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That looks fucking terrible and I love blue cheese.

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bruh shoulda made a roux

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I do the same thing with american cheese, I call it cheezO's

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just because you take a video of something and put it in a stark white bowl doesn't make it good food, all he did was melt blue cheese in cream and mix it with overcooked pasta.

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i don't see the problem that's a pretty standard way of making a blue cheese sauce.


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that looks like absolute shit

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Op consider not boiling the noodles to death next time.

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wifey material

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i bet it smells horrible

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inb4 a fucking tidal wave of ja/ck/ webms

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Your reverse psychology worked.

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Wifey material

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fuck off forever thanks a bunch

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Newfag question

Is jack threads allowed or what? used to see em months ago but somehow they disappeared

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This is a webm of an American recipe called "mayonnaise cake".

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>Giant scoops of mayo

How is he alive?

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To be so fat and retarded he actually has nice hands.

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Why the fuck is American mayonnaise always white? How much do you have to fuck up mixing egg yolks, mustard and oil to get it white?

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Can't post the webm right now. Does anyone know what "roasted pepper juice" is though?

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I know, right? It's not like mayo in Euro... of wait, that's white too.

Maybe Japan is different, they like mayo there - nope, kewpie is white as fuck. Maybe Brazil and those other S. American countries that slather mayo on every are doing it correctly... nope, white as lightning. I had to google it, but even upside down aussie mayo is white.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I've passed YouTube internet marketing classes, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Aunt Myrna's recipe drawer, and out of ALL of my viewers, I've racked up less than 300 confirmed kills from salmonella poisoning. I am trained in the Lazy Man culinary arts and I’m the top YouTuber to appear on West Texas Investor's Club. You are nothing to me but just another troll. I will choke you the fuck out with fury the likes of which has never been seen before on God's Green Earth, mark my fucking words. There won't be any principal to come stop me before your nose starts bleeding, hater. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of entrepreneurs and business owners in the Tennessee area and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that chokes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bison burger. Not only am I extensively trained in gimmicky kitchen utensils, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Made for TV line of avocado peelers and fruit choppers, and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. This is going to be the Six Day War sevenfold. If only you could have known what holy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have stuck out your fucking tongue when you ate lunch today. But you've never taken a big boy bite in your fucking life; instead you decided to write some gay little comment, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit The Best Barbecue Sauce You've Ever Tasted all over you and you will drown in it.

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The pasta is good, I love blue cheese, but it's not a meal until there's meat.

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You don't always need meat.

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Yes you do. Stop being a faggot.

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Can anyone find the video this one is actually from? Real fucking interested.

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No, you really do. Otherwise its just a snack. Not a meal.
>inb4 veggie


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Wrong. Please learn about cooking before posting such shit

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brings me back to the bleachers at Wrigley! what a classic!

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Eating meat every day at every meal is pretty bad for you. Google saturated fat

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Don't believe everything you read online.

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Nah, it's fine. You can eat tons of meat.

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my optimism prays that's some sort of rare steak burger, and not a regular burger.

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Commercially manufactured mayonnaise uses whole eggs and adds water (it's the second largest ingredient in Hellmann's, for example), which makes it a lot lighter in colour.

Kewpie is a little more yellow than most other brands because it only uses yolks.

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I think that might have been his bison burger.

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I think that might have been his bison burger.

That was just like one heaping tablespoon.

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What do Jackfags get out of ruining these threads? Are they being paid?

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but why

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masala dosa~

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yeah your thread that was gonna reach the bump limit is sooooo ruined because someone contributed to it :(

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not this shit again

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white people need to stay away from indian food

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>why would he flip it instead of just flipping the pan over the plat-

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i just realized when he flipped the omelette onto the plate at the end, it unrolled perfectly. that's awesome.

cute kitty

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He was doing alright until the fucking mayo.
Why every food he touchs turn into shit? That man has like a Midas' touch, but instead of gold, it's shit.

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God damn that is fucking impressive

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Meh, these threads suck because people who don't know much about cooking post things like this or just try too hard to find people to make fun of.

Mayo is basically what? Egg, water, oil, some vinegar. All stuff you would normally add to a cake anyway. Some people add vinegar to activate the baking soda, or if they're using milk and want the slight sour taste that buttermilk would've provided.

Most cake recipes use the same amount of fat in butter or oil too.

