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Why is it that a gastronomic abortion suddenly becomes an exalted cultural achievement when it's served by and consumed within your home town?

Chicago is no exception, people will literally fight you if you don't say the right things about their favorite greasy garbage.

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Nowt wrong we a pea mix from local chippy my duck, cant beat local food

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I think you meant to post some 'go 'yle 'za.

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because people like their hometowns. Also Dina's wings are pretty fucking good.

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holy shit, what the fuck is wrong with chicago

inb4 niggers, there are huge numbers of black people in my city and we aren't a falluja-tier war zone

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Short answer: It's the niggers.

Long answer: It's the niggers, friend.

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Reminder that progun is the mod and will ban everyone ITT for saying anything against chicago

Post good things about chicago or do not post at all

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>gastronomic abortion

anyone who believes that there is 'junk food' and 'gourmet food' or 'healthy food' and 'unhealthy food', that there is such a thing as a 'gastronomic abortion' even when made with care, is a fucking culinary sophomore shitcunt.

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>all food should get a participation medal, acknowledging differences in quality is pretentious
The midwest is basically the special olympics but for food

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>chicken with sauce
>gastronomic abortion

haha okay dude, might be time for you to take a break.

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ITT: triggered nu-males

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You know how you're ok with the smell of your own fresh steaming pile of shit?

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protip: "they're really good when you're shitfaced" is not a recommendation

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yeah, but 'go 'gers are doing something different if every major city has them, but yours are way worse.

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the reason they're popular bar food is not because you need to be drunk to eat them

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whoever said that?
when the fuck has anyone ever said that wings are only good when you're drunk?
its just white meat from chicken, and then whatever stupid sauce you like.

did you watch your mom get raped by a wings competition eaters in front of you, being able to smell the wing sauce on his fingers?

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>if you are super stoned they are amazing and I can eat like 300
Wow, another great recommendation friend-o. Remind me to ask you to be a reference.

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ew, i don't do drugs
you're implication was pretty stupid

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true, they're popular because they used to be really cheap and so bars would feed people a huge heap of disgusting slimy boiled wings drenched in hot sauce

then they got expensive but if you're the kind of person who thinks nothing of spending $50 on beers to watch team sports in a dark room with strangers, obviously spending $15 on a plate of slimy boiled chicken wings drenched in hot sauce isn't much of an issue in the name of "tradition"

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>wings are boiled

smoked wings are pretty god tier.

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Who's more pretentious? /ck/, /lit/, or /fa/?

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>when you're stoned
You forgot to finish your sentence, junkie

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it's not garlic wings, but looks pretty good. please don't hit me. lol

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do you just not like wing meat or something

they're deep fried


this is just a dysphemism for coating something in a sauce. there's nothing wrong with that.

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>95% of the board is shitposting, jack, how to live off ramen and fastfood

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The worst pseudo-intellectual circlejerk I've ever seen

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/ck/ is about as pretentious as a garbage bag salesman convention

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I have almost 100 image (and webm) me5's pictured, and hide replies to hidden posts.
That cuck and his threads are distant history.

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Thanks for your valuable input, /pol/

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>the best wings in northeast ohio

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216 represent. I live a few miles away from Dina's

We have a surprisingly bustling food culture. ie the only thing to do here is to eat and watch the cavs lose

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>the only thing to do here is to eat
That's the entire midwest, your tiny chunk is not special.

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the great lakes and midwest region are distinct. Cleveland is a great lakes city. It'd be like calling Rochester a midwest city

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what do non flyovers do?

play disc golf with hipsters from the fair trade organic coffee shop?

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Literally eat and go to work until they move out or die.

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It's fashion. Some folks assume fashion only operates at the high end, the fine dining and haute couture realm. But fashion operates on a pedestrian level too. There it tends to be regional. Look at the 20th Century. It started out with hot dogs, then chili. In some places the popularity of the French bread sandwich gave us everything from the Italian hoagie to the cheese steak, to the Italian beef to the French dip to the meatball parm. By the time the burger and fries became the main fast food item Americanized Chinese food had escaped from Chinatown, and became a takeout standard across the country. Shortly after pizza and burritos made it to the hinterland. By the end of the Century Asian imports like sushi, pho, ramen and banh mi were making waves.

