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do you work in food? what are your biggest complaints about your job? let it out.

>jimmy john's
- no we don't toast it we are not subway
- no we don't have footlongs we aren't subway
- no banana peppers; not subway
- no steak either. not. subway.
- yes we are open. did you get inside? then we are open.
- the bags and napkins are self-serve. i'm not handing you anything unless you are actually crippled.
- customers who get the stickers stuck to the tables and leave residue, or cunts who leave trash inside our triangular promo table cards.

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Whats the best JJ sub?

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5 vito add mayo. ez hot peppers if you like those.

also our POS systems have a button that says "jimmy it up". it adds hot peppers, onions, sauce & oregano to a sandwich, but literally nobody knows of its existence.

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>vito add mayo. ez hot peppers

That's literally the only thing I've ordered the few times I've tried JJ.

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the #4 turkey tom is the most popular sub at our location. i don't like the turkey personally, since i have to slice it. whenever i open the turkey packs, i have to drain out the foul-smelling preservatives. permanently turned me off to the turkey.

try the #1 pepe. we are supposed to recommend it when a customer asks for a recommendation, because it costs the least for the store to make, but i recommend it because the ham is good. add dijon and cucumbers to it. #6 veggie is also good. add bacon to it ($2)

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>"jimmy it up"

Next time I go into a JJ im going to try it.
At least it isnt pushed hard like "mikes way"

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>Jimmy it up

That's rustling.

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if you spam the button it crashes the software
i also use it to troll my associates when they get their employee meals. i make their tickets three feet long.

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I just get the billy club

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How does it feel working for a bad ass boss who kills rhinos?

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I work at five guys
> I'll have a burger
>oh and some fries

These people always have this bewildered look on their face when I ask the if they want a ham or cheese burger and what size of fries they want

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I actually like Jimmy Johns.

>can I get a Gargantuan but instead of turkey can you-

>can you maybe just take out the turk-

Every time

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Five guys is a complete rip off, 10+$ for a cheeseburger is ridiculous

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first time i went to five guys i had no idea i had to specify single or double patty. i find it kind of funny the default is double. america.

i totally agree our policy on substitutions is stingy. it's just set up to make us extra money. customer satisfaction takes a back seat. want a garg no turkey extra beef? that'll be two extra dollars sir.

we also don't do any sides except peppers. this i think is justified. we're not a salad bar. you can't have extra portions of all our veggies on the side just because you don't know whether or not your picky wife will like it. that's your problem. no sauce on the side because we have nothing to put it in. we charge for water cups too. i've made many people unhappy explaining these policies, all i can do is try to relate and tell them it's out of my hands.

there are customers who don't read the online menu and end up spending more when they could have saved money. i get orders like 4 turkey tom add cheese add avocado all the time. that's the #12 ya dingus. we won't let you know you made these mistakes either. we talk shit about you when we see the ticket too.

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It's only 10+ when you add fries

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The point of that is so that people will think that it's a good value since the default burger has to patties.

A two patty burger is not the standard in the U.S. Most places will give you one patty usually weighing about a quarter pound

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I work at a Wawa. Extra shit on your hoagie or sizzli will cost you extra, stop fucking bitching. Our coffee is prepackaged shit, and the flavored ones during second shift usually have been sitting there for hours. If you have a special request, I hate you. Don't leave your slip on the counter and complain when the guy on register throws it out, or bitch him out because you left it in your pocket while you were getting rung up. Remember, you're a customer, not our best friends, stop talking us about your personal issues, we don't give a fuck.

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JImmy Johns went to shit once they started aggressively expanding.
At some point they switched meat suppliers and it was obviously lower quality.

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Just stopped working for Rally's

-No you can't have a Big Mac
-No we can't take the seasoning off our fries, they come out of the bag that way.
-The difference between an All American Cheeseburger and a Rally Burger is an AA has 4 ingredients and you cant add anything and it costs a $1. A RB has everything on it for $1.89. Sorry I cant add every vegatable on the store to your AA for free, becuase then it would be a different sandwich.
-Sorry did you say large FRIES or large SPRITE?
-Will I trade large cup of fries for a blunt? Fuck yeah I will.

Im the only white dude that works there.

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pepe you say?

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>Remember, you're a customer, not our best friends, stop talking us about your personal issues, we don't give a fuck.

those old weirdos that come in 5 minutes to closing and hang around buying 1 tiny thing and chatting with you despite your visible discomfort at the situation

every. damn. day

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I love the gargantuan. It's fucking delicious. I wish I could get one everday

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I work in a Greek Tavern. Souvlakis and plates of meat. The place is packed every night.

>group of 8 arrive, young, everyones on their smart phones
>tables are double booked, customers only have 1.45hr to eat, if they have a reservation in the first sitting (FS).
>most usually the majority of tables arrive late in the FS.
>customers need to be forced to order, they can't relax at the start, were doing them a favour by getting their order in quickly.
> sometimes have to start threatening tables with "your running out of time, you need to order now or you won't have any time"
>the group of 8 can't organise themselves, don't know what to order. It may take 30~40 minutes to finalise the order.

I use to work as a waiter in fine dining. At this souvo place I'm allowed to threaten the customers into ordering for their own good.

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>vito add mayo

Isn't thst an Italian night club

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I'm a server at Steak n Shake.

I somehow make 100 plus dollars on weekend nights serving people food in a sit down McDonald's.

I actually make more at this job than I made as an EMT and as a CO.

The only thing that I feel like truly sucks is the massive amount of niggers that flow through the place attempting to have a job.

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Also I swear if this exchange happens one more time

>I want a shake
>what kind
>a milk shake

I'm going to shit on your table

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yes, but with less meat

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So that really is the better choice.

My dad hates mayo and would always get the Italian Night Club till I told him just get the damn vito it's the same thing

Apparently not but in a good way

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OR jesus fuck I don't know I can't reading comprehend

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>yes we are open. did you get inside? then we are open

Will you get mad at me and fuck with my food if I do this? I sometimes ask just in case because I'm shy and autistic.

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>so lazy you can't bag my food like virtually every other fast food establishment in existence

>new one opens up down the road
>have to call to get delivered because the online ordering doesn't like my address
>people on the phone seem ok with it
>order at least 3 times in 6 months
>next time I call they won't deliver
>the cutoff for delivery is LITERALLY the next road down
>they won't budge for fear of the almighty corporate office
Fuck Jimmy Johns. I loved the subs but that is a huge load of bullshit.

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>No we can't take the seasoning off our fries, they come out of the bag that way
You should automatically sterilize anyone who asks for no seasoning on the fries.

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>yes we are open. did you get inside? then we are open

Some places open their doors before the kitchen is working

Oh but what am I saying, the concept of good customer service generally is a bit too complex for minimum wage slaves to comprehend

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>thinking you're better off than anyone
>on 4chan

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>a server not complaining for once

You have the easiest and best paid job and you will actually admit it. Good job anon.

One of my college professors works part time as a waitress and she actually makes more doing that than she does TEACHING COLLEGE CLASSES.

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>everyone on 4chan is the same

Go back to reddit or /b/, retard.

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>m-muh credentials

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Your posts are just embarrassing.

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I'm sure you'll realize that no one cares if you say you're well off. Heck, maybe you'll even adopt a tripcode so you can try to be that special snowflake mom said you could be!

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Please get your guardian to give you your medicine. You know you're not allowed alone near a computer.

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it doesn't make me mad but it sure gets annoying. not as annoying as people who stand in front of the locked doors staring inside, knocking, waving, expecting to be let in when we're trying to close up and go home. two people have done this to me so far and i don't understand where they got off.

bagging every sandwich is a waste of time and money and we prioritize speed. the vast majority of orders don't need a bag. do you really need a bag for 1-2 sandwiches and some napkins? are you kayaking home?

the reason they won't deliver to you and are so stingy about it is because corporate has a list of streets and addresses inside the delivery range and when the auditors come they will check the delivery history they will subtract an insane amount of points for having delivered outside of your range. it subsequently impacts the monthly bonus salary managers receive. so not caring and delivering to you could potentially result in hundreds of dollars of income lost per manager each month.

sometimes night managers don't care (i don't since i'm not salary.) if we already took the order and made it before realizing, i will sometimes be the good guy and deliver it anyway, but i'll have the driver explain that we can't do it again.

