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why is this so hard to eat?

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I'm not sure. Is it the picking up or the shoving in your piehole you're having trouble with?

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Wait, seriously? Short ribs have always been way easier for me to eat than any other form of ribs. How are you trying to eat them?

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Hrm, those bones should literally fall out of the thing, when gently picked up and pulled apart. If not, probably not cooked properly or was cut too thick or even over cooked. Should be tender and meaty flavored both. Don't eat at that place anymore. Asians can put up with more gristle and chewy meat than foreign tastes, might not even be for you.

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Because traditional Korean food is fucking awful.

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Probably because whoever cooked them did a shitty job, because when cooked properly those lil bones just pop right out

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My family takes scissors and cuts in between the ribs.

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lots of shitty asian places overcook them

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Probably because you have British teeth.

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serious question though, are you supposed to use your hands, or wrap them in lettuce or what?

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You cut them the wrong way, idiot.

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daily reminder that if you're not german, then you have worse teeth than the british.

Stay rekt my son.

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>serious question though, are you supposed to use your hands
No, you don't use your hands in a restaurant unless your meal started with a hot steaming towel. Just politely ask for a knife and fork, and cut around the bone. It is okay in etiquette to remove a bone from the mouth with the fingers, however. You may not know that it is acceptable with chopsticks to bite off food and leave some on the chopsticks, which isn't at all alright in fork culture to bite off food and hold some on the fork. So, if you don't want to use chopsticks to gently separate poorly cooked food before picking up a bite, then pick up pieces to chew off and hold the second bite in the air. Depends on your comfort level and if your company is asian and used to seeing people being "rude" like that.

I know you can pick up BBQ ribs, drumsticks, and enjoy with fingers, but you'll encounter a lot of refined families that it was never okay that if it was indeed possible to use a knife and fork that you'd opt for fingers for fun. Remember you don't want to offend people, that whole point of etiquette. Maybe this item is your guilty pleasure to dine on alone at takeout and you devour it like chicken wings, who knows? Suck on the bones with lots of lipsmacking, like the rat-eating lady on that one episode of Survivor.

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I'm confused as to rate this post Emily Post/10 or straight up autism. Either way I'll keep it in mind next time I dine Asian. Good rule of thumb: do what the slopes are doing.