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ITT: bullshit candy

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im gonna find the faggot that invented this and fuck him up

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But that's a really good fruit seasoning you dingus

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those things were considered candy?

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>But that's a really good fruit seasoning
So it's not candy at all.


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were we supposed to eat these? because I don't remember them ever being in a package, they were always loose in a box by the checkout

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Most disgusting candy in the history of candy

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I don't know, the sandwich things are alright, but you're done after a few cause the taste is just too much.

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Can I...can I actually eat that?

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This fucking shit. Tastes like licking an oranges ballsack.

>they sell 20lb cases for fifty bucks online

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It's made out of the exact same material as candy corn, so no.

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I hated those things when I was kid.

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I remember loving them...

>tfw hamplanet

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Another thing about these nasty fuckers is over time they'd kind of meld together and to the bowl so if you tried to pick one up the whole bowl would be picked up.

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these are fine to me in small doses. as in one or two.

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Fuck you, these are good.

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They are absolutely unacceptable.

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Marshmallow lollipops covered in sugar. Tastes as bad as it sounds and makes me sick as fuck.

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I eat those all the time

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Marshmallows taste good. Peeps, which are basically the same sugar-sanded marshmallow concept, taste good. So why do those lollipop things ALWAYS taste like licking the inside of of a window cleaner bottle?

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Paki halloween candy

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I have never seen the appeal of wine gums.

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Those things are wonderful. I haven't had one in a coon's age.

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lol we ate that shit straight in elementary school. delicious.

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What is this and where can I get some?

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>fat free candy

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anything made with gelatin. especially the smurfs. tasteless crap.

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I enjoy licorice quite a bit. When I was visiting the UK a few years ago I bought a bag of licorice allsort. It was the fucking worst. It was like a bunch of flavors that tasted awful together and the texture was gross.

It disappoints me just thinking about it.

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There's no fat in sugar.

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>this is what Americans actually believe

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Does that taste like jujyfruits?

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Wax lips! I never could figure out what you're supposed to do with them.

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It's true though.
Sugar is carbs, not fat.

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No clue, but they are bitter and not in a good way.

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sell them to idiotic children and/or parents who will never eat them and know how awful they are

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>believing carbohydrates are the same molecules as lipids

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>American education

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I guess that's why we have the best medical facilities in the world, even if most people can't afford them. I'm sure as hell glad to know my doctor was taught the difference between lipids and carbohydrates.

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sugar makes you fat
therefore, sugar is fat

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the best medical facilities with the best indian doctors

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the best medical facilities with the best indian doctors who were trained in the best educational institutions

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Poo in Loo Mr Ramadan

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I'm >>6997193
I was implying that the best education was in america

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Not inherently. One could do something called EXERCISE! I guess the yuropoor education system didn't teach you that either.

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Oh my god I fucking hate those. So disgusting.

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>Mr. Ramadan
>he doesn't know India is only 14% muslim

Amerilard detected

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Mine is white and studied at the Mayo Clinic. Keep trying.

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oh look another side-tracking pol faggot shiting all over a candy thread instead of his left hand

You must be exhausted from all that rape and rice porridge, Aludarlibu

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>white people

this checks out

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the butthurt is staggering

might want to see a doctor. I hear indians are pretty good ones, too.

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I kek'd

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>tfw derailed your own thread by false flagging as a dumb europeans
You guys can keep fighting if you want, but I both created the thread and started saying that silly stuff about fat and sugar.

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he's the worst candy bar I've ever had to make up for some of my shitposting

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>tfw you can't get the giant Abba-Zaba bar from Half Baked

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but it's "always fresh"

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I love me some fruit leather.

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Caramel with peanut butter inside? What's not to like?

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I've always wanted to try one of these. Maybe because of >>6997294. I've never seen one, though.

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I dont think fruit leather is really candy, its more of a solid jam, its just fruit and pectin

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These are the only reason Halloween exists, in my view. Fuck you if you don't like Necco wafers.

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The problem with those is that they get particularly sticky while in the anus... Bad ending.

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By the time they got to you, they tasted like the paper they had been wrapped in.

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Get some booty butter.

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I really never got the appeal of licking food off of bodies during sex, always seemed pretty gross to me actually.

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It's horribly gross and don't ever do it.
Food mixes with body fluids and you get the worst of both.

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that's for beer and tequila gringo

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Use them to make apple grandes

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>mfw >>6997165 is an american

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I really love those things on the bottom right of the picture. Those are fucking delicious.

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I already said as much

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Candy buttons. You've got like a 50/50 chance of having to eat paper because it gets stuck to the back of them.

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When I was a kid the Chinese guy down the street would give out Haw Flakes.

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I'm dying to know the ingredients

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They're mainly just hawthorn fruit and sugar. I can't remember what they tasted like but for a long time I thought they were some kind of dried meat.

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I've had these before. Not bad.

Thanks anon. I'll try to find some.

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i acutally like those primarily "natural" sweets a lot. enjoyed haw flakes especially since i got older. I dont defy them

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OK, maybe I won't buy them from amazon. I'll try local candy stores.

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Are these like foam shrimp? Those are great.

I always thought that when Americans complained about circus peanuts on halloween they were talking about actual nuts.

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fuck you faggot abba zabbas kick ass

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>tfw I love all of these

Old candy is best candy. Fuck a bunch of this bullshit, though. That and cheap, waxy Easter/Halloween chocolate.

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But anon peeps are terrible

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Me too, I considered ordering one for like $3

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This and mushroom pizza were at least some of the things I had to learn how to overcome my distaste for because my dad would constantly get those specifically because he knew I wouldn't eat it. When candy-pizza going gets tough, the tough eat weird licorice candies and mushroom pizza.

Glad for it though, now I love licorice and mushrooms.

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Idk, peanut butter on a dick is pretty good for everyone involved tbh fam