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Shot me a bunny yesterday. Got it cleaned up and in the freezer; two nice legs and some decent body meat.

What shall I do with her, coo/ck/s?

>inb4 murderer
Headshot, dead before it knew what was going on. Better than being torn apart by a coyote or eaten alive by an eagle.

>inb4 gore
How do you think meat happens?

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rabbit pie

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Stew the fuck out of it!

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Good job.
What .cal did you pop him with?

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>that small ass rabbit
>in winter when it doesn't even get much food
>"decent meat"

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.22, out of a Marlin 7000. Was walking the prairie to relax and climbed the bank of a dead river and she was just sitting there.

It's enough rabbit for one meal, not bad for the price of a single .22 bullet.

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Id say this

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>being this much of an obvious fatass

A rabbit is a fine meal. Sorry it's not the entire pizza and gallon of mayo you're used to.

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Stew or a meat pie fits rabbit the best imo.
Get yourself a few more pelts and you'll have enough for some comfy custom made gloves too.

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Spend six hours scraping the postage-stamp sized meat bits off the 10,000 tiny razor sharp bones. Braise it for another six hours so it doesn't have the texture of a fine leather wallet. Get drunk enough to choke it down with some pickled vegetables and hard tack, while pretending it's still the 1840s. Then return to eating animals that are actually worth eating for another 12 months before you get bored of them because they're too easy and delicious.

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Holly shit the butthurt in this.

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Here's the reply that you're obviously so desperate for

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>being this much of a bitch

Go back to Arby's.

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>comfy custom made gloves
I've thought about this. Never tanned a hide before though, so I'd need to read up and watch some vids.

Also, I guess not using the rip-and-tear method to skin would be helpful in the endeavor. It's just so much easier than keeping the hide whole.

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you could boil it in water Fatal Attraction style

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That looks quite doable actually, even with my basic kitchen. Pity the liver was showing a bit of disease, so I binned the offal. Thanks, anon. It'll be a fight between this and a basic stew.

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I made a pair for myself back when I was a young lad and hunted Jackrabbits with a bb gun. They lasted me 2 years and were very warm. Tanning isn't too hard though, you could easily figure it out.

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>consuming rodents
How much more redneck can you get?

PROTIP:you can't

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Ted's holdover youtube might help

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>calling a lagomorph a rodent

no anon, you are the redneck

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A redneck would know better animal taxonomy than that

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You've clearly never butchered or eaten a wild rabbit

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> tanning
take a scraper to the skin, clean it up nicely
wash it
rub it with the animal's brain
stretch it out and wait
fun factoid: each and every mammal walking this God's green Earth has just enough of a brain that you can prepare its hide with it.

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Sounds good, just uh, one problem; I do headshots. Critter's brain is sorta scattered across the snow and grass by the time I pick it up, heh.

I recall something about tanning solution you can get by the bottle, though. I'll look into that.

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This is not a hunting board. Fuck off and I hope you got shot in the face by another hunter who mistook you for a wild boar you faggot

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OP I would say making a stew is your best bet, rabbit bones aren't good for stock so just toss em.

If you have a lot of fat laying around tho confit rabbit is pretty fuckin good.

Confit, shred on toast with some roasted onion or shallot jam, mmm mmm

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That's a bit harsh.
One could argue that hunting is directly connected to food and cooking.

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>fun factoid: each and every mammal walking this God's green Earth has just enough of a brain that you can prepare its hide with it.


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You're so dumb

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That feel when I am an unimaginative fuck who is okay with tough meat and just prefers to bread the Leg quarters like chicken, pan fry it and make gravy with the drippings

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God I hope this is just bait.

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Well when you do cook it up, tell us how you did it and how it turned out.

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What about an elephant, don't they have tiny brains?

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I hate this board. Why do I come here with expectations..?

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Insert tip and trim around anus. cut from anus cutting up both hind legs.

