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Have you ever had a Latina gf/wife who cooked for you?

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me neither, sadly

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I had a latina gf in high school
I ate at her house a bunch.
My gf never cooked for me though

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So her mom cooked for you? What country is her family from?

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they're shit tier desu.

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If you ever date a latina girl(like a legit latina girl) you're also dating her family

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I have had someone else's latina wife cook for me, although they are both my neighbor.

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Well if you still live with your parents then it's expected

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this is true for middle eastern women as well, though not in a good way. say what you want about muslims, I know they're not really all violent psychopaths who can't live in western society, but they are definitely strange people.
her family raised a goat in their suburban back yard, slaughtered it and ate the entire thing as some weird ritual. they tried to get me to eat the eye and laughed and said some shit to each other in turkish when I turned it down.

she got an arranged marriage to some distant relative from turkey like 3 months after we split and she wears the hood thing now.

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Yes. It was great. I'm sad I ruined it

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Yup. Better get used to mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins . . . dropping by for an hour or three or ten whenever they wish.

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Yes. Freakin awesome. Sisters and mom cooked for me too. Loved it. It was a real old fashioned I bring home the bacon and she fried it up deal. There was too much other crap I didn't want to put up with though. Wish it could have worked.

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I find it really rude when people speak different languages to each other when they know you don't speak it.
I hate how my friends gf does this, her and her friends all speak english just fine, but we will all be hanging out and they speak portuguese to each other which basically equates to everyone laughing and having a good time except for me because I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

latin american people are rude as fuck, they all do this shit

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maybe their English isn't really that good and they're not comfortable with it

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That hasn't been true in my experience.

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My Mexican neighbours invite over constantly for food. I love them, but christ almighty I can't eat the amount of food they give me. Food is amazing, but I can't believe the sheer amount of food they eat in a single sitting.

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I'm not even fat but I feel like I have a huge appetite

Maybe it's because I only eat twice a day. Before I became a NEET and I was a garbageman, I used to love getting a huge plate of Salvadoran food from the local deli. It would cost like 10 dollars with a drink.

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their english is fine, I've talked to all of them in english. They are just rude

I said straight up on halloween when we were all out, it was like 10:00 and I said fuck it and decided to go home. Oh no why are you leaving? Because nobody is talking to me, I haven't understood a word anyone has said in the last 3 hours

would that be enough for them to change their behavior? haha yeah, nah, fuck you

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So you told them? I have a lot of Spanish speaking friends and none of them have did this to me.

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What kind of Latinas cook the best, Mexicans?

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We know that it's kinda rude, but we do it because:
>You are not supposed to hear/pay attention to any other's conversations, even if they are talking in front of you
>We do not want to bother anyone with our problems, even when living in the U.S. we still use Spanish to call out bad behavior

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I want to give a full picture of how rude these people are.
>friend asks me if we can have a bbq at my house
>I say sure
>one of the hues calls me up the day of the bbq
>what time should I start bringing stuff over?
>uhh, didn't realize you were invited but one more person doesn't hurt
>turns out the bbq request was just a ruse
>one of them is going back to brazil and wanted to have a going away party
>they decide to stealthily use my house
>all these fucking people I don't know start showing up at my house
>a guy comes and literally comes walking in with a quarter beef over his shoulder
>drops it on my kitchen counter and starts butchering it in my sink
>there are at least 30 people I don't know walking around in my house and yard
>ok, this isn't what I was expecting to happen when I woke up today, but as long as nobody is acting crazy and breaking things this is fine I'm not going to be a party pooper
>grilling starts so the whole party moves outside
>loud shitty music and folk dancing as you would expect at any ethnic gathering
>it's after 1am
>they have no signs of slowing down
>music is still really loud
>try to be courteous to my neighbors and just tell them if the music stays outside it has to be lower otherwise take it inside
>they don't even acknowledge me in my own fucking house
>turn down the music myself
>didn't even turn it off
>girl walks over and turns it right back up to max
>ok I'm done being cucked by these savages
>I've been more than accommodating up until this point, everybody out
>they just don't leave
>had to call the police on my own house to get these animals to go the fuck home

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You're not supposed to hide you're conversations from people you're socializing with, dumbass

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That's a pretty extreme example, though. I wouldn't judge all of Latin America off of a handful of Brazilian people you know.

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We do not see it as hiding, more like not bothering you with our personal problems, we kinda have this rule that we are not supposed to show our problems, even less if it's someone on a visit

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So save the conversation for later. You're not going to convince anyone that such behavior isn't rude.

