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And webms

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Rest of this?

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Is that a half-cured egg yolk on toast? Seems like it'd be salty as fuck.

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Self-hating American detected. Raclette prepared that way is a Swiss dish.

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Fucking trash. Talentless hack.

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blueberries, pistachios, red cabbage and beetroot

for what purpose?

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I wonder how long it'll be 'till someone posts the webum of some flyovers getting scammed into eating some crumbs and cum off a fucking table.

>boiling coffee
Why are the turks and the greeks such memesters.

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If you've never done it before, it is hard to figure it out.

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It's like a giant boil exploding.

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Strawberries+Whipped cream+Meringue

Don't know if disgusted or delicious, I am intrigued.

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The very first youtuber, and they call him a artist film maker.

Gotta say that is a pretty nice set and table. Almost sounds like a ASMR video.

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Does anyone have a webm of Borneo eating an egg?

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>not knowing how to serve raclette
lolol scrub.

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Yeah sure, if you're a fucking tard. Anyone who has half a brain will know how to get into a coconut first try.

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Where can I get one of those? Are those ground coffee beans that he's dipping the thingy in? How does heat get to it? How does water get to it? Does it suck the coffee grounds up into it? What is going on here? So many goddamn questions.

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Turkish coffee is like drinking lukewarm mud

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its sand/ash, sand/ash is heated by whatever fuel source is under it. google turkish coffee.
>stop liking what i don't like
grow the fuck up

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it does taste like lukewarm mud though

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o-oh my...

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What is that?

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> adventures in britishness
> vegetables


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Reported, neither gif nor webm

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Nouvelle nouvelle cousine

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eton mess is literally the best conceivable way to deliver a month's worth of sugar into your digestive system

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It's not hard to be safe though. Some of the shit shit was doing was fucking stupid and a great way to lose fingers

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You're such a fucking idiot. There's barely any sugar in it, other than from the strawberries and the small amount you add.

I bet you're one of those idiots who think that sugar and fat are synonymous with unhealthy.

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Like Cooking Meth: The Show.

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I'm tired of seeing this image.

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Is that man eating egg yolks raw?

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slaw? not a bad sounding mix with a good vinaigrette

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Meringue is practically pure sugar.

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Looks like sugar to me.

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>You're such a fucking idiot. There's barely any sugar in it

lol ok dude

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this is missing something...

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it's just raclette and bread, whats the matter

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when you have to feed 1.5 birrion chinese

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>I bet you're one of those idiots who think that sugar and fat are synonymous with unhealthy.

To be fair, sugar IS synonymous with unhealthy.

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Do I have to go to the island to try that at some place or could I simply make my own? As simple as it looks I bet that if the ingredients are off in flavor from whats intended I fear the result will be less than satisfactory. That's the problem with things that look simple, they're usually not.

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as long as you can get good cream and strawberries i don't see a problem

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Meringue can be so inconsistent unless you make your own, I suppose this could be a project for date night. Should the whipped cream be really sweet or just lightly sweet?

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Can I get the one with Jack?

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Doesn't need to be sweet at all, just cream. The meringue provides all of the sugar.

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Thanks, friend

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You made these before? Do you have pics of your own? I've looked through google, doesn't look as good as the webm, which of course I understand is made for visual appeal only.

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This is why Asia is catching up to us like a speeding bullet. Hope you guys know Chinese, you'll be needing it.

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how the fuck does he get out of there without breaking the eggs?

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god mother fucking dammit.

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I don't know if I'd even call it "making" something, you just get strawberries from a pack, whip some cream and smash some meringue.

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that probably costs like $400

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looks like a typical vendor shack

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My wildly shaky alcoholic hands would prevent me from even being able to drink that without spilling.

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I can't watch this.
I clicked and got to the first shot of her nearly gutting herself with the knife and just... No

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I can't look away, every single time

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>no turd pies
>no curry filth
>food with spices


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what was the second thing that was cool as fuck

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Fuck, I can't breathe

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>taking the seeds out of peppers

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We've all been there, chef

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50/50 mix of sugar and salt, and yes, it's flavor overkill. Gotta grate that shit onto food, can't just eat it like that

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Huh. Google says it's called "graved eggs" and people do just eat it like that.

I guess as long as you're expecting it to be incredibly salty and don't eat it in two bites it's alright.

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brits love spices mang

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>leaving the flavourless bit that only delivers heat because you think it makes you more macho

you can use more chillies that way and actually taste them in the dish

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fucking kek

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whoa that... now that looks like a pretty d-cent slice of pie, my compliments to the chef

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why the fuck doesn't he reshoot stuff so he looks more competent? He looks like a fucking moron with all his fuckups.

