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Predictably, no one is buying any of this.

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Are you implying something with this?

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>buying merifat """"food"""

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My local tesco has a section like this

The only thing I wanted to try was the twinkies, but fuck paying that much for them. I did get a cheeky box of butterfinger bitesizes for £1.50 though.

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I was thirsty so I bought a drink.

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A lot of US supermarkets have a small British section with some junk food from the UK.

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you'll need to show ID to buy a spoon to eat that ceral with.
But really, those are way overpriced.

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yeah this is what it looks like. I cant see myself buying anything there

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I can buy 2 boxes of twinkies for $5. You are paying $7.11 for just one.

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List fag how can you keep misspelling cereal?

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>this is what U(cuc)Ks consider to be food
No wonder you're so obese compared to other Europleb countries and have bad teeth

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Is that $1.99 for a single flake? Holy shit. (They are fucking delicious, but still)

The Cadbury drinking chocolate is really good, the puddings are decent but nowhere near worth $4.49, all the tea is just a meme, $8.59 for a bottle of fucking salad cream? Don't you have your own brands of that?

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>well-stocked shelves
>it means there's no demand
Are you a Pole who lived through Communist rule?

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The only american things is will buy from the sweets section are Milk Duds and US Milky Ways. We don't really have an a equivalent of Milk Duds, the closest thing is Poppets but they're smaller and harder and they only come in tiny boxes.

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No Marmite?

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More 'food'.

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I wonder how many people have made the mistake of buying a regular Hershey's bar

Only chocolate i've ever spat out in disgust in my life, it was like chewing on solidified vomit.

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>tfw cant buy chex mix in tesco
>tfw garoade is too expensive and the good flavours arent stocked
>no decent beef jerkey imported in either

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we dont have salad cream but we do have mayo which from google seems similar. mayo is like a quarter of the price for twice as much.

ive seen it at my store i guess this one just didnt have it

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I think it's pretty funny when they put rows of candy under the pharmacist's desk, like at my local drugstore.

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I've tried the pretzel pieces. They're too greasy but good.

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>Don't you have your own brands of that?

Not the same exact product, but close enough. However, if someone really wants Heinz Original Salad Cream, they're going to pay the mark-up.

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Are your oreos made in Mexico?

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it most certainly is not food

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I did. I tried some twinkies. They were awful.

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Your words not mine

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why the fuck does it cost so much?

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>coffee crisp
do americans think "speaks english but isnt the US" means UK

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Maybe because its imported you fuckface

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Probably tariffs and shipping

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You don't actually get your own aisle. You get a section in the ethnic aisle shared by others.

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You people really amaze me

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>do americans really

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>OP faces the shelf then takes a picture
>claims no one is buying

For non-groceryclerkfags, facing is a term for pulling the stock forward to the front of the shelf

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>'merica is the only country that has junk food hurr

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Dunno about that picture in particular, but it reminds me of an aisle at the publix nearby.

It's the foreign horde aisle, has chink shit, spic shit, kike shit, bong shit, kraut shit etc etc

A containment zone for "the other", cancucks included.

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>Our worst food

Why even import it?

>Don't you have your own brands of that?
We don't really do salad cream, we have Miracle Whip which is supposed to be used for salad dressing but most people use it like mayonnaise because its very thick.

I suppose if you diluted Miracle Whip with vinegar and an extra egg yolk it would be similar. Salad cream is shitty anyway, I just use based Kyupie mayo on my salads.

>those mcvitie prices

A lot of the Wal-Marts in nicer areas carry McVities in their cookie sections for a lot cheaper these days, they also have Tim Tams.

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Where I worked years ago they called it zoning iirc

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Every supermarket is pretty similar in America. They all have an ethnic aisle. It is also where the Jew food is and the pasta plus the tex mex taco kits.

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That's supermarket atrocity tourism. Not all that different from a US supermarket having a shelf with HP Sauce, Heinz baked beans, mint jelly, Marmite and salad cream.

