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Has anyone else been seeing these Darigold anti-orange propaganda billboards in their neighborhood lately?

Bit rude desu lads

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Is there black milk?
What other colors does milk co.e in?

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This is kind of stupid. There's nothing wrong with using annatto to color cheeses.

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Or paprika oil.

Darigold makes some shitty fuckin' cheese. They think they can cash in on a 'natural food' meme but they can't make decent cheddar. People who work in marketing are the fucking worst.

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Is it possible to make cheese out of chocolate milk?

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Adding color to cheese was a con to begin with. 17th Century cheesemakers did it to pass off low quality cheese as better than it was. The fact that poor quality cheese is still dyed today is really kinda sad, because we now know it's a mark of poor quality, but those buying it don't give a fuck about quality.

So if some company can cash in on that level of stupid I say good for them.

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>Adding color to cheese started as a con in 17th century

Bullshit and irrelevant

>orange cheddar is mark of poor quality

nah. it's pretty standard with all cheddar in the US, of all levels of quality

>Some company cash in on food memes with a low-tier product; good for them

You are an utter twat and you know nothing about US cheddar cheese.

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>orange cheddar is mark of poor quality
>nah. it's pretty standard with all cheddar in the US
So you guys agree then. Orange cheddar is the mark of poor quality.

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really makes you think

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Yeah, because your entire country has to win a podunk cheese competition or else all the cheese made in your country is poor quality.

And let me continue the headline that got conveniently cut off on your shitpost infographic:

"Switzerland wins top prize but Wisconsin dominates the World Championship Cheese Contest"

So yeah. You're retarded. Good luck with that.

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>Aldi brand cheese
>"made for export" crap
What's next, Ile de France brand brie?

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>39 out of 43 cheeses submitted for judgment were from Wisconsin
Gee I wonder why Wisconsin "dominated" the competition :^)

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Geez, for people who apparently hate the midwest so much you sure seem obsessed with it.

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Can't you come up with a funny retort? This is on the same level as "projecting"

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You literally had to bring up 'flyovers' in order make yourself feel a sense of superiority for doing literally nothing but born somewhere.

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I never used the world flyover. The image (which I saved from here) contained it, but it was one out of about 60 other words.

Now that you mention it though you seem


Pic related, it's your mom

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No it's not. Why are you lying to me?

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That's a lot of defensiveness over cheese coloring.

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As an Australian of British heritage, New Zealand makes the best Cheddar

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I think that's because the cows eat grass not sand/grain.

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interestingly enough
while tillamook isn't in protland, it nearby.

but I always though
yellow cheese had carrot juice in it.
i heard there was some vegetable derivative used in stead of blended up cow stomach lining. for the discerning vegetarian.

i thought wiki said the same thing
cheese is yellow because of a carrot juice thats used instead of rennet to make the curds.

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It's terrible really.
You can travel from New York to California through the Midwest and find all sorts of independent artisan cheese manufacturers. People who put their heart and soul into their food. True cheese artisans carrying out there craft in the traditional manner from Wisconsin to Chicago and everywhere else.
And then you can sit back and laugh because all cheese produced in the USA is objectively fucking shit.

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yea, rennet isn't the only thing that can be used

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I know enough about US cheddar cheese never to buy any of it in a fucking supermarket, because the standard there is trash.

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do you guys not have a cheese stand at your grocery stores and you're forced to eat Kraft? every grocery store I've been to in Texas besides a Walmart has a big circular area that sells domestic and imported cheeses that taste so good. for a while they kept doing a promotion on this wine soaked cheese that blew my mind it was so good.

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>your feelings will never be so hurt that you ruin every cheese thread in /ck/ with MUH SPREADSHEET

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You're replying to a baby. Of course they sell more than Kraft. They sell artisanal cheeses nearly everywhere. Maytag blue not just imported blue at half the groceries I have been to, Hoop Cheddar, interesting goat, basically an assortment for a nice cheese plate is available.

But, I think that Cabot and some other national brands make good enough mass produced cheeses, which if people buy them, they're happy enough.

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ew the cheese bars in American actually look better than this

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No kidding. I've seen cheese shops the size of my apartment with better selections

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>still butthurt over this
Actual spreadsheet guy here, what was it about this that upset you so much?

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>world cheese championship

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Feels good to be from Vermont.

Wait, what's this list even referring to?

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I used to work for one of these in highschool and apart of my
job was mandatory cheese tasting and coming up with good pairings to sell people. God bless Texas

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Funny. You only "show up" after I call you out. Every time.
It's not that you're constantly lurking /ck/, watching and waiting to wail over your trigger state. Because that would be pathetic, wouldn't it?

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>quantity over quality

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Some retard from wisconsin insisted that "everyone knows all the good cheese comes from wisconsin"

I had never heard of that opinion before so I went to the store and took a count of all the cheeses in the good cheese section (ignoring the separate pre-sliced pre-shredded ghetto of trash cheese from wisconsin)

As expected there were one or two wisconsin cheeses in the good section but most were from the northeast, california, or europe

He went apeshit and keeps mentioning it in every cheese thread, that was like two years ago

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Yes, this is how businesses work. This is how dairy farmers make a profit.

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I used to get in arguments with my online girlfriend from Wisconsin about who's state had better cheese. Now I'm alone. So fucking alone.

The thing is, I really any of the Vermont cheeses you saw were the really good Vermont cheeses, because the best ones are produced in small quantities. There's a small goat farm near me which makes what is without any doubt the best cheese I've had in my entire life, and I only know one store which sells it. Fairy Tale Farms.

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>the best ones are produced in small quantities.
This is true for any traditional product. Bread, wine, cheese, cured meat - it's really difficult to scale up production and maintain the quality someone who really knows what they're doing can achieve in small production runs where they can control every detail of the process. And that accounts for the staggering price gap between OK and great cheese.

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that looks unprofessional as fug

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Pretty racist. #blackcheesematters