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What's the best German meal you've ever had? If you have the recipe for it, care to share it?

Would love to hear some good traditional and non traditional foods/recipes worth trying.

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jagerschnitzel with egg in frankfurt

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spanferkel, to be honest with you

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I cook Krustenbraten with my dad every few months. Has become a nice little tradition.

Also Kassler mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffelpüeree.

And Currywurst is god tier, even if it's junk food.

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Traditional German food is disgusting and I'm from Germany. I'd rather stick to the fruits and veggies.

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Jaeger schnitzel is awesome but even if it isn't totally German a doener kebab is my go-to when I'm there and drunk

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Southern german meatballs made from a very fine minced meat. They are served in a white creamy sauce with spätzle. Literally the food of gods.

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I don't remember what is was called but it was definitely light brownish/yellow.

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Jägerschnitzel - the communist version from east Germany. God tier poorfag food, just a big sausage cut up in slices, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs and voila.

Döner kebab (with the triangle bread) is actually something you can only get in Germany and the surroundings, not even the muslim immigrants in other EU states sell it, let alone Kebab vendors in Turkey. At least not in the mass its sold here. Its definetly the most bang for your buck.

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german cusine is shit

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*Thread über deutsche Lebensmittel

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It's actually pretty good, specially when drinking raw spirits, but the fact that it's essentially raw pork is still a bit iffy, even if every properly slaughtered pig carcass in EU supposedly is tested for trichinella.

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>mfw Mettbrötchen
with the right spices its the best food there is for breakfast, especially after a long evening

hard to call it a "recipe" though
>take pig
>grind pig
>put pig on bun

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I'm Pollakd and their food is very similar to ours, except more refined, like everything they do.

I love it.

It's heavy, energy-laden with lots of meat, to keep a man fueled during the winter and at war.

Far better than the pitiful tomato-based everything the Italians eat, with a sprinkle of some faggot herbs to conceal the fact their stuff is a poverty-tier mix if tomato, pasta and if you're incredibly wealthy - some smoked horse meat.

German food is basically Central European food, and I rate it second behind French cuisine.

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Eating a jägerschnitzel in a Semmel with mustard while walking down the streets of Munich is maximum cumfy

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>grind pig
Not so, really. The minced meat must be of high quality, no tendors and not too much fat.

For me it's salt, pepper, really finely chopped onions and a dash of table vinegar or a really tiny dash of spirit vinegar.

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well, when youre buying at the butcher surely, but i wouldnt be so sure when im buying it for 2 bucks for 500g prepacked at Penny or Netto like i usually do. I think Mett is, when it comes to regulations, just a synonym for minced meat, even in some regions Mett=Hack. of course its not just the trash products or the whole carcass.

anyhow, behold the glory and praise it

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the absolute mettman

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Theres a youtube channel called "letitcook", hes a german chef and covers all most famous dishes, he speaks german but maybe there are subtitles and he shows the entire cooking process, so its pretty selfexplanatory.


are good places to start, sure youll find recipes online

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>all recipes are South German
>almost all Bavarian
>chef is also South German
I'm actually surprised he doesn't use an alveolar R
>unironically says that shalotts are milder than white onions
I'm not surprised that this channel has almost no views.

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German hating germany.
Typical numale cuck German.
What did grandpa Hans really die for?

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You're also wrong

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>no Grünkohl
>no Mockturtle
>no Labskaus

What's the matter, /ck/? Can't handle the north? :^)

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there is only one true northern food

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>a Polish guy is the only one posting anything but meme crap

Fellow Germans, you suck. No seriously.

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>What did grandpa Hans really die for?

"Roaming space" and German supremacy over the Europe, of course.

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How so?

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Someone called for me?

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Rheinischer Sauerbraten !

Himmel und Ääd

Alte Oma


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Krabbenbrötchen is besser.

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Presskopp, Blutwurst & Leberwurst is the best

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dafuq kinda name for pressack is head cheese
makes me not wanna eat it

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I get doener kebabs with triangle bread in the UK. It's just like what get in Sausageland

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>Calling Mett, Schweinshaxe, Grünkohl and so on meme crap
Fuck off.

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ultimate german food coming through

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Bratwurst mit Sauerkraut.
Zerlassene Butter.
Gekochte Klöße.
Esina-Senf scharf.
Süß-saure Linsen.
Sellerie als Nachtisch.

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really? in Finland and France i had a really hard time getting them, they only sold Dürum (the Kebab Wrap thingy) and i heard the same from other countries

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What kind of name is Pressack for Sülze?

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das Mittel. deutsches Lebensmittel

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Also kebab in pita bread, which is probably closes thing to the kebab-to-go they serve in Germany.

The durum wrap thing isn't really street edible, at least most of them are not, because they don't close them like tortilla but leave the ends open.

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Mein neger

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It's plural, you wannabe Noam Chomsky

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Oh, damn, really great stuff

Also Kartoffelpuffer

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>walking down the streets of Munich

You probably haven't been there in a while anon

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well, here they call it Dürüm. The one thing Germans have in common with Turks is that we love Umlauts

Also it gets wrapped in tinfoil, the tricky part comes when you reach the end of the wrap and have to somehow get it into your mouth without making a mess out of yourself or tasting a lot of aluminium

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Bauernente with Blaukraut and Semmelknöddel
Gans with Bayrisch Kraut
Fränkische Festtagssuppe
Bratwürste with Sauerkraut and Brot
Lende in Pfefferrahmsoße with Spätzle

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I'm surprised nobody mentioned German bread yet.
There is no other place on earth that offers such a variety and quality when in comes to bread. Not even nearly.

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I went to a German immigrants restaurant once, I had a big ass sausage which was delicious, and a potato salad which, if I remember correctly, had boiled eggs, honey, mustard and some other stuff besides the potatoes and mayo. Fucking delicious.

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Must have been a northern German then.
In southern Germany there is no mayo in potato salad.

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It was jagerschnitzel with a fried egg and caviar on top, with purple cabbage, schpetzle (sp?) And mushroom gravy on the side. Had it at a German restaurant and it was fucking good

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wiki wiki mic drop

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>you'll never possess this amount of Spätzlemaking skill


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