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The Snyder's stuff is only £1 in my Tesco which isn't too far off the price in the US from what I understand and it's actually OK

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because it's being shipped at least 3000 miles in small quantities

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>tfw cant buy chex mix in tesco
I'm quite lucky because I seem to have a rather large amount of family members who live in the US or go there for work, so I always get them to bring back Chex mix

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We have that in the UK, but it's a bit weirder
I don't usually go down it, but the Indian, Mexican, Polish and some other European crap is all inn the Foreign Foods isle, but the American food is in a completely different part of the shop

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Mint jelly has been in US supermarkets since my baby boomer father was little.

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>I'm quite lucky because I seem to have a rather large amount of family members who live in the US or go there for work, so I always get them to bring back Chex mix
Ever try making your own? Key ingredient if you can get your hands on any copycoat of the cereal (Can use crispix) is simply worchestershire sauce. You can bake it or even microwave the sauce onto the snack.

When they say seasoned salt, they mean Lawrys, which is heavy on celery salt and paprika.

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You should try the pretzel bites. They are the only thing on that shelf worth a fuck. Not delicious mind you, just not nearly as bad as the rest of that shit.

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I don't think we can get rice or corn cereal, but we can get the wheat one here. I guess I'll have to actually try and look for the rice and corn ones

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>le Hershey tastes like vomit meme
Im sure the Hershey corporation purposely makes candy bars taste like puke because it's such a brilliant marketing move right?
I mean, in no way could it just be some jealous fox and grapes bullshit amirite? Yeah better load up some puke flavoring, that would be the business decision.

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rice chex are GOAT

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That's how the people of the 50s ate lamb. Roasted and served with a side of neon-green mint jelly.

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Of course it has. My Anglophile grandparents always served it with roast lamb. But it's still an English atrocity that found its way to America. That was my point.

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That's because it cost 5x the price of the equivalent UK children's food.

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I've found Reece's Piece in pound land before.
Bretty gud actually. Like a non shit MnM, fuck paying 2 quid though.

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it a chemical that tastes like that if you're not used to it. I didn't touch US chocolate for like 6 months and then ate a hersheys and about couldn't finish it. it doesn't take much to get used to and most of us go through that as children.

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I have a colleague from PA who buys all this sort of stuff. She's an IT project manager though so not too bright.

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At least it's real sugar like in other first world countries. In my 3rd world shithole called America everything contains GMO high fructose corn syrup

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Why is that Coffee Crisp so expensive? In Canada they're 99 cents

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...why is bounty there? Do you guys not have that? Polishfag btw

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Because its imported

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It's funny cause it's true. Don't want the urban youth getting a hold on baby killing spoons.

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They should've known that Brits don't drink their tea warm.

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Yep, reeses is about the only ameribrand I enjoy. Managed to find a 200g bar for 75p at a Fulton's

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that awkward moment when americuck teeth are statistically worse than the UKs.

congratulations, you played yourself.

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>tfw you will never be this autistic

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why so cranky Nigel? Have a few too many brown teeth? The sun set on your English empire long ago, along with your gumlines.

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I've never seen a British food section before. Where was that taken?

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Flyover pleb detected

Go away

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I live in California and I've never seen a special British food section in any store.

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Oh my, California! You couldn't possibly be a flyover fuck then could you? Bakersfield is mighty relevant!

Fuck off cletus.

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i dont think anything triggers cu/ck/mericans on this board more than insulting their vomit chocolate

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>not buying mcvities


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Oh sorry, I mistook your reply as the blubbering of a blue whale.

Here you go amerifat, your diabeetus drinks and HCFS foods have royally fucked up your teeth.

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Why so butthurt?

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>b b b b but rot teef not crook teef

>> No.7984784

why is everything so expensive?

>> No.7984843

>"if I don't have any teeth they can't be crooked!"

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nearly 9 dollars for a bottle of fucking salad cream

What the fuck.

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that all looks like shit you'd buy from a dollar store clearance rack

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Not sold in the US (outside of import sections), we have something similar from Hershey called Mounds but it tastes a little different.

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But Rose's marmalade is lovely.

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Isnt this tesco lakeside?? Dunno how i know

>> No.7984969

it is.
except yorkshire tea, thats the fukkin bomb m80

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>Not sold in the US (outside of import sections), we have something similar from Hershey called Mounds but it tastes like shit.

