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>last restaurant you ate at and how did you like it

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Why do you post a massive .png file to start a thread? Are you that fucking stupid?
You know this site is slow as fuck already.
Also the "ASL?" shit is stupid as fuck, swallow a dick.

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thanks for the bump :^)

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Coquille, oregon
A&W. The burgers are always good, but the service fucking sucks. it took too long to get my check and wasn't even offered a refill. I left a dollar tip in quarters, until my wife reminded me we needed to do laundry, so i took it back and left an assortment of dimes and nickels.

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It's some bullshit data collection thing. These threads appear across multiple boards all at a similar time. It has 2 data questions and 1 bullshit question to make it "board related."

Please no one post your information in these threads

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>getting cucked by a png file

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McDonalds: jr chicken, jr bacon ranch chicken, mcdouble, bacon mcdouble, large fries, large diet coke because i'm on a diet, it was delicious.

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San Diego
Chick-fil-a, classic chicken sandwich, quality meal

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>el chicano
>i eat there every monday, they have the best al pastor tacos around here

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>Le Bon Ton

Coincidental that you post a texas bbq style restaurant

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East lake?

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Mort's Deli, a jewish deli/restaurant/bar. I always enjoy going there. they have the best ruben in the cities, imo.

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Tasty Garden, always so much salt and oil but I keep coming back

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Brunch at a north-suburban diner called Jasper's. I was served the biggest fucking omelette I've ever seen (pic related. I don't even take food pics often but this thing was a landmark). Somehow, despite its size, it was cooked perfectly. Restaurant omelettes are so often overcooked, dry, but this was light, fluffy, and so moist all the way through. Honestly perhaps the best omelette I've ever gotten from a restaurant.
Atmosphere was par for the course, pretty clean, service was friendly. Would go back.

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Pepper Lunch. It tasted like shit. This is all the craze here. Their miso soup is also pretty bad.

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EJ Burgers. The portions are big, prices reasonable, and the food is ok. I mostly feel uncomfortable going there for the most part.

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Tel Aviv

Hamiznon, got myself a ragu in a pita and lime beans.eggs,tahini in a pita.

it's just too good to be true

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>East End Taverna, it was preddy gud. Relatively expensive compared to other places here.
Fellow flip Bro

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Yoshinoya, Salmon and Gyudon breakfast meal.
Bones weren't properly removed from the Salmon. Gyudon was okay. Miso soup tasted a bit off.

I like pepper lunch, because its very hard to get a decent steak at a restaurant for as cheap here in Tokyo, but overall they are pretty shit. I don't think I've ever seen Miso soup at the ones here. Idk why anyone would order it considering it doesn't really go with steak.

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he saw an image on the front page of reddit about an all you can eat bbq and had to post it here as "OC"

stealing from r/food to put on /ck/ is absolutely shameful

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>The Seafood Bar in Amsterdam

It was the best seafood Ive ever had.

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Pizza place called "Papa Jinos"(we got Papa Johns here only this year, and this place exists for about 15 years. Let's hope they don't get sued now)

taste: Usually the best affordable pizza i know. Yesterday was not so much. pretty sure the new guys screwed up the pizza.

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Big undisclosed city
Shitty expensive restaurant a few blocks from my grandma's place
Waiter was rude as fuck
Food took an hour
Mine was wrong so half an hour wrong
It was bad and. Land and i could habeade it better at home in twenty minutes, i ate half out of obligation since I was already full on pizza bread

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No name town in North Carolina
A local "irish" pub. Had a reuben and fries, pretty delicious 2bh, plus the beer they had on draft was phenomenal.

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Eastern Washington, USA
Le's Teriyaki in Spokane. It was good pho. Lots of beef tendon (my favorite) and they put vermicelli noodles in it, as per my request.

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>Dinner at a cute Aussie restaurant called Coco & Cru. I always like going there, especially for happy hour. The food is decent, but I actually go for the wine and desserts.

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diabetes: the meal

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A place called 'Ugolek' means coal or something like that in slav runes. Their gimmick is that all the food is cooked on cast iron stoves. Had a beef cheek and roasted veg, wife had some kind of salad. Was good, would go again.

