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What are your favourite penny candies, /co/?
Orange cream gummies


Sour cola bottles

bubble king gumballs

strawberry marshmallows

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I don't care for penny candy but my fiancé says the jelly belly raspberries.

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these toxic little cocksuckers

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Your fiancé is a cuck faggot

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>open case display where any random nigger can stick his hand in

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twin cherries, extremely hard to find in stores

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God damn now I want some

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I haven't a non sour gummy worm in forever.

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you must hate buffets. think about all the aids that could infect the eggs.

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Good lord my friend and I would pump out so many penny, nickels and dimes to those who sold this and see ho could eat the most with needing water.

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cant beat a sour key

i remember in grade school the teacher said everyone will get sour keys cause all behaved but i had come back to class early and stole whole bucket

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>stole whole bucket
are you black?

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How long did it take you to finish all of them?

What did the teacher say when she realized they were missing?

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>trying not to eat sugar
>open this thread

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I've always loved those strawberry marshmallow things with the granulated sugar all over them (I don't know what they're called), and I've also always loved these >>8144050. All the time as a kid playing hockey I'd get a few of them from the canteen at the area after my game/practice.

These are dank, too.

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Not a penny candy, but I got a box of Turkish delights (at a Greek festival lol) today and holy shit.
I can't believe I've been missing out on this shit for so long. That shit is so fucking good.

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its ALL absolute shit and I'm so glad I have zero desire for any of it. Enjoy your shitty and expensive dental problems, jackasses.

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Absolutely A+ goat tier candies

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Is that what those are?
When I was a kid I thought they were Ankh's like in the Commodore 64 game, The Castles of Dr. Creep.

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a while i loaded then into a plastic bag and hid in my backpack

>teacher was furious thought a bunch of ppl took them in the end no one got any more candy

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a while i loaded them into a plastic bag becuase they were in one of those big buckets and hid it in my backpack

>teacher was furious thought a bunch of ppl took them in the end no one got any more candy

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a while i loaded them into a plastic bag becuase they were in one of those big buckets and hid it in my backpack

>teacher was furious thought a bunch of ppl took them in the end no one got any more candy

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Lemonheads and Fireballs

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you ever think of something sour and get that puckering sour taste in your mouth?

or am i just completely autistic ?

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fuuuuuuck.. I havent seen those watermelon bubble gums in 20 something years. (bottom right)

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If you are then I am too. Thinking of sour tastes definitely makes my mouth react like I'm actaully eating it.

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I've never seen anything like this, want to try it all.

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peach rings no contest

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same boat

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