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Oi lad, don't knock on those Salted Caramel pretzels. They're pretty nice considering the corn-syrup and vomit hell that is American "sweet" foods.

>> No.7984977

>not eating ALPHA bites

Beta detected.

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those honey mustard and onion sourdough bites are godlike

>> No.7985044

There's virtually no difference between the two.

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Thank God

>> No.7985065

For those prices I wouldn't buy them either. Goddamn all that is stupidly expensive.

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Dark chocolate digestives are orgasmic

>> No.7985087

Rice Crispies are the same thing, just a different shape (which is arguably important).

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I'm an Australian and I'd kill to have Snyder's pretzels available in a supermarket.

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Amerifat here, I never see anyone eat twinkies. They're meme-tier as far as I know. Though I live in the Philly area so everyone just eats Tastykake.

>> No.7985093

Homie, I'm in the flyoveriest of flyover states: North Dakota, and we have that shit.

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>Jacob's Jaffa Cakes

>> No.7985115

Boylan's a best nigga

>> No.7985125

Hostess is pretty big in the west coast, since we don't get Drake's or Tastykake.

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In Sainsburys earlier I saw a kid throwing a temper tantrum and screaming at his mum to buy him some Twinkies. He wasn't older than 12 years old. His mum offered to get him some mini rolls instead (which are better IMO) but he started fucking SCREECHING at the top of his lungs 'TWINKIES TWINKIES TWINKIES' until she gave up and threw them into the trolley.

Five pounds and fucking fifty pence for 10 cakes.

Just out of curiosity I followed them around for a bit. The kid kept grabbing the twinkies box out of the trolley and putting it on top of the other food then telling his mum 'mum if you replace these with mr kipling again I will run away from home'. They also had Ben and Jerries ice cream, processed slices of cheese, and when she tried to get some Penne pasta the kid calmy took it out of her hands and took elbow Macaroni instead. She nervously said 'oh sorry steve, I forgot you need this for your mac and cheese'. She looked like a woman crushed by the minimum wage lifestyle combined with the american culture in OUR supermarkets.

Poor girl. She was 30 at the oldest.

>> No.7985143

>Poor girl
It's her fault her kid is a spoiled brat

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mini rolls are great

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Tescos is the fucking shit

Nah m8 it's 55 pence per twinkie, right gud deal if u axe me.

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WTF I hate Poland now

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Where the fuck do I buy good Root Beer in the UK?

I swear I must be the only person in this entire country that likes it.

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>Predictably, no one is buying any of this.

The Marshmallo Mateys?

It’s the same as Lucky Charms and more than likely, made by the same company in the same facility.

Also; odd that a UK store (looks like a party store, not a grocery store) would have all that American food?

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Fuck 'em

>> No.7985246

they had limited edition "ghost busters" twinkies in sainsburys (right buy the tills FFS).
fink they were £2.50 or suttin

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Payday, Reese's pieces, Pop Rocks, Mike and Ike, Snapple, and Boylan's are all good if you're willing to spend the money.

>> No.7985272

I just get it from Amazon and deal with 1 quid per can, otherwise teach stocks boylan's and that's the tits

>> No.7985289

>Nah m8 it's 55 pence per twinkie, right gud deal if u axe me.

I'd rather just pay 99p for 2 boxes of Jaffa Cakes though

>> No.7985293

>Payday, Reese's pieces, Pop Rocks, Mike and Ike, Snapple, and Boylan's are all good
No they are not, they are just different kinds of sugar delivery systems.

>> No.7985299

I heard a man in Tesco today call to his wife;
>Don't forget the Jaffies!
I lol'd

>> No.7985307

>Not liking sweet things
inb4 b-b-but is bad 4u
We know

>> No.7985313

Well yeah, they're candies/sweet drinks.

>> No.7985326

He has good taste

>> No.7985335

She'll ask him to pick up some maxipads or hold her handbag for her in return

>> No.7985371

Sweet things are great, but these are not great sweet things. These are crappy mass produced sweet things. If you're gonna eat sugary stuff you can set your sights a little higher.