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Pretty good fried alligator with some fucking weird as hell tacos. Japanese people are masters at taking food from other regions and making them garbage, but it was good for an after table-tennis/billiards match with two close J-friends. I'm honestly tired of the food here, there's some great things, but there's so much garbage it makes it hard to appreciate anything without those creeping feelings of bitterness reaching through. Being an expat is frustrating sometimes, and I feel like a massive faggot for saying so.

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>openly admitting to browsing Reddit

Kys, my man.

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Pretty good sushi place near where I live. I wish they had sea urchin but what they do have is top notch and the employees are good. I'm a workaholic so I have the money I guess and most days I spend maybe 5 dollars a day on food.

2x scallop night I
2x creamy scallop nigiri
6x eel nigiri
8x some roll they had with fried shishito chili peppers and salmon
And a good amount of sake since I had a shit week and wanted to get piss drunk.
I was the only person there alone. Tipped my server 27%.

Went home and had some scotch and slept like a baby. Felt so much better I was uncontrollably laughing like an autist while resting between sets and browsing the same stale shitposting always present on ck/int/an.

Thankfully my gym is empty at 6 am. Thanks for subscribing to my blog.

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South Carolina
Hall's Chop House

pretty fancy steak house but I wasn't paying so I loved it instead of 'liked it but wish it didn't cost me so much'. had my first cut porterhouse. would eat again

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>ate at a yuppy gastropub bar place, got the pastrami sandwich, ambivalent about it coming on a bun instead of sliced bread but it was homemade pastrami and pickled cabbage and it was fucking delicious

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alot of the beer made in WNC is the state's best kept secret

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>omelette cooked perfectly
>burnt to shit on the outside

pick one

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upstate south carolina
some barbeque joint in my city. was meh, but it was a good spot to get shitty on draft PBR and watch clemson murder carolina.

is that place really as good as people say it is? aren't they out of charleston? i never went to high cotton. passerelle is the highest i've ever dined in greenville.

also, why is /ck/ the only board i ever run across carolina bros?

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this. plus, i just found out that D9 are out of nc

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>taco mex

It was pretty shit. The pastor was greasy enough to be unedible and the asada gave me insane burps.

I'm probably going back tonight because it's close to my house and has a drive thru

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Smoque shack
pretty good, I had pretty bad shits afterwards though. At least the Redblacks won

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Ay edmonton here too

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Durham bro here.


Durham, North Carolina

Foster's Market. Nice fresh market food. Got a plate of roasted veggies and chicken. Dank af.

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Eyy I just saw john Danielle in cola a couple weeks ago

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>I can't remember

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Cuck Norton's
2 cuck balls, a cuck of coffee, and a cuckie
It was great. I love race mixing and I love getting cucked.

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I'm not the one reposting images from reddit, that you OP?

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>implying I don't browse other chans

Easy there, newfag. I understand that you just came from Reddit and want to prove yourself around these parts, especially since you're just starting out, but be more considerate of falsely accusing anons of browsing Reddit.

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No, San Marcos

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They didn't have any of the beers I wanted in bottles, just tap. I was expecting more mozzarella sticks than what I got. My ass showed up late to the dinner get-together and yet my appetizers came out before anyone's food, fuck yei. I had a beer cheese, bacon, and jalapeno burger. Shit was the bomb yo. Wonderful service as well; not too hovering, and always in sight.
>I can't even find the burger on Applebee's online menu, get on my level.

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>Buffalo Wild Wings

The good was decent, its pretty hard to fuck up wings and fries as those are two of my favorite foods anyways, but man, every time I go to this place the service is just downright awful. Took forever to get drinks, food took forever and was getting a bit cold when it was brought out, and the only time the cashier came by was to give us the check like 5 minutes after we got our food. I'll go back, but only for takeout.

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reverse search the image dingus

>back to le reddit hehehe

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>Gorditas La Tia

Tried a pambazo for the first time. It was delicious.

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Kildares is a local "Irish" bar in my area, typical bar food really nothing to write home about. I really only good there because I'm friends with a bartender who gives me free drinks

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>Le passe-temps
Burger place near where I live, it's not very expensive, you get large portions and they're godly. I go there once a week, and since stuff has been particularly shitty for the past few weeks those meals have been heavenly highlights where problem disappear. The cook and owner are really chill too, and it's just a nice place to be at. 10/10 would recommend

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Austin, TX
Sichuan Garden. Off the charts good. It's my favorite restaurant. Pic related, boiled fish and there's bok choy underneath

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>Fayetteville, North Carolina
I wasn't impressed. I had a burger and fries.

