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What's your favorite type of barbecue, /ck/?
Texas, Carolina, or St Louis style?
Best meats?

Personally, I like smoked beef brisket and pork ribs with Mesquite marinade.

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Brisket and pork ribs. Pulled pork sandwiches can suck my hogan

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St louis style pork steak.

My favorite is from
Strawberries of Holkum missouri.

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i live in texas. i like tx bbq more than cuckolinas. never had kc bbq but burnt ends intrigue me.

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Texas. Smoked brisket is the best bbq and I like the sauce style better, I hate sugary bbq sauce.

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Sauce is haram, and beef brisket is a hate crime.

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Representing Lockhart TX where we never use sauce


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Kansas City master race reporting in.

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Arkansas may very well produce the best barbecue in the world.








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I've lived in both the Carolinas, and have to say Memphis is the best. I got served grey boiled ribs at a place that was supposed to be the best in town once in South Carolina. I'm a hoosier, and the best boston butt I've ever had here was smoked by me.

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these mofos got it right. KC master race here as well.

St louis style is just a bunch of shitty dry rubs, I cant say I've had texas or carolina barbeque

Gates extra hot sauce > anything else you can ever imagine

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the sauce is equally as important as the meat prep, you animal

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this is the only thing KC gets any shine for, along with Google Fiber. I'll take it.

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I've lived in Memphis, Fort Worth, and now Asheville. My favorite style is Carolina barbecue, but the best barbecue I have ever had was at Ribs & Beer in Bruges, Belgium.

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>mfw I don't even have a face you're so wrong you fucking mongoloid

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I really like Kansas City style for the variety. The other major varieties focus too much on one dish: brisket in Texas, ribs in Memphis, pulled pork in Carolina. (And pork steak isn't barbecue, St. Louis.)

Yeah, burnt ends are Kansas City's signature dish, but they're almost always served alongside something like ribs, brisket, or pulled pork. The one pitfall of Kansas City style is when somebody overdoes it with the sauce. Brisket doesn't need it, and you should use it sparingly on the others.

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>mfw i'm reading your post

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Im from TX I love our BBQ but Ive had some fine BBQ in mississippi and I expect other states have some damn fine BBQ seeing as we all specialize in something different.

Why is /ck/ always trying to start a civil war over food? My answer is USA makes the best BBQ excluding Cali fuck Cali.

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what the fuck? do people really eat dry toast bread with such a delicious meat in USA?

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It's largely to help sop up meat drippings. But yeah, they could use better bread, you're right.

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>posting Rudy's

fuck outta here with that shit. yeah it's alright, but it's meme-tier compared to some smaller scale operations

with that said, non-texas bbq btfo.

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I'm from Texas, too.

I've eaten at Rudy's a number of times. The best I would rank Rudy's is third tier.

The bad thing is that the only barbecue in my county is even worse than Rudy's.

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That bread would be better if it was coated in butter and fried

I love barbecue. You cannot get it in Europe.

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I am a life-long Texan, and I love Texas BBQ, and I feel ashamed that I actually prefer Carolina BBQ after visiting NC recently.

I actually do a pretty good fusion of the two myself, but I am no pit master.

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Texas BBQ but I really haven't tried other types of bbq. I too like brisket and ribs. I enjoy a good bbq sauce or a nice sop with the meat.

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Your ribs and sausage are also amazing. I wanna go back.

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White sandwich bread is the optimal bread to eat with BBQ. Just like American cheese is the best to make a cheeseburger with. >>7228022

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salt lick's bbq itself is ok, but their sauce is top notch

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>What's your favorite type of barbecue, /ck/?

All of it.

Hickory smoked, mesquite smoked, sauce, no sauce, it's ALL great.

Best pulled pork comes from the southern coastal states, and you can find melt in your mouth goodness from Virginia all the way down to Florida.

Texas owns brisket. Period.

Ribs and chicken are up for grabs, though, and once you go west of Texas, you won't find any decent BBQ unless it's a store owned and operated by somebody from the south that moved out west.

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1) Kansas City
2) Carolina
3) Texas bbq aka shit brooklyn meme tier aka franklins

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Texas, smoked brisket particularly.

I'd love to order that somewhere, but I guarantee what you see in that picture costs probably about $40, which is just fucking insane.

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>all that sauce getting into the webbing of his fingers

Now I can understand ribs being messy, but I'd have to go to the restroom or turn a garden hose on so I could focus.

