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Post regional foods from your country. Give a short description of its qualities, location and origins if you know them, and rate it if you have had it.

This is the Chopped Cheese. It comes from the Bronx in NYC. You can also find it sometimes in Queens or Brooklyn, but it is rare south of 96th street. It is different depending on where you go, but they all are served on a bun of some sorts and are ground meat with cheese melted over it. I like ones with lettuce and tomato and mayo. It's like a philly cheesesteak but cheaper to make and for the hood that matters. 5/10 not that great but for the price it does the job

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Wisconsin cheese curds are a fresh cheese that noticeably "squeak" against your teeth when you eat them. Just straight up they kinda suck but when battered and deep fried and served with some sort of ranch or garlic sauce you may cream your pants

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I had never heard of boiled peanuts until I saw some in a gas station in Georgia. They taste different this way I don't know why. I would rather have them roasted but they are slightly easier to eat which probably is why they are a popular roadside snack

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Careful, you'll trigger him.

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This is the Horseshoe Sandwich from Springfield, IL, home of the second worst state government after Michigan. Toast, two burger patties, chicken fingers, ham, or basically whatever you want as meat, covered in fries and mornay sauce. It is ok but you can't eat it every day. I like the ones with tendies

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I'm part of the WIDF though it would be hard to do that to myself

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The Jucy Lucy is from Minneapolis. The cheese goes inside the meat. It is noticeably juicier but not worth going to minnesota for

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Squeaky curds are awful. Straight cheddar curds are best.

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Matt's is best. Cheap food and cheap beer.

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i guess

City Chicken is pork cooked on a skewer. It may be battered, dredged in flour, deep fried, pan fried or oven fried depending on where you are. It is popular in the eastern great lakes region and is a carryover from the depression when pork was cheaper than chicken. It is working class shit and for me depends entirely on the sauce

meme note: you can get this in Canada they serve it with gravy

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where the fuck are all the euros?

This is popular in Nuremberg - three in a bun. You must grill it to get the outsides crispy. They are pork sausages seasoned with garlic, peppercorns and marjoram. It will make you fat but it's GOAT

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there seems to be some autism about what a Coney Dog is. This is from flint, mi and is p good. Make sure you wash it down with some poisoned water from your tap

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I'm in the midwest, where do I find the Mexican to shit on it before I add the onions?

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look at the wiki article for this it is so stupid

Cincinnati tops theirs with sweet chili and finely shredded cheddar cheese. I like them but I am also realistic about how trashy it is to eat at skyline

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There are mexicans all over the midwest. It's not hard.

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Mexibros are everywhere now. They even have them in Iowa

Deep fried beef ravioli with marinara sauce is from St Louis and is the best thing about that place after Nelly. in the East coast they like the cheese ravioli version

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Cincinnati chili has a heavy eastern mediterranean influence due to the greek immigrants. As such their chili more closely resembles the filling for moussaka, having sweeter spices like nutmeg, cocoa, and allspice added. I make it at home because all those places overcook the noodles like it's the 50s

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Goetta is another cinci dish, spills a bit over into Kentucky where they sell the cheap cigarettes. It's pork sausage mixed with oatmeal. Of german origin, it is peasant food. It is nice to have sliced and fried for breakfast with some eggs

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Go to any construction site.

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Your nearest orchard, produce farm or home depot.

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If you want to start a fight in Tampa, FL, say they make cuban sandwiches better in Miami

pork, ham, pickles, cheese, mustard, buttered and grilled in a panini press

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Like Cuban sandwiches you can find Oysters Rockefeller everywhere now but they started in new orleans. butter, parsley, breadcumbs, broiled. Very good but I tend to not get them if I am in a place that can source good seafood

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Kentucky Hot Brown. Like Welsh rarebit but with turkey and bacon, sometimes a tomato on top, it is also more frequently the butt of jokes. that's mornay sauce btw

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White clam apizza from the New Haven area

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is it any good?

Garbage plate, Rochester NY, named the least healthy thing in the state

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pork roll is popular in New Jersey. Fried with cheese and egg on a roll is a common breakfast item, putting a slice on a burger makes it a Jersey burger.

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its like why would i ever eat that?

maybe if i fasted for days or something


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you are a drunk RIT student and you need food

Welcome to the upper midwest here is your complementary hotdish and weird accent

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Maybe not regional, but teriyaki is pretty ubiquitous in Seattle.