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>wasn't impressed at Crapplebees

Imagine my surprise

>The Barnyard and Carriage House
>Average enough for an engagement party

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Pork Ramen at Wagamama, broth was bland, pork was fairly flavourless. Not awful but not good either. 6/10.

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I forgot to mention that I only went because the meal was free because my mom's a veteran and it was veteran's day. Even for free it was just meh.

>> No.8322916


>the cost of the meal determines the quality

You will never be impressed at Applebees, I've had impressive $5 meals and impressive $400 meals before.

Quality isn't determined by price.

>> No.8322917

It didn't imply what you think I implied.

>> No.8322920

>you dont need to know
>you dont need to know
>not gunna say but the food was pretty good.
gl with your data collection business OP. If you want to know what good food is try serving it for once rather than wasting your time trying to figure it out on image boards.

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You caught us homie.

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Wendy's. Absolute shit.

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McDonald's, they opened a 24 hour one right by where I work so I go there some nights whenever i don't feel like making something at home or going to the Walmart about 20 minutes away.

Its your typical McDonald's quality, but with the added bonus that because I leave work past midnight they make all their orders from scratch so it's all a little bit better.

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houston tx
V bistro

meat lovers pho

best place for lunch.

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wesley chapel fl
tijuana flats
soft taco tuesday, chps and queso, was so dank

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Courtenay B.C.
Nikkie Ramen-ya

Pretty fucking good but not worth the price in my opinion. $14 for a bowl of soup.

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What kind of job has you as an expat in Aomori?

>> No.8323381

>Adelaide, Australia
>Mandoo, a korean dumpling restaurant

>> No.8323664

>>last restaurant you ate at and how did you like it

Bonedaddies Soho

Decent american japanese style ramen place, but ultimately the sake menu and the vibe was the main draw - the food was good ramen for UK but mediocre compared to legit high tier Japanese places

>> No.8323682

>be in 'go
>doesn't eat 'go 'za

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Jacksonville, FL

Some try-hard Indian-fusion place called JaxSpice. I paid nine fucking dollars for three lamb meatballs. That place will close by the new year, I guarantee it.

>> No.8323706

Is everything on the island that expensive? Something like that in the expensive parts of DT Van would run $10 at most.

>> No.8323742

It was fucking amazing

>> No.8323745

Trudeau says you hate gays is that true?

>> No.8323764

We have walmarts? Or do you mean asda

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San Antonio
A local oyster bar with good beer. Then I banged my hot Asian wife. Not a bad night

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Chipotle. Steak burrito. It was alright. As I recall the meat was a little cold. They gave me free guac though.

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Bloomington, IN
Taco Bell at like 12:30 AM after I fucked my girlfriend non stop for an hour.

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>Black Bear Diner - yeah, it's always a solid choice when you just need some reasonably good food and don't want to overspend. Went there last night after a long work day, had their taco salad (with chicken) which is fucking HUGE, I ate the other half for breakfast this morning. And speaking of, their breakfasts are pretty awesome, they serve them all day. I've never been able to finish a plate of their biscuits and gravy, it's too fucking big, one biscuit is the size of my hand.

Pic very much related, but not mine. .

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>NYC (but was upstate last week)
>Picnic Pizza
I enjoyed it very much! Granted, my expectations were so low that I thought I was going to be eating national chain tier garbage. I also love pizza in general so I am not hard to please in that regard. I had one slice of buffalo chicken and bacon pizza. Only problem was it was so greasy that even after 5 or 6 napkins blotting, when I folded the slice more orange grease was still dripping off.

>> No.8324251

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

It was pretty good, nothing mind blowing though. Generous portions for a good price.

>> No.8324585

Damn! They're on to us!

>> No.8324699


He means asda, or he's being a liar.

>> No.8324768

I must have spoken to a dozen people about Wagamamas and never heard a good word about them.

