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What are the essential White Trash-core foods?

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There's a massive overlap with "black people food", so that

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lays potato chips (original)
cheese whiz
hot dogs

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>cheap hot sauce
>those gigantic bags of cereal
>cosmic brownies

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Bud Light, specifically. I don't know why but White Trash love that shit.

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Things only poor white people buy

Walmart brand mountain dew
Bud light
Frozen french frys
Bar S Bologna
Bagged cereal
Fake orange juice by the gallon
Pre made sandwiches from the gas station

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imo ur a fag tbh

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Actually Mountain Dew is the brand name and its under Pepsi.

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Live in Huntsville, AL. Can confirm.

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Marketing convinced people to buy watered-down beer for the same price.

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its walmart brand shit
Like mountain thunder or something
great vaule brand stuff

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I only buy 3 of the 7 I'm good

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And because of the whole 'light' terminology people think it's not as bad for you if it's 'light'. Similar to fucks who buy Marlboro Lights or Parliaments because they think they "won't get as much cancer"

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Oscar Mayer pork/chicken hotdogs
Hormel canned chill
off brand cereal in plastic bags
RC Cola
whole sunflower seeds
fat free cake mix
potted meat/vienna sausages
preggo, ragu, canned pasta sauce
pork rinds
Banquet frozen diners
Redneck beer in order of redneckness: any 40oz, Budweiser, PBR, Miller, Coors

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>Hormel canned chill
>preggo, ragu, canned pasta sauce
>pork rinds

But anon, all of these things are good.

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don't you have some niggers to lynch

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Zebra cakes, Twinkies, various other snack cakes
Natural Light
Frozen chicken nuggets
Frozen french fries
Hot pockets
TV Dinners
Picture related

Mexican Americans buy tons of fake orange juice. Otherwise, they eat really well compared to white trash.

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40oz are for the homeless and for 22 year olds who go to hardcore shows every weekend, but other than that I agree completely

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>tfw I've had all of this within the last 30 days

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Whoa. 40s and hardcore shows were my shit when I was 22. Why do you know me

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I used to drink a bunch of 40s when I was younger and I stopped round mid 20s

man they really are quite gross

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Taco Bell

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Nig here. What are hardcore shows? Are they the things where you all gather in a circle and try to hurt each other?

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Yeah look up blood for blood

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It's THE combination for people between the ages of 17 and 25 here on Long Island.
So bad, but they're nostalgic in a way that most other shitty booze isn't.
Yeah, pretty much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_p0FEaslyU

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FYI this isn't meant as an example of like, a good crowd, or even a good band (Pendulum Swings was okay, haven't listened to them in years though) but just as an example of what most hardcore shows look like aside from the obvious detail that it's in a burger restaurant.

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Olde English tastes better than the average domestic beer imho.

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Not gonna lie, looks kind of fun. Thanks for no flames.

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It is. Some kids can be fags but a lot are really nice. Check one out sometime

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If I wanted to get fucked up I wuld drink Evil Eye or something with 10% abv, which is absolutely abhorrent.

I eventually settled on Colt 45 as my choice, and Old English second.

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The company specifically.

These were the worst sardines that I ever had, but what did I expect for 78 cents.

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>tfw i buy a lot of these things for when im too lazy to cook actual food

kraft dinner canada master race

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i think they're talking about the disgusting no name brand cereal you can get a pound of for like 2 bucks

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>I'm a big ol cock gobbler who doesn't eat cocoa roos

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i dont ever eat cereal. i haven't woke up eariler than noon in 10 years.

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This is a white trash thread, not a bad food thread. That said, everything you listed except for pork rinds is shit.

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It's a ton of fun. Check a show out sometime when you get the chance. They're usually a blast.

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It's not some flower that only blooms at 8am. You can eat it whenever you want

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duno whenever i buy milk i never use it and it goes bad

maybe i should fuck with more cereal. thanks what kind should i get?

i remember special k being good

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>22 year olds who go to hardcore shows every weekend, but other than that I agree completely

Hit too close to home, anon.

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The shit they put on snow cones.

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whats a snow cone

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>people saying Bud light

No, it's Natural Ice or Keystone that are firmly white trash. Bud Light is popular among people of all class. I can't speak much for the rich but they seem like liquor drinkers mostly.

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Shaved or crushed ice with syrup on it.

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Cracklin oat bran, raisin bran, cocoa roos

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If your milk is always going bad you may want to consider buying organic. That stuff is only a buck or two more and seems to have twice the shelf life. But it in a cartoon. The gallon jugs don't last as long.

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Snowflakes. Served on paper plates, of course.

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find a new board, hot topic hipster :^)

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>If your milk is always going bad you may want to consider buying organic. That stuff is only a buck or two more and seems to have twice the shelf life. But it in a cartoon. The gallon jugs don't last as long.

Organic milk only lasts longer if they pasteurize the living shit out of it, which makes it taste like garbage.

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>Bar S Bologna
What the fuck?
Is there any other kind?