Wings escaped from Buffalo during the 80's, and have been spreading explosively ever since. It's a matter of fashion. They're popular now.

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I hardly think 'go 'gers can be held responsible for gun violence

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He meant 'go 'gers not a 'go 'yle 'ger.

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>Living LITERALLY ANYWHERE but Buffalo
>Thinking your wings aren't disgusting shit sticks

Are people this retarded?

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>'go 'yle 'ger

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You forgot drinking. We brew some pretty great beers up here.

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>Buffalo wings were invented in Buffalo
Keep dreaming, faggot.

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They may be deep fried early in the process but by the time they're getting people putting their grubby germ fingers all over the heap , the wings are just formless goo that smell like distilled vinegar and taste like Andy Capo's hot fries

No one legitimately enjoys them, they just collectively agreed that eating them is an obligatory group ritual and to dislike that openly is tantamount to self-ostracism

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Same thing as everyone else

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How can a trend from 30 years ago be spreading explosively?

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it's bait.

the post is, I mean.

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Simple. 40 years ago they were a very regional novelty bar snack in Western NY. 30 years ago people in other parts of the country found out about them. Just over a decade ago pizza joints got in on the wings act, so pretty much anyone could have bad wings delivered along with equally bad pizza. Today we have a chain restaurant dedicated to wings with over a thousand locations.

I'd call that explosive growth. And the price of wings has shot up as a result. They are no longer cheap.

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What is the Anchor Bar, Alex?

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>Thinking anywhere else but Buffalo invented what everyone else calls BUFFALO WINGS

Keep on dreaming, you deluded faggot. What has your mudhole city contributed to cooking?

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I think that's more a problem with Chicago people than normal people.

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this is literally objectively legit how the british talk

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I'm not sure what you're saying, but if you're saying buffalo new york contributed to cooking that's like saying three mile island contributed to nuclear energy

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Beef on weck ain't bad, either.

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Chiavetta’s chicken bbq taste like summer to me. I love it.

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they can't even speak their own damn language smdh

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Can you guys who know about it tell me why people who live where they sell chopped cheese get so up in arms about people from richer neighborhoods buying chopped cheese?

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>formless goo

Are you eating boneless wings or something?

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Tell me what city you live in so I can show you the stats mate, they'll surprise you

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I love me some 'go" 'style" "'za'

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>'go 'ger

I laughed, fuck you.

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>They may be deep fried early in the process

it's the penultimate stage in the process, very shortly before they hit the table

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colorado, cheba hut.

as if throwing on a million random disgusting toppings on a loaf of bread makes it 'dank' when it's really something a hog would eat.

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Watch while their wives Fuck the hell out of their black boyfriends and shit post about midwestern states having no culture.

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New York

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You're memeing way too hard, it's obvious now.

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Rochester NY

It's just pride in one's home. Are you this weird about supporting a local sport team as well?

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you've obviously never been to philly

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Any city that was well established before the start of the 20th Century will have it's classic junk food dishes, which are usually a short order cook's attempt to reconcile some immigrant flavors to the local taste. These flavors were often German, Italian and Greek, because the Irish sure as fuck weren't bringing any interesting flavors with them..

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boiled potato is a flavor

Thanks greeks for cincinnati chili

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Who do I have to blame for the chow mein sandwich?

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Where the hell is the burger? A classic garbage plate has dogs and a burger.

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I prefer my chili on raman, no joke.

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>been away for a while
>wonder what weird asian puke bean sounding memefood this new "go'za" shitposting is about
>it's just the fucking chicaGO pizZA again

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damn dude you gotta share your recipe for 'go 'za with me

>> No.7785084

That doesn't even look like chow mein, it just looks like a pile of fried wonton strips drowning in sauce.

>> No.7785097

/v/ here

going to spread this 'go 'za meme EVERYWHERE. thanks for the dank meme!

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chicago is the greatest city on earth. it deserves more memes.

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>no such thing as unhealthy food
tastes like bait

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someone pls

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any city where lack people are actively eliminating eachother is indeed a wonderful place

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is there any food pushed harder than 'go 'za? i cant think of any other city/hometown food that entices such emotion

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I don't have a clue or give a fuck, I'm not American.
Go eat your tomato soups and pepperoni crackers in peace you drama queens.

