the time
the one time someone brought food to a /k/ meetup this happened.
a /ck/ meetup with food had to be the worst idea ever

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1.) I honestly doubt someone would do this and not make a suspicious scene
2.) The meetup would probably make food of their own if not get food from somewhere else, together, like a night out on the town
3.) We'll have some poison and semen sniffing dogs
4.) pic related, not /ck/'s problem that /k/ is a bunch of baby fags

>> No.8388027

5.) Probably a prank and some vanilla icing.

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I would, just saying.

>> No.8388297

Who the fuck would want to hang out,even for a couple of hours, with assfags that look like that? It's quite possible that /ck/'s photo would be even worse.

>> No.8388304

t. assfag that looks like that

>> No.8388327

Southwest US meetup when? /k/ is planning a Southwest meet so we can follow that same format

>> No.8388333

I know her, desu

She bought Hotwheels Mario socks. I told her that's a bad idea because they probably wouldn't fit on his weird little feet

>> No.8388340

I want to bring delicious bean chili to a Texas meetup.

>> No.8388349

meetups are reddit tier

the whole point of 4chan is to be Anonymous why would you want to ruin that?

plus most of you guys probably fucking suck in real life and you would probably think I suck too

>> No.8388359

this is why I never talk about 4chan outside of 4chan, I never want to meet anyone from 4chan, and if some newfag brings 4chan up to me IRL I pretend I don't know what it is.

I don't trust you fuckers, I don't want to know who you are, and don't you ever fucking talk to me about 4chan do you understand? what happens here stays here.

>> No.8388369

It's not like anyone would know exactly what you post. There's no reason to give out your real name either

>> No.8388370

I know there are a lot of Michigan anons here, I would bring some Arbys and McChickens

>> No.8388373

If you say McChicken fast it sounds like Michigan

>> No.8388375

Remember those completely fucked meetups Moot tried to have in NYC? Yeah no thanks, fellas.

>> No.8388377

I don't care
general fucking principle
whatever happened to rules 1 and 2?
>inb4 1 and 2 only apply to /b/

>> No.8388379

McChicken McChicken McChickeb hahahahahahaha

>> No.8388382


>> No.8388425

Am i the only european on this board ?

>> No.8388432

just piggyback on /k/s
ask creep

>> No.8388500

Hey, I'm from Orlando. Downtown in Thornton Park, lots of restaurants around here

>> No.8388547
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we're practically neighbors

I live a couple blocks north of thornton park in eola heights

>> No.8388551

Sweet, dude! haha

Want to hang out some time? Just wondering.. lol

>> No.8388742

I'd rather shoot myself in the face than meet you retarded faggots

>> No.8388803

that's fine. stay at home and enjoy your shitty frozen digiorno pizzas and kraft meals while the reals cooks here meet up and share our delicious cooking cuisine as well as tips and tricks.

>> No.8388816

haha m80 you go shut the fuck down by>>8388803
you are the cancer of /ck

>> No.8389141

mite b cool

>> No.8389161

Damn, there are a lot of people here from Florida.

Orlando UCF area reporting in. I've met up with /mu/ before for a concert and it was awesome. Also ran into people from /a/ at school. Not too sure about you guys though.

>> No.8389168

This gives me horrible flashbacks of when Moot tried to organize meetups mid-town.

>Declares meet-up
>Look out window, uh it's going to rain fuck that I'm not going
>Few hours later Moots posts the weather was horrible and left after he and some others spied from afar who showed up and decided they were too creepy to interact with

>> No.8389227

I sort of have to agree, as much as I hate the "muh secret club" line, this website was a lot more interesting in the late 00s before memes and all this garbage content became a lot more popular with teenagers.

Probably it's golden age fallacy, but as someone who has been browsing 4chan off and on since 2006 my best memories with the site were between '08-'12.

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