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What is your favourite type of Pork?

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The kind that comes from a pig.

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Pork chop. Fried in oil & butter.

Although pork belly with apple & cider is a close second. Oh and Black Pudding, which is technically pork (blood & fat).

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Pork shoulder roast (aka pork butt, boston butt)

Bbq Pulled pork, carnitas, tamales, pozole, tacos al pastor all come from this cut. You can even came cracklings from the fat if there is a large fat cap on the meat. Also, the meat can be ground and made into sausages.

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All pork is beautiful 1/?

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all pork is beautiful 2/?

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all pork is beautiful 3/?

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all pork is beautilful 4/?

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all pork is beaufiul 5/?

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Top loin.

It goes great with anything.

Cushion is good too.

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all pork is beautiful 6/?

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large black. Any other heritage pork eaters here?

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fucking a. big ole piece of pork loin in 4 and 6 of mine too. =-D

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I have a soft spot for pork belly.

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all pork is beautiful 7/7

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what a beautiful animal.

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Made some strawberry compote. Stuck it on top of cottage cheese

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Your favorite cut of pork is strawberry compote?

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Pork cheeks are great in a stew, liver is bretty good with mash and asparagus. Black Pudding is top tier tho.

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there's a reason ya never see beef bacon for sale


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There's a reason you never see pig milk cheese for sale.
cow > pig

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Unsliced slab bacon, I cut it myself to about a quarter to half inch thick per slice.

My butcher actually has beef bacon

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Pork jowls also make top tier crackling. The pig is truly an animal that is great eating snout to tail.

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Is there any cut of meat tastier, more economical and versatile than pork shoulder?
Belly's great too but lacks the diversity or economy of shoulder.
Great to roast. Makes great ham. Braises. Stews. Mince. Pulled pork. Crackling. You can get reasonably lean meat from the muscles and get lard or crackling from the fat cap.
It's great. I love it. GOAT. Well... PIG.

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terribly sorry, friend. did i offend you?
all pork is beautiful. HA and a pizza captcha

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I bought something labeled 'Pork Shoulder Butt Country Style Ribs' for a stew because it was the only thing in the store with 'shoulder' in it. What exactly did I buy?

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belly, hands down. all that succulent fat... mmm

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I made cutlet a few nights ago, forgot how delicious it is. Kinda undercooked part of it but I was drunk

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Literally the only correct answer.

Have you tried grilling pork belly like Koreans do?

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I like to slow cook a loin with a lot of seasoning on the outside then cut it really thin and put a big pile on each plate with some bbq sauce over it and a generous portion of home made mac n cheese with gouda, cheddar and muenster cheeses and some southern green beans

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