Work skin off of legs until you get to the tail.

Grasp fur and exposed legs, Just pull it up the body like removing a sock turning it inside out.

Gut off head from exposed neck.

Reach inside of your fur lines rabbit sock and grasp the ears.

Crack a joke to any onlookers about everyone's favorite magic trick, pulling a rabbit out of a rabbit.

Pull ears to turn fur right side out. Detach head and toss it aside.

Remove innards.

Brine and roast.

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Debone it, make bunny stock, sear in fat, start your vegetables, cut up the meat, stew all the shit, add potatoes near the end. Good eating.

Anyone else have go-to recipes, because I made this the last two times I shot rabbit.

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Hunting threads usually come off like dickless insufferable pricks, but OP seems like a cool guy.

Quick kill, respect for the animal, seems like a bro.

Cheers op.

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If you've never EXECUTED a dumb meatbag with your GUN (>implying I'm afraid of inanimate tools) your a pussy cück cityboy libtard moonbat. Real men will drink your blood when the shit finally hits the fan; I can't wait to not be a loser anymore and it's because I'm not afraid of guns like you white-guilt tumblrinas.

Personally if the animal isn't shrieking in agony as I rip its skin off in front of its babies it's underwhelming. If your unwilling to torture a stupid fucking bunny because MUH FEELINGS you deserve everything that happens to you when civilization finally collapses (any day now)

I'm not ashamed to be white which is why I'll be on top of the food chain while you squirm for Obama to give handouts via my taxes. Fuck off hippies. Adults are talking.
>sips laphroaig

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As long as you're doing it for food and not some bullshit 'sport' for trophies, and the animal doesn't go to waste, i'm all for it.
As much as I love bunnies, thats some good eatin.

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>not collecting trophies from your kills
I collect trophies from everything I go, from sex to shitting, all accomplishments are remembered in the trophy drawer.

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I'd be more worried about parasites from wild rabbit, but do what you will.

Post results?

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I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

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That's rude speak and (in case you didn't know) your opinion.
I love guns and bunny rabbits.

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Holy fuck, could you be a bigger pussy?

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Why are there so many tumblrites on this board? I know it's a cooking board but fucking hell.

What does being white have to do with anything?

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OP if /ck/ is too much of a bitch try asking

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You do realize that killing the old past-prime lion males prevents them from killing the cubs to attempt dominance, right? That's trophy hunting and conservation right there.

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Must be a pretty small collection if it fits in a drawer, if you know what I mean

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OP here. Parasites are always a worry to me and my near-crippling hypochondria, which is why I examine the gutty-works quite carefully when doing the messy bit. Liver and kidneys and heart can tell you quite a bit about the condition of your game, and this bunny did have the start of some liver parasites showing.

Hence why, once I had her parted out and washed, I bagged her up and chucked her in the freezer. Parasites can't take a good freezing, and following it up with a proper cooking temperatures pretty much guarantees a safe meal.

Meat's in the freezer at bro's place, and I'll be back out on Friday to feed his cat and see if I can score another bunny or two. Thaw and brine that night, and with luck Saturday I'll make an attempt at something tasty. If the thread lives still I'll take pictures.

Otherwise, more game recipes is good!

I like bunnies- I've had friends who kept them as pets and I think they are adorable. If I wasn't in an apartment I've give some consideration to having some as pets because I do think they are lovely.

Unfortunately for their wild kin, they are also easy to catch and known to be incredibly tasty when done right.

>Crack a joke to any onlookers about everyone's favorite magic trick, pulling a rabbit out of a rabbit.
Kek, will remember that one.

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rabbits are eaten by pretty much everything in the food chain that isn't a plant

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We wouldn't need 'conservation' at all if people would stop shooting them in the first place.

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>crowd out apex predator
>think that actively killing them is the reason why they are dying out

nigga read a book

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Even /an/ hates rabbits. The least we could do is kill and eat the poor things.

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