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Anyone else here have the palate of a child? I'm almost 23 and

>Don't drink coffee
>Don't drink tea
>Don't drink alcohol
>Don't eat most vegetables
>Put only ketchup on my hot dogs

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Add in
>love sweet stuff
and you've got me

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My room mate is infinitely worse than you are. I can not be around him when we go out to eat, he can not eat literally any vegetable. If he gets a burger he has to get a new one if they fucked up rather than just take them off.

Christ, it pisses me off sometimes.

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coffee is gross and bitter, like alcohol, people only drink it for it's benefits
tea is gross if you don't prepare it right, so it's hard to get into unless someone is guiding your hips
not eating vegetables just means you suck as a person, sure vegetables taste good to some, but you have to be a literal child if you cannot just eat through the taste
ketchup is okay, but it gets too boring for me after a long time

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I love tea but yeah, the rest for me is exactly the same.

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>hating on sweet stuff

What are you, japanese?

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At least you don't rape coffee with sugar and cream and claim to love coffee like all those underage girls on the street in the morning... Same goes for alcohol in my opinion, sweet alcohol is fucking terrible.

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I don't want to taste alcohol, I just want the effects.

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They make me gag, simple as that. It's not just the taste, but the texture. Nothing worse than biting into a big chunk of onion.

Fuck, I hate people who send their food back for petty reasons. Sometimes I have the misfortune of sitting near some old fart who sends back their steak like four times. It's painful.

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underage b&

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I was so picky as a child, my entire diet subsisted of chicken nuggets, pasta with butter, and mac and cereal. A few years later, I accepted canned soup and raw carrots.

Now, I'll try anything. I'm still not a huge fan of some things, but I've learned to cook almost anything I "didn't like" in a way that I do enjoy.

To me, that's a big part of pickiness. It's proven teaching kids how to cook/including them in making dinner helps decrease pickiness and general avoidance of the unknown.

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No this is not the place for you.

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All my picky friends are either fat fucks or scrawny little pieces of shit. What's with picky people being these unhealthy extremes on either side?

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dunno why but ice tea, especially on an empty stomach, makes me vomit

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was in a relationship with someone like this.
>never saw vegetables on plate
>would order the following, pepperoni pizza only, chicken tenders, chicken, burgers, chicken Parmesan.
>never liked coffee.
>almost 25

its impossible at that point

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>dating a literal neckbeard stereotype

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drinking alcohol, tea or coffee doesn't make you an adult, you stupid child

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I was like this for the longest time. It wasn't until I got into cooking and also had good cooks in my life.

My parents were terrible cooks. I can't say that I blamed them. They had me super young.

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Is being a picky eater a normal occurrence in the US? I kinda have the feeling that a lot of children are raised on only a small variety of foods and thus, they become picky eating manchildren.

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most of the picky eaters i know either grew up very poor or are just huge faggots.

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I was raised by one parent who only ever used salt and pepper as a seasoning in every single meal (and sparingly, too) and another who did barbecue very well but hated cooking. Took me a long time and courage to try new things, it's hard when all you know is bland fried shit.

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Yes it occurred primarily due to prohibition and the increasing influence of puritan ideology. Basically the picky manchilds parents where themselves picky manchildren due to them never getting over what was supposed to be a child's diet designed ironically to be healthy for the child's development. Sadly though it's morphed into some sort of national icon and thus is immune to any sort of criticism and any attempts to due so is met with ridicule and xenophobia.

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>morphed into some sort of national icon and thus is immune to any sort of criticism

Not at all.

I've never seen pick eating be anywhere close to a national icon and plenty of people criticize picky eaters.

Stop making shit up.

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Veggies is were they hide the genocide

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It's not picky eating when the whole family eats the same food. I assume you grew up in a middle class family?

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>only eating chicken fingers and burgers at adult age is a national American icon


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>Oh no! Anon insulted me!
>Better c-call him a fag!

Toppest kek, atleast we arent 12 years old thinking coffee and vegetablea are gross.

Hows middle school?

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Better than having the palate of a manchild

>muh bitter coffee
>muh dark chocolate
>muh sriracha on everything

>sweet and mild? GROW UP CHILD

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Its worse when you have to cater to the needs of someone with the palate of a child than when you're the one with it.