>> No.8324791

South East England
Took my family out for an extremely early Christmas meal at a Bella Italia restaurant in my town as I'm having surgery tomorrow and don't know exactly when I'll be coming out or what I'll be able to eat

We all had three courses. My first course was Zuppa di Zucca, which was a "spicy" squash soup with pumpkin seeds and cream. Now having drunk about half a bottle of ghost chilli pepper extract on a dare in college it was a bit hard to tell if it was spicy, but the taste was pretty fantastic, and if I'm being honest it was probably my favourite part of the meal

My second course was a Cod and Prawn tagliatelle, which was served in a lobster bisque sauce. Now I went for this ebcause I've always been curious about lobster bisque, and while the course was pretty great, cod has never been my favourite fish and the sauce itself didn't really has as much of a flavour as I'd hoped. Still pretty decent, would probably go for a different dish next time, I like my flavours strong and punchy for my main. Pasta was lively though and the prawns were delicious, and the cod was really well done even if it's not my go to

For desert I had a Burnt Caramel Panacotta, which was really nice, although I have always been quite fond of caramel so I am somewhat biased

All in all I'd say it was pretty nice, just wish I could've had a stronger main. As a bonus the service was excellent despite how busy it ended up getting

>> No.8324808

Got a clubhouse it was good. I like dennys, as far as microwaved food its pretty good.

>> No.8325854

Stella's Diner. Had a buffalo chicken sandwich. Nothing out-of-this-world but was serviceable and comfy.

>> No.8325945

its for students with rich parents to make them feel cultured by sitting on shit benches and eating shit like that pic with chopsticks

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Denmark, Fyn.

It was okay. You pay 200 kr (29$) and can eat as much as you want to but it is a bit expensive.

>> No.8328513

I was a line cook at fosters a few years ago
It was ok but their vegetable stock is literally veg trash water
I think fosters charges about twice as much as they should, based on what we were doing back of house.

>chicken from Sam's club

>> No.8328530

I was impressed, but like I said I didn't pay for it. the tastes from the strip and filet sides were amazing yet very distinct. Personally I wouldn't get a $70 cut of steak. yes outta chas.

passerelle is shit imo. trappe door is my personal favorite in greenville, great atmosphere, decent european cuisine, rarely pay more than $25 for a meal and a drink.

>carolina bros
I didn't know many of us were here, this is the first time I've run into someone else from SC here.

Go Tigers btw

>> No.8328587

Taco Bell.

It was pretty shitty as usual. All of the Taco Bells in my area have been renovated in the last 12 months, and along with it came this annoying dedication to customer service. I go in there, and the cashier is so obnoxiously disingenuously friendly.

It's like I know that you are miserable and that you hate your job. You're coming off so fake right now, and I'm stuck in this dichotomy of inner thought where half of me wants to punch your teeth out, and the other half wants to pat you on the back and offer sympathy, because I know that your manager is always on your ass about how you have to treat every customer like they are dining in a three Michelin star establishment even though you're a high school dropout working for minimum wage and it's slowly eating away at your soul.

Then I paid with a $50, and he had to get the manager to check if it was counterfeit, which took like a minute. Then the manager finally comes up and okays it, and he has to offer me this long drawn out apology about how sorry he is that I had to wait, but they have had problems with people passing fake bills, and the whole time I want to tell him to fuck off and just get my food.

>> No.8328603

>massive file
>1.4 Mb
Must suck to have Australia-tier internet.

>> No.8328629

if you think thats bad, you get banned for posting over 1mb on /p/. its common sense to just upload a small image unless necessary.

>> No.8328660

damn that looks delicious

>> No.8328717


You sorry ass flyover. The best you can come up with is taco smell?

>> No.8328720

>All these autists not knowing that The Great JPG vs PNG debate was already settled on other boards.

JPGs for photos, PNGs for drawings. The end.

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>photography board
>uploading high quality images is a bannable offense

>> No.8328741

>Kebab/Middle eastern place, wish I got the curry.

>> No.8328888

>san diego
>sourdough bagel with jalapeno cream cheese from a local bakery

>> No.8328905

I'm a medfag and had a Pfizer rep take me to Mortons steakhouse for dinner tonight. It's fantastic every fucking time

>> No.8328911

Oh and 33 Jacksonville FL. Had prime rib with lobster bisque appetizer, Bleu cheese tomatoes salad, and molten lava cake for dessert

>> No.8328950


Chicken was overcooked, but the cheese fries were godly.