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>visiting friends in NY
>see this in store
>buy it thinking it will be Bounty, freedom edition
>tastes like wax and sugar sawdust
American candy continues to disappoint, twizzlers are just softer, greasier silicone and candycorn is fucking disgusting, what should I pick instead amerilads?

>> No.7985594

why are euro's so jelly of Americans?
Seriously ever board I visit their always
one fucker who can't keep our country name
out of their fucking mouth

>> No.7985601

>proving a poster right with a butthurt reply 5 hours after the post was made

>> No.7985606

Like no one eats that shit.

Honestly, y'all's tastes are different enough from ours that you probably won't like any of the cheap "normal" shit....maybe get some jellybelly jelly beans?

Anyway, GOAT snackfood to me here is the various kinds of roasted nuts.

>> No.7985612

Bloody hell, I can't say I blame you: that is three or more times the price it is in the UK, and when you're more expensive in food than the UK, you fucked up (or you're Switzerland).

>> No.7985615


They used to sell it in the "foreign food" section of my Tesco up until like a month ago. It was a bottle of some wired brand for like £1.50 each, but fuck it was good. I'd buy two or three every weekend but I think they stopped selling it because I was the only one buying it.

Asda sells a shitty cheap sugar free "root beer" but it tastes like shit. I don't even know why they bother to sell it.

I used to live on A&W while I lived in Thailand now its hard to find anything.

>> No.7985618

didn't noticed
I'm not sitting on this board all day
like you faggots

>> No.7985623

>not too bright
I hope you're joking. PJ's have to be so sharp you don't even know. She wouldn't have the job if she was a gotdam raturd

>> No.7985626


>Honestly, y'all's tastes are different enough from ours that you probably won't like any of the cheap "normal" shit.
Yeah, I think there's some disconnect there, because I tried reese's cups and they're way too sweet for me, iron curtain didn't prepare me for this.
Are those any different from the UK jelly beans?

>Like no one eats that shit.
What's the thing most of your eat, I keep picking weird shit. I like the Wonka stuff though.

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I like the fact that you Bongs are having the same reaction to the Brit section in America as I am to the American section in the UK.

It's all overpriced random pieces of shit that's not even worth it at the normal price.

like Malt O Meal cereal? that's the poorfag brand that make knockoff flavors of name brand cereal. at least they put yours in a box. Here, in the US, Malt O Meal is just a bag.

pic related, although, I've never seen a Malt O Meal section that fucking big in a store.

>> No.7985637


How come your English is so bad considering you're from an English speaking country?

>> No.7985668

>Are those any different
Dunno if y'all have them or not, but https://www.jellybelly.com/ (guess I could have checked for a .co.uk, but well, we're here now), as far as different, they actually generally taste like the flavor that they're supposed to taste like. Some of them I love, some I hate, and some are just trolls (like the Harry Potter flavors).

>What's the thing most of you eat?
Really it's mostly stuff like the main chocolate bar varieties (snickers, three musketeers, baby ruth, milkyway, etc.) which if you didn't grow up eating, you won't like. To tell the truth, I don't really see many people eating candy candies that much any more. It might just be my age (mid 30s), but also I've noticed through my life the candy section's gotten a lot smaller.

Here's some lists with some probably representative choices though:
And just a general list:

>> No.7985683

Here's one with some interesting choices on it:

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Pic very goddamn related.

>> No.7985737

That's what you get for living on the Worst Coast.

>> No.7985766

nice, I try some of these out

M8s brought me a bunch of Harry Potter ones from the UK once, was an interesting experience.

>> No.7986357

>fucking snowballs are 2 pounds and a box of twinkies near double and a half that it is here.

>Chocolate twinkies
>not banana twinkies
>no cupcakes

I feel bad for you brits

I can get those things for like 2 for $1 at 7-11

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>mfw the barf and centipede flavours
Those are LEGITIMATELY fucking unpleasant, not just "haha dude this is weird" like most novelty snacks.

You need to suppress your gag reflex to eat them because they do not taste edible in the slightest.

>> No.7986424

>Local shop wants like $5-6 for a single fucking Pot Noodle
>They stopped carrying mild curry ones anyway
Truly the worst.

>> No.7986490

That was the idea.

>> No.7986741

Malt O'Meal is entirely seperate from General Mills. It's the "Name Brand of Off Brand" cereal, if that makes sense.