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>Texas, Carolina, or St Louis style?
OP proves once again to be a faggot

the answer is Kansas City

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>Texas, Carolina, or St Louis style

What is the difference?

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kansas city missouri or kansas?

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In Texas that would probably be a 12-20 dollar plate desu. If you went to an open market type place near some ranches it could maybe be even cheaper

Also north texas fags don't come saying how you'd spend a bunch more money in dfw yall don't count. East/central texas master race

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Fo'real though who the fuck ever went to STL for BBQ?

He didn't even mention Nashville.

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>Reading almost this entire tread with country accents

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Texas brisket, and I'm not even from Texas.

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I'm from East Texas.

The cheapest you could get that might be $20, but that's at least 3 pounds or so, and no place is going to be charging less than $7 a pound.

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kansas city is no. 1, fuck your shit.

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Midwest makes the best BBQ, sorry.

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This. Wisconsin has one of the best versions of a pulled pork you'll ever have. It includes pulled pork, their best Cheddar, pickles, fried onions, all on a hoagie roll. To die for.

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I live near Austin. Tx BBQ is fucking badass. Franklins and La BBQ are the best. Wish I could afford some now...its like eating a stick of butter.

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>What is the difference?

Rub style. Wood. Cooking temps. Cuts of meat and how they are trimmed. Mop type for maintenance on the smoker. Sauce vs. no sauce vs. vinegar / mustard / tomato based sauce.

BBQ is a lot like pizza in that it's all pretty good, even when it's bad, and it's an accumulation of little things that separate the best from the average.

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As opposed to faggy west coast accents or retarded nor'easter accents?

Stay in New Yawk, faggot.

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>It includes pulled pork, their best Cheddar

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lmao this sounds fucking awful.

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Memphis style pulled pork and dry rub ribs.

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>Cheese on BBQ
Holy fuck you are white trash. You want some ranch dressing on it too?

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Texas style is the best. Smoked brisket is king of BBQ but pretty much every smoked meat is good.

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There are black people in Arkansas

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>French fries with ribs
Fucking savages, don't they know potato salad or coleslaw is the proper side?

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Franklin's is alright, I like Cooper's a lot better t b h.

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stl fag here

Just wanted to comment that life is pretty good here

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I've read that the owner one of the barbecue places in or near Austin (Franklin's, maybe) has very high standards for his barbecue. If for any reason the barbecue isn't up to his standards, he gives it away.

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Pulled pork is goat, gotta have east carolina bbq sauce as well. Red slaw as the only topping. Mustard bbq sauce is a close 2nd.

Fuck a rib, too messy. Fuck regular bbq sauce, that shit is for 5th graders eating microwaved chicken tendies

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Carolinians are mentally detached from the real world of bbq.

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Fellow, stlfag here.

Just letting you know that while KC ain't got shit, stl bbq isn't that spectactular. Memphis and Texas both have better traditions.

>> No.7233822

I need to do a BBQ-eating obesity roadtrip someday....

>> No.7233843

watching people in memphis completely changed me

at least we're not kansas city

>> No.7233849

Could be worse, they could be from West Virginia.

>> No.7233850


Fair assessment

At least we regularly get listed in the list of top cities for BBQ, though

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Listed by bloggers, that means so much.

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not sure what style this is but it's my favorite

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the sauce is awesome it's so thin and tasty I could drink it

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ONLY bloggers? Like literally no other credible sources?

Seems far fetched, anon

>> No.7233872

There are negroes in every state that produces worthwhile BBQ you mongrel.

>> No.7233878

I like pretty much all BBQ because your faggy little region is nothing special and has no "secrets."

I can get Texas style BBQ in Maine or KC style BBQ in Montana.

You are not special.

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>Texas bbq in Maine

For a second, I thought you were being serious.

>> No.7233887

Anon didn't cite the source.
Is thinking that it's bloggers so far from the truth? Not so far fetched when it's thought through. If anon had the source then anon would have used it to give credibility to his bullshit.

>> No.7233889

Smoked salmon

>> No.7233902

With a schmear

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>he doesn't know about the new wordfilters
>he thinks that people have been typing desu on purpose

>> No.7234047

yeah bro you enlighten them fools

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are there literally zero tolerable bbq recipes that feature cheese?

pulled pork with cheese sounds like a trainwreck but surely something somewhere has made it work?

