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Where's the webm thread?
Guess I'll create one.

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This is now a King thread.

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>he just fucking flings that bacon off his knife to purgatory

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What in the name of fuck is this supposed to be

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This turned into food gore way too quick

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i want all of that on my wiener now

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I love that one so much.

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Christ no

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i want to punch him in the face so fucking badly

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>tfw you work with people who make slop like this and legitimately think they know how to cook.

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this webm is sex

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>anon why aren't you eating

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is this the true american dream?

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>tfw you date one

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fuck that

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Somehow, >>7606510 is scarier than >>7606655

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>tfw they dont club the eel

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isn't this just a reaction of some nerve endings to the heat? im pretty sure it's dead and octopus will do the same thing

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10/10 Title

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it is the hands.

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Can't believe they actually eat this is america.....

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i just want to ram my tongue down his throat

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i bet her and jack have sexed

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holy fuck what's that?

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i dont think its the heat, its most likely something they dressed it with to make the nerves react to it.

i hate seeing videos like this on youtube because i always find my self glancing over at the comments and saying how cruel and shit these kinda videos are.
then you get the >thank god im vegetarian! or >welp, im going to be a vegetarian now! type of people

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It's a joke. Have you never seen this skit?

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Actual BBQ

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More like pootato chips.

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This is like watching an android as it tries to mimic human behavior.

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trying this with my mandolin

how many fingertips will i lose

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What the fuck is impressive about this? Looks tasty, but I'm pretty sure any American father can do this.

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this one isn't jack is it? how is that possible? what is he doing?

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how much corn starch...?

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How many fingertips you got?

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has to be a troll

meat is burnt as fuck and he's just slamming shit around on the grill

beef jerky fajitas

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it's all about that double fry

there's some interesting science behind it

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yeah, their energy is really weird when you watch the whole thing

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I think I'd kill myself before becoming a prep cook

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Ja/ck/ is probably impotent, his BMI is over 50 now

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how does that get hot?

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I literally just have a spherical ice mold that works just as well.

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I literally just use regular ice cubes because I'm not a fucking hipster

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That's called the queen bean.

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>touchnig the tortillas

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You'd think they'd be able to get a little less of the produce falling on the floor.

It doesn't, it's just pressure from the heavy top part.

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Post youtube links if you've got any good ones, I try not to just dump the same shit every time.

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Iceberg lettuce belongs on the floor

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Is it bad I feel sad they waste all that chocolate.

Hopefully they pour the leftover back

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Best fucking scrambled eggs I've ever had. Can't believe it took me so many years to learn the right way to make them.

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obviously they don't waste it.

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I'd eat it

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If you had the balls you could probably do that too. Its why she dips her fingers in the batter each time. Probably fries the dough and she gets out before it touches her.

They did something kinda similar on Mythbusters.

Though as someone who worked deep fryers erry day at an amusement park eventually you hands get pretty numb to it. I could grab shit right out of the basket as it came up and it only slightly hurt.

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is it butter initially and then cheese?

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fuckin right you would, it looks great. btw one slice is 1200 calories

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That's crème fraîche

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fucking asians and their knife skills

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This is so satisfying.

Butter then cold creme fraiche to stop it cooking any further.

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Fuck Jack, he is at best an impostor and a thief.

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>that ATG mobility
I bet he isn't even wearing romaleo 2s

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God damn I love Balthazar

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This is my favorite type of thread on /ck/

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for what purpose

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>dis nigga made a non Newtonian fluid and tried to coat a piece of chicken in it

Wow. Just wow.

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Or else Mao gets upset

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dumping some king for your viewing pleasure

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god he just sucks so much

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Love these ads, shame marks and sparks is circling the drain at the moment.

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I used to make Jack webms. In fact, I made most of the ones posted in this thread. I thought it might be time to come out of retirement and make more, but then I saw he made a chocolate espresso cake with a large amount of mayonnaise in the frosting and that's just too far. I don't think I can do it. I can't go back down that rabbit hole.