Tastes way better than Kellogs and GM every time anyway. Name Brand is a meme.

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da fuq are Hershey drops? I've never seen those anywhere here.

>> No.7986944

wtf, you can get full size coffee crisps at the dollarama near my house for 70 cents.

>> No.7986953

which of these are you referring to?

>> No.7986960


If they wanted to even try to mimic the harry potter candy, they should have gone way more brutal with it imo.

The good flavors being quite good, but the bad flavors varying shades of horrifically fucking terrible.

I got a bag once and was pretty disappointed, was expecting much more of a ride.

>> No.7986967

no Marmite?


>> No.7986982
File: 66 KB, 721x723, 1462661077994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To think, someone is dense enough to believe that a section of an isle in a grocer is representative of all the food in an entire country.

>> No.7987020

>another nationalist whines about culture change

>> No.7987033

Lawn clipping sounds fine a moldy cheese sounds better than buttered popcorn.

>> No.7987106

Gatorade doesn't use HFCS. Powerade does.

>> No.7987121

I thought that you bongs didn't have peanut butter? Why do you guys lie so much?

>> No.7987182

This thread is odd to me, because in my grocery (Kroger or Meijer) the "British" imported foods shelf is nothing but Islamic/Halal and couscous, with maybe some "English Tea Biscuits" on the side.

Of course given how cucked the UK is by muzzie dick...

I think when I'm out tomorrow I'd take a pic of that shelf

>> No.7987196


Mah nigga

>> No.7987245

it really does smell/taste like vomit though, have you ever considered that you're just used to it?

>> No.7987366

Both are made by Hershey, which is known for pumping out crap most of the time. It might be best to avoid them altogether.

Mars is the only major candy company I can think of that has consistent quality.

>> No.7988026

>not buying all of those bags of pretzel pieces

>> No.7988036

Fug, 24 hours later I realise Tesco autocorrect to teach

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The 'food' depressed me.
The cheese made me happy again.

>> No.7988118


>> No.7988155
File: 924 KB, 1264x1497, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought a bag.
'Cheese' flavour.
Slight spicy crunch.

>> No.7988161

holy shit, those are the prices per KILO?
swap the currency symbol to USD and you have the price for a half a pound

>> No.7988162

It's not made with pasteurized milk though.

>> No.7988163

Oh good a britbong thread related to shopping. I have a question about these so-called fruit pastilles. Are they any good? is it a sweet or candy? are they sweet, bitter, sour?

>> No.7988179
File: 364 KB, 541x1934, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dildo Pickle taste.
Potato starch crispy.

>> No.7988193

they have a crusty sugary outer layer and gooey in the middle. fruit flavoured, really sweet.

>> No.7988205

yeah each of those go for like a fifth of that here in the US

>> No.7988233

>American made goods cost less in America.
John Maynard Keynes plz leave.

>> No.7988238

Those Snyder pretzels are good.

Also right next to the Twinkies are usually Little Debby Cosmic Brownies or Cinnamon Struesels and those are fantastic.

>> No.7988243



>> No.7988477

What the fuck? That looks like the dog food section until you see the oatmeal

>> No.7988774

Fuck, there was a market in my hometown that had a pretty good selection of cheeses like this, I'm jelly.

>> No.7988878

>Snyder's Jalapeño Pretzel Pieces

Those are damn good.

>> No.7988934

Man, I can get Ribena and Vimto from the Chinese super market but that Irn Bru though...damn I've always wanted to try that.

>> No.7988979

bounty's are fucking bomb tho

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>go to part of grocery store that strictly houses snack foods
>"wow no wonder americans are so fat all their food is full of sugar and processed bullshit"

ignore the fact that your average supermarket caters to just about any dietary regiment imaginable, lets all just shitpost and cherrypick.

>> No.7989717

>strictly houses snack foods
>baking soda, pumpkin spice and liquid smoke are snack foods.
Nice one, you fucking idiot. by any chance are you interested in Japanese things?

>> No.7989718

Butyric acid

>> No.7989725

>ignore the fact that your average supermarket caters to just about any dietary regiment imaginable, lets all just shitpost and cherrypick.