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Yeah. It's only annoying at most sometimes.

Like when you're getting destroyed and the other servers you're working with suck.

But then you count your tips afterward and don't care how pissed off you were an hour ago.

But good lord the only servers that cry about wanting a raise are the bad ones. Fuck off I don't want minimum wage I already make like 20 an hour. And usually it's servers at nicer restaurants that bitch.

I don't have a hostess, or a busser, or a food runner or even a dish washer 80% of the time and I still feel overpaid.

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Run along now champ. It's ok, the world will go on without you.

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I delivered pizza over the summer

It was seriously incredible. Barely any complaints with customers or anything

Worst part was the parking lot was built shittily so that it was a huge pain in the ass to get out

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Really cool unrelated /b/ reaction images you have there. Go get some more to show me how cool you are.

>> No.6992239

>the reason they won't deliver to you and are so stingy about it is because corporate...will subtract...the monthly bonus salary managers receive.
Thanks for the info, anon. Not eating there ever again because of this Wal-Mart level of Jew-ery, but I appreciate you telling me why.

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Here ya go. Go ahead and save a few since I know you're new here!

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You're not even funny honestly. Do you have anything going on in your life at all?

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you can get around the delivery range easy with social engineering, just pick an address up the road you know is in the range, walk or drive over and wait there. if you get to know the drivers and tip well, they'll probably remember your name, and then you can just leave your real address in the delivery instructions. word it carefully as it has a character limit. drivers are usually just kids trying to make a buck, so they're pretty relaxed. the older ones are bitter, lazy pricks and won't bend over backwards for anyone.

>> No.6992252

If the cook cooks, and the hostess seats people, and the food runner brings food, and the busser takes plates, and the dish washer washes them... what the fuck does the waiter do?

>> No.6992254

>le ebin reaction maymay

This is how you identify people who can't handle the banter

>> No.6992256

>Y-you're not f-funny! It's s-supposed to be funny but I'm not laughing!
Stay mad, champ.

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They w-wait.

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All the JJ talk reminds me of when I was an EMT and my partner was asleep, I was hungry as fuck but couldn't leave without her, so I ordered Jimmy Johns and just opened up the garage and sat outside and waited for it.

Literally 2 minutes after I get my sandwich my partner wakes up and is like ohhh I'm hungry too and orders from the same place and it was the same deliver driver...

>he probably was like wow you retards don't think ahead

>> No.6992261

This whole thread is why waitstaff dont deserve a fucking dime in tips and why I am very happy that most restaurants and fast food places are either already trial running or are looking into automation.

Was at a McDonalds the other day and asked for a mcmuffin with no egg. Fucking waste of air nigger behind the counter asked us FIVE fucking times (IM NOT JOKING, FIVE TIMES.) what that meant, and they STILL put egg on it. $15/hour for that? Kiss my fucking ass.

>> No.6992262

>gets btfo
>nothing to say
>u-u m-m-mad LOL!!

I can feel you sweating right now.

>> No.6992264

they wait on people

>> No.6992266

They think they are "blowing" other anons "the fuck out"

It's embarrassing really

>> No.6992268

>make >$100 a night just waiting around doing nothing
>still complain about muh tips and sore feets

>> No.6992270

>s-s-stay mad c-c-c-champ

Can you guess why I know you're probably shivering and in cold sweats as you're typing this?

>> No.6992271

we all know they are retarded niggers
that wasn't part of your post though

>> No.6992272

Exactly. When I go to another restaurant I don't even know what other fucking servers do. They literally bring me drinks and I never see them again till they bring me the check.

Fuck even for awhile when I worked 3rd shift I even would cook my own food.

I try to now occasionally when the line people are busy in the back and I'm not busy but usually they're like "you can just come tell me you have an order" but... you're busy and I'm not...

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>do you work in food? what are your biggest complaints about your job?
Theres honestly so many. but the main one.

>Servers that come up to the expedite line and grab plates from the heat lamps and say ouch when they get burned

>> No.6992288

Talk to customers, explain the specials, suggest wine pairings, and check midway through the meal to see if everything is okay

>> No.6992290

And I swear to god, if you think you're server is going outside to smoke fucking complain. Especially if they stink.

Fuck smokers, you can last your fucking piddly 4 hour shift without a smoke. You don't need a fucking cigarette every fucking hour. All that does is give fucks extra breaks and I end up covering for their dumb fuck asses.

>if you can't tell I'm very butt blasted about this

>> No.6992293

I know right? Really fucking annoying.

I always say "FUCK NIGGER CUNT BITCH" when I get burned.

>> No.6992296

The only embarrassing thing here is you indulging him, and somehow still getting blown the fuck out

>> No.6992297

I work at some Sandnigger place for a Jew:

-they try to open the locked doors and knock
>are you open?
No, if you bothered to look at the sign right next to the fucking door you'll see the hours of operation.
>it's like 30 before you open, can I get something please?
No, it doesn't work that way.
>halbalaha allah snackbar and a balabaldah
>what? what do you mean you don't speak my language? You work for Israeli man, no!?
This happens more than you think.
>Umm... I like get this one thing that I always order but, uhhhh I don't remember. Can you just tell me what I get?
I fucking hate these people.
-I'm cleaning tables or taking out the trash.
>hey do I give you these or should we just leave it on the table?
The trash can is right there.
>are you serious it's full? it's your choice man.
The other one is right over there (equal walking distance from where they're standing to where they were eating)
>we'll just leave it on the table
I hope these people get heartburn, even though it is my job to bus tables, them holding their trash and coming up to me to throw it away for them is ridiculous.
You asked for the steak/special chicken/well done meat, it takes longer than the meats we already have cooked.
Like I said, it takes longer because they have to be cooked to order, and they ordered stuff that can be made on the fly.
>Can I get the tea
Sure, I'll bring it in a couple of minutes
>Why is the teabag in the cup? It's too dark I can't drink this!
Okay, I'll make a new one and give you the packet separately, just give me the old one.
Pretty sure they try to get me to give them a free one.

Why is it always the sandniggers and Jews who are shitty customers?

>> No.6992299

Non-smokers always get butt-blasted about the most trivial things

Must be the neurosis

>> No.6992302

Yeah losers getting extra breaks and neglecting their tables tends to annoy people.

>> No.6992308

>at a restaurant and starving
>see this new egg thing special they have
>woah that looks fucking amazing let's get it
>don't even remember what it was exactly but it was disgusting
>waiter comes over at one point and asks if it's good
>I have that thing where your mouth is just full with the food, but you don't like it and you just keep chewing and can't force yourself to swallow, as if you're eating dirt
>y-yesh itsh o-ok
>waiter is happy and says I'm actually the first one to order that


>> No.6992310

And I'm actually worse than a non smoker

I'm an ex smoker

So I got the holier than thou thing going on too

>> No.6992324

So, nothing?

A menu does the exact same job.

>> No.6992326

>Why is the teabag in the cup? It's too dark I can't drink this!

What the fuck? And what the fuck, you're gonna make them a new tea just for that?

>> No.6992327

that happens a lot. hotel dwellers see the jimmy john's topper on the driver's car up front, or the driver carrying a delivery bag, and they'll call in an order, driver has to drive back. it's their job though, they don't complain as long as they get tips. we do appreciate any business we get from free advertising.

there's a pharmacy in our range that does place individual orders all throughout lunch. when it's a place of business that does it, we get genuinely concerned at what kind of a sedulous, depressing workplace it must be that they can't even casually chat with each other about what they want for lunch..