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cedar plank salmon

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While I disagree with your point about fresh curds (I like them), beer battered ones are amazing. Whenever I have friends from out of state visit I always make them have some and they fall in love

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nah mate

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'go style 'za

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Steak and Kidney pudding. The only thing I'd genuinely miss if I had to move.

It's just a Steak and Kidney pie but with suet pastry.

100x better than a regular pie

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>Marionberry Pie not Washington DC

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Frankly I think the Dog is more common

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I think this was made by a meme website because I've heard of the chili half smoke being a thing

Beef on weck is a western NY thing. It's just a roast beef sandwich with a roll topped in salt and spices not really a big deal 4/10

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Chopped cheese is also a super very NY regional thing.

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I don't know if italian beef sandwiches are only a chicago thing mainly but italian beef sandwiches are literal GOAT

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I saw one in Chelsea for 6 dollars I was disgusted ate it anyways tho

Election cake is a northwest thing, particularly in new hampshire and connecticut. It's like a spiced cake you find in real england. They eat it in november and whenever the NH primaries are

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This salad dressing is from st louis and has onions and i think one other thing that differ it from caesar salad

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Whoever made that infographic has clearly never been to all of the different states.

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>Nebraska is Kansas

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Here is something you will find in flyovers, I think it is from texas but you can get it in iowa.

chips chili cheese sour cream jalapenos other shit. they call em walking tacos p good desu

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someone points this out every time I should just manually change it at this point

Singapore chili crab is based, it has an egg in it

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The teriyaki in Seattle is really different from other places. I don't know how to explain it.

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try you fuck

Western Mass chow mein sandwich

It is terrible as an idea but chow mein is decent and bread is good so it is ok in practice just stupid

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chopped cheese is nasty
some habibi's faux cheesesteak made out of grease trapping is fucking rancid food for poor people

this is why you'll only find it in the bronx and north of 96th street in delis with the name "gourmet" in them

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>It is noticeably juicier
but is it noticeably lucier?

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It's just something you have to try. It's the quintessential lunch food in Seattle.

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'Go 'g

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to start you could describe the basic differences it has with regular teriyaki. is it more sour? less sweet? more umami? less salty?

like try to put in some effort here, it's not hard to talk about how food tastes

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fuck off

This is what black people eat. It is good but it makes you fat pretty quick

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It varies from place to place, but I've found it's less sweet and has a lot more different flavors in it. More garlic, ginger, and black pepper. Very different from the teriyaki I've had in other states where the teriyaki sauce was just either soy sauce and sugar or soy sauce and brown sugar.

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kek the way my mom makes teriyaki is by dissolving sugar in soya

This is only made in NOLA at one restaurant. that garnish is 5 pepper jelly and very good

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it's literally from one restaurant, real dc food is whatever you find in your car when you're stuck in traffic

>> No.7762571

Which restaurant? Is that Atchafalya?

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weiner circle is an iconic place in chicago, idk why that cant be a thing

I think the commander or the commodore, p sure it is in the garden district

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Quebec - Canada : Poutine, a simple dish of fries topped with cheese curds and covered in gravy. There are dozens of versions, some insanely good, some too wierd, but its a classic.

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popular in new england and washington i have been told, made with different clams

can find it everywhere but it aint as good

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Wow it's knockoff scrapple.

>> No.7762676

I live pretty near Minneapolis and had one once.
Shits fuckin' dank.

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scrapple is more livery and offal, goetta is a superior product

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2 Detroit Sytle Coney Island hot dogs

hot dog with with kin
chili (more a roux in some places)
yellow salad mustard
white onions

damn, they is just good
go to Lafayette if visiting

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Lefse - Scandinavia - Though lefse comes from Scandinavia, it is often made in Minnesota around holidays due to a lot of Scandinavian background. Flat bread rolled up with some stuff on it like butter usually, sounds plain but is real good.

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I eat that shit all the time

t. minnesota

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I wish I could try it, but seafood tastes awful to me (most of it). As someone who loves to eat, I'm sad that such a large and interesting portion of the culinary world is barred to me because I find that it tastes like satan.

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Commanders Palace senpai.

>> No.7762731

>stacks of cheese sitting out next to shitting horse asses

Mmm Mmm Good.

>> No.7762736

that is weird, what does it taste like?

