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What's the spiciest thing you've ever eaten?

I just put the 3 spiciest peppers in the blender to see what'd happen and drank whatever came out. it was some of the worst pain i've ever been in and i threw up a few times.

What about you guys?

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never again

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This shit blew me out

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I don't know what your mom does, but her vag just drips capsaicin.

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warning: the butter doesn't less the afterburn

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I had a pepper like yours but more orange. I ate it all in one bite and almost instantly regretted it. It hurt to even breathe.

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I passed by a hot sauce store in the mall. Places like this rarely last long so I decided to check out their wares while I could. They let me try some shit that was so hot I felt physically ill for over an hour. I was really kind of impressed, seeng as I like spicy food. This was hardly food though. More like flavoured napalm.

Summer never ends.

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>I liek internet dick measuring contests

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Kill yourself tumblr newfag.

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i don't really eat spicy food

the time i spend going for a shit is the most 'me time' i get nowadays, and i don't really want it to be painful

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I think you should change the title to 'spiciest dish you've ever eaten' because otherwise it's just going to be a boring shitshow of people eating raw ingredients and peppers.

How about actual spicy foods that you're supposed to consume?

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Smoke Eaters hellfire wings. I can usually handle my spice, but this wasn't even sauce; it was a thick paste of death. The sauce was thicker than the meat on the damn wing.

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This, really. Hottest thing I've eaten was a raw bird's eye chilli. I'm not much of a heat seeker.

Spiciest dish was either a grilled fish I marinated in this stuff, or a thai noodle broth thing someone gave me that had way too much chilli powder on top. Both were hot to the point that I could barely taste anything unless I had the tiniest amount mixed with a neutral dish.

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Probably these. Grew a whole bush of them. Eat them all the time.

Also, what the fuck possessed you to do such a thing, OP? Just general dumbassery or what?

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Did anyone save that shit about living in a milk bubble? That was funny as shit.

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I eat Habanero all the time, i like em on my pizza.

If im having a shitty day eating a chunck will make me feel better. Great on a cold snowy day.

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My friends once put an ass load of this stuff on my tacos as a prank once, it was horrible

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Once, when I was still young and pretty new to cooking I misread a recipe for jerk chicken. It said to use .5 habanero peppers, and I used 5, for two chicken breasts.

It was pretty close to inedible.

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Dave's Ultimate Insanity Hot Sauce.

Now, I'm someone who regularly chomps away at fresh home grown birdseye chillies as a snack. I don't do hot sauce so much, but chilli paste in shit like Korean food, I eat a lot of. So when my friend's friend brought this shit out at a bbq and said, hey anon, you like hot sauce right, have some of this with your steak.

So I poured a bit out onto a bite-size piece of steak. Barely a teaspoon, just enough to cover the meat. After all, a lot of hot sauces I just plain don't like the taste of, I don't like vinegary shit that much, so I was expecting the same with this.

I should have known by the look on his face that I shouldn't have used that much, but I ate it anyway. And it was pretty hot. But I ate it all, said I didn't really like the taste, and went to continue with the rest of my steak for about five seconds before I had to run inside the house and chug a bottle of water.

Now here's where it gets fun. My friend's lactose-intolerant, right? He doesn't have any milk in the house. I'm heaving over the sink, nothing coming out but waterfalls of spit and snot and tears, and he's barrelling through the fridge looking for something to give me to ease the leaking gunshot wound that my stomach felt like. The closest thing he can find is mayo, and through my pain-addled, teary eyes, I saw the big spoon of white stuff he was giving me as ice cream, so I gladly shoved it into my mouth. I hate mayo. I was already coughing and drooling, and that shit made me gag and cough the spice into my sinuses which spiked the pain to the point where I don't even remember what happened after that and before I finally slunk back outside to lie down on one of the pool chairs, the entire rest of the party laughing but also confessing that they were about to call an ambulance and asking if I really was alright.

Fuck Dave. If I ever met him I'd pour his sauce into his fucking eyeballs.

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