While I agree that cherrypicking is dumb, the fact remains that the vast majority of the space in your typical Western supermarket is devoted to junk food as opposed to produce, fresh meats/seafood, etc.

>> No.7989737

>the vast majority of the space in your typical Western supermarket is devoted to junk food
Working class, Asda/Walmart Scumbag detected.

>> No.7989750

Whoever designed that chocolate twinky box needs firing. Seriously

Looks like literal shit coming out of an asshole

>> No.7989757


well yeah....I did say "typical supermarket", now didn't I? Of fucking course that refers to working class flyovers.

>> No.7989758
File: 27 KB, 600x600, pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You seem to be missing the point of this whole thread my American friend.

>> No.7989925

>Another coastcuck American thinking he knows anything about culture

>> No.7990010

Oh shit, they've got marshmallow m80s?

>> No.7990034

you aren't supposed to just drink those, it's an electrolyte drink for when you are sweating a lot

>> No.7990116


>typical supermarket

>> No.7990128
File: 46 KB, 514x536, Mnd1inA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>names the only three things in the picture that could negate my point
>neglects to mention the picture contains twinkies, sugar cereal, cheese-covered pretzel pieces, liquid jarred cheese, peanut butter, and jelly

I literally mentioned "cherry picking" in my original post. Are you trying to make me upset?

>> No.7991145

This is what happens when you don't beat your kids.

>> No.7991169


meh what I think is

>this is what happens when you make up a story on /ck/

didn't believe/10

>> No.7991333

You're a retard if you drink those like juice

>> No.7991368


>> No.7991383
File: 703 KB, 245x184, tumblr_n8ivwe0kQK1r9u31po3_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7991403

has to be the first time you've ever had the opportunity to post this, and it's still barely relevant

>> No.7991424

We got them in Wisconsin too

>> No.7991429

liquid smoke always next to canned pumpkin. y'all makin' pies?

>> No.7991439

Nerds aren't all that bad but dont be dumb fuck and eat 3 boxes of these because these things are good for gettin the diabeetes

>> No.7992121

Hobnobs are GOAT

>> No.7992133

That's not quite how diabetus works.

>> No.7992146

eh yorkshire tea is nice if you like tea that is and those drinks on the bottom left might b cool the rest is meh

>> No.7992149

pumpernickle pies LOL smoked and fucked hard

>> No.7992150

Most of this board seems to think toast sandwiches represent British cooking, so don't be too surprised.

>> No.7992151

this looks like a cub foods, which is predominant in minnesota, also the home state of MOM Brands, the parent company of Malt-o-meal cereals

>> No.7992469

Depends, could easily have a divorcee dad bribing the kid with top shelf everything.

>> No.7992509

I'm Welsh and really like twinkies and lucky charms desu

>> No.7992524


Congratulations. You're capable of stringing together buzzwords.

>> No.7992871
File: 58 KB, 634x166, Abba-Zaba-Wrapper-Small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you are ever in Pennsylvania try Wilbur's Candies. If you are ever in California try the stuff by the company Annabelles. I also like chick o sticks and other lesser known but still common candies. The key with buying food in America is figuring out the big name brands and avoiding them. From candy bars to canned tomatoes, the store brands are usually better. Cheaper too.

>> No.7992925

What is up with this anyway? I live in Japan now, and the foreign food stores are complete shit. Mexican section? Select the grossest whitest flyover mexicanoid food you can possibly imagine, and then stock that only. WHY! Why is all your Mexican food imported from Australia and America, instead of Mexico?

The foreign alcohol section is always perfect though.

And in America, you can be sure all the Japanese supermarkets stock the same things. Horrid bread that isn't sold in Japan. Hawaiian drinks. Dollar store food. Food you find in actual Japanese stores? Not a chance. Where do they find this shit and why do they choose it over the things Japanese people actually eat?

International markets seem to specialize in getting foreign food wrong, no matter where you are in the world.