Does Jack suck at cooking? For the most part, yeah. He eats undercooked chicken and makes plenty of other abominations that you shouldn't eat. But there really isn't anything wrong with his cake.

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> there really isn't anything wrong with [this] cake.

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>Mayo is basically what? Egg, water, oil, some vinegar. All stuff you would normally add to a cake anyway. Some people add vinegar to activate the baking soda, or if they're using milk and want the slight sour taste that buttermilk would've provided.
And there's a historical context to using mayo as well. It was during war time rationing that some alternatives to use of egg-requiring recipes came about in america. People made all kinds of eggless versions of foods, as well as subs for sugar (beets) and eggs (mayo). The beet sugar sub led to Red Velvet cake. Bacon grease could be meticulously saved for butter and oil needs. People even went a step further and started using fake butter which took its stronghold during this time. Dairy was rationed too. Oleo came with a little yellow packet to make it look yellow once mixed in to complete the fakeout. (My older relatives talked about how they had avocado on morning toast instead.)

Of course, the rationing was far more severe in the UK.

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there isnt. presentation and finish sucks, but thats the jack touch. otherwise its fine.

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OP consider suicide please you are raping food

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Yeah and an omelette is nothing but egg and butter so putting a mashed up omelette in a cake is fine too. Dumbass

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If you didn't cook the omelette, sure.

You can obviously tell why a cooked omelette wouldn't work compared to mayo, you're being selectively obtuse. Don't choose to be retarded Anon, that's retarded.

>> No.7767434

you are literally retarded real mayo is yellow

>> No.7767466

even he looks disappointed lmao
also why the fuck can he not even stir correctly

>> No.7767469

Oh my god...

He butchered that. If my mum ever saw that she will never stop talking about it.

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Ok ok I mean I've seen people make asian style omelettes before but that was fuckin impressive
not only the flip but after he was done "scramling" it that wipe with the chopsticks around the rim made it perfectly shaped
still tho, idk how them asians eat their omelettes so damn raw

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No you're the retard. I disproved your argument by counterexample, and your response is "don't be a retard". Guess how I know you're uneducated

>> No.7767586


Nigger, you didn't disprove shit. He's right that cakes need raw eggs as an ingredient, and mayonnaise cake is a well-established recipe. Scrambled eggs are cooked, so the proteins in the egg have already denatured and can't do their job in a cake batter. Learn to cook if you're going to hang about on /ck/ talking shit.

>> No.7767597

His argument was that the suitability of an item to be used in a cake depends entirely on the ingredients of the item. Via a degenerate example I proved his claim wrong. Also don't say "nigger", you're not black.

>> No.7767604


Putting words in his mouth there. He just said the reason mayonnaise works in cake batter is because they share ingredients. He didn't say that it 'depends entirely on the ingredients', or more pertinantly, that it doesn't matter what state those ingredients are in. That's the spin you've put on it to justify making retarded statements about scrambled eggs.

>> No.7767607

Omelettes and cakes share ingredients too, by his claim they can be used in cakes

>> No.7767659

Shame I don't have the video wizardry to make this actually loop.

>> No.7767677

do you season with cake crumbs hot hot hot

>> No.7767689

Of everything jack has cooked on his channel, what's the actual best thing he has ever done? (in relation to most of his garbage)

>> No.7767704

I made that for my dogs yesterday.

>> No.7767706

mods have been on a deleting spree for jack shit recently

>> No.7767710

At least she would be talking about something interesting for a change, cuck

>> No.7767737

that burger.webm would be okay if he grilled the patties for couple minutes longer

>> No.7767738


And real mayo is yellow in America too.

The other anon was incorrectly trying to say that store-bought mayo is only white in America.

>reading comprehension

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>there really isn't anything wrong with his cake

>> No.7767758


I love how it sticks to the garlic

>> No.7767759

It followed the recipe of it's era pretty well, so in scale of Jack, there really isn't anything wrong with it.

>> No.7767760


You're a moron.

>inb4 I was trolling all along

>> No.7767775

No, you just aren't operating on a high enough mental level to understand my genius

>> No.7767798

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd90XCvpO1k

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>call someone a dumbass
>you're uneducated because you called me a retard

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I wasnt particularly impressed until he flipped it into the plate, I dont even want to know how many eggs he went through until he perfected that

>> No.7768427


That domino tile "backsplash" and the sign that says "public displays of confection."