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You don't get to reshoot when you're cooking, Jack is an honest enough man to play by the same rules

that looks like it would be a fun job, bet it pays poverty wages though

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this looks like CGI

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What kind of incompetent devli-ry is this?

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I feel dirty and kind of gay.

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Okay, now that was cool.

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Everything this guy does is such dogshit jesus christ
It's like you see a new thing and it's like well maybe he can do a decent job of it but literally he never does.

>> No.7681008

Jesus christ would you have to use like a tank of gas a day or something?

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What the fuck literally source.

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Reported for announcing your report.

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omg hahaha

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that's cool

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fantastic. just fantastic.

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I was gonna post this, but I guess I didn't save it. Thanks friend.

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that is interesting what am I looking at?

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>any of this
dirty anglo stealing things again

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I winced when the chef forced the chopsticks through the fish's mouth, and closed the webm before it finished.

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What do you mean, that's kawaii as hell
>ojii-san what are you doing, I can't breathe out of water
>ahh~ that really hurt baka

You gotta kill what you're going to eat, mate

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damn.. that looked like a good egg sammich

>> No.7681564

Dude. Ditto.

>> No.7681565


my wife does shit like this. she's so clumsy/irresponsible that she'll cut herself just picking up a knife. so she blames me for keeping them razor sharp.

i can't even watch her try to cut stuff, like onions. she has no control of the knife, holding it loosely and letting the food dictate where the blade goes. i just know one day she's going to lose an arm.

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How did the whip cream not melt,

>> No.7681581

it's not whipped cream ya dingus

>> No.7681604

A blown ball of sugar with a hot chocolate drizzle.

Don't try to understand these things, just enjoy. It's often shitty science memery.

>> No.7681612

>blown ball of sugar
no anon, it's a ball of high fat content white 'chocolate' which has a very low melting point

>> No.7681619


Infection Pie

>> No.7681715

Oh what is it

>> No.7681820

what's the rubix cube supposed to be

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>> No.7682156


Though that doesn't really provide much more information.

>> No.7682173


it's a regular sized wok and he's just really tiny you fucking slant.

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>> No.7684987

I can only imagine how difficult it was to make such a delicate thing

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>> No.7685650


>Are those ground coffee beans that he's dipping the thingy in?

No, and thus every question you asked proceeding that one made you more and more retarded.

He's dipping a pot of ground coffee and water into hot sand, the heat is causing the pot of coffee to violently foam up which is when he pours it into the cup, he heats the coffee several times but it appears like its overflowing with coffee because its boiling.

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Never add sugar to cream. It completely ruins its natural sweetness.

>> No.7686380


>$100/plate restaurant
>bunch of small finger foods
>finally time for desert
>two bites of white chocolate full of grass

>> No.7686426

What is this magical way?

I have a garage full of tools, so I would just get a hammer.

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>so I would just get a hammer.


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You need to kill what you eat, yes. But you should be humane about dispatching it out of respect for your food. Chopsticks down your throat and through your major organs before you're either fried or boiled alive is cruel as fuck. Asians are known for that shit though.

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File: 1.89 MB, 640x360, this doesn't kill the fish.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe pain makes fish tastier.

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Just pop it in the microwave, it ain't a big deal

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I'm extremely aroused by this.

>> No.7687273

I still don't get it.

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>> No.7687351

but for what purpose?

>> No.7687365

Attract an audience to your food stall.

>> No.7687620

>Oh God in the seas, why hath thou forsaken me

>> No.7687624

>why won't sempai notice me

>> No.7688059

Only place I've ever seen that for sale is in Paris, France, sooooooooooooooo...

>> No.7688064

samefag, nobody wants to watch your garbage

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Are you upset anon?

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i wish i wasnt so lazy and learned how to make webms

so i dont have to look at the same stuff posted in here for the past 5 years

>> No.7688393

No, it's just incredibly obvious that you're desperate in trying to spread this garbage

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C'mon anon, cheer up. We should all sit down and enjoy a nice piece of party cheese salad.

>> No.7688466

>people sneer at british food for being disgusting without even bothering to eat it
>literally the simplest food on earth to make
>lol no ill just judge based on memes instead


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based rye bread and cheese, aaah

>> No.7688571

>cake donuts
>not yeast donuts

they fucked up before they even started

>> No.7688611

>when too much noticed

>> No.7688634

>customers pay $39 for their meat and potatoes

God I love not living in a 3rd world shithole

>> No.7688636

Literally fedora: the drink

>> No.7688647

hey fuck you cake donuts are the best

>> No.7688648

At some point we have to stop laughing at the mentally ill.