>> No.6992332

>tfw was an intern in a PR agency
and everyone always wanted to order from trash joints that make overpriced disgusting food

>> No.6992338

Aren't they just taking breaks in shifts so there's only one off at a time? It seems easier to make individual orders in real time than a bunch in advance scheduled at half hour intervals.

>> No.6992346

The thing is I put the bag in just before I call them/after I just poured the hot water. When they say it's too dark and either want a new one or refund they never want to give me the cup, because of "bad service" (they obviously want two for one)

>> No.6992350

I worked at Chick Fil A.

>can I get 6 chick fil a sauces for my sandwich
>can I get a milkshake
>can I get fries
>can I get nuggets
>can I get a (item that is clearly not on menu posted above their fucking heads)
>can I get freshly made fries
>can I get a freshly made sandwich
>can I get 2 packets of salad dressing with my sandwich
>can I get salt packets for my sandwich
>can I get extra whip on my milkshake
>can I get my milkshake extra thick
>I don't want pickles, I need a new sandwich
>it's 15 minutes until you close, why don't you have milkshakes?

Most of these happened daily for me. Also learned that black people fucking love Polynesian sauce and that the Honey Roasted BBQ sauce is severely underrated.

>> No.6992353

I'm not a tea expert, but that's a retarded fucking complaint, so retarded that they should be ashamed for even using it to get a freebie.

Are you not supposed to press the tea bag with your spoon against the cup to get the most out of it? Have I been doing it wrong? How is not darker tea better? It just means you're not wasting tea bags.

>> No.6992360

>not >mfw
their internet guy has some work to do

>> No.6992361

Never been to a chick fil a, but if a place offers honey bbq sauce I always get it. No better sauce exists.

>> No.6992372

I too, hate people who order off the menu.

>> No.6992382

>Burger king
I don't have much to say, typical low class horrible standards of employees. Though it is funny that people constantly come here and try to order burgers like they would at McDonalds
>"I'd like a big mac please?"

>> No.6992386

you aren't supposed to push on the bag, no. it releases toxins from the tea leaves that noticeably affect the taste. embitters it and makes it leave a dry aftertaste. regular tea drinkers will notice. pressing also won't speed up the steeping process, but if you must, press very lightly as to just release the fluid from the bag. i spoon the bag out and use the string wrapped around the spoon to release the water.

experiment on yourself to experience what your service is like from the customer's perspective. think like this always and you'll be the best employee in your workplace guaranteed.

they need to learn their sandwiches as well. that's clearly the #5 vito. not the #1 pepe.

>> No.6992389

I'm referring to the fact that people say they want something but don't say what size or what flavor. Just saying you want nuggets is ambiguous.

>> No.6992396

Are Jimmy John subs worth paying like $8 for a 6 inch sandwich?

>> No.6992399

Bro this is some real tea autism right here. I'm talking about the most average cheap supermaket tea bags. I can agree if it's real expensive tea.

>releases toxins
>dry aftertaste
>steeping process

This is just broscience. By the time the bag gives the water the good shit, they wont be as hot. I aint waiting that long.

>> No.6992428

Every summer I've been working at this awesome burger restaurant in a tourist town. But my god I never knew how stupid people could be. It's like no one ever reads the menu.

>we state in bold letters at the top of the menu that you can any additional toppings (even big toppings like bacon, egg, avacado, etc) for no extra charge
>taking a customer's order and he asks "How much does it cost to add bacon?"
>we also offer 10 different types of cheese, there is no default cheese
>I go up to a table and take an order, customer says I'll just have a cheese burger with fries.
>what type of fucking cheese do you want?!
>get tired of asking more than half of the customers this that whenever they ask for just a cheeseburger, I automatically mark them down for cheddar on the pos machine.

It also annoys me to no end when people ask what comes with our meals. Every fucking ingredient is written out on the menu for every meal. holy shit people are so stupid.

>> No.6992434

Stop being a fucking whiny bitch. I've never ever seen a place where every extra topping is free, it's normal when people are surprised and ask just in case. Same with the cheeses, just tell them what cheeses you have or recommend them some.

Fucking lazy pissy shitter. You deserve no tips.

>> No.6992454

the clubs fill me right up but i'll have a drink or some chips after eating a sub. they're $6.49 and $4.99 respectively, btw. $1 delivery charge. that's corporate prices but they can and will vary between stores. it's a great place to get lunch dude check it out.

i'm just telling my experience, my opinions, maybe i am wrong. i've drank tea ranging from cheap to expensive. the only difference in brands of tea leaves depends on the physical dimensions of the leaves. how they're shaped effects the dissolution process. flat leaves eliminate some of the hydrophobic properties of the leaves allowing them to absorb water quicker. so in theory if the leaves are all squished together in the bag, it'll steep slower.

i'd prefer to be served the bag and hot water so i can steep to my own taste.

>> No.6992467

Makes sense I guess. When I was a kid I used to think people were being lazy when they served it like that.

>> No.6992496

Last time I checked, menus didn't talk to me

Must be one of the disadvantages of not being schizophrenic

Losers who work the exact same job as you? Tell me why you're the only one who's not a loser there anon

>> No.6992507

This tbh

People are asking a harmless fucking question, but mr. "I'm having a bad day today, and had a bad life" thinks they're all dumb for being cautious and outgoing

This is why we should just have computers replace you insufferable brats

>> No.6992520


why is jimmy johns so obsessed with mayo

and ive heard of people asking for extra mayo, like how is that possible

>> No.6992526

Yeah, I know they get asked this every day and it get's annoying, and especially when you work there and now everything about everything and it's weird when others don't. But these people chose this job, they need to deal with it. It's not like your manager is walking around groping your dick and winking at you, it's just a question.

>> No.6992536

It's tannins that cause the bitter flavor you are squeezing out - which happen to be a vermifuge (removes parasites). http://ratetea.com/topic/tannins-in-tea/70/

>> No.6992549

thank you, forgot the wording for it.

drinking a strong cup of chai now thanks to this conversation.

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>> No.6992578

it was either chai or decade old oolong, not joking. wondering if i can even still steep it.

>> No.6992586

What did you mean by chai? That word just means tea in my language. Is it a special type of tea or something?

>> No.6992589

They also need to think about how shitty they make others feel by acting like that

Imagine some old lady who goes out of the house very infrequently, decides to try out one of these places and is greeted by a twat like that? She would be crushed, just because minimum wage slave no. 10019289 was feeling slightly shitty that one moment and needed to discount it on someone

They work in a service industry. That means suck it up and be nice

>> No.6992600

I know right? What if some cute, shy, introverted and autistic anon who goes out of the house very infrequently, decides to try one of these places and is greeted by a twat like that? He would be crushed.

>> No.6992614

I work in a grocery store. Not "food" in the way you're thinking of but still a lot of food there.

It's alright I guess. A lot of customers are pretty nice, some of them are very impatient. I just think it's odd when people get so mad when they have to wait an extra two minutes because an item didn't have a barcode on it. Also, paying with checks is pretty silly.

But one thing that really annoys me: reusable bags. I get they are better for the environment, but they are always more of a pain in the ass to handle.

>> No.6992618

Do you have any hotties working there? There's a really cute cashier in my supermarket that used to mire me a lot back when I was fit. Really positive, always smiling, despite her shitty job.

>> No.6992619


I sort of agree, but to play devil's advocate, it's a very American phenomenon where people in these jobs are expected to be all nice and smiley. In most other places in the world, you're not expected to have to smile all the time and pretend to be happy.

It's pretty strange that people expect retail workers to actually be happy when they so obviously are not. It's pretty obvious there's just doing it for the money, so why so much pressure to be super nice?

>> No.6992621

Not asking you to suck my dick and take my load with a smile, just don't shit talk me behind my back because I asked a question.