I'm lovin it.

>> No.7768475

ugh i can smell this webm and it's not pleasant

>> No.7768483

its funny how those claw things should work well (though unnecessary) for pulled pork but since jack cant cook, its not working right.

>> No.7768487

>fricken dont know how to make bechamel sauce, so instead they just melt some blue cheese. Blue cheese with pasta.

Seriously, why are americans such philistines.

>> No.7768509

do white people just have no shame?

>> No.7768515

>white people

this was at some hispanic place

>> No.7768520


Americans don't like blue cheese. they think it's icky.

Unless you're talking about that sauce they put on wings that sorta maybe resembles blue cheese if you squint your eyes just right. They love that.

Anyway, as for blue cheese with pasta? Ask Gordon Ramsay. He has a pretty awesome recipe for that.

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>Gordon memesay
opinion discarded

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>> No.7768542

Shitpost detected

>> No.7768545


>americans don't like blue cheese. they think it's icky

t. someone whose never been to the States, or met an American.

>> No.7768546

The worst thing I have ever seen on 4chan

>> No.7768548

Why are the eggs so white?
Were they dropped in bleach?

>> No.7768560

>These arnt nuckle dusters
>This is just how i make pulled pork
>I say.
>I say.
In court.

>> No.7768577

mayo is a shitty meme ingredient, it's literally just oil and water and an extra egg yolk. and lots of salt

>> No.7768583

I swear to god mexicans will eat anything as long as there's doritos and lemon juice involved.

>> No.7768586

That shit is like molten lava. Hot stuff.

>> No.7768623

>implying lava is hot

>> No.7768627


>tfw american
>tfw like blue cheese

where is your god now

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Mexicans took the idea of frito pie, and took it WAY TOO FAR.

It's called tostilocos, and this is by far the most ridiculous version.

Many varieties ALSO include candy.

>> No.7768652


it's from an hispanic restaurant you dumb racist fuck.

>> No.7768654



Where's my vahchef at?

....probably sucking more Horlicks dick ;-; RIP in peace, vahchef, one-time king of youtube cooking.

>> No.7768655

hey i posted that in /gif/, sup senpai.

>> No.7768659

Goddamn you are stupid.

>> No.7768662


>somebody who posted a /ck/ webum on /ck/ must have gotten it from /gif/

I guess based on the filename it could be true.

I miss bin/ck/o threads.

>> No.7768665

>ever eaten proper blue cheese

oi am laffin

>> No.7768667

look at the filename dork

>> No.7768672

I've had more varieties of blue cheese (from more countries than you can name) than 99.99% of Eurocucks.

>> No.7768676


Read the post, dum dum.

>> No.7768678

*gelatinous meat shakes violently*

>> No.7768685

gettin real sick of your shit punk

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>> No.7768696


Maybe it's time for you to stop posting Borneo on red boards, ass-hat; her being lewd with food is /ck/ property.

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>> No.7768701

>fricken dont know how to make bechamel sauce

which kind of degenerates lurk this board for god's sakes

>> No.7768703


I am an American. I'm speaking in generalizations, of course. There are some Americans who like it. I fucking love it. But we're outliers. In my experience, most think it's that icky foreign stuff. Most don't even know what classic blue cheeses like "Gorgonzola" or "Stilton". are.

...and here on 4chan there's no place for reason or a middle ground. So if the majority don't eat it, that means in 4chan terms that nobody does.

>> No.7768704

no u havent

>> No.7768705

>Just egg and white bread

>> No.7768710

try and stop me

>> No.7768711

Oh ok. Sorry.

>> No.7768716


>if the majority don't eat it, that means in 4chan terms that nobody does

This is the food and cooking board, though. Assuming you hide the crossboard shit like fast food and meme threads, the majority of Americans here do eat blue cheese regularly, and don't consider it anything exotic.

>> No.7768722


>and onions, herbs, and some kind of spice blend...

It's probably more flavorful than the shit most people (proudly) post for their breakfast here.

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>> No.7768727


get a room

>> No.7768728

>Hispanics aren't Caucasians

>> No.7768731

Most of them are just diluted natives to differing degrees. American natives (North and South) are not caucasian.