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Then don't talk about it you rude piece of shit

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All memes aside, my wife's sons second step dad once bought around fresh tortillas and paella.
Shit was awesome.

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anything that can't be said in the presence of everybody in the room, doesn't need to be said at that time. it should be save for private.

this is however a different case of say 6 people sitting around, hanging out, having a meal, and 5 of the people speaking a language they know full well the 6th person doesn't understand when they are fully able to speak in one he does.

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>all memes aside, my wife's son

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I would happily raise a kid that isn't mine if it means getting a qt wife who actually loves me

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It's another culture, Americans do many things that we consider rude, etiquette is very relative

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Nah. Sounds like you're an impolite piece of shit

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the greatest indicator of future behavior is past behavior, and this guy is at least husband #3, maybe even #4. I'm willing to bet there will be a #5 in this womans future.
it isn't his fault, she's just a toxic person

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That's exactly what happened. She had a kid to her first husband who died when the train he was an engineer on derailed, her second husband left her for a 17 year old school girl and then there is me.
The second husband is actually a nice guy, shame he has no morals.

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How can you even use that excuse when it's only something you can do in other countries?

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if she has had botox injections, which she probably does if she goes from husband to husband, she is literally toxic. that shit is straight botulism toxin.

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>picky eater
/ck/ is for people who appreciate food, anon.

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It guarantees you don't. She will always have more love for her children than for you.

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Mothers tend to love their children more than their husbands, I would say

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My mom would never suck my penis despite my advances yet she would let my father's one in her asshole.
Your statement is incorrect.

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I would stick my dick in a prostitute's asshole but not my best friend's, it doesn't mean I love her more than him

But you should do mommy showers, they're awesome. Especially when you stand behind her and get to see her big mom ass.

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If you look up advice for mothers raising their sons through puberty, it always gives advice for managing the natural sexual attraction she may start to feel towards her son. She loved you enough to deny her own desires, having been convinced by society that consummation would have been detrimental to your psychological health.

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Yeah my gf. It's kinda great but I'm now almost bored with great mexican food. She does a lot of southern/texas food besides mexican. Grills better than me or anyone I know. Sucks at pasta besides basic spaghetti and a good lasagna. Good baker. Sells her cakes and pies on the side.

Kinda why I'm trying to get more into cooking. Give her a break. She gets burned out on cooking all the time. She's been trying to relearn some things too or at least figure some healthier substitutions since she's worried about us getting fat in the future.

Besides baking I've never seen her use a recipe book or measurement tools.

Ate some badass carne guisada today. I try to help her with this stuff or at least learn from her but she'll kick me out of the kitchen.

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You seem to know quite a lot about the subject.
Now, can you make your advice cooking related?

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Had a hazelnut skinned jamaicain girl who cooked for me

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You fag why didn't you join the fun and fuck some Brazilian pussy.
Cheer up man, don't be so bitter.

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Doesn't count although Jamaican food is really good.

How was the booty?

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Should've ate the goat

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The booty makes me regret ever meeting her. Pert bubble ass over muscled thighs that ate thongs like it was its job. She would bake bread in just her underwear some nights and I would just watch her ass jiggle

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>Costa Rican GF makes ceviche
Kinda gross. I love ceviche but this was nasty
>2nd generation Mexican roommate/make out chick makes authentico tacos
Quite good

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I have a similar problem in my relationship. My GF stomps all over me in the cooking department, and my own tastes are pretty basic compared to hers.

It kinda sucks cuz cooking is something I really like to do, but I feel so inadequate compared to her that I am losing my confidence, and also my practice because I cook way less now.

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Why would that make you regret meeting her? That sounds pretty awesome. I can only imagine that ass during doggystyle.

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Her mother and father fucked her up for dating a white and she moved north for saftey. I would have ringed her so fucking hard but now i'll never rustle them chestnut pubes again. Found an equally fat assed scotswoman though.

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I don't care that my Mexican girlfriend can't cook. All I care is that she likes beer as much as I do.

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sounds like a good Party for me!
womans, Drinks, meat, music and the cops at the end... classic!

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she's got to go back.

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Yup. Long term gf is 3/4 Mexican, 1/4 Filipino. I love to cook and am more than competent in the kitchen, but she is on another level entirely...feelsbad/feelsgood bro.