>> No.6992628

you do have banana peppers, retard. I always get them on my #9

>> No.6992634
File: 235 KB, 1600x1600, chai-tazo-teabags-chai-tea-organic-box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

spiced black tea & cinnamon

>> No.6992646

they're cherry peppers, not as mild as banana peppers. they're not the same kind of peppers.

>> No.6992654

you poor baby. it's just 'down the road' yet JJ's is the evil one for not wanting to drive. go stand on the corner of the 'next road down' if you're that desperate and pathetic

>> No.6992706

it's not nearly $8 and much bigger than 6"
you're either a retard or baiting

>> No.6992711

> "How are you?" to a customer, as part of the job
> Some long detailed story about their health issues, their parents, their dog . . .
> Getting a long line listening to this person

I get this a lot because where I work never closes. So the phone rings nonstop on Christmas, "Are you open?" ... "No, I'm sitting here in the dark answering the telephone in a closed store."

If you ever do need to call a business that you're not sure if they're open or not, it's better to ask, "What time are you open until?"

This. "I want to order a drink." ... ... "Okay, what kind?" and they look at you like you have 3 heads.

>> No.6992777

I used to work at a chain called the montana club, it was decent food but over priced. The wait staff was paid regular minimum wage, therefore there was a small tip pool. I used to always hear people bitch and complain about getting bad tips, and it drove me up the wall. I would bust ass in a no a/c dishpit, trying to keep up with food covered plates that the waitstaff couldn't be troubled to scrape off for me. while moving plates and cookware to the line, waitstaff couldn't be bothered to move out of my way when they were counting their tips. I once had a guy tell me how he only got a two dollar tip on a 15 dollar bill. They would all brag how each server could make 100-200 a night on tips alone, yet the money I got each week from tip pool was about 15-20 bucks. Loved working with everyone except waitstaff, and Its made me a really jewey tipper when waitstaff could be doing better.

>> No.6993138

Is that some projection I'm hearing? Or is caring for other people, even elderly family members, beyond the comprehension of entitled little milenials such as yourself?

>> No.6993151

>In most other places in the world, you're not expected to have to smile all the time and pretend to be happy

Sure but American service jobs pay a shitload more than say, service jobs in Brazil (the third world shithole I'm from), or service jobs in any other third world shithole (many of which I've visited). And the workers in those places generally greet you if not with a smile and cheerful helpfulness, at least an absence of passive-aggression

Honestly, might have something to do with service jobs in America being literal bottom of the barrel work, whereas service jobs in other countries compete for that position with manual labor, but hey, I don't want to need to take your subdued rage against a society that deems you and the job you work as complete losers with my fries, I just want my fucking meal without the attitude

>> No.6993157

Chic-Fil-A fag here
>customers running off before receiving their drinks, expecting me to just bring the drinks to them.
>customers who complain about their cheese not being melted, when we don't even melt the cheese.
>customers coming in the store thinking it's Zaxby's
>customers asking for things off of our remade items (and yes we have to go make a new one)
>customers asking for a 5 or 7 piece nugget

>> No.6993167

After living in Japan for 3 years I can't stand the service in pretty much every other country. It should be a requirement that you smile and are friendly if you're dealing with customers.

>> No.6993168

I believe you mean fowl-smelling preservatives

>> No.6993185

CO? where I live correctional officers make 80-100k easy.

>> No.6993272
File: 512 KB, 1149x1079, Screenshot_2015-04-23-20-54-27-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In another thread when someone asked what to get at starbucks
>Why don't all of you guys get 6 venti caramel "frapee's" with extra extra extra caramel drizzle? Why not also add a couple of pumps of cum into it or make it affogato style and put a shot of espresso on the barista's asshole while you drink it and complain that it tastes like decaf(when it sure as fuck isn't).
>You should also get a fucking sandwich and bitch and moan about where it's at when you ordered it a fucking minute ago in one of the busiest starbucks in America and demand to see the manager because the wait time is too ridiculous for an understaffed starbucks with 90 rich old white bitches with no more responsibility in life except to get their soy venti half caf 6 pumps of sugar free cum latte in life.
Wow, that made me realize how much I hate my fucking job.

>> No.6993365
File: 29 KB, 395x382, 435345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just wanted to let you know that it's okay to be frustrated, but remember that the customer are the ones paying you.

So relax and take it easy. You sound exactly like the reason I don't tip. I mean come on, if I asked you these things I probably don't eat at Jimmy Johns.

Speaking of Jimmy Johns I've only eaten there once, both times were fairly boring for overpriced everything.

>> No.6993408

Been living in Hong Kong for the same amount of time and I love not tipping, prompt service, and no "can I get you anything?" "is everything ok?" "how are you guys doing?" every five minutes like a starving dog looking for a bone. I tip well when I'm back in the States but it's so annoying.

>> No.6993421


I know that feel bro

>> No.6993443

op here. everyone is always so polite, i get thanked a hundred times a day just for making their food fast. if you make someone's whole meal in 20 seconds and really wow them to get that compliment, it feels really exhilarating. i love my job and all the people i work with. i hope that puts it into better perspective. i am not really bitter about my position. small gripes come with any job.

yes it is set up to make us a marginal amount of profit per sale, we aggressively upsell mods and sides. you may also notice that it's set up to get people out quick, whether you're in-shop or to go. it's a loud uncomfortable environment that doesn't make you want to stay very long.

>> No.6993583

>we are not subway

I used to work at a Target, and we'd always have to explain to people that we didn't cash checks there.

>but Walmart does it!

>> No.6993621
File: 32 KB, 480x454, 57054228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one next to my uni has incredibly tiny chairs and tables and I'm assuming that's part of the "get the fuck outa here" policy you guys have.
Good food and not expensive though.
Billy club all the way.

>went to jjs with my dad when he was visiting
>mfw he got a gargantuan and doubled every meet

>> No.6993835

>garg double meat
that's a secret sandwich not printed on any menus but in every POS machine called the 'Dubbagutbustah.' a garg add all meats is more expensive if you don't ask for it by name. google says it's sometimes called the 'Noah's Ark.' another secret menu item is the 'Chuck Norris', just a tuna add bacon (not in POS machines.)

also not on menus is the Slim Bacon. it's just bread and five slices of bacon (formerly six) but isn't listed in the slims menu due to the low profit yields from bacon. this is why we'll never upsell you bacon. we also have yellow mustard packet sides that nobody seems to know about.

>> No.6993859

>- no we don't toast it we are not subway
>- no we don't have footlongs we aren't subway
>- no banana peppers; not subway
>- no steak either. not. subway.
So why go to jimmy john's instead of subway?

>> No.6993892

>Can I get cheddar on that?
I know you fags only have provolone.

>> No.6993935 [DELETED] 
File: 991 KB, 320x240, 1443143454520.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I've never worked in food. I had quality, non-nigger parents, so I do whatever I want in life. I have however dealt with useless vermin like you before:

>drive-thru miami sub shop
>i'll take an gyro with large fries and a large coke (not really an ambiguous request; pretty fucking straight-forward)
>did you you receive my order
>i'm waiting for you to tell me if you want a chicken or beef gyro
>well, gyros are made from lamb, so i just want an gyro, like i already said
>are you telling me you don't actually have gyros
>ok, you don't have gyros. i'll settle for the chicken make-believe "gyro"

Ooh, I have another good one.

>at a mcdonald's drive-thru in cornhole, north carolina
>been on the road all night headed from maine to florida
>not really wanting anyone's faggot nigger attitude
>just want some grub
>there's no breakfast menu up
>it's 6am
>WAIL-COME TO MACK-DONNEL'S; HOW MEH AH HEE-YILP YOU in this bored, sassy tone
>yeah, i wanted to order breakfast, but there's no breakfast menu displayed
>OW-KAY? in this cunty, redneck, "condescending" (for human garbage, anyway) tone that puts it like a leading question, like i'm the one who should've displayed the breakfast menu instead of the afternoon/evening menu
>so maybe you could grow a fucking brain, learn how to use that brain real quick, and fucking display the menu? or maybe you're so fucking smart you already know what i want, you dumb cunt
>manage comes bombing out the back; spit at him and drive off
>stop in the street out front, hurl a fucking mag-light at the window, crack it, drive off in a car that costs more than any of those cockroaches would make in five years

The short version is it's not the customers, it's you. If you work in food service, you are human filth with no dignity, and you deserve whatever happens to you.