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>Hopefully they pour the leftover back
Of course they do, ya goob

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muh dick

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And now, the various ways of making noodles.

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And the respectful ways they can be prepared

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folded over 1 golorrion times!

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This is so cute. Source? I like how timid he is

>> No.7609786

I saw these everywhere when I went to America

>> No.7609791

Its skinned, seasoned and thrown on the grill while still being alive.

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this is awesome, can't imagine how hot it must be though. i get uncomfortable just standing in the kitchen with the oven/electric burner going.

>> No.7609803

What if spaghetti was one long noodle that filled the entire plate? Are there unexplored possibilities in pasta science?

>> No.7609809

>shodan creates annelids.jpg

>> No.7609814

When we were kids we'd tie our pasta ends together so it's one long piece and try to swallow it all in one long slurp. Not to thread our anus to our mouth, but just to make dinner fun.

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I think that actually is a thing, along the lines of noodles signifying long life.

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I remember you. You did pic related.
You're an honorable men who did great for the advancement of humanity.

Your eyes are already probably weared out and your sense of right and wrong disbalanced from closely watching all the seconds of those Jack vids.

But your sacrifice is vain if you don't continue to expose the trickery that is Jack Scafioney.

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Thanks for remembering me, anon-kun. I might make more webms soonish, but it's hard to justify it when the janitors crack down so quickly on Jack threads. If this thread is still alive tomorrow, I'll see if I can find anything good to make, but it's 2:40am right now, so I'm gonna get some kip.

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I wish you sweet dreams senpai.

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>daddy issues: the webm

>> No.7609897

That's fucking sadistic.

>> No.7609904

he's from the subcontinent, so it's guaranteed that he's accustomed to near-biblical levels of ball sweat

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This looks horrible, like some asspie ween took all the good parts about BBQ and removed them to a medical table where they would all become stupid and gross.

absolute shit. My uncle, who had three oil tank smokers in his Mississippi backyard, is turning over in his grave right now

>> No.7610028

It's missing it's head.

>> No.7610030

your uncle on a rotisserie?

>> No.7610064


>one tortilla
>retard strength fillings
>dry as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

ok, well, bye.

>> No.7610069

it's dead ya dip

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File: 1.31 MB, 640x360, 1453342069886.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I'd pay $10.00 for that

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>that'll be four hundred ninety-nine dollars, please
>plus tip

>> No.7610147

welp imma need more of this, please please please

>> No.7610153


just walk away, kid. trauma draws you back in, pain is addictive. you did good, sleep well, pupper

>> No.7610155

>adding butter and eggs to bread

true plebian

>> No.7610156

Where are those webms of the pretentious restaurant that draws shit on the tables with chocolate or something

>> No.7610168

>can't even spell plebeian
stop using words

>> No.7610170

holy fuck its breathing

>> No.7610185

Super NSFW!
Elle c'est Kat pis moé c'est Pat!

>> No.7610208



this is the worst chili recipe in the last 100 years, jesus wept

>> No.7610216

take it OFF THE HEAT

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>holding the hot dog the wrong way

>> No.7610287

this is a good thread

>> No.7610381

my autismo is fucking TRIGGERED


>> No.7610412

No it's not. It's the nerves reacting to salt. It's the same reason that headless octopus "dances" in that video when it has soy sauce thrown on it.

>> No.7610421

everyone on /ck/ can probably do that. I would cut like a madman if I don't have to clean the floor of my kitchen.

>> No.7610428

Did this give anyone else an erection?

>> No.7610437

What if you also didn't have to poo in the loo?

>> No.7610497

holy shit 40 bucks for that? I've had some pretty amazing steak frites before, nothing beyond 20 bucks. That has to be some amazing steak.

>> No.7610520

>flicking the queen bean
jack confirmed for alpha as fuck

>> No.7610547

I'd eat it
Weird how she just poured everything in the middle though

>> No.7610738

I work at a P.F. Changs

I want to be stupid and try this

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>this is how he fucks his wife

>> No.7610794

No, it's made of a metal that leads both heat and cold very good, so everything on the icemaker is made from that metal except the hole in the middle. So it leads away all the cold from the ice which makes it melt everywhere except the middle, which makes a sphere.