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>> No.7768743

>This is the food and cooking board, though

Yeah, and most of the threads seem to be limited to fast food apologists and shitposting. There aren't many people who actually cook here.

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>> No.7768757


>have basically that exact pan
>beautifully seasoned over 2 years of use
>can cook all other types of eggs perfectly
>somehow can't manage the perfect, fluffy omurice omelette

I think I'm just scared of cooking eggs over really high heat. I've worked saute in busy restaurants before, but this for some reason gets to me.

>> No.7768764


>he doesn't hide the crossboard shit like fast food and meme threads

/ck/ has a core userbase that knows it's shit, but they're mostly in hibernation during Summer.

>> No.7768771


it's a fucking cake you knob. have you eaten cake before? you're still alive. how are people this nutritionally illiterate

>> No.7768773

you mean you don't have to eat the whole cake at once?

>> No.7768783

I don't like this guy

>> No.7768785

I imagine you just have to shift around the cooked parts very quickly and only cook it for, as you can see in the webm, about 30 seconds to a minute.

>> No.7768786

>muh half a liter of olive oil
pinches gringos don't know nothing ese

>> No.7768797

I bet she'll enjoy her salmonella

>> No.7768799


>> No.7768801


I know, anon, I know.

I've watched hundreds of videos on yt after seeing Tampopo. There's just something about cooking eggs on that high of heat...

>> No.7768803


>> No.7768824

Why not?

>> No.7768834


>what wasting your entire life on a minuscule task can accomplish

>> No.7768841


We call it 'cream gravy' in the USA.

At least the lower half of the USA can make a proper bechamel in their sleep.

>> No.7768845


I really like how this video here doesn't try to make cooking seem easy or clean, even if it is simple.

>> No.7768862


>dont know how to make bechamel sauce, so instead they just melt some blue cheese

I don't know where that's from, but they clearly melted the cheese into some kind of cream mixture. It could very well have been a bechamel, poured into a fresh pan for the sake of making a video.

That said, I've worked in a couple different restaurants that made mac and cheese, and a few other cheese sauces, and we always used some kind of pre-made liason instead of dicking around making a bechamel for every order (which would be stupidly time consuming even if you had a pre-made batch of roux, which we did for other things). Adding egg yolk or mustard to heavy cream creates exactly the same binding effect that bechamel does when you melt cheese into it, and even if most people were able to tell the difference they wouldn't complain about it being of a lesser quality.

>> No.7768868


it would take like a few days of concerted practice or a few months of working there to git that gud

>> No.7768870


you don't have to make a fucking bechamel every time you want a white sauce you bellend. people who think you do are inexperienced cooks. bechamel is old fashioned and gloopy, it has its place but is not always appropriate

>> No.7768874

do you have source?

>> No.7768892


You seem to have gotten things backwards. I'm guessing you've never worked in a real kitchen, and also don't realize that doing something 100 times a day under pressure, with pros giving you advice along the way, is quicker than doing it a handful of times at home, "concertedly".

>> No.7768901

I'm American and I've had stilton a few times.
I rather like it.
I even looked up why it was packaged in foil unlike most other cheeses.

A standard supermarket in America will have a large variety of cheeses.
gorgonzola and stilton are easy to find here. I used to eat port salut with a belgian beer and salami on the weekends, but it's very fattening.

>> No.7768903



>> No.7768908


i actually have worked in a real kitchen but i mean specifically trying to do that technique vs. just acquiring the foundational skills and instincts in a less deliberate fashion, both on the job.

>> No.7768911

Not him but that is genaro cantaldo (spell check on that).

Look like he is making some kind of gnocchi.

Should be enough for you to find.

>> No.7768927

Different breeds lay different colored eggs.

>> No.7768929


Fair enough, I guess.

I just get irked when people on /ck/ somehow think they can learn how to cook like a pro just from watching Youtube videos and practicing at home. I used to think that when I first started, and then fell into a part-time restaurant job after college and immediately realized how valuable that experience is if you're serious about learning how to cook.

Seriously, there are hundreds of mindless, low paying Summer jobs you can get to make a little money without having any real skills, but working as a line cook will give you useful skills for life.

>> No.7768933


>I just get irked when people on /ck/ somehow think they can learn how to cook like a pro just from watching Youtube videos and practicing at home.

you absolutely can do that. obviously working as a line cook forces you to do that but it's completely possible to teach yourself that. heston blumenthal is pretty much self taught

>> No.7768939

Yeah, no. I don't understand low level /ck/ users' fascination with shitty street food made by brown people. Probably come from their superficial reverence for "authenticity."