>> No.7762740

ty anon-sama

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>dutch """""food""""

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Gotta agree. The only people I see eat these are hood af black people. Just get a fucking cheese steak. This "chopped cheese" Isnt NY its straight up trash.

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>crayfish etouffee

No one says that you fuck.

>> No.7763183

and it's not a "New Orleans" dish either.

>> No.7763188

who cares?
it's literally slang for the same thing but 1 letter off
if you go to louisiana and ask for crayfish, you'll get what you're looking for

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I dunno for sure but I think the only thing Arkansas can really claim is chocolate gravy

Fuck my state

>> No.7763206


People on this board get so upset about Louisiana cuisine..

Its fucking hilarous. It's as if it is the only thing they have going for them in meemaws basement is that they have some bullshit heritage that their pappy taught them to be proud of.

Guess what? The entire world has adopted your cuisine and it isn't "yours" anymore. There is no right way to do it and no one cares about your opinion.

lols, get rekt.

>> No.7763209

Yes but we'll laugh at u

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The only thing that would make it more Cleveland would be if you slapped a pierogi on it.

>> No.7763432


gas station boiled peanuts are usually not that great, like most gas station food.

when you see a guy on the street corner with a big pot and a sign saying BOILED PEANUTS, that's when you get something worth your money.

south GA fag here. i grew up picking peanuts. we actually have a peanut festival every year. fuck peaches, georgia is peanut country!

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UC grad here. I agree totally. Goetta is underrated and hard to find outside of Cincy or German enclaves in the US

>> No.7763782

I live in Texas and we call those Frito Pies. Usually just chili in a bag of fritos, nothing special(although weird) and we don't take them too seriously

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Cocido madrileño - Madrid

Chickpea-based stew with pork belly, fresh chorizo; onion morcilla, dried and cured serrano ham, beef shank, chicken, potatoes, cabbage and carrots.

The first course is a noodles soup made with the cocido stock, the second course is the chickpeas with the vegetables and meat.

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This is not typical from a specific region but it's usually made out of the leftovers (mostly meat) from dishes like the one I mentioned before

Makes for excellent tapas and it's easy to make, 10/10

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Callos a la madrileña - Madrid

Beef tripe stew, I've never tried it

>> No.7764106

I hate chickpeas but I would eat the shit out of that

>> No.7764112

I'll be in Madrid in a few weeks, any more recommendations, specifically lunch?

>> No.7764345

Forgot the horseradish man, that's the best part.

>> No.7764353

I'm from Buffalo so ckicken wings, without a doubt. Not exactly unique to the reigion, but this is the only place you can get a wing that isn't shit. Not gonna put an image because you all know what a chicken wing is.

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Czech republic.

Little sandwich things usually with mayonaise, ham, and cheese.

from Prague specifically.

our beer is better.

>> No.7764741

>our beer is better.
There's nothing wrong with chlebíčky. They're good as fuck, especially with that potato salad.

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what's the name of those bready dumplings that seem to accompany every meal?

You can get decent pork ribs anywhere and Carolina faggots will disagree with me but the best bbq pork ribs are in Tennessee

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i'd eat pretty much everything in this thread

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Butte Montana

Classic local thing is a beef pasty which I guess is due to all the Cornish miners. Supposedly became popular since down in the mines your hands would be all oily so you eat the beef/gravy interior and toss away the pastry bread part.

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Yah I associate that with Texas

>> No.7766183

I like it with some cream cheese and smoked salmon but maybe that's haram. Don't know any Scandos to teach me otherwise

>> No.7766216

>Las Vegas All You Can Eat Buffet
>Iowa Grilled Sweet Corn on the Cob
>Nebraska Handheld Meat Pies

I'm not the type to make flyover jokes, but damn, this is sadder than funeral potatoes.

>> No.7766217

>butte montana
>complete with single brown bleeding hole

>> No.7766257
File: 701 KB, 1080x810, Berkeley_Pit_Butte,_Montana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fitting for a town with a 1000 foot deep pit filled with water acidic enough to kill geese

>> No.7766284

No one makes toasted beef ravioli like Ravinelli's in Granite City, IL used to. Haven't lived in the area for years, so don't know if they are still around or as good.