>> No.7610800

I think I just came.

>> No.7610801

She looks so smug

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Someone post the JYAKKU version

>> No.7610819


>> No.7610830

i will always be too poor to afford organic ingredients or decent cookware

>> No.7610857

Whenever I make these like 1/3rd of my eggs stick to the bottom of the pan

>> No.7610858

this >>7610216

>> No.7610865


cringed hard

>> No.7610887

AllClad-san, is that you?

>> No.7610934


is that 11 madison park?

>> No.7610984

you can tell it's jack from the autistic grade cutlery he uses.

>> No.7611000

went on a boat cruise in halong bay in vietnam. shitty old small wooden junker with a galley the size of a closet sending out just course after course of amazing food, and the chef came out and demonstrated making these carrot nets as well as carving flowers and shit out of watermelons and shit. he was a skinny 19 year old vietnamese kid and made some of the best food i've ever had.

>> No.7611006


what is this though? pancakes?

>> No.7611014

Fucken hell how did he manage fucking it that badly

>> No.7611024

>massive cyst gets drained

>> No.7611036

That laser scene from resident evil

>> No.7611037

What is?

>> No.7611040
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>> No.7611041


Is this seriously how to harvest fresh razor clams?

Holy shit, would try.

>> No.7611048

>Basement serial killer cameraman

>> No.7611057


>> No.7611115

Fuck you that is NOT how thermodynamics works.

The possibility of presure melting the ice can also be calculated. As water expands while freezing, increasing the temperature would increase the freezing point.


T = 0 C
r = 5 cm

To melt the ice at this temperature a pressure of more than 1 Atm or ~100 kPa. Pressure is force divided by area.

r = 5 in => A = 4pi*r^2 = ~350 square cm

1 Pa = 1 N / m^2

To create a force of 100 kPa over an area of 350 cm^2 one would need a force of

100*1000*0.035 = 3500 N

Gravity exerts a force of ~10 N / kg, so to exert a force of 3500 N the top weight would have to be 350 kg.

Seeing the person lift the weight with one hand allows us to dismiss the hypothesis that pressure is the cause of the ice melting. Aside from practical considerations.

A more likely hypothesis is the weights being slightly heated.

>> No.7611135

ice cream with oreos

>> No.7611149


retard, you forgot the ambient temperature and the minor fact of the thermal conductivity of the metal mass.

you fail at science.

>> No.7611150
File: 2.80 MB, 640x360, JackMayoCake.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did it. I made the stupid mayo cake webm. I feel the will to live draining from me.

>> No.7611152
File: 2.63 MB, 640x360, JackFrosting.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a bonus, here he is trying to make the frosting.

>> No.7611157

Gets me every time.

>> No.7611160

So it's still able to post on 4chan?

>> No.7611173

The assumption I tried to refute was that pressure alone could melt this ice.

Of course the ice would melt on it's own at room temperature and the large mass of the mold would meant the ice would melt before it significantly cooled, provided the thermal conductivity of the medium would be high enough. Aluminum would be a better material than steel in this case.

However, the speed at which the solid chunk of ice seems to melt implies the temperature of the mold is significantly elevated above room temperature.

The true retard is the guy who thinks cold is something that can be transferred, instead of heat being transferred from a hot to a cold object to create temperature equilibrium.

>> No.7611177


>However, the speed at which the solid chunk of ice seems to melt implies the temperature of the mold is significantly elevated above room temperature.

this is ostensibly not the case.

>> No.7611179

That's all I could see. Not getting it on there right, or burning the wrist of the hot dog holder.

>> No.7611193

Wtf Is that ketchup and cornflakes

>> No.7611211


>> No.7611219

It would help if you could refrain from ad-hominems and unsubstantiated claims.

Ergo: what the fuck are you talking about nigger? Explain yourself fuckface!