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Similar situation - my Mexican-ish gf can't fucking stand me being in the kitchen while she is cooking. I'm no slouch, but I think she has some pleb-Mexican notion that the kitchen = the woman's territory. She means well...but its fucking retarded.

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She sound's like she has white ancestry herself

Is the fat butted scotswoman from Scotsland? Are you a Brit?

>> No.7703921

That's a big plus
How many times are you gonna post tbis, you autist? It's not funny

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>3/4 Mexican, 1/4 Filipino

That sounds like directions to crazy town.

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In my gfs situation I used to think it was that. Just because when I first met her family it was a lot of "better take care of her, she's a good women, you lucky sob she's always in the kitchen". and then her telling me she'd been cooking since 13. But apparently she's used to guys cooking. Her older brothers taught her how to cook. They all say the mom can cook but just not great so she's learned more from her brothers who learned from her grandmother. She likes that I know how to cook some and shits on people that don't know how to cook regardless of gender. She just genuinely enjoys cooking.

I know she just hates anyone in the kitchen with her because she's used to everyone in her family walking in her way, taking shit out before it's ready, her brothers would walk in on her and adjust her fire or add seasoning behind her back and it's piss her off. So at her family home she set it up that if she'd cooking no one else can be there and it's just carried over in our apartment. I try to tell her I won't get in her way or do shit but I'm still in her way.

Though often I'll just stand at the door way watching her. But then she gets embarrassed at how I look at her.

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had one while being on exchange in Mexico...sadly she couldn't cook for shit

>> No.7703954

I've only had 3 longer-than-a-couple-weeks gfs and none of them have ever cooked anything for me.

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brazilian girls are very overrated. Most of them are very frumpy and busted
know how all mexican grandmas look the same? Brazilian girls have that same body in their 20s

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female room mate from guatemala

she sucked ass at "cooking" and mostly just ate fried plantains and avocados when she was trying to prove how cultural she was. adobo seasoning on anything/everything.

the rest of the time she ate flaming hot cheetos, fast food, drank cheap booze watched soap operas and got fat. in two years she went from super hot to fat as fuck and dropped out of college.

asian girls > latinas.

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>He didn't eat it


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I'm not sure why people like you imply others should jump on the chance be somebody's stepdad. Her son could be a grown man ffs

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i just enjoy brown ladies. you can keep the autism and cringey cuck cartoons

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What makes you think you're special? If you're hanging out with a bunch of people whose native language is not your own they're going to use it and its your fault for not knowing the language.

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>sneak into country illegally
>get a job working for your friends illegally
>don't pay any taxes
>speak spanish exclusively
>talk shit about bitch whiteys
>drive a car with no insurance or license
>road shows on the highways and shut down 4 lanes of traffic while you shoot guns into the air


>> No.7704131

>be amerifat
>acquire illegal map in violation of the USA PATRIOT ACT
>see west coast
>haltingly sound out the words while your fat lips struggle to form coherent syllables
>realize those are MEXICAN names
>clutch heart in panic
>fall over dead before you can commit suicide

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Regardless of the origin of the place names, it's still in America. Besides, most of the West Coast is rightful Native American clay, not Mexican clay.

t. resident of Orange County

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>kick the shit out of mexico
>have courtesy to draw the border at the rio grande instead of destroying their entire country and burning it to the ground
>generations later mexican immigrants think they have any claim to it

>> No.7704175

But you're not Native American either

>> No.7704182

So then, kicking out the white anglos before kicking out the mestizos descended from mexican times? As a Chinese-american resident of South SF whose ancestors built the railroads, I'm OK with this!

>> No.7704192

>>realize those are MEXICAN names
spoiler: mexican is not a language

>> No.7704210

Read a book you dumb nigger. By your logic all Americans are English

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>resident of the OC
>doesn't know Spanish

That's your fault senpai

T. Resident of OC (HB to be exact)

>> No.7704213

Yeah cause Oregon and Washington are such Mexican names shit head. Why is it so popular for non Americans to support the illegal immigrants?

Also when we took the land we didn't kick any Mexicans back to Mexico we just stole their land and now they are Americans.

So this whole Mexicans taking back what is there stuff is shit. The Mexicans that actually owned that land still live in the US. So if anything we should encourage property ownership for them instead of being s bunch of Cucks

>> No.7704215

most them are

>> No.7704218

So what about the Irish that built the other half of the rail road? Can they stay?