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>he has never enjoyed the taste of a strong intense black coffee on a stressfree morning
>he has never got to enjoy the pleasure of the first sip of an ice-cold premium pilsener on a hot summer day
>he doesn't realize that tea is incredibly easy to prepare

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The only reason I don't drink coffee is because it makes me shit. I'd rather not start the day with that shit brewing around down there.

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I absolutely abhor coffee even coffee based flavors

I enjoy the occasional sweets

I think meat is more of a treat than sweets

I cannot drink hard alcohol without making a cocktail out of it

I think beer tastes like ass but cider is tasty

Other than this I think I'm pretty normal

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This tbh, at least picky eaters are just the regular old ignorant and retarded, redditor manchildren are intentionally ignorant and contrarian

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I prefer iced black coffee so I don't have to wait 15 minutes for it to cool down. Same with tea.

Probably because I've burnt my mouth badly from hot soup when I was young.

As for veggies, no problems with grilled/sauteed ones. Salads with mayonnaise can gtfo.

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>coffee is gross
>tea is hard to make
>ketchup is ok
but you have to be a literal child if you cannot just eat through the taste of vegetables

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theres nothing wrong with never touching alcohol.

>> No.7022889

pork is literally the devil's spawn

>> No.7022895

ahmed, pls

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That's a benefit though. I drink a cup when I first get up, take a poo in the loo, take a shower, and I am fresh and ready for the day.

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>never drink coffee
>one day decide to have coffee before work, just to see if it does anything
>most of my shift I'm a nervous wreck, shaking and super anxious

Why do people like this shit?

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I really can't stand coffee. I want to like it, and every so often I'll try again to see if my tastes have changed, but the answer always ends up being no. I usually get caffeine through tea, which I can't get enough of.

As for food, pretty much anything goes.

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>don't drink coffee
>have never liked ketchup with the exception of a burger that lacks tomato or it otherwise being an ingredient to something greater
>have always loved cooked onions and mostly mushrooms
>peppers were acquired by the end of elementary school
>have never been big on chocolate/sweets
>26 and still drink at least a gallon of milk a week
>always hated strawberries and peaches

I've never had the palate of a child.

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You sound like a 13 year old that just drank booze for the first time and puked

>> No.7023083

You probably had a giant cup meant for chronic drinkers.

Coffee is potent shit. If you have no tolerance for caffeine, you need to keep the dosage low. Then you'll get a pleasant buzz, not an overwhelming one.

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Japanese love sweet shit. Also bland food.

>> No.7023089

You're very similar to one of my friends
>no vegetables
>ketchup on everything
>doesn't eat bread (only cheese pizza)
>chocolate milk beverage of choice
>no pasta unless it has only red sauce
>chicken tenders only viable option on menu out of 40+ items
>alcohol and coffee are too bitter
>never eats if these options aren't available (he's 5'8" but looks like he weighs 110~)

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>cup of coffee every morning
>cup of earl grey every once in a while
>have a few beers when I watch football
>will eat most veggies
>put mustard and onions on my hot dog

Feels great being an adult.

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>what is it with picky people being these unhealthy extremes on either side

It's because they only eat a few different things and have an unbalanced diet.

>> No.7023110

>muh balanced diet

>> No.7023128

Why is /r9k/ allowed to spill over into here?


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>coffee is gross and bitter, like alcohol, people only drink it for it's benefits
Maybe it's time to grind your own beans and enjoy good stuff instead of sugary syrupy starbucks.

>tea is gross if you don't prepare it right, so it's hard to get into unless someone is guiding your hips
Are you a literal retard?
Put loose leaves in hot water, let it stay in there for as long as the package/site said it should be. Wow it's fucking done.

I'm probably just baited, but I'm fine because I love posting on 4chan.

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>being this much of a try hard hipster sperg


>> No.7023163

>buying coffee beans and loose tea leaves is being a hipster sperg
What's next?
I'm a hipster sperg because I make my own food rather than buying those instant warm up meals?