>> No.7768946


or maybe you're just a bit racist so you're unfairly critical of mildly amusing, enticing or remarkable things brown people do

>> No.7768947


Street food is peasant food for urbanites.

There's nothing else to say really. It's easy to eat, generally packed with shit that's tasty, and nutrient dense.

I think street food has become kind of a meme, but let's not lie: Street food is comfort food, and lots of people are interested in comfort foods and snacks.

>> No.7768948


That was a meme video on /ck/ before /ck/ ever started throwing around the term "meme". Nobody thinks that's authentic.

>> No.7768961

Cooking eggs and putting it between toast is neither amusing nor impressive. The Asian guy doing the omelette in the other webm was an entertaining showcase of his skill. The lethargic Mexican lazily cooking a basic egg dish isn't anything of note.

>> No.7768966

The whole rustic cousine thing, implying he is doing cuccina povera whilst using half a bottle of olive oil and grating cheese like there's no tomorrow, turning mediterranean cousine into an unsuferable meme. Grinds my gears just to think how unbalanced his dishes most taste. No difference from anyone just pouring ranch or ketchup over a meal until you can't taste anything else. Just my opinion tho.

>> No.7768968

>can learn how to cook like a pro just from watching Youtube videos and practicing at home

Obviously you can't do the whole experience including the pressure, etc. But there is nothing stopping a home cook from buying 100lbs of onions and practicing to learn how to cut them effectively.

A few months ago I took it upon myself to learn to make restaurant-style American-chinese sesame chicken. I literally spent 16 hours making batch after batch after batch of it, learning to get it right. Is that as good as a Wok jockey who's worked for Happy Dragon for two decades? No. But it's not that far away either.

>> No.7768969

This video should be named "Oh, but you'll swallow THAT?!"

>> No.7768985


i was amused by the video. why would you deny me this? he's walled up in a fortress of eggs rapidly cooking omelette sandwiches with a stern expression, and the sandwich looks tasty and hot. i would most likely be entertained to a similar extent if he were white. go back to /pol/ you obstreperous child.

>> No.7768990

Some eggs can be eaten raw, like ones from Japan.

>> No.7769004


Pretty much all eggs can be eaten raw. The difference is the cultural perception and fear about the situation, not the eggs themselves.

I'm American. My family ate raw eggs as long as I can remember. So do I. Plain ol supermarket eggs. None of us have ever gotten sick from it. Some people are just irrationally fearful of doing so.

>> No.7769012


I think we're basically agreeing, and I'd never want to discourage anyone from improving themselves.

My only point was that trying your best to learn something in a home kitchen vs doing it repetitively thousands of time in a busy restaurant kitchen is like the difference between trying to become an Olympic weight lifter using dumbbells in your garage and the /fit/ sticky vs training in a real gym with a knowledgeable coach.

There's nothing wrong with exercising at home, it's just that the first anon I replied to made it sound like someone who just puts in effort at home will get good quicker than someone working in a high volume, professional environment.

>> No.7769014

Where did that fear come from? Have people even gotten sick from it before?

>> No.7769024


Maybe eating a bunch of fatty steaks, but brotein is important. If you're really worried, eat beef 2 days, fish 2 days, chicken 2 days, and beans or pork 1 day. Switch is up if you want.

>> No.7769027


you are dumb

>> No.7769028


>a few people rarely get sick - very sick
>it's put on the news
>people get scared of raw eggs like they're scared of flying when they see a plane crash
>eventually the fda puts pasteurization standards on certain foods to quell the stupidity

Go to any high end restaurant and you can get raw beef, raw eggs, etc., and not worry about that kind of thing.

>> No.7769034



I thought you were a shitty name before, but now you're officially filtered.

>> No.7769037


>> No.7769038


It's omurice, anon.

>> No.7769041

Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee FL
they have a pretty good youtube channel and the ice cream they have there is fucking good and made in house

>> No.7769093

>> No.7769095

>> No.7769097

does anyone have the webm of the chinese breakfast wrap?

>> No.7769103

>> No.7769106


>all that blue gass hes trying to cook in.

