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ITT: culinary mistakes you've made that have almost completely ruined dishes
>used side pork in yakisoba, not realize it's pretty much super thick bacon that needs to cook a long time, get super greasy grisley meat in a greasy yakisoba

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>threw my dish against the wall instead of using soap and water to clean it
I'll never try that method again.

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I almost forgot to salt my shakshuka this morning. It came out a little watery because canned tomatoes. Also i cooked the eggs a little too long.

>be me
>first gf
>want to impress her
>decide I want to make Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte for her
>practice at home
>fuck up the cake batter somehow
>cake comes outvery dense, not risen at all
>egg taste
>still mocked by my younger siblings almost two years later

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Ur mum is my side pork lmao

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Used Ketchup instead of bolognese sauce

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>making mashed red potatoes and celery root
>instead of just mashing it I put them both into a blender
>came out gummy and disgusting

Worst thing ever. Also another time I put cayenne pepper instead of paprika into chicken and dumplings because they were right next to each other on the shelf. It came out very very hot.

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Reminds me of the time I covered my cereal in cayenne because the bottle looked identical to the cinnamon

>why the hell are these frosted flakes... spicy??

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Not cooking my steak to well done. Inedible otherwise

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The first sounds retarded, but the second sounds pretty good to a hothead like me.

Other than my amateur mistakes like saying "Hey it's one cup of milk, and I only have chocolate milk, what can it hurt?" I guess I could say when I accidently dumped a shitload of paprika (not knowing the top was off) into some seasoned flour for frying.

The color of the flour was purple, but it ended up tasting great.

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Forgot the cheese in a grilled cheese

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That's honestly hilarious

>Roast some zucchini
>It's actually cucumber

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>grilled cheese

until I was like 20 I thought a grilled cheese was literally just Americans placing a block of cheese under a grill and eating it

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Argentines actually do this and it's delicious as fuck

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>cooked a steak well done
>adding mayo to a sandwich
>using memesauce in my ramen
>fresh cilantro in meme street tacos
>eating in London

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>be me

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You forgot

>Put beans in chili

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>read that adding a small amount of baking soda can help onions caramelize faster
>Add very little, still too much, tastes too alkaline, onions have disintegrated.
>Using science, realize I have to add acid to neutralize
>Literally only acid I have is pickle juice
>Pour it in
>pH has been neutralized, now I have onion mush that tastes like pickles
>trash the whole thing

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Pfffft hahahah why is the pic deleted nigga

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lol anyway
>not mixing the egg all the way and gelatin breads

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