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This last weekend I had a tuna steak sandwich at a notable restaurant on the west coast. What I was expecting was a nice seared tuna steak that was still red/pink in the middle. Instead I got an overcooked over seasoned dry slab of tuna on a roll. I am trying to find out what type of tuna people normally use for tuna steaks and if all tuna is generally recognized safe to consume undercooked or just certain types.

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thanks for killing dolphins, faggot

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Most of what you eat at places when you go out and order tuna is in fact NOT tuna. This may be why people vary how they make it so much. If you don't want to believe me, just do a quick google search. I wouldn't trust the fish market unless I caught it and saw it myself. Just sayin

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>the atlantic
>the daily mail
got any credible sources, or just clickbait factories?

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Fedora my ass retard >>7000140

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I ate your mom's tuna and it was real tuna

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I'm not a fish so you make one of the retards thinking it's tuna when it is in fact not. How many americans catch a tuna and know what it looks like when it's just the meat? Or this fish? or that fish? It's so easy to replace with fake mercury laden shit

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Have you really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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>not already mercury laden
kek, they're probably doing you a favor by not giving you that shit

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true point

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Ok, so maybe it wasn't tuna, I'll do some research on that tonight. What type is normally used and are they all safe undercooked? I remember hearing that tuna can't get parasites. Is this all tuna types?

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In what country can a restaurant advertise tuna steaks and legally be able to serve anything other than a tuna steak?

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The do get parasites. Fish biology is vastly different from humans most notably they are cold blooded. Parasites that live in a fish almost certainty can't live in your body. This is why things like pork need to be cooked. They are mammals like you and so their parasites can also use you as a host.

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