>> No.7704225

>wat is Juan de Fuca strait
As for non- American, my family immigrated from northern Europe in the 18th and 19th century, some of us were actually here before the declaration of independence. You?

>> No.7704229

They can stay if they dye their hair black and stop the binge drinking

>> No.7704233

>less than half have even a trace
That's not what "most" means

>> No.7704235

I am the latina waifu, OP. I stick to Costa Rican food for my husband most of the time but I like to branch out to other cuisines as well.

>> No.7704260

Ok that doesn't change the fact that 2/3 of the states on the coast don't have Mexican names and if we wanted to get knit picky we could probably find Spanish names all over the us.

my family came over 1800-1920. My grandpa snuck into the US from Canada and fought in WWI for his citizenship. And unlike all the beaner he actually bothered to learn English before coming here cause he knew no one would give a shit about his wop ass

>> No.7704294

Now you're just backpedaling

The vast majority of population centers that actually matter have names acquired pre-1848

Some little suburb of Eugene having an Anglo name doesn't change the fact that if a place isn't prefixed San or Santa, it's got a word that means something agricultural in Spanish

The reason people are so butthurt over illegal immigrants and transfer these feelings of anxiety onto anything vaguely Latino sounding is that they didn't work hard in school because they are from inferior stock. This is also shown by the level of difficulty they attach to memorizing a few phrases in a language with very simple and consistent grammar and phonetics.

Less lead paint in diets and a better education, and maybe a stumpy little olmec looking dude in a cementos apasco hat wouldn't be such a threat to your employment status

>> No.7704306


millions of illegal immigrants driving with no insurance/license and getting into accidents

millions of illegal immigrants not paying taxes and taking money out of the country with them when they leave

millions of illegal immigrants going to hospitals and receiving treatment with no insurance

pull your head out of your ass faggot. this shit is objectively bad for the nation.

>> No.7704321

>delusional self righteous wop

Come on man, you know your greaseball ancestors would have hopped fences if they had to. And their English was probably no better than that of modern day Mexican immigrants.

>> No.7704324

Spanish actually is a great language, I took several years of it in school and I've found it to be consistent and easy to learn. I'm not quite fluent but I can say pretty much anything I need to, and I can read and write Spanish pretty well.

>> No.7704332


>people used to break the law so we should just let them break the law now
>no world borders mannn, free love for everyone

>> No.7704336

I never said there should be unrestricted immigration. I just hate when guido retards act all high and mighty.

>> No.7704360

The greeks in my town do that with a lamb for orthodox Easter

>> No.7704376

I would love a big booty Puerto Rican wife who cooks for me

>> No.7704392

Standard levels of female crazy, actually. The same cannot be said for her sisters.

>> No.7704433


>if i was a mexican would i try to jump the border to the US


>if i did would i try to learn english


>if i did would i expect everyone to welcome me with open arms


>> No.7704443

From my experiences Brazilians despite their fame are very closed people and scream and shout in social gatherings but when they actually have conversations they are very hush hush.

I was told by a Brazilian friend that this is cultural because of how high the crime is in Brazil and how little morals everyone has... it's completely culturally acceptable to rob, cheat and swindle anyone who isn't family or an old friend.

So they may not have trust around you yet. And that may honestly take years, especially as a "foreigner".

>> No.7704448

i lived across the street from a girl whose family owned a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants. they would sometimes give us coupons for their restaurant. does that count?

>> No.7704451

were they Mexican?
Most of the Trumpies who are blatantly anti-immigration come across as retards

>> No.7704461

most illegals do pay taxes.

>> No.7704464


and most of the open borders/think of the children types have zero consideration for the massive impact on the economy, healthcare, insurance and education.

open borders/socialism = death of the middle class, rewarding mediocrity and first world countries being flooded with illiterates with 12 kids.

>> No.7704468

most illegals do pay taxes and many of them do have drivers licenses.

>> No.7704546

Nah shes 3rd generation from an all scot family

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>Better get used to mom, dad, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins . . . dropping by for an hour or three or ten whenever they wish

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>latin american
Portugal's in Europe, senpai
inb4 >>>/pol/

>> No.7704586

look up what language they speak in brazil.

>> No.7704597


>pretends he is cultured and loves brown people
>totally retarded and doesn't know any brown people

bernie 2016 right?

>> No.7704599

>Why is it so popular for non Americans to support the illegal immigrants?

The same reason lefties in the US love Syrian migrants--they don't have to deal with the problems they bring even if they are all lovely people with no terrorist intent.