>> No.7769144

>> No.7769147


It's a video of a cook making a loose French style omelet, that becomes omurice when placed over the pile of fried rice and sauced.

>> No.7769152

this is incredible

>> No.7769166


India and Mexico need to collaborate on some food, stat.

>> No.7769167

>> No.7769171

>> No.7769179

>poo tacos
So basically Taco Bell

>> No.7769187

>> No.7769191


this lady looks like she's gonna murder someone just out of frame

would not fuck with/10

>> No.7769192

How does she do that?

>> No.7769193


Remember: There's probably some douchey white hipster SJW dude behind the camera acting like she's retarded.


Her hand is wet and coated with what looks like cornmeal.

>> No.7769207

There has got to be a more efficient way to do this. This is some serious 6pm on a Friday design.

>> No.7769209


why does every third world filth deweller have he most deplorable unhygienic cooking conditions, I wouldn't eat shit within a thousand mile radious of thier sewer shacks.

>> No.7769223


You answered it for yourself: It's because they're in the third world and forced to dwell in filth.

That's perfectly fine on a small scale. Honestly, if you wash your hands and aren't sick, and use proper heat, there is little to no danger in eating bread or popcorn that's seen a little dirt.

Only eggs, and other highly perishable wet foods are really a danger, as well as food vendors who cook while ill, don't wash their hands, and serve hundreds.

Our bodies are fortresses. You can tolerate a few germs or a bit of dirt.

It's unpleasant, but our ancestors survived harsher conditions.

>> No.7769234

>> No.7769238

>> No.7769243

>> No.7769246

>> No.7769252

>> No.7769253

My first thought watching this.

>cook it a bit
>add milk/cream
>add cheese

>> No.7769257

>> No.7769259

>> No.7769265

>> No.7769272

>> No.7769275

Why does this amaze white people so much?

>> No.7769276

I always think of how 'mericans always get sick when they travel anywhere.

>> No.7769277

>> No.7769282

>> No.7769286

What the fuck am I even looking at?

>> No.7769290

>> No.7769297

Just thinking of the macros of this meal makes me want to heroism.
>50g carbs
>20g fat
>1.5g protein

>> No.7769299

>> No.7769303

>> No.7769310

>> No.7769320

>> No.7769321


OI Hopsing....imma need a grain of rice for all 1.5 billion people in the motherland.

>> No.7769325


dont be such a fag

>> No.7769337


lol you sound like my frend who thinks hes a better cook than i because hes a line cook at a fucking hotel lol. Iv been making myself food everyday for years, and you think because someone is paying you minimum wage to cut onions you know more than i do?

please, go fuck yourself

>> No.7769339


why in the fuck would you hold it vertically when clearly the go' style cheese is going to fall horizontally?

>> No.7769348


fake and gay but cool

>> No.7769355

>> No.7769360

>> No.7769370


nope. ill take my american fluffy eggs plz

>> No.7769378

never understood this dish, looks gross af

>> No.7769404
File: 2.39 MB, 640x480, 1449800586192.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7769438

Just playing devil's advocate.

I learned much more about creative cooking from research, television, and my own trial and error at home.

I learned efficiency, timing, and stress management at my restaurant jobs.

I much prefer to cook at home, or cater little things for people when asked to, but I will help my friend out at her restaurant once a month to see if I can pick up any new ideas, and sometimes just to experience a dinner rush - no matter how prepared, and how flawless the execution, there's always a stress that can't be explained, only survived and drank about.

>> No.7769456
File: 2.66 MB, 840x418, aluminum steak.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7769462


>> No.7769469

now that's impressive

>> No.7769471

this desu
mayo cake is pretty good too, comfy substitute if you're missing eggs or oil

>> No.7769531

the miracle of white people being too lazy to make their own pasta

>> No.7769554

Oh shit everyone whip out your dicks.

>> No.7769587

The way he uses that mandolin has me cringing so hard.

>> No.7769598
File: 111 KB, 500x500, 1465172151959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Some people add vinegar to activate the baking soda
>activate the baking soda

>> No.7769603

>he uses unactivated baking soda

stay pleb

>> No.7769605

Nice, cool to see a wab'm of this.

>> No.7769609

For science.

>> No.7769648

I made scrambled eggs like that and they're fucking disgusting

>> No.7769687


>> No.7769697

The fact that i have the same brand of cutting board as Jack makes me want to shoot myself.

