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Why is Sichuan food so fucking good?

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chinamen had to learn how to make rotting corpses they found in a rice paddy taste good, so it's ever better these days with fresh dog and female fetus meat

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do these fags even make jouzza?

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Sichuan king of Asia, French king of Europe. Who gets the Americas and Africa?

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>why is it so good?
Stir-fried meat-and-veggie dishes are hard to fuck up.

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Mexico and Ethiopia

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they're actually incredibly easy to fuck up

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>not picking cajun

m8 mexican sucks

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Brazil and Ethiopia.

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Found the fucking Brazilian, only Brazilians like anything from your country

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American here, I'd rather eat Brazilian food than central American, Colombian, Cuban, Dominican, Ecuadorean, or Venezuelan. Or flyover food but that goes without saying

If I had to pick one other besides Mexico, Brazil would be on the short list but I'd probably end up going with Guyanese. Peru is a meme and people will get over it, I first tasted it in 1998 and I was over it fairly quickly

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>be American
>use the term "flyover"

Choose one.

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Chinaman here, long, bitter winters and hot n' humid summers ensure your food is hot enough to warm your soul and get you to sweat to cooldown

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that doesn't make any sense buddy the term was invented by people on the coasts of the USA not europoors

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As far as I'm concerned anyone who doesn't drive an AMERICAN pickup truck and eat AMERICAN food and have an AMERICAN addiction to either oxycodone or crystal meth and live at least a 7 hour drive from any major body of water that person is a traitor to AMERICA and should be executed for TREASON

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I've heard good things about Peruvian cuisine on here but it's probably just Peruvians.

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Mexican>>>>>>>>>>one region of US

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Ordered some Sichuan chicken at a restaurant in Atlanta last week and they handed me a plate of sloppy vegetables. looked nothing like that. I'm starting to think they couldn't understand me

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Peruvians decided in the last decade or so that they're foodies, and since foreigners are impressed by raw fish and are blown away by the discovery that Latin Americans can have ethnicity other than indigenous and Spanish, the buzzfeed crowd is taken in by their collective delusion.

It also helps that the neighbors' cuisine literally consists of greasy rice and bananas, making the Peruvians kind of like Chicagoans

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Half Brazilian here. So fucking true. Mexico is king of the Americas.

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For me it's boiled fish, the best sichuan dish. I fucking the bold, spicy flavors of sichuan food

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>I fucking the bold, spicy flavors of sichuan food

I hope you wore a condom

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>major body of water
do the great lakes count?

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Ethiopian here, Habesha food is nice but really Senegalese is better and has more variety. I'm actually trying to bring together the two.

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Mexico for Americas

Only like 2% of Westerners have any experience with Senegalese cuisine. From Africa I've had Kenyan and Ethiopian, with Ethiopian being the better of the two. I'll have to take your word on Senegalese.

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Im guessing they only have the standard Chinky's there for the most part, dunno why you'd expect something that wasnt "orientalized" nigger feed

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Do you cut yourself having so much edge anon?
NYC is the primary place to find Senegalese/Malian/Ivorian food.

France has Senegalese all over the nation.

But yeah if they had more legume dishes and vegetable dishes they'd be probably African cuisine numero uno.

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Ecuador is king of Americas

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I went to a senegalese restaurant once

the food was really good but the service was slow and they were out of half the stuff on the menu.

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>If I had to pick one other besides Mexico, Brazil would be on the short list but I'd probably end up going with Guyanese

Never had Guyanese food, whats it like? I imagine similar to Jamaican/Trini? Does it even exist in the US outside of NYC?

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Nice to know it's not just African AMERICAN'S who are like that

Because they were fucking poor and had unique ingredients. Fucking Poor + Ingredients = Great food, law of necessity.

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Racism aside, he's right. Atlanta is pretty shit for food that isn't deep fried.

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There was a Senegalese bistro for like six months in NYC at 21st and 7th, was it that one? Because your description was exactly what they were like

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United States wins the Americas (with Mexico a close 2nd) and Egypt wins Africa.