>> No.6993950

That first story was pretty damn autistic tbh

Like what the fuck did you expect the dude to be like
>oh fuck this anon is right my whole life has been a lie. Here's a free chicken gyro sandwich thing I'll gonna go hang myself in the bathroom now

>> No.6993964 [DELETED] 

No, I just wanted a fucking gyro, like I asked for. An gyro is made from lamb, faggot. You being dumb doesn't change that fact. Grow a brain, learn how to use it, get out of food service.

>> No.6993998
File: 96 KB, 453x576, pw1pN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6994012

Losers who destroy their lungs and bank accounts with cigarettes

Seems like a bigger level of loser

>> No.6994020

Not in Indiana.

It's probably an actual dangerous job with height and weight standards too. The prison I was at was like a care bear club full of fatties.

We made 12 bucks an hour

>> No.6994030
File: 24 KB, 514x536, 014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then don't go to a place that advertises chicken or beef gyros then have a reeee attack and act like they don't know real ones have lamb on them

>> No.6994073

>"Are you open?" ... "No, I'm sitting here in the dark answering the telephone in a closed store."
In fairness, some places aren't open on holidays but will have someone taking phone orders for catering.

>> No.6994114

that first story

>actually work in gyro place
>have to ask chicken or lamb because inbred customers complain they didnt want lamb they meant chicken

anyway anon, you need to chill out, its subhuman monkeys that make it necessary to ask equally dumb questions

>> No.6994472
File: 82 KB, 794x708, nEuLabv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fucking christ your autistic. Do you know how to read a menu?

Um sorry sir we don't have that

Your inability for cognitive thought is the reason nobody likes working in the service industry.

>> No.6994483

You're all such whiny cunts

>> No.6994490

You sound based as fuck

>> No.6994707
File: 397 KB, 400x421, AreYouFuckingSrs.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Work as cake decorator in Publix

>Can you write on this cake for me?
>Sure it'll only take a second!
>Can I just shop around and come back?
>You can but it will really only take a moment.
>They leave and forget their cake.

Also this happened the other day
>Woman wants a specialty cake from the case.
>Manager gets it out but on one of the rosettes on top there is a small gnat.
>She tells/shows the woman and then hands it to me.
>She grabs the other cake from the case to give her instead.
>Woman leaves with cake
>Later calls the store back and tells manager that we gave her the cake with the bug on it and just picked it off.
>He comes back and asks me about it
>Point to the trash where the rosette is still sitting with the bug on it.
>mfw she still tries to get the cake that had nothing wrong with it for free

Based manager basically told her to fuck off

>> No.6994793

>used to work at dominoes
>i was that annoying fucker putting shitty coupons on your low income door handle
>got chased by dogs all the time
>crack heads asking me about "sirens"
>boss gave me dank coupons for free sides to give out to people who were nice to me
>only one middle aged dude was actually nice to me
>gave me a glass of water because it was over 100 degrees out that day
>didnt want the shitty door handle coupon
>try to offer him the good coupon
>he assumes its another shitty coupon and gets mad at me
>also worked in store on the phones/cooking
>shitty ass dominoes system makes a single large pizza cost almost 15$ if you dont include some kind of coupon
>always include some kind of coupon because im not a cunt
>now i go to order from my local dominoes
>they never include coupons
>overcharge the shit out of me
>get pissed one day at them asking almost 20$ for one large "thin crust" (the thin crust is actually just a fucking tortilla)
>they just say "sorry theres nothing i can do"
>walk them through step by step how to include the everyday coupons
>they give me some bullshit like "oh those coupons are only good on mon-thurs"
fuck dominoes. fuck it so so much.
im a "local joint only" faggot now
at least im getting my moneys worth.

>> No.6994818

I work at Trader Joe's. it always surprises me that people have a hard time finding stuff when the store is so small.

>> No.6994877

work at the best pizza joint in glasgow and judge everyone who eats with a knife and fork. but i served mac demarco the other week so its all good rly

>> No.6994917

What joint?

>> No.6994918

Used to work at Dunkin donuts
>"Can i have a cool-latte?" (pronounced coolatta)
>"I'll have a cheeseburger and fries please"
>"yes 8 cream and 20 splenda please"
>Customer uses weird Bostonian coffee language that I don't understand and asks how long I've worked there
>Customer gets iced coffee that is basically 3/4ths cream and sugar and is mad because it tastes at all like coffee
>Customer orders a dozen as we close and is mad that we dont have a dozen of the specific kind they wanted
>Customer orders breakfast food right before we close
>regulars who see you every day and give you the same order with a deer and headlights look
>old retard screams at us for not having glazed chocolate frosted donuts when corporate doesn't allow that

>> No.6994925


ny slice

>> No.6994928

*deer in headlights fuck

>> No.6994930

double this

Why do food bitches think you're going to read the overhead menu other than to glance at the item they're ordering?

>> No.6994940 [DELETED] 

No, it was 6AM at McDonald's. They were supposed to have the breakfast menu up and didn't, so they suffered my wrath.

>> No.6994943

I worked at dominoes when I was 16 for 5.15 an hour. I didnt mind the job and the 50% discount was great for the family but I couldn't see anyone older than 17 working there. A second job as a driver may be acceptable.

>> No.6994957 [DELETED] 
File: 70 KB, 960x628, USA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This negro gets it.

>> No.6994959

thanks you too

>> No.6994979

>stories that have never happened

>responding to yourself

>> No.6994993

>go into any restaurant near close
>order to go
>pay by card so you don't have to give me your dwindling amount of pennies as change
>don't use their tables, fountains, bathrooms nor touch anything normally set out for people to grab
>don't lean on their glass/counters or leave smudgy fingerprints
>won't walk on their freshly mopped floors
>thank everyone involved with my order authentically
if i still get salty service after being this considerate yall motherfuckers need to get out of food.

>> No.6995002

because, inevitably, whatever you order at subway tastes like shit

>> No.6995021

I live in Hong Kong and pretty much only expats eat at the good pizza places. You can tell where white people are from by seeing how they eat pizza.

>Even the most prim and proper Americans

>Roughest "LADest" Brit/Aussie/Euro
>Fork and Knife

What is it with these people and not knowing how to eat pizza?

>> No.6995022

Not really complaints, since I work as prep and dish washer so it doesn't bother me much but just stuff I see alot
>work at airport sit down Italian restaurant
>passengers always think we are the ones who provides the meal for the airlines
>people always asking us when does their flight arrives or stuff that they should ask the airlines instead of us
>people always asking for our restaurant wifi password, even though the airport has free WiFi
>people wanting us to open up for them even though we already closed
>people thinking we are the ones who provides the shuttle bus
>people asking us if they could bring food on board, and the answer is yes, especially since we're right by all the boarding gates and anything you buy after the metal detectors you can bring onboard
>people thinking we are the TSA
>business people and seniors who demand special treatments
>people blaming us when they're flights are delayed
>people bitching at us cause they missed their flights don't use common sense and use their judgement to determine whether a sit down can bring their food out in time even after we tell people before they sit down that we are a sit down restaurant and food will come out at the speed if a sit down

>> No.6995065

your "free smells" sign is the most obnoxious fucking shit of any restaurant

>> No.6995114

how do you not already know what you want from a McDonalds breakfast menu?

>> No.6995186

This tbqfh. So pretentious.

