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Do Europeans get excited when they see American candy?

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We've had sour patch just as long as you guys have.

That said, I am partial to Mike and Ikes, which I only find in import sections.

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>Do Europeans get excited

their grannies do when they see one of these

many a Euro gran got growed up quick (wink wink) as a young girl to get one of these delicious chocolate bars as the Allies headed for Berlin

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How about their siblings, Hot Tamales and Good & Plenty's?

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Fucking disgusting

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>Do Yuropoors get excited when they into American candy
I'm from Britain and I have to say
American candy is so shit.

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I'm european and I gotta say I'm excited whenever I see something new in the markets. F.e. Oreos hit the market like five years ago here. It's always fun seeing fresh Lay's tastes labeled with new which were forever on us market until they got here.

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No, because ours is better. We have a long-standing warning against American chocolate because it's full of wax and oil.
You'd pump it full of HFCS if it wasn't banned in the EU.

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Do you have the full variety of Oreos? Birthday Cake, and Watermelon, and so on?

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I'm so glad I don't live in the EU.

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I'm Canadian and American candy is actually awful, so if they do they must have shit taste. The chocolate tastes like it's been fused with plastic or some shit, and because of the food health standards there I wouldn't be surprised if it were.
Brittish candy/chocolate is pretty good though.

Also American children are retarded and spoiled kinder eggs for the rest of your country.

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An amazing amount of misinformation in this post.

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>Brittish candy/chocolate

Yea ok

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>vomit-flavoured ''chocolate''

Rationing must have warped their taste buds.

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>Also American children are retarded and spoiled kinder eggs for the rest of your country.
It's amazing that retards still spout this shit. No American children have ever choked on Kinder eggs, The government banned them because britbong kids were choking on them.

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Good to know leafs are shitposters outside of /pol/ and /int/

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as a brit i get hard over these

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I'm German and I gotta say, I'm heavily prejudiced against American food. When I see American candy I can't avoid thinking that it's cheap corn syrup with cheap artificial flavor and some food paint, marketed to scooterized fat people in bulk at Walmart. Sorry.

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Man, do they still have those Altoids sours in Britbongland? They stopped making them in the States and I don't know if it was a global discontinuation. They were candy for my soul.

Those Ice Breakers sours are really good too though.

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>altoid sours

Holy shit what DID happen to these?? I know they used to sell them at Target. Haven't seen them in years.

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Fun fact, Hershey's lobbied the US government to change the trade definition of chocolate in order to legally be able to call their inferior products chocolate.

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After a quick google search, they were discontinued because "there wasn't enough global demand" for them

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Why does the government have the power to define the word at all? Isn't that kind of weird?

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They don't anymore. A few years ago you could only get them in speciality shops in the UK. Now they have their own section in most supermarkets. It's great because I don't have to go to some shitty shop or import my peanut butter m&ms now.

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why the fuck are you sorry its the truth, coming from an american

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Hell yeah, I'm not European though

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Go choke on a bag of wine gums.

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I prefer European or Japanese candy, but some American candy is good. I like Reese's a lot, and while I don't consider Hershey's 'chocolate,' I do like how it tastes in a sort of trashy way. Most American candy is bland, tasteless alterations of the same non-food ingredients, though.

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I'm so glad you don't.

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"Trade definition", not dictionary definition.
If the goverment didn't regulate trade definitions, your "ground beef" would be full of pork, horse and dog and your cheese would be full of oil and saw dust... oh, wait.

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Sour patch watermelon are great and some of your other candy is pretty good too, but American chocolate is nearly inedible.
I wouldn't eat Hershey's if you paid me $5 per bar, and Reese's is pretty awful too.

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I get a boner for american food, so american candy gets me going pretty good, I usually lose interest in a certain brand after I've had it enough times tho. One thing I wish we had more of in england is root beer.

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Fuck you, I like saw dust

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I agree with this, the candy can be good, but it's mostly all the same

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No, only the basic one. Fucking sucks.

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Bought that shit in NYC just to say i tried the famous american hersey's chocolate

it tasted like vomit...

Fuck you Hersey

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Is everyone just ignoring that he's saying many Euro grannies got blacked when they were younger, or is everyone missing it?

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Hershey's uses intentionally soured milk.

Tastes good.

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How much is Peanut Butter over there?


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We know what he is trying to say, it's all myth anyhow.

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No, the memes have infested your brain. What he's saying is that women fucked American soldiers for Hershey's chocolate, black or otherwise.

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lol europoors

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Do people think all american chocolate is hershey's?

ghirardelli is p good

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Not to mention stuff that isn't mass produced. Lagomarcino's is great.

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america should have let europe burn desu

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>being this mad
baka desu senpai

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Good thought experiment about whether the US would have won the cold war if the soviets had rolled all the way to the atlantic and conquered all the industry (and colonies) of western europe

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baka desu senpai

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Hello, Jamal.

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I thought they were called walkers or some shit over in yuroland.

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Only on a Japanese website could such racist word filters be applied.
Fuck the weeaboos.

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The United Kingdom is not Europe..

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I did, having heard it was much more diverse and interesting than british sweets, by which i mean the brand name stuff like nestle/cadbury, not traditional stuff.
I could count the number of things that wasn't peanuts n caramel on one finger, the drinks seemed interesting but theres no way in hell i'm paying £2.50 for something that has 80c printed on the can

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ITT morons who don't know the difference between chocolate and candy

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because most of it is horrible

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They sell Mike&Ikes in Morrisons m8

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Only at Bongerstan.

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