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File: 55 KB, 500x375, 20111125-sandwich-boltons-hot-fish-nashville.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Nashville Hot Chicken gets talked up a lot, but almost all the joints do hot catfish too. Prince's is the original but I prefer Bolton's across town. Throw it on some white bread with some white onion, wash it down with a cold beer (yuenling my preference). Great stuff.

>> No.7766339


Boiled peanuts is a not really a specialty food, it's something done for peanuts that would otherwise go to waste.

>> No.7766367

Brunswick stew, filled with the last animal you shot.

>> No.7766393

>Nashville Hot Chicken

I've worked downtown at a few firms. Every cocksucker loves hot chicken and insists on going......all of it's fucking nigger garbage


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Door county Wisconsin fish boil.

You sound like a fun girl.

>> No.7766657

Fucking taylor ham pleb

>> No.7766693

Homemade Georgia peach ice cream is dank as fuck on a humid summer afternoon though.

>> No.7766905

i bet you also treat Hainanese Chicken Rice as Singapore OC

>> No.7766917
File: 212 KB, 800x600, smoked raccoon with garlic and blueberries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tha Souf


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File: 467 KB, 1536x1027, maryland soft crab sandwich.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maryland / VA

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local delicacy

>> No.7767392


mornay? more like nigga you gay...

ammiright lads?

>> No.7767419

I'm Australian... and other than a bunch of desserts, there's nothing we really contribute food wise.
All of our recipes are imported, there's nothing that we can call our own... maybe meat pie floats? which is a meat pie sitting in pea soup.

anyway, the country was young and sparsely populated with Brits up until the 1960s so we never developed anything beyond the standard stews, roasts etc fare.
then the white Australia policy was repealed and we've got Vietnamese bakers and wogs of all kinds introducing new dishes

>> No.7767454

>there's nothing that we can call our own
I think you guys invented the egg on pizza, egg on burger restaurant food trend that the rest of the world picked up on. Also no one else is cooking ostrich, kangaroo, or emu (or crocodile) like you guys. (I'm in Florida and I know we eat gator tail only, esp for sausages or shishkebobs with other flavors, and adore some fried frog legs in Everglades seasonings and breading). Your kiwi is truly unique and yummy, but I'm unsure if you have any unique recipes that feature it or just eat it outright like I do.

My share is to make key lime pie the way I do as variation. Use calamondins to make the traditional recipe (calamonsi to your asian neighbors?). Don't have calamondin? Grow some! It even makes a great potted houseplant. I've seen them sold at IKEA for decor purposes, with ripe fruit on them. Good for cocktails too.

Prebake 10 minutes two pieshells with typical recipe of graham cracker crust (you can also substitute british digestive biscuits or spanish Maria galletas). Butter, brown or white sugar and crushed crumbs will crisp up from baking. Cool completely.
Using the diced peel (sweet) and sour-as-limes calamondin (juice from about 13 large, 15 medium fruit, combine with 2 cans sweetened condensed milk (for 2 pies). Optional, add 1 egg pie and bake 10 minutes to set. Chill til cold (I even like it sliced frozen). Top with whipped cream before serving.

>> No.7767456

Just gotta go Chiko, mate.

>> No.7767457

why in america bread is always so repulsive

>> No.7767460

I would be so pissed if I was served this. impractical/10 no reason to be a burger sitting in sauce

>> No.7767658


I bet you insist on going "somewhere on 12 south" and pay $30 for a piece of chicken, tater tote "poutine" and a glass of luke-warm water.

>> No.7767997


hey that looks like that new kfc chicken

>> No.7768260

When you see the sign that says "BOLED PENUTS" that is the place to go to.

>> No.7768271

IL fag here. I didn't know these were a local thing until I went to D’Arcy’s Pint in Springfield.

>> No.7768275

I do indeed fuck peaches regularly. Peaches tend to moisten with repeated trauma so it's a fairly accurate substitute.

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Fucking triggered. Skyline chili is the worst fucking food concoction to ever grace the earth. It's like something Jack came up with and tried to spread like the cancer it truly is.

>You know what'd make this chili better? Vinegar, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, allspice berries, and bay leaf.

No, just no.

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Don't forget the high quality mineral specimens coming out of that mine.

>> No.7768450

Tacos perrones from Baja

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Kroppkakor from Blekinge, Sweden.

Basically potato dumplings stuffed with spiced pork. These ones are boiled but I prefer fried, so that they get a slight crust and a nice golden colour. Always serve with lingonberry jam and butter.

