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My dad wants to take me on a camping trip this upcoming weekend. I keep telling him to fuck off about it but he's being really persistent. He's saying we don't spend enough time together anymore. The only upside to going would be to eat some of his cooking cause he's a really good chef. How do I get out of this? I just want to hang with my friends

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Haha fuck your dad. Just chill with your homies and get some bomb takeout bro

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Once they lay your father's coffin into the earth, would you still wish you hadn't gone camping with him?

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Honestly yeah I don't really give a fuck about the guy t b h

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That's pretty sad. I hope you OD on the weed you smoke with your friends

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Oh fuck off bro

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Fuck off, white boy. Not everybody's lucky enough to have a good relationship with their parents. Most people are shitholes and contrary to popular belief this includes parents, too.

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His dad is taking him camping tho

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Do what you want OP

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Le Nobody Puts Ketchup On A Sausage Sandwich!!!

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Tell that oldfag to go fuck himself. The days of playing Andy Taylor and Opie are long past.

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Typical shit skin. Can't into family. Sorry brah. Better luck in the next life

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He probably has stage 4 cancer
Also, cooking back ribs on the fire is the most delicious food in existence

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OP just hang out with your fuxking dad.

Seriously, you're lucky NUMBER ONE that he's even present, even breathing in front of you, asking you shit -

NUMBER TWO - you're lucky he wants to share some time with you at all. Worse than a father that's not there is one that is, and wants to neglect you.

Ffs, if the food is good just fucking chow down and enjoy nature.

None of your pussy friends will be there later (the actual ones will be and would/should encourage you to be with your dad) in life, but none of them fucking gave you life, so what authority does some shit head kid hold over your father? None... A fleeting moment of kicks, that you can have ANYTIME ANYWHERE with your friends won't last as long as the memories you can potentially share with your father who wants nothing but quality time, you won't remember the weed and the kicks all the time, and your father won't be there all the time.

Tl;Dr OP is a faggot who thinks it's beneath him to hang with pops for some ill BBQ, who thinks he should substitute this moment with something "cooler" and should quit being a fag and just hang out with his fucking father before he dies.

When and if you have children, I hope you come to hear these words from your son or daughter


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Someone drop some dragonite dads

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His dad wants to take him camping. I'm pretty sure op is a fat, 16 year old edgelord, frightened by the idea of spending a night outside away from his xbox. He is getting off at the idea of telling people online that he doesn't care about his dad to show how hardcore he is.

OP, go camping with your dad. You're too young to see it now, but these are the days you will be happy you spent with him.

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Look at this daddy loving dadfag

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Hey OP I too was an edgelord, you sound probably young and dumb so listen to these kind anons and have a nice time with your dad, get to know the old fuck he is probably a lot like you.

Even if he neglected you when you were a little shit you should go and see what the fuck he is up to.

>m-my friends are better than my family!!111
KEK, you will probably stop talking to most in the next couple of years
>m-my family is boring and they are normies!11oneone
You are probably so self absorbed that you don't even know them.

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Op confirmed underage fag. Go hang out with your dad you fucking piece of shit.

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Stop crying you feminized sissy, Hang out with your old man you goddamn faggot.

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or if you really can't stand the thought of camping, make a counter offer of an afternoon fishing together. that's how you get out of things you don't want to do but are sort of obligated to do, you make a counter proposal you can live with and hope they accept

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OP a lot of the time I don't want to do shit with my dad either, but Jesus Christ, just humor him. He's just another confused, lonely, fucked up human being like all of the rest of us. If he's being persistent and wants to do this that much, just do it with him and try to make the best of it.

And why the fuck are you posting this here? Your question has nothing to do with cooking.

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>hanging out in the wilderness, away from people, away from technology
>I know! Let's bring a bunch of people with us!

Fuck you.

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where in the fuckity fuck in my post do you see me saying jack shit about lots of or for that matter, any fucking extra people?

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Just go camping with him. Don't be a complete loser.

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So OP's an underage douche, fuck him, can we just talk about camping food now?

I'll sometimes cook something like pic related in my jetboil with some cut up summer sausage. One time I even brought a couple cherry tomatoes and a very small jalapeno, which fit inside my mess kit thing. Turned out pretty good.

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Well, I hate to use personal experience to make any kind of case, but seriously dude, unless your dad is a piece of Shit, you should go camping with him. Both of my parents offed themselves, and I'm left with a wierd step dad who has zero common ground with me. Even so, if that asshole asked me to go camping with him, I would go in a heartbeat, regardless of what he cooks.

Tl;Dr stop being a nigger and go break sticks with your dad.

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fuck you guys I'm not going, im going to light up with my bros and get some pussy
You're all virgins

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go camping with your dad

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oh shit we got zinged

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Fucking Millenials

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I hope this is bait. Quit being a bitch and spend time with your dad. Lots of people would give anything just to spend 5 minutes with their dad

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I went on this camping trip this weekend - One of the boys made chili - I had made it clear that I am Jewish and dont eat pork but after eating dinner I was cleaning up the trash and saw a packet of panchetta - turns out he had sauteed the onion in that to begin with.
I freaked the fuck out, made myself puke and made the person who had driven me drive me home (it was a 3 hour drive). I feel totally justified in doing this - was I in the wrong? I mean I look at it like if someone said they were diabetic and you served them a bunch of sugar or you gave someone with peanut allergies peanuts.

I think my crew is going to be going down -1 if you catch my tokyo drift, no more kicking it VTEC style with me and my boys

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