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show me your best country food

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Eat up.

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those potatoes look great

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how does one go about eating something like this?

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You peel back the skin and cut the meat off the face. Some people eat the eyes, too.

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the cheek has lots of meat in it. it's like a chicken breast with eyes and a mouth.

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>virado paulista


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crunchy ears in a soup could be good too

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ca va bro ? vien donc jouer au xbox

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Ortolan, it's a crunchy tasty treat for a September afternoon.

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fuck ton xbox, pleb, t'attend quoi pour pouvoir te permettre un ps4?

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wow, douchebag much. sans vouloir peter ta bulle jai un 360, un one, un ps4 et un ps3 tout des edition special blanc sur blanc, un ordi avec un raedon 7750 et 4g de ram, deux benq et des senheiser qui vallent le prix de ton char. merci mais je me debrouile tres bien . picture very related

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for everybody-> how big is your dragon dildo, maybe the biggest one cause your the biggest asshole here

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>french canadians
fucking faggots, even your own country doesn't like you

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look fresh, I would eat anytime

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well nobody likes you so...
sorry if you had a bad day...

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To be fair, the hatred is mutual.

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Meat pancakes from Hortobágy, Hungary

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they shouldn't bite the hand that gives them equalization payments

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What is the other stuff inside? Sauce?

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Eille tes cool hen

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4g de ram ahahahahah tbk legros

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Jerk chicken (seasoned with scotch bonnet pepper, pimento, garlic, allspice) roasting on pimento wood.

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kroket, it's kind of a fast food/lunch type item, but it's the best thing we have

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America does have some good food.

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that cooking method is fascinating.

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Looks good Portugal. I'd eat that.

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Oh my fuck.

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>not francesinha

you had one job joao

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i want this before i die

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Morning /ck/

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Speak white you shits

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You're literally scum

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>pustule loaf

Looks foul. I'd still eat it though

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It's haggis you ingrate.

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Loco Moco master race reporting in

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fake gravy is so fucking good.

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how the fuck is that fake gravy?

its a browned roux from pan drippings you dumb nigger

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>completely translucent
>not fake

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Sorry for being a nigger.

you are right, but when I make it at home, I do make my own gravy.

Literally one of the best drunk/into hangover foods.

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>not smoke meat

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i really want to try this

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>new hampshire lobster boil
you guys have what, ten square miles of coast?

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I moved to north dakota from the southeast and I had cheese curds for the first time in my life recently. My boss has been to canada on numerous occasions and never heard of poutine. Am I pronouncing it wrong? Poo teen?

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Since when is coastline measured in square anything?

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It's poe teen you stupid fucking herring eater.

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Love me some pickled herring.

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my thoughts exactly

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>square miles
are you retarded?

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Alright lads.

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eggs in urine

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What is it exactly?

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Scotland yass.

fuck the huns!

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how do you eat this?
do you have to cut it or you take it like a big snack?…

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Feijoada is the best dish Brazil has to offer. If you ever have a chance, try it.

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looks a bit like spanish fabada, but with black beans. Looks great

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how does it taste?

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That shit is made with pig's feets and ears

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So is this. One of China's more well known dishes, made from pig's trotter that has been stewed along with ginger in malt vinegar until the collagen dissolves. Got the chance to try this in Hong Kong, was pretty unique.

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