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Is this stuff any decent? Got it as a gift, so I don't know if I should open it, or just pass it on.

>inb4 muh single malt masterrace
>inb4 OP can't inb4

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You sound like a dick therefore I will not help you.

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It's a gift. Try it straight you ungrateful faggot.

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Damn you guys are salty as fuck.

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this, or send it to me and tell whoever got it for you that you really enjoyed it so they keep getting it for you and you keep sending it to me.

just give me your alcohol.

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It's not really that high of quality. Its mid tier at best. Don't get me wrong it is good. Nice smooth feel, kind of sweet. I'd say give it a try.

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First, you're a dick. Even if someone gives you the shittiest $5 moonshine-whiskey-gin-rum hybrid, fucking drink it for fucks sakes.
Second, it tastes like dining both on and in a real ornate-asf chair.

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Is /ck/ having hive-mind menstruation today?

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>pass on good free booze

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It's a gift asshole, just try it. That said, I love Johnnie Walker. The only one that is pure shit is Red Label. If you try it and like it, try Double Black. Shit's like drinking a campfire that has been smouldering for an hour. In a good way

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That shit rocks

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Fuckin eh man. It's a fucking gift. It was intended that he drinks it, and since he's never had it before there is literally no reason why he shouldn't. If you're not willing to try something new, AND not willing to accept a gift, you're a shitty human being.

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I like you

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can I fuck your sister?

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Is it worth the price? absolutely not.

On the other hand, its pretty decent. Really smooth and sweet.

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not great for the price, but that's not a concern for you
it would make a nice regift
on the other hand it isn't red so it is safe to drink
it was christopher hitchens fav apparently

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>christopher hitchens
Was? Christopher Hitchens is dead?!

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what about blue label what's ck thoughts on that

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As far as affordable blends go, I'd say Johnnie Walker is among the best.

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I like it, goodstuff.

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no he just finally realised he had shit taste

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It's a decent, solid blend. Very much overpriced in my opinion, but getting it for free is a good deal.

I'd drink it.

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My local shop has it for $16/700ml these days. For that price, is it good?

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Hell yeah it is. 0,7l bottle here costs like 40-50€

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Black label for $16 is a steal. Stock up.

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Are you sure it's black label? That's normally around 30 bucks I believe, so nearly half off would be a very good deal.

Where do you live? You use American currency in your post but European measures.

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Yeah, I'm yuropoor. It' more than half off here.

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It even costs less than Red Label right now.

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>there are people on here RIGHT NOW that won't drink blended scotch but have no problem drinking blended coffee


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Stock up, m8.

Which country do you live in? I'm jelly of those prices.

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>open bottle
>take a big swig
>put lid back on bottle and sit it down
>take sip of ice cold coca cola

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>Christopher Hitchens


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> chasing scotch

are you an alcoholic or just a child?

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It's ok, use it for a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.

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Probably both, real drunks don't chase shit.

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A Manhattan made with Scotch is called a Rob Roy, m8.

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How the fuck does that indicate he's an alcoholic?

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Why do you keep making these posts about people being salty for criticizing your total lack of grace or self awareness as if it its a rebuttal? Rub some braincells together and try to figure out why people are saying the same thing over and over to you you damn sperg

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It's alright. Just overpriced, as others have said.

That's generally the case with big brands. They get to increase their prices well above value because of their market power. But then a good portion of that profit is lost to the higher advertising costs they need to spend to maintain their market power.

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Open it, try it, report.
Personally I didn't like it because of that slightly bitter peatiness in the aftertaste. (tried black and gold label). But several other guys recommended it, so go for it and see.

and an Old Fashioned is normally made with bourbon.

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I was in a limo once (roommate had a rich friend and she brought me to his birthday party) and they had this in the minibar. I don't even like whiskey, but it's a pretty good whiskey. I didn't want to mix it with pepsi but everyone else did because they're plebs.

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>Filling your bottle of whiskey with backwash
gross tbh

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You 'fill' a water bottle or any bottle you drink from with backwash as well. With whiskey it's less gross because of the alcohol.

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The difference being that the long term taste of the whiskey is more important, not to mention that as it's nearing it's end the alcohol evaporates.
That is unless you down the entire fucking thing in a couple sittings.
Water and soda is usually drunk all in one go.

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I was assuming that anyone in drinking from the bottle mode is going to finish it in one sitting, to be honest.

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