>> No.7023178

Now you're just grasping at straws

You can go back to blogging on reddit about how mean 4chan is on your iPhone

>> No.7023183

>oh no he thinks Starbucks is shit
>better call him a sperg
>no go back to reddit
So how does buying coffee beans and loose tea leaves make me a hipster sperg?

>> No.7023200

Thanks, OP -- these threads are better than YLYL threads for me. They're on the same level as the "cringe threads." I always lose.

>> No.7023229

Soery, but you can't expect to be in shape when you eat 50 chicken tenders and a gallon of diet coke every day for a year.

>> No.7023230

The only thing childish about me is that I never can seem to stop liking sweet stuff. Other than that I can eat and drink almost everything. I love craft beer for example.

>> No.7023274

Not sure if it has been said but, the best thing i have found if you are a picky eater is to just keep trying things you don't like in different ways.

I have been doing it for years now and there is almost nothing i won't eat because i have either come to like it or found something that has it in it and like that

>> No.7023303

If an adult is a picky eater, they probably have an eating disorder


or they have a mild form of PTSD due to a bad memory associated with eating certain foods (daddy used to be mean to me if I didn't eat my vegetables and mommy didn't cook the vegetables right so I grew up hating vegetables)

>> No.7023318


Why do we have bullshit disorders like this? Adults who are picky eaters are scum and should not be allowed to reproduce.

>> No.7023340


this disorder is about as serious and ADHD and depression. They are disorders that are very real, but people take very lightly.

Don't think that picky eaters don't even try to adapt to new foods. They try and have a powerful gag reflex. Their tastebuds are a lot more sensitive to taste and textures.

look at this clip of a man who struggles everyday with his mental disorder and tell me the struggle isn't real. You can't just tell these people 'just man up' or 'grow up'


>> No.7023352

it literally is all in the mind though. Picky eaters are still children.

Depression can be caused by chemical imbalances and it is why it isn't good to say 'be happy' to someone

I have fed so many alleged picky eaters and even a few with that so called disorder, food they 'can't' eat in ways that you can still taste it, even see it, and they it up like nobodies business because i just say it is something else.

The mind is powerful that is why there is such a thing as placebo medication

>> No.7023421

anything in the mind is caused by chemical imbalances, that's how the mind works. please stop pretending you know anything about mental disorders or how they work because clearly you have no clue

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>gross and bitter
I like the taste of black coffee. Even shitty store brand coffee. If I didnt like it, I wouldnt drink it. Tea is also good and isnt even that bitter.
Alcoholic drinks taste good too, again, or I wouldnt drink it. Id just shoot straight grain alcohol if I wanted to taste as little as possible and get drunk.

Why do picky eaters even browse this board? To hate everything more?

>> No.7023452

They're hungry and mom said the tendies are gonna be 15 more minutes

>> No.7023471

Triggered tbh

>> No.7023509

stop trying to force this mayo on salads meme. no one else thinks it's funny.

>> No.7023517

what the fuck is that kid eating?

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My boyfriends little brother is the pickiest little faggot I've ever met. I cannot stand him.

Kid is 13
> only salt, no pepper on food
> pepperoni pizza only
> burgers are meat, cheddar cheese, and white bread

> no veggies, other cheeses, ham, anything new

His mom makes him a special meal apart from what everyone else eats. If he doesn't like her special meal for him, he throws a fit and eats white rolls. I don't understand this incessant coddling of a little bitch.

>> No.7023721

I like all that stuff OP listed except ketchup. I don't like any condiments and feel that they ruin the food itself.

>inb4 grow up, kid
I'm 24

>> No.7023893

I grew out of most of the picky eating habits.

But my sister is the worst.
>Mostly eats unhealthy shit
>hordes chick-fla sauce
>No veggies besides onions, potatoes and lettuce when she eats salad.
>Every fucking time my family goes out to one of those Japanese steakhouses where they cook in front of you, she always ask if she can only had onions for veggies.
>When she does get a salad, she always ask for extra dressing even when there's enough.
I love her, but she's getting fatter and refuses to change her diet.
I really fear she's going to get diabets

>> No.7024150

Pour it into your asshole then, like the fag you are.