>> No.6995199


>extra extra extra caramel drizzle
holy shit, all the time.

We also had a regular customer in our store who would get an "extra hot, ABSOLUTELY no foam, milk to the tippy top" latte (dead serious), and she bitched all the time about any kind of milk 'film' or bubbles on her latte, demanding her latte remade. She constantly said, "I don't know why I keep coming back here when you guys never get it right." One partner dared to take the lid off to show her it was really "to the tippy top" after she said it was not (without looking at it herself, because she could "tell by the weight"), and spilled it on herself.

I would always skim as much foam as I could and then top it off with boiling water. Fuck that bitch.

>> No.6995201

>grocery store

>hi can i help you ma'am

>are you finding everything alright?
>"i don't need any help"
>approximately 30 seconds later
>"um i could use some service over here"

It's always 40-60 year olds. Cunts.

>> No.6995207

Forgot to mention
We also have an express counter a bit to the side, but its clearly visible to someone walking in the terminal
It's mainly for gelato, but you could also order pizza there to go
And nobody ever orders from it

>> No.6995218

this sounds absolutely retarded.

like ive met some real dumb people from working at a gyro place but the shit you have experienced is phenomenal

>> No.6995236

>line cook at a very high end restaurant
>head chef used to date one of the servers (fatty wannabe singer with a at face) back when he was a sous
>one day they get back and she starts complaining about something or other
>ears perk up when she mentions something about money troubles
>"everything okay?"
>goes on this fuckin rant
>"ugh you just don't get it! I'm behind on rent and I'm stuck working as a fucking waitress and this diet is so stressful when I have to work during it and etc etc"
>he zoned out a little at this point but then-
"And then this table only tipped me 60 dollars!!!!"
>at that point he stopped her, probably shot some clever shit back at her before breaking up with her crazy ass

Our servers make at least 1k a week based solely on tips. And because most tips are in cash, they get barely any of that shit taxed

And then they think it's cool to complain to us because hey, at least we like our jobs, who cares if we get paid half the amount as a server just even though we work 3x as hard, right?

Sorry for the salt but holy shit it eats annoying to hear them whine sometimes


>> No.6995257

fuck I used to work at Jimmy John's. I feel your pain.
>that person who calls in expecting you to know what they order
I once had a woman call, ask for a sandwich, and then get mad that she didn't get chips with it because "it's what she always orders".

>> No.6995271


I used to work at as part-time waitstaff. I hated the job so much, but damn it was the easiest money I made. I was paid $5/hr + tips and made $450-550 a week working just three seven hour days in a week.

>> No.6995287


You can't walk a single block to get inside the delivery zone? Are you crippled or fat or just retarded?

>> No.6995331

most places won't deliver to street corners for safety reasons. Need an actual address. I guess you could order to some random house and stand on their porch.

>> No.6995353


I hope you didn't tip because they definitely fucked up your order

>> No.6995355


that is an excellent sign that you live in the USian version of 3rd world and need to GTFO to somewhere civilized like Massachusetts or possibly Europe

>> No.6995374

This sounds horrific.

Great thread tho bros. these make 4chan worth it.

>> No.6995386


Do you ever get any weird/gross orders that stick with you for some reason? At Wawa I always order some gross shit with egg salad with avocado and mustard etc and I always imagine the guy making it thinking I'm disgusting.

>> No.6995452

Does POS mean piece of shit here or am I reading this wrong?

>> No.6995453


Point of Sale

>> No.6995469

it means both because the pieces of shit will crash when i'm closing the shift if i don't check if there's open orders; and there's literally a glitch where open online pickup orders will leave a 1 cent open balance due to awful programming concerning rounding decimals. i have to call a god damn hotline when that happens. JJ POS systems are shit-tier as fuck.

>> No.6995474

Is there any fast food places in your terminal?

>> No.6995497

Okay thanks friends.
And Jimmy Johns guy I just wanna say you're cool.
Might get myself a Billy club tommorow.

>> No.6995571

I don't understand how the people that go here and similar places don't die on the way there.

I went to trader joes a few days ago and almost got hit by a car walking in and then almost hit while backing out to leave.

When I went to whole foods when I left and got back out to my car the people next to me forgot to close their car door and it was wide open....

At the same time I'm also going to these places so I'm one of them probably

>> No.6995581

can you be a cheeky cunt and go there and ask to smell their meat?

>> No.6995596
File: 124 KB, 660x586, 1434402039357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my table only tipped me 60 dollars




>> No.6995603

I'm the steak n shake loser and when I used to work third shift I used to have there drunk I think retarded guys come in and order 7x7s with everything on them, plus mushrooms, guacamole and sausage gravy

Then they'd yell at my from across the dining room and call me zelda and say "come talk to me about video games zelda" cause I used to wear triforce earrings

It was actually funny but those burgers looked narly

>> No.6995620

>What is it with these people and not knowing how to eat pizza?


Why do Americans insist on eating it like savages is beyond me, must be some colonial insecurity/hangup

>> No.6995635 [DELETED] 

Tits or gtfo

>> No.6995644
File: 4 KB, 174x144, 2015-10-20-23-54-32--141874870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6995645

Hey, fuck you; Polynesian sauce is goat. It's like my third best fast food sauce after Honey Mustard and sweet chili.

>> No.6995652 [DELETED] 


>> No.6995654
File: 147 KB, 600x384, GreatTit002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit titS not just tit


>> No.6995665 [DELETED] 

Show us your boobs

>> No.6995668
File: 114 KB, 800x880, Barack-Obama-with-Super-Boobs--71845.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6995671

Nipples please

>> No.6995674
File: 7 KB, 300x300, medela-3-pack-medium-flow-wide-baby-bottle-nipples.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6995676

Meh, I can fap to this

>> No.6995687

>tfw I work 1st and the junkies come in for their nectar
>Loud ass partially drunk customers
>Ashtray smelling tradesmen
>Hipsters that think its Starbucks
Fucking Boston fam

>> No.6995816

lol I use to get that at a hotel all the time. I dont know why I keep coming back. 'I DONT EITHER I WOULDN'T KEEP COMING BACK TO SOMEWHERE THAT MADE ME SO DISSATISFIED. ' 90% of the weirdos that say stuff like that will back down. the other 10% should probably be in a rubber room and will continue to come back because other more sane businesses have told them they are no longer welcome

>> No.6996025

>airport sit downs restaurants
I use to work at an airport sit down restaurant
man I fucking hate all the fucking servers there
all they ever do is bitch and moan about not getting tipped enough

bitch please, one of these damn servers made about $1k in one day
and she kept on going about how this shit isn't enough to provide for her

and when holidays comes along they start to bitch even more about not getting enough in tips

honestly fuck these people so much

>> No.6996030

Commonerwealth queers insist on eating every kind of food with their beloved forks and knives. Watching your kind eat Indian food is both amusing and maddening.

>> No.6996585

>people asking us if they could bring food on board, and the answer is yes, especially since we're right by all the boarding gates and anything you buy after the metal detectors you can bring onboard

Once, I was flying home from Dublin to Charlotte on US Airways (fuck US Airways btw), and had some Eurobux to spend up, so I decided to get an Irish coffee from a little stand right by the gate. I didn't think it'd take so long, but the cute Polish girl making it ground beans, made espresso, added milk and cream and honestly a pretty good tot of Jamesons, and by that time my boarding group or whatever had been called. So I grab it, thank the lady, and head on over to board the plane, to be told that I can't board with a hot beverage. I end up chugging as much as I can, because it was like a nine euro drink, but still manage to burn my tongue and not finish it.

Anyway, the moral of the story is you can't take hot beverages on planes, and that's fucking bullshit and I am still upset about wasting about half an Irish coffee.

>> No.6996641

here we go...

