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Is he a pleb or patrician?


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He is a God among men

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I just seen the video and holy fuck is he autistic or what?

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What the hell do you think?

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He's the hero we don't deserve

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Poor man's Joey desu senpai

Even he would admit that

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Lol it sounds like he's from Boston too

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Why do we have to medicalize being a socially awkward weirdo....

Not everyone who is strange is autistic...

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He's patrician but his scores are inflated too much desu

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I always thought jersey or nyc

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he uses amerilard grading system family

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You're probably right, he's probably from either of those 2 states.

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I went to school with him.
What would you like to know?
>I'm not giving out personal details.

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Has reviewbrah ever had a gf

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Yes, he was very popular at school. He's into skateboarding and lacrosse.

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He acts like that because it's deadpan humor.

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>Inflated scores

You know if a product is average, he scores it 7.5 right?

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Long Island. I live in CT and I know that fucking accent. I be he lives with this grandparents in Long Island.

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He's from New Haven, CT.
At least that's where he grew up.

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He posts on Roadfood.com as well as here on /ck/.
That's all I'm telling.

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You're fucking lying, prove it

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I recently found out this guy went to my roomies high school. Apparently he wears those suits all the time.

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At first, like everyone else, I laughed at reviewbrah. But I found something about his video addictive. His self-deprecating personality is somewhat charming.

Before I knew it, I was laughing WITH reviewbrah.

King of /ck/

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Strange, thats exactly where I currently am.

What is this sorcery?

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Yes, that is exactly the definition of inflated scores you dumb American

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Im from long island, that's not a long island accent. I think hes from NJ

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Go to Caseus.
He sometimes hangs out there.

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Its you, isn't it?

Come to Ordinary tomorrow for lunch, prove it. I will buy your whole god damn lunch if you do.

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Gee, lemme think...is the guy who reviews energy drinks and fast food pleb or patrician? Hmmm..yeah, gonna go with pleb on this one. That said, he's entertaining, specifically because he thinks he's patrician as fuk, and it's funny to watch him seriously grading things like Long John Silver's .

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Reviewbrah is a prophet meant to deliver us to enlightenment

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He films in 4:3 which is a huge sexual turn on for me (long story).
I actually think hipsters will get on board with it sooner or later.

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he's from north jersey

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you wouldn't happen to be friends with Ohio-kun, would you?

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There is one and only one true King of Cu/ck/

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These threads are silly. Please stop circlejerking around youtubers.

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>overall in gonna give this meal, I'd say about an 8/10 just cause I don't give 10/10s... hm..

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He nailed the review of the boss wrap. I wish I would have watched this review before I bought a boss wrap. Double the steak my ass. There was almost no steak in my god damn boss wrap.

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Hmm... Why is it called review of the week when he uploads numerous videos per week?

Also it is nice to watch his older videos where he was much more awkward and spoke less clearly and then watch his new videos to watch him progress to a much more confident and eloquent speaker.

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Jack is an unlikable prick who is unworthy of the title. Fuck off.

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>manchild who can't cook

Sorry bruv. I like Reviewbrah and all but he's got a shit-tier palate. The dude eats one meal a day and it's either one of his review items or a frozen pizza that he reheats so in terms of /ck/ he's pretty pleb.

Once again he seems okay, I mean a bit eccentric but a cu/ck/ he ain't.

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>When you watch his "A day in the life of" videos

I don't know whether it's cringe and sad or if it's awesome.

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Perhaps he will name his children after us as an embodiment of his new found confidence.

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>Those old videos of what appears to be him at 15 in ill-fitting suits, eyes darting all over the place and his parent holding the camera

I liked those way more too.

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Are you really this fucking stupid? You probably are so i'll explain it for you.

7.5 is just an arbitrary choice of definition of an 'average' product. You could choose any number to mean average. It just so happens that most people choose the median point. If you compare his reviews to someone who uses a 10 point rating scale, with 5 as their 'average' then Reviewbrah rating a product as a 7.5 and the other reviewer rating it a 5 means the same thing. That should be pretty obvious. It doesnt mean that his rating is inflated. If you compared his ratings to someone who used a 20 point rating system who used 10 as an average score, would you say their rating is inflated because they consistently rate higher than reviewbrah?

Now if you had said that you thought his ratings were inflated because he consistently rates products above average when you actually think they are below average, then your argument would have made sense. But you didnt.