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>Southern Texas
>BJ's Brewhouse, it was pretty good I had a buffalo chicken pizza

>> No.8329055

Figures, you swine.

>> No.8329079

What's your fucking problem?

>> No.8329150

Don't you have a fucking patient to con you fucking profiteer? So what did pfizer boi propose? Prescribe this quantity of that pharmaceutical to get this much kickback, you fucking horseshit hypocrite?

Go ahead and take the Hippocrates oath, you jackoff. Oaths mean nothing anymore, especially among you pirateers.

>> No.8329166

How's the life with no insurance going? Dude anyone can afford healthcare with the affordable care act. Don't be so salty because you didn't pursue an education that gives you the advantages mine does

>> No.8329219

>Jackson, MS
>Keifer's. They have "Greek" food that's been heavily Americanized but it's still very good.

>> No.8329244

Papa Johns and I fucking hate it so much

>> No.8329247

>med school

>> No.8329254

South Morang Eatery

It was awesome, had a steak sandwich with egg, bacon, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and ketchup. Also a chocolate milk.

More a cafe/take away shop than a restaurant.

>> No.8329255

Thanks for the cogent answer. How's NEET life treating you?

>> No.8329263


Austin, Tx
Tan My Noodle shop. Pho with brisket and flank steak. 8.5 out of 10.

>> No.8329269


Ausfag here who posted about Tan My, I'll need to check that place out soon.

>> No.8329276

Bro I highly recommend Taras Bulba if you ever get the chance, the in-house made kvass is fucking off tap

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unlike you, i'm not a brainlet so i'm getting a real education.

>> No.8329283

Hey dude good for you for your PhD. Still not sure why you're so salty. Just an asshole I guess. It's terminal, that's my diagnosis.

>> No.8329344

Las Vegas, NV
Big Wong

My girl likes her steak medium burned so I had to deal with sharing that with her. Rest of the food was great and the steak doesn't really matter because it is cheaper than Mexican Labor (which is ironically how the food is made) Server which usually takes care of us was pretty fucking happy too. Good stuff

>> No.8329361

What part of my language looked like I haven't had an education? What portion of my post indicates I don't have medical insurance? None.

What part of your posts indicate an outlook on humans that brands you as a profiteering skunk incapable of human empathy? All.

Hippocrates is rolling in his grave to see such as you. Take the oath with your supercillious smirk, prick. You're shit and always will be.

>> No.8329377

I went to this local place called Graydon's Crossing, had this weird Thai fusion fish and chips thing. It was fantastic. Came with naan and this weird cheesey shrimp dip.

Jesus christ, dude.
Calm down, you're gonna blow a gasket.
I'm not that guy, but I'm in prosthetics research. We have reps from material suppliers take us to dinner, it doesn't mean we're gonna go with them. We still use whatever best for the job.
If a doctor prescribes you something, you can probably just ask for the generic, you massive beta autist. If they refuse get a different doctor.

>> No.8329378

Oh, btw, you never answered. What did pharma-boi offer you for the steak dinner, jackass?

>> No.8329393

>calm down

I have medical from VA. But I'm aware enough to know that people have to pay 40% or more of their income for shitty medical insurance.

The only first world country, and in fact the richest, in the world that can't treat citizens when they're sick without causing bankruptcy? Fuck off. You can't justify it, pirate.

>> No.8329394

ooh yeah, OR here, blackbear is a solid breakfast joint. the chicken fried steak is legit or the bearclaw french toast.

>> No.8329406

>Southern California
>Carls Jr
Was okay, in a pinch, had picked my grandma up from the airport after her flight was delayed 2 hours and just needed calories

It was okay, I mean it's fast food.

As for not fast food, I went to this nice Japanese place, got a couple cheap sushi rolls and katsu, 10/10 great restaurant

>> No.8329447

49 (w/18 yo goddaughter)
Ann Arbor MI
Pieology, a smallish pizza chain that combines a Subway-ish counter ordering system with thinnish crust pizzas in high speed convection ovens, to push them out pretty quickly. Liked it quite a bit honestly, though I am not a connoisseur of pizza since I can't eat dairy. This location carried Daiya dairy-free cheese as an option, which I thought was excellent, but I'm comparing it to no cheese. :-) They have many nice quality veggie toppings, and let you pick as many as you want without extra charge, it's built into the base $8 price for a pizza.

