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>people who don't eat their pizza crusts

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>people who eat grits with a spoon

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>people who salt their food before tasting it

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>people who eat food

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OP Here
Sorry for shit posting.
I'm a cunt, I know.

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only poor people eat pizza crusts

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fucking this so much

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That's what girlfriends or male friends you're willing to look a little gay with are for.

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Yes. I've never even managed to view a full episode of Louie; every time he bins the crust during the opening sequence, I put my foot through whatever dumpster TV I'm using that week.

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>guys who won't eat pussy but suck cock

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I dip my pizza crusts in marinara sauce

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>People who use forks at asian restaurants

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>pizzerias that don't cover the pizza witch cheese all the way to the crust

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I can't help my dumb fingers

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>file deleted

topest of keks

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>people who never finish their food

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>people who imitate what they see in their cartoons

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>people who delete their images

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>people who don't eat their own cum

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