>> No.7234064

texas is one of the most populous states. people from there can be anywhere,, even tiny new england states with one real city and like five towns. by now somebody from texas has been like "i'm gonna cook some real bbq to take money from these hipsters"

>> No.7234065

Cheese is a pointless addition, how would it benefit or enhance the BBQ in any way?

>> No.7234105

loaded meat potato with bbq of your choice, shits pretty good

>> No.7234118

as an arkansan, i can attest to the quality of Whole Hog, but its basically the same style as KC with subtle memphis influences the further east you go. Not that that's a slight against it, but if we're talking style, its gotta be KC. arkansas may have quality, but it doesn't have pedigree.

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well, considering Kansas City Kansas is america's sphincter, i'd have to say MO, but there's not a significant difference, because places like Jack Stack and Gate's have locs in both, along with Lenexa and Overland Park, usually.

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Smoked turkey drumsticks with a mild sweet sauce to dip the meat in are god's gift to mankind.

>> No.7234135

i mean, if you like jerky...

>> No.7234161

Have you tried Heavy Rift in doftown they do some good stuff

Also ASAP way the fuck out on manchester in west county. Like ellisville.

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Enjoy your cancer faggot.
Im secretly jealous because i live in new york

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Now I'm craving Q :*(

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>are there literally zero tolerable bbq recipes that feature cheese?

Not on the meat, no.

I can see the northern mid-west states doing that simply because they make a LOT of cheese, but that's not something we do down south. At best, you might have a mac n' cheese type of side.

Some places won't even use a sauce, let alone cheese.

To each their own, I guess.

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who the fuck puts cheese on BBQ wtf are you even doing replying????????

>> No.7235663

Am I some how missing the pulled pork some where?

>> No.7235704

>who the fuck puts cheese on BBQ...

Wisconsin, anon.

They put cheese on everything up there.

>> No.7235709

I knew it couldn't be 'murkan. There was a tablecloth on the table, the plate looked nice, and there was a salad on the side.

>> No.7235712

I got a big box of nueske's smoked meats for christmas and I live in SC but it didn't come with any cheese

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Rudy's makes some decent brisket and ribs, but everything else is meh.

>> No.7235740

Why don't you just cover the whole goddamn thing in sriracha too, faggot.

>> No.7235806


I've eaten their brisket. Wasn't impressed.

>> No.7235815

let me know of a place in the houston area that blows them away then pls, their brisket is pretty good

>if you say Goode Co you are hipster garbage

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This isnt something texans say, otherwise you could call grilling BBQ and not get mercilessly ridiculed by your neighbor Jason even though you are pretty sure you could fuck his wife if you really tried but he likes guns a lot so you just sit there and take it

>> No.7235831

As a Canadian who has to eat the same shit tasting generic store brand BBQ sauce at every event I attend, I like anything from any of those states.

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Stop embarrassing dairyland more than we already do

>> No.7235877

>live in upstate new york
>like 45 minutes away from the fucking border upstate
>no good bbq joints around
>just pharmacies, gas stations, and fast food

What's a guy to do, man

>> No.7235890

Get a smoker

>> No.7235901

move someplace that's not a meme state

>> No.7235903

meant to quote >>7235877

>> No.7235906

Why is everything a meme lately?

>> No.7235909


They gave you the "export" box.

Local packages come with cheddar cheese.

>> No.7235927

oh look found the le ironic anti-meme meme-poster

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>> No.7236075

>live in California
>try to find bbq

>> No.7236802

this is correct. BBQ is one of the truly american foods (inb4 no one has ever slowly cooked/smoked meat before), and each region has its qualities.

i grew up on KC style with the sweeter sauces, but frequently smoke pork ribs with a dry rub only. i'm not usually a fan of brisket because most places cook it too hot and fast and dry it out, but a properly smoked brisket (or pork butt for that matter) is so tender it almost needs to be eaten with a straw.

i currently live in atlanta, which is really more about soul food. i've had north carolina bbq before, and the all vinegar sauce was...different. but i think i could get into the more mustard based regional sauces in the area.

as someone already mentioned, smoking a whole hog is quite common at arkansas gatherings. therefore, it's not quite as common as other forms of bbq, but when done right, it's hard to go wrong: you have access to any part of the hog you want, and it's always associated with big friendly gatherings, so it comes with good memories.

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who here 4 rivers?

it's the best I can get round these parts

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