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What do u drink,I like try new

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Tequila makes me a bit violent.

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BTFOs pretty much anything else tbh

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only the gays drink tequila.

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No they drink tea at gay yea partys

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Tequila makes me, uhh, amorous.

We should get together.

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I'm sure only fags like it. You're just in the closet cum guzzler.

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Got a case of these from my house in Mexico and brought them back to my house in California.. Just the smell gets me dizzy lol. Do recommend.

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Muh nigga

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I want to smoke a big fatty pop a couple lortabs and drink that b****

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Hell yes and I don't want no margaritas just give me something to chase it with in a shot glass

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I think that's Zima

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Wish I didn't have to worry about drug testing I want to drink that b**** and smoke a big fat blunt with it

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That's what I like it's about 50 bucks a bottle it's not fly over good stuff

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It's agave juice, tho

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You're literally triggering my ptsd
But i had san pedro, and chugging a liter of that gel was literal torture

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That's hollywood crap from a fucker who's band kind of sucked and his radio show failed after a few weeks and you know it, you should be embarrassed to post that here.

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El jimador

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Only thing in this thread that isn't completely cringe, but sadly Herradura went to shit after BF bought them out

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Overrated. More expensive than Patron but not nearly as good. Even Patron isn't enough bang for yourr buck.

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U should b embarrassed 2 wall in public its good don't care about his band

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Patron very smooth

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