>> No.7769702

Yes? Do you not know that baking soda won't work without something acidic being added?

>> No.7769730


the word 'activated' in the context of food triggers people on here. i wonder why....

>> No.7769752

not enough almonds in their diet.

>> No.7769780

This. You gotta activate your almonds guys

>> No.7769810

just don't overdo it, or you'll need activated charcoal.

>> No.7769883
File: 13 KB, 320x320, shaggy scooby doo upside down confused.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7769894

Was kind of hoping the wedges would separate on their own and maggots come gushing out.

>> No.7770072


holy fcuk that's an abortion

>> No.7770077

It looks fine. What's the problem?

>> No.7770095



>> No.7770107


fuck off with your racist bullshit, black and asians can have shit cooking skills too.

>> No.7770133
File: 75 KB, 1024x683, fassburton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All that meat left on the chicken
>Speed-butchering a chicken

>> No.7770169


Jealous shitskin calling everything better then him 'white people'

>> No.7770176

it must be the same way they make netting or some shit

>> No.7770178

You don't do yourself any favours by stooping to his level of rhetoric.

>> No.7770184


Go hide in your safe space.

>> No.7770188

yeah its like someone is dissecting an alien

>> No.7770192

that looks/sounds so shitty.

>> No.7770201


>> No.7770285

That steak has some excellent marbling. I'd eat the shit out of it.

>> No.7770333
File: 3 KB, 95x125, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7770375

I don't get this webm, I can see the chicken farmer ladies speed butcher every morning at the farmer's market.

>> No.7770377


>> No.7770379
File: 2.74 MB, 640x360, chicken moist.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7770382

he is taking two foods that would be fine on their own and making a fusion abortion

>> No.7770386

I thought lava was sort of cool because it was exposed to air and magma was like twice as hot

t. took geology 101 4 years ago

>> No.7770465

Don't forget, hot cheetoes too.

>> No.7770506

its not even impressive
I should make a webm of pepin deboning an entire chicken in seconds

>> No.7770540

what the actual fuck. is this how butchery is done now?

>> No.7770583

I researched this once myself because I was curious.

Back one or two decades Salmonella bacteria were A LOT more common in chickens than they are now. Changes in how chickens are raised and a vaccine for the chickens caused that reduction. These days you have to be very unlucky to even get an egg that has the bacteria in it (at least in first world countries).

Another fact to consider is that in order for a person to be infected there needs to be a certain amount of bacteria. Very few bacteria will almost never cause infection while very many bacteria almost always will. This is true for almost any infection. If raw egg is kept in cold conditions until it is eaten the salmonella bacteria never have a chance to multiply -> Infection very unlikely.

So you could get an infection if you eat a dish that contains raw eggs and that was left at warm temperature for a while. This could also happen if you accidentally got some of the infected egg onto another food by accident (e.g. used a fork to mix egg and later use it to mix another raw dish that is then left at room temperature).

>> No.7770600


Sharpen your knife, motherfucker.

>> No.7770629


It depends a lot on the regulatory framework of the country the eggs are produced in too. In the UK it used to be fairly likely that an egg might contain almonella, but a scheme was introduced where chickens are vaccinated and tested for salmonella, eggs are tested regularly, and various safety standards are adhered to. As a result, the risk of salmonella from a kitemarked egg is vanishingly rare, like there haven't been any cases in years.

The whole raw egg = salmonella myth persists on a lot of levels though. Pregnant women are still advised that they shouldn't eat soft-boiled eggs or anything with raw egg in it. Meanwhile, bagged salad and ready meals, the main causes of salmonella these days, aren't mentioned.

>> No.7770641

I'm currently in the process of losing weight (or rather: excessive body fat) and whenever I feel like over-eating I watch Jack eat. It's perfect, it makes me feel too disgusted too eat too much.

>> No.7770651

Water can work as both an acid and a base, so vinegar isn't actually necessary.
Besides that, I don't know about the US, but here in Germany we have baking powder in small packets, which are baking soda, an acid and starch to keep them seperated inside the packet.

>> No.7770690


>> No.7770755
File: 51 KB, 469x388, 1392935060781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>seems fine so far if a bit overly animated
>probably because hes on camera and Asians love food theatre
>why is he holding that plate like that seems awkward
>hory sheit

That flip was legit as fuck

>> No.7770776

this guy obviously has a mental deficiency. why is he using them sideways. also fuck memetensils

>> No.7770792

realest nigga of the thread award goes to this guy.

