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Why are fritos the best bean dip chip? Were they made with it in mind? I believe so.

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I cannot BEGIN to describe what's wrong with this.
>watching E! online
>paper towels under everything
>under monitor is dirty as fuck
>Flat Tire
Just an hero, OP. It's what needs to happen.

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Wow, you are really upset with yourself. I suggest a nap.

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Not him, but you really should be ashamed of yourself for watching E. It's absolute garbage. Everything you say is now invalidated just because you watch that piece of shit channel.

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The Soup is hilarious. It literally makes fun of the entire channel

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We don't want to visit your reddit thread, anon. Go advertise somewhere else.

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>The Soup is hilarious.

No, it's not. It's something housewives find funny. It's the sort of humor they find "edgy".

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I'm not sure that you know what you're talking about

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Do you do data entry at home?

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nahhh m8 the soup is funny,you take yourself too seriously

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Well adults DO have to make budgets and other financial documents...

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How financially fucked are you that you need to type everything out to figure out where your money is going?

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>He doesn't know where his money is going!

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