>> No.7768555

Looks disgusting

>> No.7768569

Michigans from Michigans Plus in Plattsburgh NY.

Named after a Michigander that moved to the area and started a successful local business.

>> No.7768847

not oily, covered in dust, sometimes toxic

>> No.7768852

las vegas buffets are truly spectacular affairs. It's basically a contest to see who can eat the most crab legs

grilled corn dipped in a vat of butter is awesome

I dunno about nebraska tho

>> No.7768859

would rather have it fried t b h

>> No.7768861

big surprise an international port town and financial center is influenced by their surroundings wow

>> No.7768864

beetroot in burger

also nuke Adelaide

>> No.7769755

Collinsville fag here. Just as good as you remember

>> No.7769773

Bitch you stole that from us, come up here so we can pelt you

>> No.7769784

>California doesn't even have its own food

>> No.7770084

You can "get them everywhere" with spinach substituted for the actual mixture.
The originators claim you can only get the authentic one at their restaurant but iirc a scientist analyzed the ingredients, parsley was a main one and I think maybe celery and something else.

>> No.7770092

>Las Vegas
I don't see how you can refer to a literal tourist destination as a "flyover."

>> No.7770195

worst thing ITT

Fucking hell.

Open sandwiches are a meme.

No, you hold it by the hem, eat the main bit of it and toss the hem away.


>> No.7770231

Vegasfag here. Only the Rio and the shitty asian buffets has decent Crab Legs.

>> No.7770277

>suet pastry
The best pastry

If you want a sweet version of a suet pastry dish check out sussex pond pudding.

You seal it up and cook a whole lemon with a bunch of butter and sugar inside and let the sugars in the lemon caremalise over several hours infusing the filling and pastry with delicious lemon flavours.


>> No.7770314

Where you from? Former Elmira resident checking in.

>> No.7770447


>> No.7770575

NZ here
what have we made? vege/marmite? pavlova?

>> No.7770787
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Colasessano's Pepperoni Rolls in North Central West Virginia are where it's at

Pepperoni sticks, sauce, cheese, and hot peppers

All toasted into a beautiful treat

>> No.7771017

whats the sause?

>> No.7771146

Cocido madrileño is a must. The best restaurant for it is called La Bola (remember to book a reservation a few days in advance). There are lots of other restaurants who have it but this is the top #1 I've ever tried.

If it's too warm for a stew or you want to go cheaper, you should try the bocadillo de calamares (squid sandwich) at Bar La Campana in Plaza Mayor. It's delicious and it will only cost you about 3€.

>> No.7771184
File: 2.52 MB, 4331x3410, buckeyes-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buckeye candy (also referred to simply as buckeyes[1]) is a confection made from a peanut butter fudge partially dipped in chocolate to leave a circle of peanut butter visible. Buckeyes are similar to peanut butter balls (or peanut-butter-filled chocolate balls), which are completely covered in chocolate.

Named for their resemblance to the nut of the Ohio buckeye tree, the state tree of Ohio, this candy is particularly popular in Ohio and neighboring states.

It is common for Ohioans to make buckeyes at home, but they are also available in mail-order catalogs and candy shops.[2][3][4]

>> No.7771257
File: 2.54 MB, 3094x2443, dsc01891[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Choripan with chimichurri sause.

>> No.7771494
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Mitraillette in Belgium.

> cut baguette in half
> apply sauce
> add veggies (onion, lettuce, tomato,...)
> add meat (burger cut in half, kebab, pitta)
> add fries
> apply sauce once again

>> No.7772140
File: 205 KB, 580x580, 20L-ROCK-DRILL-100-460.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesn't know about rock cutting oil

>> No.7772642

Cause Americans have to have anything resembling flavor or texture beaten out of it before it's served.

>> No.7772646
File: 48 KB, 550x368, chicago-deep-dish-pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is an authentic Chic' Pi'.

>> No.7772663

That's what black grandparents eat. Don't modern black people eat Italian food or something?

>> No.7772681

Miami has the best Cubans. I worked at Lil Bread Cuban Sandwich Co. For 2 years and won multiple awards there. The only thing Tampa does different is add salami.

>> No.7772722
File: 8 KB, 194x259, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does this bullshit count?

>> No.7773548
File: 447 KB, 1200x1600, brunswick stew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


good shit

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