>> No.6996674

Hang a sign or something

>> No.6996848

>"I'm a vegan gluten-free soy-free strictly organic dieter, why can't you serve me this is illegal!"
>this is a grilled meat restaurant we literally have nothing here for you, you hippy dippy cunt

>> No.6998738

started working at mcdonalds, its my first job around 2 months ago.
i know all these feels
>orders a happy meal
>apples or gogurt for a side?

>> No.6998758

>- no banana peppers; not subway
The fuck? How are banana peppers a subway thing? I much prefer Jimmy Johns to subway, but every sandwich place should have banana peppers

>> No.6998788
File: 154 KB, 240x415, 00984CF-e1368718586238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we do have cherry peppers, just ask for the hot peppers. they blend with the taste of our choices in meats perfectly in my opinion. subway, as a custom sandwich shop, uses the milder-tasting banana peppers to complement their wider selection of sandwiches. they also have jalapenos which from my experience was the least popular subway topping. everyone loves our cherry peppers though.

ask for ez hot peppers at jimmy john's. less is more. they'll add a spicy kick but don't burn and destroy your meal.

>> No.6998871
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>Thank you, enjoy your meal!
>You too!
I guess I'm lucky that's my only problem, but every fucking time.

>> No.6998872

Wow your restaurant sounds shitty, I'm sticking with Subway.

Also, I'm a yelp reviewer so I'm pretty important; the things I have heard of this restaurant displeases me and therefore my score will have to be a 2/10. Have a good day.

>> No.6998891


This happens to me all the fucking time. I shop somewhere, when I'm leaving I always say "enjoy the rest of your shift" to the cashier, they by default say "y-you too".

Always good for a kek.

>> No.6999066

So what you're saying is, I should make an online order right as your shift is about to end?

>> No.6999094

Country club here

>No ma'am I'm the host I have no way to tell you if your food is cooked
>No sir, I don't know why the steak is so expensive; maybe it's because you're at a country club?

The worst is when we have prospective members come in.

9/10 kitchen staff are Hispanic. We hide them all while the prospective members look, so it's all white guys in the kitchen when they're looking.

By the time they found out it wasn't white people cooking, theyd be down 40k for a membership and 15k for a wine locker, so it's either Mexicans cook for you and you deal with it, or -65k because you're a whiney entitled bitch.

>> No.6999102

Jesus christ. I'm a vegetarian but these people annoy me so much.

Fuck at drill over the weekend everyone wanted to go to Arby's for lunch. Like nothing vegetarian, I didn't care. I got a salad and jalapeno poppers and was happy.

>> No.6999128

actually the issue comes from lazy in-shoppers who don't know the system, who will hand someone their paid online pickup order with an open balance and let them walk out without clearing the order. sometimes there is an issue with the pickup orders, such as ones that show a 1 cent open balance, and being the idiots they are they won't know what to do so they just close the order window silently and let management discover it later.

a pickup order will also stay open if an in-shopper doesn't apply a tip/no tip (yes we accept tips on pickups yet it rarely happens.) at the end of the night i have to clear these open orders or else the software freezes trying to calculate its end of the day report. i usually do, sometimes i forget.

so you can do what you like, but online orders have to be paid for, pickups can't be set to be picked up after close, you're going to get bread that's nearly expired, you have to sit with the feeling that you made a handful of minimum wage teenagers go home about ten minutes later than usual, and if you want delivery there's an extra charge and you're also going to have to tip my driver. you'll be the loser at the end of your hilarious le ebin prank, trust me.

>> No.6999137
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I work at a small local asian market chain, in the produce department

my biggest complaint is my awful autistic manager but as far as customers go

>white 'foodies' taking pictures the wacky crazy food they saw on anthony bourdain or bizarre foods and acting like they know more than me while being idiots
>indians trying to haggle
>old asian ladies rapidly waving their finger up and down while saying "CUT"
>40 yearold upper middle class housewives being absolute cunts about avocados
>but only avocados
>russian women doing literally anything i hate them
>younger asian girls not being my gf
>people ripping off the bags then leaving them in random places
>old ass people who need me to cut everything because spending 1.32 on cabbage is fucking draining
>kids grabbing shit and leaving it wherever they want
>kids screaming and crying
>kids existing

>> No.6999148

>expecting non-hispanics in a kitchen

Who are these deluded fools living in Imagination Land? Is your sous chef Peter Pan? Does the Gruffalo make your desserts?

>> No.6999319

I used to work at a Carl's Jr and really there's nothing not to complain about.

>mexican walks up
>I want a chicken sandwich
>which one
>the chicken sandwich
>the chicken one
>point to chicken and fish section of the menu with a half dozen sandwiches on and start listing them
>number 16
>that's fish.
>what part of "atlantic cod fish sandwich" lead you to believe chicken was involved

Although movie theater customers are still far and away the stupidest I've ever had to deal with.

>actively try to get people the best (least shit) possible deals at concession because i'm 17 and fuck the man
>couple of girls walk up and order a shitton of small popcorns
>mildly cute, try to be nice
>you know I can get you a large with free refills for way less and some extra empty containers
>okay, you got me. here you go
>girls smugly walk away having outsmarted me by paying literally double the price for 1/4th the popcorn

>> No.6999321

>because i'm 17

AT THE TIME a decade ago before someone starts screaming UNDERAGE BANN HURRR

>> No.6999374

most people have trouble articulating that, but you know what they mean. they just called to make sure you're open. no need to get uppity about it.

>> No.6999483

I used to work for McDonald's a year ago
>The fucking grease caked Everywhere.
>being treated like shit by managers.
>being treated like shit by people because the think they're better than you.
>being treated like shit by people because they are better than you.
>being forced to give costumers shitty(er) food because times are getting to high.
>mother fucking groups of 10+ people that come in twenty minutes before closing time and refuse to leave.
>The drive thru.

>> No.6999574

>customers only have 1.45hr to eat
what the fuck kind of shitty restaurant limits how long you have to sit down and eat? i'm gonna take all the god damn time in the world if i want to

>> No.6999585

why are you so upset about having to do your job?

>> No.6999592

>They would all brag how each server could make 100-200 a night on tips alone
why would anyone brag about this? that's barely anything. food service people need to get real jobs

>> No.6999613

>cause I used to wear triforce earrings
you deserved it

>> No.6999615
File: 156 KB, 1600x1067, Burger-King-Zesty-Onion-Ring-Sauce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no better sauce exists
>honey bbq sauce

that's a funny way to spell burger king's zesty sauve

>> No.6999620
File: 28 KB, 600x397, 1423989079166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw when the food is made to fit the sauce container

>> No.6999625

Well that's the thing, in the little town I lived in, that was a lot of money, and it was a real job. It was actually my first job ever so I didn't really think of it as a real job.

>> No.7000180

It's ridiculously rich white people in one of the wealthiest suburbs in America. They know that it's one of the wealthiest suburbs too, so it makes it all the worse for the workers.

And it's not so much that they expect it, it's that they see only white dudes in the kitchen when they check out the place the first time, and then see Hispanics when they actually join. I felt bad for the kitchen staff because they were actually really cool guys. We (well, the managers) basically pull the wool over their eyes until they fork over a membership fee.

>> No.7002351

I recently got a job in a fine dining establishment. And now I feel really ashamed that I can't open a bottle of wine properly.

>> No.7002400

I work at a golden corral, and you wouldnt believe how much of the food isnt even prepared there. Working at a fucking buffet sucks. Jesus fucking christ it sucks. And our regular customers are these awkward autistic disgusting assholes, or stupid fucking foreigners with extremely picky tastes that can barely tell you what they want because you cant even fucking understand them.

And then there's the fucking blacks. No sir, we don't have any more well done steaks as I was just mauled by the 20 member umbiwi tribe, each wanting 2 fucking steaks. They'll be ready in 15 minutes sir, unless you want a medium rare. Oh you dont like blood or any pink in your steak, well fuck you! THIS WHITE MUTHAFUCKA GOT BLOOD IN MY BEANS AHHH LORDY WHERE DA FUCKING MANAGER AT! Fuck my job.