>> No.7611228

Ariel Rebel.

>> No.7611230


...i fail to see how i made an ad hominem in my post.

the people who make the tool say it doesn't need to be heated.



>> No.7611239

>everyone on /ck/ can probably do that
this is incredibly wrong, have you seen the amount of instant noodles and fast food threads?

also I'm decent at dicing but I wouldn't/couldn't do that without slicing my fingers off.

>> No.7611248

so how come we don't have ja/ck/ threads anymore? Haven't seen one in at least 2 months

>> No.7611254

Janitors delete them

>> No.7611263
File: 920 KB, 500x205, fuckyeah.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank god. Here's to hoping they'll start nuking every single fucking one of the M/ck/Donalds and other shitty fastfood threads as well.

>> No.7611270

Jack is not relevant to /ck/.

>> No.7611276
File: 2.44 MB, 640x282, JacksBedroomEyes.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ja/ck/ is relevant to all things, anon.

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File: 1.99 MB, 640x360, alineaaaaaa.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 2.87 MB, 640x360, coconut.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7611293
File: 2.53 MB, 320x240, pizza.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 2.45 MB, 640x360, alineaaaaaaa.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7611299

>every Indian/African food thread is immediately derailed by shit/pol/sting
>the king of /ck/'s threads are deleted

where is the justice?

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File: 1.66 MB, 1067x600, chilli oil.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7611302

inb4 flyover newfags who somehow haven't seen this yet freak out

>> No.7611307

This whole channel is comfy as hell, by the way. It's something else with sound.

>> No.7611324
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>> No.7611337

doesn't look very hygenic.

>> No.7611350


What kind of bacteria do you think might be contaminating that given the SALT and the HEAT?

You know that both salt and heat kill pathogens, right?

>> No.7611377

report anything you want deleted, it's pretty reliable as long as you're not being and ass

>> No.7611384


pressure alone can melt ice.

that is made of aluminum

bitching about "transferred cold" vs "transferred heat" when the meaning is equivalent is dumb when you're so far off base in other areas

>> No.7611396

My favorite part is the pork shoulder just explodes.

>> No.7611407

>coating chicken with oobleck
What a god damn retard.

>> No.7611418

Well yes yeast is a living organism and it respires as all life does.

>> No.7611426


>> No.7611435

Yes, Ray Mears confirms it on one of his shows.

>> No.7611448

I want to be served my food on a plate or in a bowl, I'm not going to eat it off a flat surface like a fucking dog.

>> No.7611453


>i want to be served my food on a plate
>i'm not going to eat it off a flat surface

>> No.7611457

>plates are flat

Literally retarded, show me a flat plat.

>> No.7611480

how, is this doctored?

>> No.7611481
File: 71 KB, 183x267, 1444076152671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dr.Tran aproved

>> No.7611548


>> No.7611575

That's true.
But you'd need a lot more salt or you'd need the heat to last for a lot longer.

I doubt this is a high-risk food anyway but the salt and heat, in this case, will definitely not ensure your safety.

>> No.7611581

its still retarded and illinois IS a flyover state

>> No.7611606

it needs more firearms, but it's pretty close

>> No.7611625

I'm a pleb, what's wrong with this?

>> No.7611627

You'd think a machine would be able to cut that peeling time in half

>> No.7611694


>> No.7611759

If you have to ask, then there truly is no hope for you.

>> No.7611772

>But you'd need a lot more salt or you'd need the heat to last for a lot longer.

No, you wouldn't. Hot enough to pop popcorn is easily hot enough to instantly kill bacteria that cause food poisoning.

>> No.7611782


potato peeling machines are giant turds that get filthy immediately, you need to wash the potatoes anyway, and you still need a nigga to do quality control on the peeled potatoes, so you lose maybe one guy but you also can tell Jamal or hector to run over to soups and get Jose's ass out of the fire or clean the pantry, which you can't tell the machine to do.

>> No.7611796

Note to self: Iceberg lettuce is processed junk.