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The general gist I'm getting is that rednecks eat foods that the average American 4-6 year old would want to eat if they could buy food

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Oscar mystery

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> Store brand Kraft singles
> Hotdogs in white bread
> Yellow American cheese
> Kool Aid/Hawaiian Punch/ store brand types of fake "juices"

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You're getting the idea.
White trash are mental infants.

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>cheese in a can
>frozen corn dogs
>banquet meals
>spaghetti o's
>energy dranks
>store brand bread

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This is as accurate as it gets. Throw in mom's homemade bars which consist of mostly sugar, hamburger in massive amounts in their freezer, and if you're lucky enough to know a hunter or do it yourself, all sorts of gamey meats. Oh, and you order a cheeseburger or a well-done steak any time you've saved enough money to go out to eat.

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>Frozen french frys
there is literally nothing wrong with frozen french fries. I'm pretty sure I've even heard Gordon Ramsey say they're the only acceptable frozen food to be served at a restaurant.

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No. Maybe put on your good denim jacket for your 6pm dennys reservation with your fat wife.

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He likes frozen green peas, too.

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> Hotdogs in white bread

That way of eating hot dogs is so ingrained into my head that it's the only way to eat them.

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Only slightly trashy

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Pretty much any convenience food. The poor don't have time to learn how to cook. They even claim real food is more expensive than shit from a box.

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The way you talk about poor people makes you sound like a piece of shit.

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Fish sticks bitch.

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Red Man dip.

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I speak from life experience. Poor people need to be better educated about how to do basic things like cooking and living on a budget.

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It's the way I and everyone I grew up with lived. It was pretty sick though, honestly.

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>All the best ethnic food stems from poor people trying to make cheap, shitty food taste good
>Now poor people buy overpriced premade shit instead of learning how to cook

What the fuck happened?

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Hunger is a powerful motivator. Calorically dense processed food can hold you up a lot longer than lentils with 7 spices

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>a bag of corn chips is calorically dense

no wonder you niggers are so dumb and poor

>> No.6697976

>modern poor detected
Lentils, calorie for calorie, will sustain you far longer and for much cheaper than a McDouble with beetus juice.

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>not grind and steel reserve
do you even michigan

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poor people suck

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So much this! I bought a 6 pack of Karbach Weekend Warrior Pale Ale and it was cheaper then a sixer of bud light. I will never understand how people buy that crap over something that local and better quality for the same price.

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Cheddar cheese

>> No.6699805

I buy frozen french fries, but only the natural cut ones because they are so easy and so good.

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The vast majority of poor people are dumb, and are poor because they're dumb and make dumb choices.

>> No.6699816

not quite
marlboro lights and parliaments are for ladies

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Oscar Meyer mixed meat hotdogs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OM beef hotdogs. The beef ones are fuckterrible.

What is with America's fear of pork? You can't even get 100% pork hot dogs easily /anywhere/ in America. It's a goddamned travesty that you people eat beef hotdogs and mix pork with TVP, chicken and turkey. :-(

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Pork sausage a best.

>> No.6699849

Are you kidding me? Mexicans eat way worse than white trash could ever aspire towards.
>gas station big gulp soda
>actually eating gas station food and liking it
>loads of top roman
>hot Cheetos with ketchup or some shit
>Taco Bell and tons of fast food in general
You must not live somewhere that has Mexicans, they eat like shit and the pregnant bean teens eat like this while pregnant.

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Bands like Vagital Jesus

>> No.6699859

Pork is kind of unsanitary. Pigs carry a lot of diseases that are easily transmittable to humans, I try to avoid it.

>> No.6699876

Well, you keep doin' you, then, Shlomo. I'll be over here, enjoying superior piggy meats.

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There's nothing wrong with being poor you fucking elitist.

Enjoy your "organic orange juice" and your avacado gluten freed sandwiches

>> No.6699887

Poor people have aids and smell like shit

>> No.6699892

Richfags do yoga so they can get in position to get fucked up the ass easier.

>> No.6699894

>There's nothing wrong with being poor you fucking elitist.

Spot the poor person. Thats like saying theres nothing wrong with being on fire.

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/ck/ is the only board on 4chan that makes me literally lol.

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Banquet meals
Walmart ramen
premade pasta sauce from cans
gallons containers of shit ice cream
generic red/blue/green fake juice in gallon jugs
frozen premade breakfast sausage sandwich things
cube steak
hamburger helper

Basically grew up on all these things. Jesus fuck how am I alive?

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Jews. No, seriously. The big metro markets for hot dogs (like NYC and Chicago) have big Jewish populations so pork hot dogs would be bad from a marketing standpoint. Plus some of the big distributors (like Vienna Beef from Chicago, and maybe Oscar Mayer based on the name) were founded by Jewish immigrants so they naturally made pork-free weiners.

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Anything sold at 7/11 or pic related. No fresh food allowed.

>> No.6699933

all this
ice pops in plain plastic wrappers/tubes
kool aid mix
off brand anything
spaghetti-o's and related products
power aid instead of gatoraid
rc cola

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if you think that hebrew nation hot dogs are anything less than top tier dogs please kill yourself

>> No.6699936

There is nothing wrong with being poor. Not everyone can be a fucking lawyer, doctor, or investor.

