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Explain to me why you make your fries with white potatoes.

Purple potato fries:
- Actually have a good flavor
- Taste better without salt
- Can stand up on their own without shitty condiments

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literally nothing tastes better without salt

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wrong. adding a small amount of salt to anything will bring out its flavors.

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Because it makes your shit pucker up. and you taste more of it.

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Well said, doctor.

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Salt is a crutch, but it's a damn delicious one.

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No it's not it's literally one of the basic flavors fuck

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>salt is a flavor

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Salt is what saltiness, a basic flavors, comes from. Salt only tastes salty.

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Because I can buy them at local grocery stores.

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Salt is not a crutch, it is a must have, you are not a good cook if you cannot season food properly.

If your food tastes salty, ya dun fucked up, if it taste bland, ya dun fucked up, if it tastes great, congrats, you know how to use salt properly.

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