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nah it was in west philly

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Sichuan doesn't have long and bitter winters, it's mainly humidity so people eat spicy food to sweat it out. Learn how to china next time.

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Coming from a Ecuadorian, no. Mexican is King.

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No. Mexican is #1. It has great traditional, street food and fine dining. Everything you need in a cuisine.

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>insults America
>loves American television, films, music' and culture.

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>not dan dan mian

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The word you're struggling to spell is plebeian, you fucking bottom feeder.

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Thats how pleb's spell it. Away with your patricean snobery

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Who here dan dan noodles? This a dan dan thread now.

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o shit waddup!

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>pick up some panda express
>cover it in hot chilies

wow that was hard

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>fly-over-fuck, the post

Real Sichuan is the shit. Chicken thighs breaded and flash fried in garlic, scallion, and sichuan peppercorn, which used to be fucking BANNED.


This shit is no joke. Your mouth goes numb and suddenly your ass is in flavortown with Guy Fieri standing over you, pants around his ankles, cock at half-mast, penetrating your taste-buds with delectable mind-numbing sichuan spice.

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It's not even a chile either

I wish god would quit slacking off and just destroy flyover land with infinite tornadoes. It's not like He lacks the ability

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Because of this god-tier spice.


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I had this the other day in the northeast. Best tripe I ever ate.

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eat at a real Chinese Szechuan restaurant you fuck.

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Made Dan Dan Noodles for my family today. So simple yet so delicious.

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Argentina for Americas

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That's tendon in the picture, but tripe is often prepared the same way.

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My bad. Served cold right?

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Imagine if Trinidad had an illegitimate baby with the Philippines

That's Guyanese food

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Yep. Bathed in chile oil dressing like some kind of animal salad.

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You gotta toast those sichuan peppercorns before you grind them btw. Make sure there or no seeds in the motherfuckers either. Just a couple tips from another Sichuan-fag.

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That's a whole lot of peppers in these pics. Are they on the same level of heat as, let's say thai chili peppers? Anyone have an estimate of Scoville rating maybe?

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Sometimes when I crave Sichuan food I just eat a teaspoon of Lao Gan Ma out of the jar for that tongue numbing goodness.

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The heat is different from your standard chilies. "Mala" literally means numbing hot in Chinese. Read up on the effects that Sichuan peppers have here.


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Gross simplification:
The chemical that makes most peppers spicy is capsaicin, the chemical that is present in sichuan peppers is hydroxy-alpha-sanshool. Capsaicin activates the heat receptors in your mouth, which is why it feels like your mouth is burning, because from your nervous system's perspective it is. Hydroxy-alpha-sanshool interacts with a separate set of receptors, a series which are associated with touch, which is why you feel kinda numb.

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ITT: Americans unironically claiming their country has better food than Mexico.

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seriously tho. the combination of spicy and numbing - Ma-La - is God Tier.

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>muh cheesy gordita crunch wrap.

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French food is fucking too poncy. It did pave the way for all modern and contempory dining, however.

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Uh wait guys, I bought szechuan pepper recently (haven't used it yet) but they looked just like black pepper corns, What about those red chili like things in the pictures? Are these szechuan or chili peppers?

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does it look like this?

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Yep, that's it. Still would like to know how hot the chilies used in OP's pic are..

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They're dried chili's. You're really not supposed to eat them according to the owner of the place I go to. I eat them, but I also know that I'm going to piss fire out of my asshole later

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they look like these chiles i cook with

agree with >>7725319
you aren't really supposed to eat them you just cook with them and they bring a lot of heat

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Fellow Atlantafag here, you're pretty much shit out of luck for finding decent Sichuan food in this fucking city.

Jia is alright, but it's seriously not spicy enough. There's a few places on Buford that are okay, but half of them are owned by Koreans and are still lacking in spice compared to the real thing.

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there are no heat receptors in your mouth. You can't taste "heat" its the sensation of pain being chemically activated

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