>> No.7611813

Is there any way to do that with an ordinary sharp knife? I'd save a lot of time if I could do that with my apples or carrots.

>> No.7611821


In my opinion that is an ordinary sharp knife. Just sharpen your knife, anon.

>> No.7611824

so fucking gay

>> No.7611827

was there any doubt in your mind?

>> No.7611829

Great, then where can I learn the skills that I lack?

>> No.7611839

in your kitchen
the 100 simple Ramsay recipes or whateverthefuck they're called are a nice place to start
the man even teaches you how to dice an onion. like, first thing.

>> No.7611854

Weird, I just thought he was a meme that made shit gravy.

>> No.7611859

>slow as fuck
>doing god knows what with that stack of tortillas
>1/3 cup of guacamole on one taco
>taco overfilled as fuck
>overcooked meat
>showing off that abomination to the camera

I bet he thinks he's a badass too. Fucking amateur hour over here

>> No.7611864

he has a series of videos aimed at the budding home cook where he teaches absolutely solid technique, using very simple recipes and straightforward language
you have to pay attention though, because he moves as if he was in an actual kitchen - fast, fast, fast

>> No.7611867
File: 2.67 MB, 1280x720, Beautiful.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what they say:
Once you go Ja/ck/

>> No.7611921

you got the sweetness from the sugar and the zest from mayo
> hm hm so good

>> No.7611966


Fast food threads are never deleted despite reporting, Ramsay threads are never deleted, Alton Brown threads are never deleted, Anthony Bourdain threads are never deleted, etc.

It's bullshit cherry-picking

>> No.7612021

I've been on /ck/ for 2 years, and I still don't understand how pasta is made or how we discovered it.

>> No.7612050
File: 2.65 MB, 640x360, mm, fod.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7612051

>White man.
>Going out of his way for worms.

>> No.7612102

P it

>> No.7612130
File: 22 KB, 480x360, risque.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jack is the essence of /ck/.
Please don let /ck/ become /mu/ for food.

>> No.7612150

Laughed for a good minute.

>> No.7612154

Fuck off, jack has been posted here for 5 years.

>> No.7612172
File: 179 KB, 444x342, 1439502942622.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

DESU quite nothing for the average american cook.

For someone who knows a little about food and cooking this video is so counter intuitive to what good cooking is.

Like usually those beans should be reheated and served hot to have the correct flavour. otherwise it might taste like raw fat adding to the fat that canned products aren't the most flavouful things.

Also, for some stupid reasons he throws the fat/lard in his kitchen, which is humorous. I hope you don't do this at home.

Then the flavours probably suck, or are not really refined or pleasant. There are a lot of cold beans salads recipe in Europe and it's ok to make one, but cold lard beans with cheap mayo and raw unflavored white vinegar seems just bleh, but he presents it as a flavorful shit.

Also the way he cuts everything is just awful. un even cuts, no techniques. All those details in preparing a dish are important and it makes the final texture and taste un appealing.

Finally you taste a dish with your eyes first and EVERYTHING in this dish is un-appealing: the vessel, the brown beans, the resulting unevenly mixed beige colour of the salad.

>> No.7612179

eh eh eh! Nice post!

The butched gravy still gives me nightmares.

>> No.7612232
File: 21 KB, 184x168, gordon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have a genuine question as a person whos new to /ck/

is gordon ramsay a joke?

>> No.7612245

Yes, he knows a lot about good food and has a real passion for the kitchen but is overblown in the public eye since the media posts him everywhere because of his eccentricity.

He's like the Henry Rollins of food.

>> No.7612247

Huh. I just scramble them beforehand and mix them with milk

>> No.7612254
File: 39 KB, 400x600, roawww.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No he's respected among the amateurs cooking community.

>> No.7612284


he's gotten rich cooking and running restaurants, which is a fucking amazing feat even for high profile famous celebrity chefs. He's a top tier bro and his travel stuff has been outstanding, watching cook for all this grumpy Indian bastards was hilarious.
So no, he's no joke. meme, yes, joke, not really

>> No.7612303

it really is the only way to eat bison

>> No.7612329

May I ask what's the source of this magnificent wemb?