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>im not american
>therefore i have no cities with famous food

wow. the rest of the world sucks

>> No.7785158


>famous food of major American cities
>trash versions of European food

>> No.7785178

ok? that wasnt what my original post was about. learn to read

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I read gogurts

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>this absolutely devastated yuro poster longing to be an American typed from a shipping-container somewhere out of a ww2 crater on the European country side

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Chicago style hot dogs may be the best regional food in America. Rest of the country is mad

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You sound like someone who has only ever eaten shitty chicken wings before. Allow me to blow your mind, friend: https://youtu.be/VrKHgNXsTYU

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fuck me those look good

>> No.7785542

There's no other kind and your video only proves it.

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if you don't like chicken wings you are objectively a faggot.

>> No.7785566

>he doesn't understand the effects of pressure cooking

LOL, sup summerfag?

>> No.7786203


no you fucking idiot

unless it's actually poison i.e: outside the bounds of edibility calling food 'unhealthy' is retarded, it's all nutritive

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>gastronomic abortion
you mean the chicken?

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t. it's genetics guy
PS not fat, just bulking

>> No.7786430

>that bread

i still dont get it. seriously you took the good stuff from all the world for your cuisine america, but you still use this sad excuse for bread..

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i <3 me a white widow.

Boulder reppin'

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Fuck progun. He's a faggot. Always has been, and always will be.

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Whats the trick to do perfect eggs like this?

>> No.7787330

low and slow, in a ring mould or with the thin white strained, fresh eggs

>> No.7787377

Especially now that he's the mod

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It's literally just because they're bar food.
They bring to mind everything that's associated with bars ie women, friends, beer, socializing and chemical induced confidence.
It's literally cheap fun.

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just shut up before you act even more stupid

>> No.7789470


you mean filthy Californian Bernie voter acting like a tool kys

>> No.7789472

conservative scientist u bitch azz nigga

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oh well carry on then.

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You forgot /tv/ and /mu/

>> No.7789499

I bet you think you mean English when you say British

>> No.7789505

egg on burgers, or even just ground beef, is actually a french thing

>> No.7789706


/mu/ is terrible, half of the songs posted are not even listenable because it's all obscure noises and shit

/tv/ is just a troll board that cross-pollinates with /ck/ for the lulz. I think both boards have realized there is nothing that useful about posting food or movies, and the opinions of both aren't very enlightening, so it turns into shitposting

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>American beer

Please stop senpai, if I laugh any more I'm gonna pee

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>egg on burgers, or even just ground beef, is actually a french thing

>> No.7789859

Everyone please look at this post. It's so retarded. Shame on you, shitposter.

>> No.7789865

literally what the fuck is that?
mint icecream with pineapple?

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>> No.7789870

Are you retarded? There are thousands upon thousands of American beers in a variety of styles unmatched in scale the world over.

>> No.7789872

>literally shitposting

It's a salad, anon

>> No.7789876

>unmatched in scale
I'm guessing English isn't your first language?

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How is the shit she's wearing /fa/ at all? Looks more like /cgl/ to me.

>> No.7789911

Have you ever been to /fa/? It's "fashion" in the same way that /ck/ is "food and cooking"

>> No.7789914

I go there a lot. It's all streetwear and Rick Owens or the flavour of the month stuff like palewave or comfycore. Why do you think I'm asking?

>> No.7789923

>implying rick owens isn't literally cosplay
Maybe it seems like an important distinction to you, but it isn't to anyone else

>> No.7789953


Chopped cheese might be sold for cheap in lower-income neighborhoods. If it becomes trendy, richer people will seek it out. If richer people seek it out enough, shops will jack up the prices, thereby pushing out their low-income clientele to make room for the much more profitable richer clients. Pretty simple imo

>> No.7790276

>I'm too retarded to understand this sentence

>> No.7790285

Even butt-fuck Arkansas has some excellent beer.

I feel so bad for you Europeans. You spend so much time dogging on Americans while Muhammed is raw-dogging your wives.

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>> No.7790327

Yeah except they're gonna be over here too, soon


>> No.7790643

I hope it's yours, because it would then be hilarious to me if you didn't understand it.