>> No.7992959

go away jew, and take your poisons with you

>> No.7993128


Ha, I got one for ye man, there's Tesco here in Ireland and we have that section too, see those lucky charms yokes? They're about €8.00 a box! So, I have a bunch of yanks making an offensive racist caricature of me and the tans trying to rip my bollox off to get it to me, can't make it up

It's all just shite anyway, twinkies are just swiss rolls and oreos are bourbon creams I don't give a fuck what anyone says

>> No.7993202

>To think, someone is dense enough to believe that this thread is not about the absolutely ridiculous prices of imported shit and the dubious selections of food supposedly representative for a country.

>> No.7993226

Is it kingston tesco in Milton Keynes?

>> No.7993239
File: 47 KB, 500x249, 51nlkSyR4DL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>no sour patch kids


>> No.7993246
File: 28 KB, 400x406, 1465266925928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah but you should still beat your kids.

>> No.7993901

>Boylans root beer
>not birch beer
Who was in charge of this shit decision? While their root beer is fine, their birch beer is one of the best.

>> No.7993912

so what was it?

>> No.7993933

Gatorade tastes like ass though.
In general.
>> Tried several gatorades whilst living a few months in 'murica. They tasted like watery juice.

>> No.7993947

Lemon lime seems fine.

>> No.7993951


who are you quoting?

>> No.7994414


I was turned onto abba zaba because, like many, I watched dave chappelle eat one in Half Baked. It's a dope candy though. I can only find it at Fresh Market now for some reason

>> No.7994484

it's actually the opposite
things are demanded more when they're scarce

>> No.7994524

>Tesco, Kings Lynn.

>> No.7994530

I've seen those reese's peanut butter cups at my local store's american shelf as well but I never dared try it. I've never even tried peanut butter

might buy one tomorrow just to try it

>> No.7994536

Is it apple picking?

>> No.7995518

the nearest grocery store is more than a 30 minute drive away, this leads to buying bulk foods.

in the flyover states there is no luxury off a quick run to the corner shop to get that ingredient you forgot/ran out of.

>> No.7995544

They're good but the chocolate isn't exactly high quality and the peanut butter isn't really like the sort you'd get in a jar. If you want good peanut butter by itself buy Jif's extra chunky

>> No.7995884
File: 71 KB, 803x688, good1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>recommending jif

>> No.7995902
File: 15 KB, 480x360, 1436500726801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not buying goober

>> No.7995917

>no one is buying this

CLEARLY someone is buying the snyder's pretzel pieces. those things are tasty btw

>> No.7995952

I am. Only the hot sauce and maybe mustard ones are good, though.

>> No.7995960
File: 3.16 MB, 4032x3024, 20160816_223907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

accidentally bought these, having difficulty eating more than ten of them, they're going in the trash tomorrow.

>> No.7995967

never had their pretzel sticks, but the sourdough buffalo wing pieces are delicious

>> No.7995978

From UK and living in Seattle, it's true, the U.K. section in every supermarket has me mind blown, it's literally all weird knock off stuff or stuff I'd never buy anyway, at an insane price. As an example, I was looking for mint sauce and all they had was 'mint jelly' which made me want to barf just contemplating it. It's no wonder we get such a bad rep for food.

>> No.7995980
File: 363 KB, 1600x1600, glutenfreerice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're gluten free, taste disgusting.

i wasn't paying attention and grabbed them because i'm used to everything being plastered with a "gluten free" label whether the product would normally contain gluten or not.

pic related

>> No.7995982


Among the best candy bars available desu. Butterfinger is just so fucking perfect.

>> No.7995984

I bet skunk spray tastes better than licorice
Think of it as weed flavor I guess

>> No.7995985

That liquid smoke down there at the bottom shelf is liquid awesome. A few drops is all you need to make any savory dish taste amazing.

It's like an American version of Worcestershire sauce except instead of being made with fermented fish, there's hickory smoke and also it isn't spelled retardedly. It'll put some fuckin hair on that doughy excuse you call a chest.

Fuck all that sugar shit.

>> No.7995993

irn bru tasted like a citrus + bubble gum mixed with soap, it was fucking awful

>> No.7996362

It is some enzyme in cow bile. No joke. Disgusting.

>> No.7996368

Youre too optimistic
maybe autistic

>> No.7997830

why would you ever get something like twinkies in a country with bakeries literally fucking everywhere.