>> No.7612342

Lurpak butter commercial

Anyone got the webm with Jack presenting raw chicken as "juicy"?

>> No.7612353
File: 2.74 MB, 640x360, JackChicken.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have it with sound, but if anyone really gives a crap, I guess I could remake it with audio.

>> No.7612398

Oh shit really? It's my oasis of English things in this culinary hell that they call Paris.

>> No.7612441

I think it's something that's so far in the past, no one really knows.

It's not a direct explanation, but you might want to read about the domestication of wheat. Discovering that was a big part of what moved humans from being hunter gatherers to an agricultural society, and grinding it into flour is one of the simplest ways to make it edible.

Once you've got flour, boiling lumps of dough seems like something a lot of people would try, and then you would probably start to try different shapes.

>> No.7612451

Here you go:

>> No.7612471
File: 74 KB, 600x800, oo lala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks for the responses
im watching his stuff and its quite informative for me

>> No.7612479

Thank you kind anon.

>> No.7612487
File: 631 B, 400x400, 1456286862974.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Once you go Ja/ck/, you have a heart attack.

>> No.7612545

>blood and everything in the chicken
Hope this nigga fuckin died

>> No.7612548
File: 56 KB, 257x200, 1405031954999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Non-Newtonian chicken batter

>> No.7612882

I still think we should get a shot of him punching the egg.

>> No.7612925
File: 1.97 MB, 300x300, 1454776201585.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7612978

>if it bleeds we can kill it
>except for Jack.

>> No.7613010

>too dumb to know what a clam is

>> No.7613029

i want to be under that

>> No.7613049

Why do I find this disgusting?

>> No.7613072

>make a sandwich
>wrap it in paper
>cut in half
>have to remove from paper to eat

>> No.7613092

id like to think this is a major difference between the west and the east, the east spends their entire lives dedicated to perfecting a craft and the west spends our live making machines that will do it for us

>> No.7613101

>Uh, I ordered the steak.

>> No.7613202

I want jack shills to leave.

>> No.7613217

This is just what happens when the janitors delete their containment thread.

>> No.7613230


Fake but funny.

>> No.7613236
File: 1.95 MB, 480x360, bonitoprep.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7613237

Okay, Charlemagne. Why is that fake?

>> No.7613238


That's still longer than a mcflurry or just straight up ice cream from a bucket or machine.

>> No.7613241
File: 2.92 MB, 1280x720, cutting tofu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7613246
File: 2.07 MB, 1280x720, duck family.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7613248


>Peeling your potatoes

So much better with the peel.

>> No.7613249
File: 2.11 MB, 272x360, flappy fish.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7613250

What a waste of fucking time. You want gimmick ice cream? try dippin dots

>> No.7613258


I don't know I've done a few years of line prep after doing lunch service and Even cutting 3-4 boxes of peppers and onions a day i could not cut as he's doing as well. Well we didn't need to dice our vegetables either.

>> No.7613268

Didnt Borneo eat this?

>> No.7613294



>> No.7613297


Someone's never heard of 3 second cooking.


>> No.7613299

its supposed to draw a crowd because its cool, not because its efficient

>> No.7613303

>gently adjusts the meat 0:11

>> No.7613305

No Gordon has made more than one good restaurant. Henry Rollins has not made more than one good song

PS Black Flag sucks.

>> No.7613312

i had to look up the actual video because i didn't believe you. holy shit.

>> No.7613317


>because its cool

>> No.7613335

this isnt tumblr dont try to force puns

>> No.7613346

when you're too rich to afford a plate

>> No.7613535

...someone post a webm of some pros handling coconuts.

>> No.7613687

please make more. your work is appreciated

>> No.7613973


>> No.7613981

I don't have the energy to dig through the last few months of uploads looking for disasterpieces, but if anyone wants to point me to promising videos, I'll make more.

>> No.7615508

Its really not though. No one wants to see that stupid bullshit.

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