>> No.7791110

I live j Chicago and literally nothing like that has happened in my experience

>> No.7791228

Ah, but I'm not Yurpeen.

I've tried a lot of American microbrews and my general impression hasn't been great. I find they're often full of wacky flavors and ingredients, or stupidly overhopped. What's worse, a lot of non-US brewers are starting to do the same thing, especially with 'IPA's.

A huge range of beers with weird flavors, dumb concepts and stupid names all competing to be the most overhopped is not indicative of a great beer scene.

You should try visiting Belgium before you die. That place knows beer.

>> No.7791271

do you put 'cha on your 'ti 'yle 'li?

>> No.7791354

IPAs have always been garbage

>> No.7791525

pistachio pudding, coolwhip, marshmallows, pineapple maybe some other shit

it's good actually

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You don't know what cgl actually is. You're thinking of lolita which is not what that girl is wearing. Cgl would rip you to fucking shreds if you posted that picture there.

>> No.7791703

There's no difference and you know it.

>> No.7791708

Lol shut the fuck up

>> No.7792730

I disagree, a real British style IPA tends to be smooth and full-bodied with a moderate hoppiness. American pale ales of all kinds are overhopped garbage.

There is a difference. Not all Britons are English. You also have the Cornish, the Welsh, and to a lesser extent, the Scots and some of the Irish. Hence the 'United Kingdom'.

>> No.7792757


>You should try visiting Belgium before you die.

Belgium is definitely high up on my travel bucket list but I'd like to come home alive afterwards so when they kick the mudslimes out I'll think about stopping by.

>> No.7792778

tell them, fellow gull

>> No.7793021

Saying food is unhealthy is equally as correct as saying all fork are unhealthy because I can rape your mom in the ass with it and create internal bleeding in her anal cavity.

>> No.7793029

t. it's gentics guy
PS I've never been touched by a woman who wasn't my own mother because women are repulsed by me, so the only way I can think of sex is if it's rape involving mothers
PPS still bulking, I may look fat but there's a lot of muscle under all these rolls

>> No.7793064

Low and slow like >>7787330
Said. Although my favourite is in deep, hot oil like the Portuguese do. It holds form, and can mimic an over easy egg without having to be flipped

>> No.7793071

Why is Chicago such a shithole

>> No.7793078

The Portuguese do it all the time too. Fried eggs with every meal

>> No.7793079

>a bunch of depressed fat girls aged 15-24 would "rip you to threads" by using the wrong word about their hobby
Yeah kind of like how a bunch of lonely aspy /k/tards are totally going to "rise up against tyranny" when their bang-bang toys are inevitably banned

>> No.7793986

franks usually

>> No.7795657

>be a Chicago-region cement ape
>trundle around in the concrete jungle with my pants around my ankles
>spending all day in the furious winds protesting the execution of black criminals has depleted my strength; I must feed
>local KFC has closed because I robbed and looted it earlier this week
>not enough bath salts to cannibalize nearby white people
>all I can get with my food stamps (most of which I traded for weed) is white bread, processed cheese and tomato sauce
>scratch my thick monkey cranium, intently observing the sparse contents of my pantry/drug cabinet trying to figure out how to eat
>thinking is too difficult; light up a blunt to clear my head
>turns out this has made me even more hungry
>start frantically molding my entire loaf of white bread into a bowl shape, perhaps performing the greatest achievement in African-American history
>pour my can of tomato sauce and cheese into the upside-down carbohydrate ushanka
>put it in the oven to make dat shit hot
>Shlomo Goldberg, my landlord, walks into my apartment demanding three months of unpaid section 8 rent
>he sees my macabre creation
>the haze of weed smoke convinces him that this is some kind of strange new kind of pizza
>steals the design starts selling it to white people in the more affluent areas

>> No.7795676

>Yeah kind of like how a bunch of lonely aspy /k/tards are totally going to "rise up against tyranny" when their bang-bang toys are inevitably banned
The irony about it is the revolution they keep talking about will most likely never happen, but /k/ types are not the ones you should worry about...

>> No.7796342

So, no functional difference.

>> No.7797519

fucking mega kek

>> No.7797636

I'm stealing this