>> No.7688649

Fill balloon with air
Dip Balloon in thick nearly solid chocolate
put dipped balloon in freezer hanging by thread
Pop balloon when chocolate is fully solid

Use liquid nitrogen to speed up process if needed
It's not super hard
Fancy eating is like 70% presentation

>> No.7689167

is there a an audio or youtube version of this? I really enjoy this kind of stuff but i dunno what he's making.

>> No.7689205

I had doughnuts for my birthday yesterday. This is a good one.

Also this reminds me of when i go down to my local summer fair, and they have the doughnut truck with the fryer inside where you can see it. I like to go there when it's not busy just so I can see it in action. It's all pretty nostalgic.

In particular, this one time the machine wasn't making the shapes right, so the doughnuts came out all sprewey. It turned out not-so-bad, kinda like churros or straight doughnuts almost with that kind of crunchy texture.

>> No.7689217

not even one of those 2 and I love jacko

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>> No.7689546


Some of it's on youtube, I'm sure you can find a torrent of the whole film somewhere.

>> No.7689642

why dont you just, like, teach her?

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File: 394 KB, 566x603, ashens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I try not to be a pussy about these things but the fuckin' eye seriously?!

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Underrated post

>> No.7692874

Dude, you do realize fish have 1/12th the pain receptors of someone with CEPA which is a congenital defect that causes them to have nearly no pain receptors and thusly will seriously injure themselves without knowing.

Like accidentally leave their hand on a red hot burner and not notice until the smell of cooking meat alerts them to their now destroyed hand.

They can have a limb cut off and only notice it when they try to move it and it isn't there.

A fish has 1/12th that capacity to feel pain. It also does not have a large enough brain to process the very concept of pain. A fish responds to being stabbed with a stick the same way it responds to being gently poked, it swims away and freaks out.

tl;dr Fish don't feel pain they just respond to stimuli, he put the chopsticks down its throat to hold it still. This is coming from someone has has fileted many still living fish. The only ones you kill first are dangerous ones like Pike.

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File: 1.77 MB, 400x226, tumblr_npzwvzuWHD1sd4vovo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too much talking. Not enough porn.

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File: 1.58 MB, 245x190, anigif_original-grid-image-16164-1462570669-6.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7692931

This is supposed to be a food porn thread, not a food gore one.

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File: 985 KB, 168x298, anigif_original-grid-image-29716-1423685507-5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7693721


>> No.7693727

>dutch dish

>> No.7693734


>> No.7693759

>that method of spreading sauce
>bubbles at the end
shit webm

>> No.7693805



I wish.

>> No.7693844

>30 seconds of ass clenching

>> No.7693863
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Enjoy'd that

>> No.7694386

give me the formuoli

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File: 1.25 MB, 600x450, fried bread.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, jack poopy chicken.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.7694641

Mine too, man.
The fact is, you teach them but they just don't learn. I have to cook everything because I'm scared shitless she's cutting herself baddly

>> No.7694645

Same here, not that bad, but she does get little cuts every once in awhile. Every time I see her cutting something she doesn't have her fingers tucked back and I tell her, but she's stubborn as fuck so whenever I tell her something like that she gets mad and says she's doing it her way.

>> No.7694656

That's just scrambled eggs with onion and green peppers on bread. I think he only used salt. People pay this man to make this for them.

>> No.7694667

So what? It's India, so it's probably literally pennies. People buy food like this in India because of convenience, not because they want to be fancy and eat out.

>> No.7694701

I keep telling me, they would do the same to use, if they could.

>> No.7694718


>> No.7694728

>People pay this man to make this for them.

What's so weird about that? In my country (USA) people often pay a restaurant to microwave frozen food for them. It's called "fast food". Maybe you've heard of it? It's really popular.

>> No.7694731

>he fell for the "expensive food is filling" meme
We spread it around so we would know people that were too pleb to have ever been to a fancy meal, but too stupid to refrain from holding an opinion they know nothing about.

>> No.7694783

Fast food places cook more food that actual restaurants.

>> No.7694857

Yeah man, I get you. Mine was doing it her way until she almost chopped her thumb chopping an onion. Good thing I was keeping an eye.

>> No.7694968

That's the stuff nips make mochi from, right? The texture seems similar.

>> No.7695010

Sort of, that's a batter made mostly with rice flour, mochi is made by pounding cooked rice.

>> No.7695026

So the difference is whether the rice was ground before or after cooking?

>> No.7695049

As far as I understand it. I think there's some other starch included in most rice paper batters though.

>> No.7696709
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>she's doing it her way
Fuck, I hate this.
>someone doing something terribly inefficient or dangerous
>tell them, explain why
>"but I've always done it this way"

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