>> No.7024188

Sounds exactly like my boyfriend. I enjoy cooking but I can't stand cooking for him. 21 and he doesn't like anything spicier than pizza sauce. Can't cook with tomatoes, peppers, spices, onion, mushrooms, fish, or any vegetable that isn't a potato or carrot without him bitching and refusing to eat it.

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>Sadly though it's morphed into some sort of national icon and thus is immune to any sort of criticism and any attempts to due so is met with ridicule and xenophobia.
I wouldn't quite put it that way, but it's not as far off the mark as it sounds. The culture has English roots. For a long time in the US mild foods were considered classy and properly American, while strongly flavored (or strong smelling) foods were looked down because they were what immigrants ate. They were ethnic.This goes all the way back to the first waves of German immigrants bringing a taste for sauerkraut and strong mustard with them. It took the arrival of Italians and Greeks to make garlic common here, and was a long, slow acceptance. As recently as 1975 it was called "the most controversial addition to food" in the Joy of Cooking!

Remember, the availability of fresh veg year round is a recent development. During most of American history canned vegetables were the norm most of the year. So living off meat and potatoes didn't seem that absurd if you could afford to. And if you couldn't you ate beans until you hopefully did well enough to afford meat and potatoes.

This kind of thinking still holds on in American backwaters. You see less of it in cosmopolitan places, where immigrants have added many new tastes to the American diet. In the backwaters these tastes are still viewed with suspicion or contempt because they're "foreign".

>> No.7024202

I was like that at 23
Now I'm 28 and I genuinely enjoy the taste of coffee tea and vegetables (though I don't drink booze and I find coffee too strong without milk)

>> No.7024238

deep fried butter

>> No.7025440

to each his own

>> No.7025513

I'm the opposite

all I drink is tea and coffee

most of what I eat is veggies

>> No.7025555

Just as bad.

You have to be like frosted miniwheats. Frosted on one side for the kid in you and the rich, whole wheat goodness for the grown-up that you are.

>> No.7025560


>> No.7025564

>Just as bad.
Veggies are bad for you?

Ayyy fuck off kid

>> No.7025586

I've not yet felt the need to drink coffee, but I've had it before and it's not terrible. Tea is shit. Alcohol tastes like shit and I guess I'm too beta for the idea of getting drunk to sound appealing. I do love ketchup, and it's often the only thing I put on hotdogs, but BBQ sauce and onion are other things I put on it.

However, I eat a lot of vegetables. I grew up mainly on canned vegetables and so I never liked them. But whenever I went to a friend's house and ate their vegies, I fucking loved them. Fresh vegetables are amazing and now I eat them all the time.

>> No.7025594



Fucking dropped, at least say hefeweizen.

>> No.7025598

>Hate onions, especially when raw
>Same with celery
>Fucking despise currents and sultanas
>Don't like coffee unless it's got cream and sugar
>Don't like booze unless it's a fruity girl drink

Other than that, I will eat the fuck out of anything.

>> No.7025600

Stay in school, child. Eventually they will cover reading comprehension.

>> No.7025608

>don't drink coffee
>don't drink tea
>don't drink alcohol
>Hate beans
>Hate most mexican american food
>Hate pineapple
>Hate mashed potatoes
>Hate guacamole
>Hate mayo
>Hate ranch dressing
>Picky with vinegar-based dressings
>Hate mustard
Other than that I'm not a picky eater.

>> No.7025621

>only like pumpkin spice tea with milk and honey
>enjoy bready foods like savory pies and rolls
>will only drink alcohol if it tastes good like bailey's irish cream
>need to have a dessert every weekend

I just really like food that makes me comfortable. I have extremely fond memories of being over at my grandma's house when I was a kid during Christmas. I'd sit on her recliner which was extremely comfortable with a blanket and eat her home baked cinnamon and oatmeal cookies while drinking a tall glass of eggnog and reading Harry Potter or Redwall.

Ever since then eating comfort food brings me a deep sense of security and contentedness.

>> No.7025686

I have a friend like that. He gets invited to less things as a result.

>> No.7025699

Growing up in my family we ate what we were given or we went hungry.

