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I really like white rice, need new ideas. What's your favourite thing to do with it?

I like to dump a can of cream of mushroom into mine and put salt on it.

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My mom used to take cream of mushroom and cream of chicken and bake some chicken in it and serve it over rice, pretty flyovery but cheap and easy.

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when you cook the rice throw some ham or sausage with bok choi and you got the greatest thing man has to offer.

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i like to add a lot of soysauce and salt
you can also add stuff like raisons and other spices to it to give it the nice flavour

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Soy Sauce isn't salty enough for you?

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1. Go to Indian store
2. Get Puliogare mix
3. Heat some oil and put a tablespoon puliogare mix and heat is a bit...
4. Add rice to it...
5. If you feel like, scramble some eggs and add them too.
6. Enjoy

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raw egg and soy sauce
butter/sesame oil and curry powder
butter and salt, minced garlic if youre feeling fancy
tempura or eel sauce

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Bonito flakes are godtier

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White people should require a permit in order to be allowed to shop at Asian grocery stores.

You are a disgrace.

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1. Go to Indian store
2. Ask if there is a restroom
3. They've never heard of one
4. Poop in aisle
5. They thank me for respecting their customs
6. Pick up some cow urine cola on my way out

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Here's your reply.

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I never said I was a gourmet chef, you self-entitled cunt. Just want to do more shit with rice.

Thank you everyone else you have been very helpful so far.

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Thank you.

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Make chicken stock. Use the stock to cook the white rice.

Take the chicken you used in the sauce and serve it with the rice and fish sauce or soy sauce.

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>Take the chicken you used in the sauce
*chicken used in the stock

You could also use it to make crackers.

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Get cooked white rice that has cooled and stir fry with some sesame oil, shallot, shaoxing wine, fish sauce, chili pepper, ginger, white pepper, cardamon, ground turmeric, sugar and vegetables cut and cubed very small

Serve with a protein.

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Be sure to keep your rice overnight in the fridge before you use it for fried rice. Helps improve the texture and prevents the rice from clumping up.

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Where else would I put it?

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>I like to dump a can of salt on it and put salt on it

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>his city only sells rice at asian stores

Also, like OP said, you're a cunt.

I like a lot of things to do with rice, but my fave is the most simple.
Cook it in 3/4 Chicken stock, 1/4 milk or cream.
When ready to eat, put in bowl and add butter and salt.
So good.
Try it with chili as well.

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Quick and easy
>butter + soy sauce, eat with nori
>buy some of those furikake and top your rice with it
>sesame oil + fish sauce + a little bit of sriracha/sambal oelek/chili paste

More work
>Hainanese chicken rice
>Arroz Caldo
>coconut rice pudding

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Not that anon, but I leave the leftover rice in the rice cooker. Though I do eat rice 1-3 meals a day so it's not like I'm worried about it spoiling.

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My rice cooker will arrive tomorrow. It's a cheap piece of shit but got decent reviews on amazon.

Any good source for recipes? Even super simple ones, I'm totally inexperienced when it comes to rice.

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It's fucking rice. Just learn which rice you need to wash to get the most out of it and exactly how much water it takes because not all instructions are designed for cookers and lead to mushy shit. Salt and butter at the start do well towards making rice better. I guess rice pudding if you're into that, steamed vegetables if it came with a steamer basket, you can make lentils for mung daal without having to watch and stir constantly in it.

A rice cooker is really just a way to free up time for your meat and veg game. You tend to make saucier dishes, curries, and a lot of fake jap food.

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A good rice cooker will cook rice better than a pot. If you buy a piece of shit without a locking lid it'll actually end up worse.

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what the fuck is wrong with you white people eating rice as if it's a main dish? Just make something else and eat rice with it.

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Nobody does that. OP just googled a photo of a bowl of rice because that's what he's asking about in this thread.

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nice triple 69s, but fuck you. no one said they were making rice as a main dish. it's petty to attack someone for asking for honest advice

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Roast some Pork fillet, either char siu or BBQ or whatever you want.
Stir fry some greens like pak choi and shit with ginger and garlic and soy sauce maybe a teaspoon of oyster sauce
Slice that pork and lay it on top

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basmati rice with a bit of tomato puree and spice is pretty good

kidney bean and chick peas to the side

settle the fuck down hoss, not everybody wants to shovel fucking meat down daily or sometimes at all

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i made basmati rice with curry powder, cloves, cumin and a stick of cinammon.
just threw all that shit in my rice cooker and let it go.

shit is delicious

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coconut milk and powdered ginger

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What's the best brand of Japanese white rice to get. All the brands I try never taste as good as the rice I get at Japanese restaurants.

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for what purpose, anon? are you asking about rice used for sushi or just eaten as side like OP's pic? they use different types of rice for those,

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The rice they give you on the side. I just like how it tastes.

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Koshihikari, akitakomachi, or nishiki
Calrose isn't bad and may be easier to find?

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I usually eat it with vegetables. Broccoli, carrots, green beans, the like. Also all random kinds of sauces, I actually really like it with gravy.

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