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ITT: The most trashiest thing you've ever eaten

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your mom's pussy

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ooohhh rekt op

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>spaghetti sandwich

do americans really eat this?

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I'm sure I've eaten trashier, but this is the first thing that comes to mind.

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scotfag, has to be the deep fried mars bar

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The double down from KFC

I fucking loved that shit, so bad, but so good.

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OP. I have something to end this thread right here right now.

GARLIC BURGER from Steak n' shake. I forced myself to take two or three bites and threw the rest out after I took a 15 minute drive there AND back because I was hungry as fuck.

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Each one you eat takes 8 months off your lifespan but it's worth it.

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I wouldn't be surprised at all, only ever had one but my god it was good.

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Came here just for this

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Cornbeef hash and eggs is breddy gud though. Cook the eggs over easy and then put it all on some grits and you have a god tier breakfast

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It has less fat than a standard whopper

The media just bashed it because there was no bun

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37g fat

38g fat

Erhhmegerd double down is so bad for you, it's two pieces of fried chikkenz

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Trashy but not necessarily nasty or tastes bad?

I gotta say, if I'm feeling particularly depraved I'll warm up a microwave dinner of Mac n cheese. Add 2-4 slices of American cheese. Add tony chacheres seasonings, garlic powder, black pepper. Crush up either goldfish crackers or Doritos and put into the Mac n cheese. Mix it all up and enjoy with a room temperature Dr Pepper.

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Hot dogs. Both in the form of chili dogs and tortas.

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The home of haggis and that's what you come up with?

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Once I had deepfried cheesefilled meatballs with tomato garlic sauce. The next day I destroyed the toilet and my bowels

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"biscuits and gravy" when i visited america
looked disgusting
tasted like grease
was sick afterwards
too much food on plate so i didnt even finish it
>this will trigger burgers

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if i eat a candy bar and then eat bread right after, will that take 8 months off?
because thats literally what youre eating.

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o b s e s s i o n

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I went there with a friend and his fat ass ordered this burger.
When we got home, we discovered they mixed our orders, effectively combining both of our different burgers into one weird combination.

That burger is fucking gross.

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i dont think youve ever tasted a battered mars bar m8
they are fucking hideously greasy

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>most trashiest

The correct usage would be "most trashy" or "trashiest". Not "most trashiest".

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Dunno; did you deep-fry that bread first?

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Everything is deep-fried in Scotland. If they ate vegetables or fruit, they'd deep fry those too.

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When I was a kid my dad made 'homemade pizza' and made me try it

It was a piece of white bread, ketchup, and a slice of kraft american 'cheese' microwaved for 20 seconds

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I was poor once, pretty much homeless. I went to a bbq one night and slept over. In the morning, the homeowner gave me a mix of left over beers. And a bag of hotdog buns.

So, I left. As I was leaving I passed a sushi place. I went in, and said I had ordered from them earlier but they didn't give me wasabi and soy sauce. They gave me a fuck load of both. So, I went and sat on a curb, drinking the semi-warm beers, and dipping hot dog buns in wasabi and soy sauce.

I kind of liked the fact that I did all this stupid stuff when I was young and poor. Now I have money and can do whatever I want, but I think about those days a lot.

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That was pretty nice of him. Did he know about your situation, or was he just handing out random junk as people left?

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he knew about my situation.He made a great breakfast his girlfriend and myself.

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Winner of most pedantic goes to this anon. :^)

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For a while me and my cat lived in my rancid flat while waiting for the eviction notice to go through. I ate hotdogs and bologna mostly, then potatoes after I got tired of the horrid pseudo meat, but kitty couldn't eat potatoes, so I bought her alpo brand dog food, which she loved.

Eventually I was tired of potatoes and looked longingly at the dog food, and it actually wasn't bad. Over rice, you wouldn't know it was dog food.

Also I once had nothing to eat but an onion, so I cooked it in the oven and ate it while laughing at how out of hand my life had gotten.

Stay away from drugs folks

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>ctrl+f "hot pockets"
>0 results
I'm greatly disappointed in you, /ck/.

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Biscuits n Gravy is delicious!
can we lynch this commie tard!
ps: chicken n dumplings needs some appreciation (and I don't mean your gay ass southern 'dumplings' there lumps of fucking dough!)

Use bisquick like a real man!

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>anons dad casually tries to end his shit

He knew it was garbage, he hates you kiddo.

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Nah he actually eats that shit himself to this day, the man has the palate of a goat

He once bought raw frog legs and prepared them by microwaving them in a bowl for 1 minute, he swore it was good

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Do you have any more poor stories? I grew up in a similar situation, so it's comforting to hear that it wasn't just me

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Believe it or not you can whip up some poverty food that makes a Hot Pocket look like a high class meal

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i used to steal boxes of big boxes of chicken burgers from the grocery store. I would put them under the cart and pay for cheap stuff. I never liked stealing so I didn't do it often. I would ride the subway for "fun" and just read. bunch of other shit like that

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Not having money forces you to think outside the box when it comes to spending money. I can relate.

When I got my first decent job after living in poverty for years the whole concept of spending money was so foreign to me. I'd only spend the bare minimum of what was necessary. and would splurge at all.

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I've been there. I actually lived in my car for about 9 months and still have nerve damage in my toes from the cold. I am literally crying reading your story dude. Please tell me things are better for you now...

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Did your parents/realtives know you were living like that?

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Pretty decent brekkie. Is it the canned meat that makes it trashy for you?

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