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Why do the british isles have such a stunted food culture?

What happen to they?

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A feeling of cultural inferiority due to having been ruled by foreigners since 1066

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war were declared

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too busy colonising the planet to bother coming up with our own cuisine desu

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Teeth that are only strong enough for powidge and boiled meats.

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>tfw we have some of the best chefs in the world, including the best restaurant in the world
>tfw our dental care and health is the best in the world.

your antiquated stereotypes don't really work nowadays.

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The Industrial Revolution and two World Wars

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>tfw our dental care and health is the best in the world.

Your having a laugh m8

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What's the supposed "best restaurant" you refer to?

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Probably The Fat Duck, that fucker has made quite a name for himself

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Because while the Italians were twisting pasta into new and exciting shapes, and the French were getting pissed up on 400 types of wine, the British were at sea or in the laboratories and workshops, busy conquering the globe and inventing the modern world.

We don't need our own sophisticated food culture because thanks to our international trade routes and economic dominance, we can import anything we like, including food from other cultures. Tea, curry, chocolate etc.

Having said all that, we do make a lot of different cheeses.

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Here is your average britfag response.

>once upon a time, we were rulers of the world!

Once upon a time nig-I mean Hasaan.

Currently your country is a real shitty place to be and only has as much power as that whiney, annoying guy in the group that someone throws a bone to every now and then to get him to shut up.

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Decayed, missing or filled has nothing to do with those thresher shark rows you fuckers got.

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british food is based around nutritional value, wholesome food to get you through bleak times with all the goodness you need for a balanced diet.

im sorry we don`t balance vegetables ontop of eachother and make jenga out of our food, you pretentious cunts.

in terms of taste british cuisine is among the best in the world

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During the Victorian era, sugar cane was very expensive. So precious was it that socialites and the upper classes would stain their teeth with it a as show of wealth

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World wars actually.

Kinda happened when the war was starting to take its toll and the people became much, much poorer and foodstamps were brought out.

Emergency foods was quickly invented with mostly poor mans ingredients and sooner or later the wars are over and all the kids who grew up on these rationed foods find nothing else to cook or make, it was after all the staple for everyone for almost over 40 years and two wars.

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Of course you would think so. Seeing as you fins every other nations food "overpowering"

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>british food is based around nutritional value, wholesome food


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The same thing happened to France, except even harder. They were occupied, most of their food was siphoned directly into Germany (they wanted France, among other reasons, for its fertile farmlands) and water was so rare that most people could barely afford to wash themselves (giving rise to the American stereotype that the French don't shower). You know what the end result of all that rationing and starvationg was? Nouvelle cuisine, the new standard of international haute cuisine.

But then again, we're comparing the country that made stale bread taste good (french toast) to the country that puts toast on bread (toast sandwich).

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Italy, swedens and greeces foods all come out of poverty too.

Though italy i would say is the most like france, making their poor mans food better even though the moment. I believe its tied to the general wealth that was more evenly spread and therefor the newly made poor tries to spiff it up instead of the brits who just made a meal thats eatable and tastes alright like they always have.

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>fish and chips
No wonder UK is the fattest Euro country, almost as fat as Mexico the fattest American country and Australia the fattest whogivesafuckarea country.

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I cooked some mushy peas, made with Tesco dried marrowfat peas soaked with bicarbonate of soda. It is cheap and tasty. Do other countries have marrowfat peas?

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>makes a thread about britain
>says nobody cares about britain
Keep crying about us in a language we made you speak, it really makes your country look better than ours. Oh wait, you didn't mention your country, because you know it's complete shit compared to Britain.

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ah but you see, those are healthy teeth

americans are obsessed with getting teeth perfectly aligned and straight because they have teeth fetishes

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>get invaded by germany
>still sat about playing with your food while brits are fighting and dying all around you trying to liberate your country

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I can just hear his laugh coming through the thumbnail

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>stunted food culture?
>stunted culture
because they put themselves on a pedestal and are happy with lying to themselves. the beetles are overrated and shakespeare is irrelevant now.

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>helping people who don't want help and getting mad at them for not saying thank you

Lol britfag.


SVG. Your people come to my place for a vacation.

>tfw you are comfy all the time


I dunno bruh. I lived in england for 4 years and I havent seen more fucked up teeth in anywhere but the most desolate African shithole. A lot of my britfag friends complained about a constant feeling of pressure between their teeth since everything was packed so tightly.

Maybe it is natural, but we aren't natural anymore where it is common for us to loose teeth biting into our meals bones or using our jaws as tools.

Maybe we should start using the jaw as a vice to hold the hide that we are scraping fats from like the olden days?

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America is the number 1 stunted food culture. It's an entire country full of adults with childish tastes. Same thing with australia, new zealand and canada. It's just a fact that the only thing anglo cultures enjoy eating is bland fatty foods. The only reason why america isn't the laughing stock of the culinary world is because mexicans taught you how to cook, without us you'd be nowhere.

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inb4 WALL

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>shakespeare is irrelevant now.


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A flood can come through my house and I will have little worry other than "I gotta do some mopping later". Same thing with most of us. Any of those people look unhappy to you?

Most of us are too high up on the hills even on the coast to worry about flooding.

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>Chicano who can't cook takes credit for American food culture

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>british cuisine is among the best in the world

Only if you think bland boring shit is actually nice to eat.

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+1 can confirm Australian and New Zealand food is terrible and bland.

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>It's a jf obsesses about Britain episode

These repeats sure are boring.

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You are one stupid fucker.

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Oh you clappyblobs sure are amusing.

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