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are you kidding me? his autism is through the fucking roof

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He's from Rockland County, NY..my guess is Spring Valley/Nanuet area. He has been doing some videos from the Palisades Center Mall food court recently.

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He's from rockland, ny

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He really wears a suit every day

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yes, it would appear so..and it's fucking bizarre. but, autism.

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He's actually not stupid though I've never seen his videos but I've talked to him and he's pretty normal

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If using a 10 point scale the average would be 5

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You met the Reviewbrah? Im mad jelly.

I find his latest food/drink reviews a little too serious though. He still has some humour, but not like the videos of old.

VORW is now his best show. I think it probably takes some amount of skill to just sit and talk to a microphone for two hours.

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Yes, and the mean average would be 5.5. Except we arent taking the average of the numerical values. In this case average doesnt mean the average of the numbers, it means that the quality of the product is 'average'. That has been assigned to 7.5. Its a trivial distinction

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He was in my high school, graduating class, didn't properly meet him until senior year, always saw the suit though

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Was he a pretty normal guy or as weird as he is in the videos?

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You've gotta get the steak and potato wrap.

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he was quiet, kept to himself but for sure had a weird vibe to him and what he said, I could kinda relate to him though, I am actually about to watch one of his videos I never have

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Me too, we even went on a date once.
>takes me to dominos
>found it odd because its take out only
>we walk in, he's on a first name basis with the staff
>they bring out a table and two chairs for us from the back
>he smirks at me when this happens
>he orders, "the usual"
>10 minutes of awkward silence
>the food finally comes, they deliver it to the table
>$2 tip
>he slowly and systemically unboxes it, commenting on the presentation
>it's hawaiian, not enough pineapple he says
>he proceeds to pick the best two slices out, handing me one, him taking the other
>all the while commenting on the presentation of the "dish"
>he keeps checking his phone as we chew in silence
>in case of an emergency he says
>we finish
>he rates it 7/10
>walks me home to my door
>shakes my hand
>i never see him again

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Now I know youre not for real. Reviewbrah orders pepperoni.

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Watched the pan pizza video and didn't even seem like him he is a tourtured soul irl

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We all know it's you reviewbrah

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No way that's an NJ accent. I live in NJ and that is absolutely NY/CT based.

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what accent this?

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Most Americans can never understand this.

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that pinhead

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THAT'S a new york/ jersey accent, you dumb fuck

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show a picture of him from the eyar book. just block out his name.

what is roadfood?

go back to reddit, you fucking faggot

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Did he show?

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You sound like the faggot, faggot.

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He's more patrician than Dankthony Memetano.

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He isn't, I'm from NJ and the accent isn't right.

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We literally used to have Reviewbrah threads all the time. Then Joey threads. Then Ja/ck/ threads. idk what happened

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It amazes me how many of you dumb fuckers think he isn't in on the act.

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You know, coming at it without knowing any of his other vids; I could see it coming off as cringe - especially to a normie. But after adjusting to his dry humor and demeanor, he seems genuinely happy with who he is and what he likes and how he spends his time. Who the fuck can criticize that? The kid has something figured out I clearly don't, so I can't put him down.

He also seems to come from a good family [his mom interjects sometimes]; dresses clean; speaks eloquently (even though he's talking about garbage food - part of the joke, I think); and seems to have gained confidence.

I'll bet the kids gonna be a tad awkward through highschool; really develop at university; go on to grad studies and become a really personable albiet quirky lawyer or something. He'll gain popularity as his peers catch up to his lvl.

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It's a Staten Island accent, he's a transplant obviously his parents gained more suitable employment in NJ.

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I am pretty sure he's already graduated high school

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The dude is like 22 or something bruv.

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The fact that you're talking about him like he's 15 or something sort of proves my point.

It's cool that he has an audience for both his videos and podcast (and he gets Patreon money too) so more power to him there, but at the same time it's one of those things where this is probably the peak of his popularity right now.

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I just don't get the appeal of this kid. That grating accent, flat hair, those ill-fitted suits, he looks like a turtle poking his head out of its shell. He probably stole them from his dad's closet. I guess his presentation is entirely the humor? It hardly warrants a chuckle. I just feel frustrated whenever I watch him. At least with Joey/Jack threads we could laugh at a bumbling fat idiot with zero self-awareness. This kid knows what he's doing, (at least in part) and it's just boring.

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He's like a modern day Andy Kaufman.

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Faggots bitched to the mods so much that they delete them. Or one of the haters is a janitor

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I thought he was impersonating Nucky Thompson

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>being this new