Id rate it about a 7/10

>> No.7002450

My brother loves going there and when he talks me into once every six months I always make sure to tip whoever is my waiter/busser. I give the with no exceptions $15 just because no matter how much they're paid, it's not enough.

>> No.7002510

Fuck the servers, they're whiny pieces of shit that make a fuckload of money for what they do. And they bitch about the stupidest shit when they have the least closing duties and arguably one of the easiest jobs.

>> No.7003433

Not long ago, I was waiting at a place that was very slow and had a cheap menu (imo, considering the quality, portions, and state I live in). Now I've got a new job working at a classier place that's much busier and has a menu about twice as expensive, though the job is more demanding because my boss demands a greater level of formality and there's more pressure to perform well with these higher stakes.

And now the tips per table are holy shit, obviously larger than what I was previously making. Whereas before, a shitty tip meant the difference between going home with almost enough for rent or with pocket change, now I can finally see how the other waitresses I work with can actually support their kids with this pay.

One problem, now, though. At the other place, I could gauge my level of service pretty well. I knew when I'd fucked up and the customer gave me a light tip because of it and I knew when I'd given the best service possible and the customer was just cheap, as well as having an average of fair to good tips. But now I'm not sure if I can measure my quality of work as easily. Now even a "bad" tip isn't as disappointing, but I can't tell if I'm getting a low fractional tip because my service wasn't on par, or because the customer just thought their meal was overpriced, and so shaved down their tip to save themselves some money. This makes it harder for me to figure out where I need to improve and what each of my customers wants.

I'm trying to communicate with my customers to see how their meal is going, but you guys probably know about the amount of people that will just nod and vaguely say "good" when asked how everything is, only to have a complaint at the very end of the meal or when they go home to write a yelp review, when the server could've just fixed it at the start. And I can't believe the amount of people that come in to a nice meal at these prices and are already in a bad mood, and apparently spend the whole night fighting with eachother.

>> No.7003461

Why do you guys do it? Like the ones who are putting themselves through college I can understand, but why do others do it? Why waste your life?

I'm working in IT with my best friend and it's fucking great. Paid about twice what minimum wage is and literally have 0 complains about my job. Love to cook, so I do it at home.

>> No.7003504

>pastry chef at a fine dining restaurants
-destroyed social life. You know those times when people like to go and hang out with their friends? That's when I'm at work, making them food.
-most of the waiters are retarded, complain frequently about not getting enough money/when tables don't tip enough and don't know shit about food


sometimes we still have the door unlocked because customers are still eating, yet people still will try to come in well after we close and occasionally retarded waiters actually seat them because it's a great idea for the restaurant to lose money by paying people to stay to cook for 1 table.


I dunno, I have some irrational drive to keep doing it because I love having people enjoy my food and my dream is to have Thomas Keller yell at me for a living. I could always go back to school if I decided I wanted to actually make money or have a life, I have a BS in dietetics and biochem but I just decided I wanted to cook after I graduated.

>> No.7003518
File: 1.46 MB, 1536x2048, 20150201_195106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm a delivery driver I shouldn't fucking be cleaning the dough room
Our pay period shouldn't be 16 days I want normal over time
I do work enough for that kind of pay, I should get it when I reach the hours
My manager shouldn't have to bust her ass at the end of the night to clean up after all these kids' mistakes
Control the fucking drama
The owner is useless
The new manager is useless
Fuck this place but I need the money to move out and visit my boyfriend
How hard is it to do your cleaning lists

>> No.7003531

Server here, sorry if you're question is just targeted at kitchen staff. I guess I'm just not jaded yet. If it weren't for this job, I'd be a NEET shut in, and so have a reluctance to gain other career skills and am still working in the same industry as my first job. I love food and being around food but can't cook well myself. And I like watching other people enjoy food and restaurant ambiance and hospitality. I feel it's good to be making people happy. I sometimes like to pretend that every customer is having their special night out (and know some really are), and it's my job to make it the best possible. I like catering at weddings because it feels like it makes me a part of making the best day of someone's life. I like living on tips so far because I like the satisfaction of being rewarded for a job well done. I get paid for what I provide at the amount the person I'm serving thinks is fair, which is something I couldn't experience if I received an hourly wage whether I did well or not. There are drawbacks, especially if your experience tells you most people are selfish entitled assholes, and I think I'll get burned out someday, but not yet.

My sister is in hospitality too, but not food. She works for a tour company and travels the world leading people on their vacations. My job is less glamorous (on the outside looking in, that is, her job deals with all kinds of bullshit) but same principle. I'm a romantic sap, but sometimes, it's like we're in the business of making dreams come true.

>> No.7003539

Keep records. Make a claim with the state labor board when you move on to another job.

>> No.7003619
File: 2.75 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20130224_120820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have been. Keeping track of my paystubs and hours, tips too. My paycheck isn't matching up what it was when I started working here, and it's definitely not because I'm making good tips. It's been pretty dead lately.
The owner's a weasel and will lie his way out of anything. Pretty sure he should have paid for my car repair when it broke down on the shift (after being forced to use it, because the regular vehicle was in the shop). He said "I would swear on a bible that I heard you say it was okay to use your own car", when I would have said no just because my car can barely make it back and forth to work without problems anyway.
What other things should I be keeping track of?

>> No.7003664
File: 23 KB, 320x240, 1445220723955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm second in command of a famous chef restaurant here in my country, he's my friend and we invented all the plates together.

All our food is fucking expensive, and our clients are always extremelly rich, that's cool, we treat them all with respect, and our crew always put their best on all food.

But sometimes, those really expensive plates, we have to serve missing a few spices, even a few ingredients. We keep quiet, we serve 'em and they love it. Then I proceed to ask what they think of missing ingredient #1, #2 and whatever and they talk like it was there all along. I always thought that people willing to eat in places like this are a bit pretentious, but I'm pretty sure now.

>> No.7003688

So much of the business is about psychology. If an ignorant person spends that much more money for something, they can trick their brain into liking it more just to avoid feeling regret. You can serve the same dish on a silver platter in a mansion as you do on a plank of wood in a poor man's cellar and see the difference it makes in how much the receiver will gush about it.

>> No.7003700

Work for O'Charleys... Free Pie Wednesday.. .that is all.

>> No.7003951


You're trying too hard

>> No.7003989

Wealthy people go out to eat for the experience, not just the food. As long as they think it was worth it, they'll come back. But they also expect you to do your best, so you should always strive for that. You never know what people are thinking in the backs of their minds. You could quietly, or not so quietly, lose a regular and that'd be horrible for business.

>> No.7004036

sauce on that pic?

I've seen her around before.

>> No.7004116
File: 259 KB, 393x829, grrr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Live in small British town
>Work in a kebab shop
>All the other workers here are shitskinned Turks
>I am pretty much the joke of the neighbourhood because I am white and work here
>People always come in and ask if the 'white turk' is working that night
>Sometimes customers try to be funny and make me do shit to entertain them
>For example last week some chav cunt made me tie a stretch of donor meat round my skinny wrist so the boss could pull me along like 'the white turkish dog I am', had to get on my knees on the greasy fucking floor
>boss finds it hilarious
>doesn't stop it
>can't get another job
>2 years of slicing kebab meat for fat fucks

>> No.7004136


Kafir cannot handle halal food though, it's deemed "unclean" by you simply touching it. So you're either a broom pusher that never touches food, or you're a cashier that never touches food... and is still the bitch of dirty brown people.

>> No.7005373

i hate those mugs who clean the icecream machine an hour before closing.

>> No.7005399

Why would you get a gargantuan if you're subbing shit out? They have almost every other permutation of sub and you can add/remove whatever you want to those

>> No.7005416

but i need a shitload of chick fil a sauce i use like 3 waffle fries for one pack

>> No.7005422


what burger place that sounds good

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