>> No.8329493

>SLC, Utah
>Redrock, Small group of local breweries/restaurants in the area. Got a Sweet Potato Cannelloni that I personally liked but was definitely tailored to a certain kind of palate.

>> No.8329514

>The Great JPG vs PNG debate

What the fuck is even the difference, you nerd weeb faggot?

>> No.8329540

Man, I live in Grand Rapids, but on the handful of occasions I'm in Ann Arbor, I always stop by there.
Güd füd

>> No.8329546

goddamn how long you been here?

>> No.8329758


Who'd guess I'd see a fellow North islander here!


No, a lot of places are fairly cheap especially compared to Van. That restaurant is just over priced.



>Some tiny sports pub in Vancouver called "The two parrots"

It was good. I had wings and a pulled pork sub. The wings were delicious and the sub was alright, but the meat was a bit too dry. It wasn't that expensive either especially since it was 39 cents wing night. The service was good as well.

>> No.8329775

It's 3 am and I'm sitting in a waffle house for the first time ever. Hash browns are kind of meh but everything else is breddy gud

>> No.8329973

Well now that makes more sense. You are a vet and while I do genuinely thank you for your service, you are a part of a severely broken medical system. And that is a travesty for our service men and women. That's what you don't get though. In the real world, doctors aren't out there to hurt you or to be distrustful. And for the record he didn't offer me one single goddamn thing. All he wanted to do was to show me their upcoming products for the year. Maybe you're unaware about the laws regarding drug reps and kickbacks. My medical license would literally be in jeopardy if I were to essentially take bribes to prescribe particular brands or drugs. Please get help for your obvious emotional issues.

>> No.8329984

I should've said asda/walmart sorry

>> No.8329988

Thank you for being the voice of reason here. You are absolutely fucking right about generics. The list is pretty fucking short of meds that I have to prescribe as 'brand name only'. And for the record 99 percent of what I prescribe is done with patient cost in mind. This means the meds on the 2 or 4 dollar list at most pharmacies. Christ that dude needs help.

>> No.8330028



Some chorizo tacos and a tamale at the local Mexican spot. Was delish

>> No.8330100
File: 34 KB, 800x563, 800px-Pirate_Flag_of_Blackbeard_(Edward_Teach).svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're the factotum in a sick medico-pharma-insurance nest of corsairs, profiteer.

How does it feel bankrupting sick individuals and failing to treat people because they are poor in the richest country in the world, when every other 1st world country treats people when they get sick? How does it feel knowing millions have to pay 40% of their income to obtain even crappy insurance?

Go buy a boat with your pharma kickback and have a truffled fillet, and raise your goblet of champagne in a toast to the pile of ruined lives and corpses at your feet, pirate.

>> No.8330124

>How does it feel bankrupting sick individuals and failing to treat people because they are poor in the richest country in the world, when every other 1st world country treats people when they get sick?

That course of action is not economically sustainable.

>> No.8330128

Foster's Hollywood
Went with my family It was a nice meal

>> No.8330129

green bay WI
dairy queen, 7/10

>> No.8330143

Nice as you completely ignore the facts. See

>> No.8330154

>South Korea
>Some randomass chicken restaurant
Please don't make me go home T.T

>> No.8330266

A small 'generic' polish cuisine place.

Potato pancakes with guylas, 'hungarian style'.
Damn, that serving size. I had to give up and leave the remainder. Other than that, reasonable, but not great. I can make better ones myself, just can't be assed to make the effort. The potato pancakes should be thinner, firmer and more crispy, and the guylas meat should be seared more thoroughly.

Still, the price is right, the service is very nice, the place is cozy, servings are huge, so I've got to forgive them the quality. Especially that it's not really bad - it's just that I can make it totally kickass.

>> No.8331157
File: 219 KB, 980x490, spezialitaet_bayerische-schweinshaxe-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Munich Germany
Altes Hackerhaus. I ate oven roasted ham hock with boiled potato dumplings (Schweinshaxe mit Knödel).
Very hearty and extremely delicious

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