>> No.7770798
File: 12 KB, 250x242, 1436957570626.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7770802

Hello, newfag.

>> No.7770804

As a former meat cutter all I can say is wow and fuck prepacked meat.

>> No.7770815

get this bullshit outta here.

>> No.7770827

Baking soda generally requires an acid off of 7pH to produce CO2. With vinegar, you wind up with water, CO2, and dissociated, aqueous Sodium Acetate. Similarly, baking soda and citric acid yields water, carbon dioxide and sodium citrate. Reacting water with NaHCO3 would, and probably does yield some Carbonic acid and Sodium Hydroxide, but those in turn would have a back reaction to lower states of energy (basically yielding water and sodium bicarbonate, or ions in flux).

>> No.7770860

I can't fucking watch webms on /ck/ anymore without expecting Jack to come in at some point and fuck everything up.

>> No.7770862

why can't there be one cooking thread that isn't riddled with jack webms

>> No.7770863
File: 1.57 MB, 1920x1080, jack mayo.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jack will give any recipe a shot if it has a questionably large amount of mayo in it.

>> No.7770872

someone post the edited one

>> No.7770888


>> No.7770895

If you came down to Earth as an alien you'd swear to God Asians were a different species.

>> No.7770898

>cooking while sitting down

That's fucked up.

>> No.7770910

I love when idiots with idiot jobs see their labour replicated with ten times the efficiency and precision they're capable of.

>> No.7770912

>a different species
Probably because they are.

>> No.7770916

>popcorn cooked in Mongolian dirt

Moreso than any other board, /ck/ makes me so happy to live in North America

>> No.7770922

May you always remain NEET.

>> No.7770931

Actually, bud, I cut fish in a grocery store like a fucking retard and am well aware that within 15 years my minimum-wage position will be made wholly irrelevant through automation.

>> No.7770948

>it's not weird when Rocky does it

>> No.7770949

That's why I hate this whole "show-off" cooking. Okay it may look nice but the food is crap, the omlette is completely undercooked, it's basically raw egg you are eating that got a little bit of heat on one side.

>> No.7770958

Why does it not spoil?

>> No.7770978

cottled egg is fine to eat.

Do the pepsi challenge sometime with an american omelette and a properly done french one (basically well done versus medium), same ingredients, same amount of butter and salt. If you can get past the concept of slightly runny egg, you will probably like the flavour of the french one better.

That said, this particular eggbomination should have either been left intact, or popped first and inverted (dry side out) over the rice for presentation's sake.

>> No.7770981

... it does, from the outside in - that's why there's so much meat removed. Some of the spoilage does carry inward, and it improves the flavour of the meat.

Gross right?

My fuck I could go for some steak.

>> No.7770987


so you have never heard of dosa

>> No.7770990

That's how it's supposed to be and it tastes good that way?

It spoils on the outside but because the inside is anaerobic nothing grows.

>> No.7770995


people wouldn't buy it if they didn't like it.

>> No.7770999

nothing overly toxic anyway. There are fermentation processes, for my current lack of a better term, that act on the muscle, fat, and myoglobin.

>> No.7771045

Just like in anal prolapse videos.

>> No.7771156

I can't believe I'm going to defend muricans but you fucking moron have you ever heard of roquefort sauce?

It's pretty common in France and no you don't need a fucking béchamel or a fucking roux with milk when all you need is some crème fraîche and roquefort.

Fucking summer and all the 14yo, go post some go za and fuck off.

>> No.7771198

Creme fraiche will properly sauce something.

Straight cream requires quite a bit of reduction.. and with pasta, it must be finished in the sauce if it's going to adhere and make ooey gooey noodles.

Good idea, and it will work, but not in that video.

>> No.7771588

>And they charged seven dollars for it

>> No.7771900

>make rice pudding a year ago
>can't remember the recipe but remember watching some nice australian guy cooking with his daughter
>search youtube for rice pudding recipes
>first video is jack

God fucking damnit I hate all of you.

>> No.7771978

enjoy getting cancer eating the scorched food

>> No.7772033

Because they are subhuman. A proud one too

>> No.7772150

rawfags, everybody.

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