>> No.7704617

>if you're capable of enjoying chiles en nogada without freaking out about "diarrhea" you're a stalinist in favor of ISIS and open borders

>> No.7704618


well actually illegal immigration does threaten employment

>B..b.bbut they do the jobs no one wants !!!!1!!1!

Americans would work those jobs if illegal immigrants didn't drive the wages well below min wage. You do know large agricultural business and slaughter houses actually import illegal immigrants cause Americans actually demand a decent wage and not shit conditions

>> No.7704621 [DELETED] 

What the fuck does that have to do with anything, you massive retard? Brazilians speak Portuguese because they were colonized by Portugal, a European country. The same way countries in Latin America (READ: AMERICA, as in; the Americas, you uneducated bag of piss) speak Spanish. ALSO the same reason American's (from the US) speak English. England is also a European country, btw. And Haitians speak French, etc. I'm sorry your education system failed you.
Look at this faggot here. Another shit for brains. The fuck are you on about anyway? This isn't a political discussion you dumb cocksucker. We're talking geography and language, something you dense fucksticks seem to know nothing about.

>> No.7704626

What the fuck does that have to do with anything, you massive retard? Brazilians speak Portuguese because they were colonized by Portugal, a European country. The same way other countries in Latin America (READ: AMERICA, as in; the Americas, you uneducated bag of piss) speak Spanish. ALSO the same reason American's (from the US) speak English. England is also a European country, btw. And Haitians speak French, etc. I'm sorry your education system failed you.
Look at this faggot here. Another shit for brains. The fuck are you on about anyway? This isn't a political discussion you dumb cocksucker. We're talking geography and language, something you dense fucksticks seem to know nothing about.

>> No.7704628

>You do know large agricultural business and slaughter houses actually import illegal immigrants cause Americans actually demand a decent wage and not shit conditions
You are correct. Americans would demand a livable wage to mow lawns and do lawn care. Say 12 an hour due to labor and outdoor conditions. Mexicans will quite literally do it for 6 an hour

>> No.7704634

no he was fluent in English he didn't speak broken English. Think they would have let him join the army for citizenship if he said che cosa after every sentence?

unrestricted immigration is a bad idea cause it puts all American workers in direct competition with all Mexican workers which fucks everyone wages and benefits.

back in the early 1900's we actually needed immigrants because they were a shortage of labor. Also how many mexicans would willingly learn English and join the army for citizenship? probably very few

>> No.7704641

brazilian women are latinas and speak portuguese.

>> No.7704643

Nevermind, I suck cocks. I thought you meant they were Portuguese, obviously you only said they spoke Portuguese and not whether they were Portuguese or Brazilian and I just assumed they were Portuguese. I stand corrected.
You, you're still a dumb piece of trash.

>> No.7704657


its funny because we have to point it out to him multiple times and he still doesn't understand it

>> No.7704669

Who the fuck is we, you pathetic moron? You think you're on some kind of team here? You think you're going to tell me more about my country and my people? Where are you from? What's your culture? TV dinners and pop music?

>> No.7704677


soccer sucks

>> No.7704678

yes, yes and sort of.

>> No.7704681

Yes, I'm sure that fob greaseball talked just like Walter Cronkite.

If they were allowed to join the army, I'm sure many of them would. But we have no shortage of soldiers. Most (as in all but a few) of the Mexican/Central American immigrants I've encountered actually do speak English, though. I think it's mostly just in border towns where they're less likely to learn English because there's less of a push to do so.

>> No.7704685
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You mean, football?

>> No.7704689

that too. it's way too slow.

>> No.7704705

They tried this in the deep south a few years ago, as it turns out poor white trash would rather just do oxycontin and bitch about librul conspiracies

The crops rotted in the fields and the anti-immigrant politicians backtracked really fast

>> No.7704708

I live in NY and encounter illegals who don't speak a lick of English. or they refuse too. I worked with a dude who was fluent in English but did not speak it at work so he could pretend to not understand the boss when told to work

I never said he had perfect grammar and a perfect accent but he was fluent

I find it funny it not cool to call illegals lazy spics and criminals but its all good to call the legal immigrants of the past greasy fobs

>> No.7704709

americans also demand affordable food.

>> No.7704712

link please

cause honestly I bet what happened is the gov kicked the illegals out and granted the agricultural business a special license to pay workers 5 dollars an hour legally and all the white trash was like I get more from welfare so why work?

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