I hated brussel sprouts and pumpkin, but if they were served on my plate I'd still eat them.

>> No.7025719

The way things ought to be.

>> No.7025728

Somehow I am able to like beer in general and most hard liquor but I just can't stand wine or anything (like Guiness) aged in oak barrels. That taste is so gag-inducing and I've tried so many times to like wine. I can only go as far as moschato.

>> No.7025740

And it makes me feel like a babby because supposedly even Europoor children drink this in family dinners. But me 30 years old cant even drink it.

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I know that feel OP, except I've grown to love veggies. Other than that, I eat just like I did growing up.

I still love my diabeetus bowls.

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>Like ketchup a lot
>Hate mushrooms
>Don't drink coffee without cream and sugar

Besides that I'm not a pleb

>> No.7025848

I love veggies and tea, but coffee and alcohol are fucking undrinkable to me. Also I love candy.

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If it's any consolation, my 22 year old brother seems to only eat pizza, burgers, cheese fries, chicken patties, oatmeal, and junk food.
All he drinks is water.

>> No.7027153

Most picky eaters just grew up poor

Especially people that don't like onions

>> No.7027164

>Don't drink coffee
I don't care for coffee my self.
>Don't drink tea
Drinking some now
>Don't drink alcohol
I drunk too much
>Don't eat most vegetables
I only dislike a few I do enjoy most of them
>Put only ketchup on my hot dogs
This should have you drawn and quartered

>> No.7027182

Try more shit, I bet you never tried eating olives aswell.

The only things I don't like are atleast easily shrugged off like old cheeses and egg yolk.

>> No.7027876

egg yolk is the butter on the bread, the hotdog inside of a corndog...

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>coffee is gross and bitter, like alcohol

>> No.7028027

Coffee is meh.
It can taste bitter or burnt. I think burnt is better.

Tea can be okay. The problem is that not all variants of tea is good without adding anything, and some is only good when sweeted with honey.
I can respect not drinking tea.

Veggies is whatever. Some taste fine, and some need to be lightly boiled. Some need sauce.
If you are a manchild over veggies, your parents was shits.

>> No.7028091

The only foods I am certain I dislike are ketchup and cheap hot dogs/bologna/deli loaf. And I still won't bitch if those are served to me.

If you're a picky eater and it's not for religious or moral reasons, I hate you. Even evangelical vegans are better than you.

>> No.7028137

Norway has a worse diet, with even a smaller vegetable.
And a even smaller selection of vegetables. And less immigration.
And industrialized in the 1910s to 1930s.

How the fuck do we produce less picky eaters?

>> No.7028166

>Maybe it's time to grind your own beans and enjoy good stuff
There isn't any real quality gain. Either you like the blend, or you don't.
Grinding them yourself only gives you the smell to masturbate over. Nothing more.

I agree with you on tea.
Put bag in cup
Pour boiling water into cup
Leave it alone for 4-7 minutes
Take out tea bag if you don't like the aftertaste it will add after some point

>> No.7028173

Because a disorder is a very light problem.
Disorder doesn't mean anything in itself. Its the different ones of them that can be various degrees of serious.

>> No.7028175

because if you got any more picky you'd have rampant malnutrition?

>> No.7028185

I can't do big slices of raw onion or oregano. It's just fucking makes things unpleasant.

>> No.7028195

Seeing how the diet literally consisted of Apples, Potatos, Milk and Mackerel at one point?

>> No.7028198
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>love coffee
>love all types of tea
>Drink all types alcohol, hard almost always neat
>Eat all vegetables
>Ketchup, mustard, relish, and onion on my hot dog.

I love enjoying things.
Try these things again in a few years, you might end up liking them. Don't cast them off forever.

>> No.7028221

>coffee best drink
>don't really like tea that much unless it's spiced
>mostly drink beer and wine
>eat most vegetables
>mustard on hot dog
am i alright

>> No.7028235

You're fine.

>> No.7028327

I can eat normal foods like a normal adult, but sometimes I'll just have a hankering for some McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

It's a guilty pleasure that I indulge in once in a while.

>> No.7028331

just don't enjoy it too much bro
I've seen relish really ketchup with a few guys

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