Kill yourself.

>> No.6699937

Most people in the world are poor

>> No.6699938

Thats why every poor person is trying to get rich and no rich person ever wants to be poor, right?

>> No.6699939

Not dissing kosher hot dogs, I'm just explaining why all-pork franks are so rare.

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Naw son. They're opening these things. They're surprisingly... ok. TBH, pretty cheap produce. For a reason I'm sure but way better than expected.

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Gotta love living in Alabama. Although I do believe it's a little worse where I live, in Phenix City.
but I could be wrong.

>> No.6699966

I honestly think they're fucking horrible. So are Nathan's.

I've tried, so far, a single brand of all-beef hot dog that I've liked: A&P's storebrand.
All others have been just... bad. Likely because American's are fatphobic and the hotdogs sold at you don't have enough fat in them to taste good, especially 100% beef, 100% turkey or 100% chicken ones.
Pork ones are the best followed by mixed meat followed by chicken followed by turkey followed by beef followed by veggiedogs.

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>phenix city
It's like the founders of the town were playing Wheel of Fortune and didn't have enough money to buy a vowel.
>not enough money
>bad spelling
Yeah, definitely Alabama.

>> No.6699976

>Not everyone can be a fucking lawyer, doctor, or investor
Of course not, then we wouldn't have poor people to make fun of!

>> No.6699984

Pretty much. Phenix City sucks. Ghettos everywhere. Columbus isn't much better.

>> No.6699991

>Frozen French fries

What's wrong with them?

>> No.6700017

There's nothing wrong with frozen vegetables in general. Probably the best thing you can get if you're on a budget.

>> No.6700041

Because most poor people have probably heard of the concept of microbreweries.

Hell, my family isn't poor, but my dad doesn't understand the concept of certain beers being pricier than others when you can order a Bud Light at the local Elk's Lodge for $2-3

>> No.6700047

Isn't a pure pork hot dog pretty much considered a sausage?

>> No.6700068

Can confirm. Went there every week for groceries until I discovered that I could get much better produce for a little bit more money at Aldi. Still like to go there for cheap non-food items, though.

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No true white trash here? Poor people drink more, Budlight is cheap, easy to drink and has 1/3 the calories of microbrews. If the poor got into microbrews they'd be even more fucked because theyre stronger and have more calories. Drunker and fatter? Come on.

>> No.6700152

Haven't seen jello, grilled cheese sandwiches, or instant mashed potatoes mentioned in here yet.

When I was in high school my friend lived off nothing but the things I listed, peanut butter sandwiches, canned ravioli, kraft mac n cheese, spaghetti-os, pizza pockets and other shit that generally has little to no nutritional value. Can't stand "anything spicier than pepper". I have no idea how he's still alive and underweight at that.

>> No.6700178

when I was in middle school I ate pogo sticks for literally one entire year. Every single lunch. Pogos.

The cafeteria ladies and some of the teachers would often comment on it

One girl got really mad at me one day and yelled at me asking why I eat pogos every day

>> No.6700197

So, why were you eating Pogo sticks everyday?

>> No.6700209

Lol, idk. My mom packed my lunch with them and so I ate them

I regret nothing

>> No.6700218

No redneck is getting caught with a forty. Forties are for blacks and rednecks hate blacks.

>> No.6700220

fuck I love pork rinds

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You were one of those kids w/ a packed lunch? Look at richie rich over here.

>> No.6700262

Too bad American Nig Nog food and White American Trash food are almost identical. Nigs don't buy Mickey's 40ox Malt Liquor because they think its the best, they buy it for the same reason white trash does, because they can get drunk for like $3 off of it.

>> No.6700320

>implying a hotdog isn't a sausage

Better to buy fresh when on some ridiculous offer then wash, blanch, dry and freeze yourself. Seems labour intensive, but it's actually not all that bad.
Most recently (that is, last year), I got a bunch of broccoli greens, 6lbs of the stuff, for $5. All in perfectly good condition. Usually, that'd cost at least $9 but usually closer to $12.

I buy fresh bell peppers, split and deseed them, then freeze the sections. The only veg I buy already frozen are peas, kernel corn and pearl onions. And the pearl onions only when on sale because fresh pearl onions are usually cheaper and require no preparation beyond peeling to freeze.

I routinely, however, buy frozen cherries because fuck pitting them myself. Cherry ice cream all day, mofo.

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>I can go to the store and buy this.
>This is real.

>> No.6700373

Pretentious faggot.
A lot of parents don't have time to make a completely homemade meal
>literally nothing wrong with mac and cheese with cut up hot dogs for a childs lunch

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File: 23 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.437538372_3myk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome to the real world, everything could always be worse.

For the record, it tastes like yellow salt/oil

>> No.6700383

I'm not talking about the food itself. I'm talking about the company (or lack of company).

>> No.6700497

I see nothing wrong with that. Frankly I wish more companies just had a plain white box with whatever the item is printed on it. I don't want to pay for their stupid marketing campaigns, I just want some damn mac n cheese and I don't feel like grating anything today.

>> No.6700515

I work in a grocery store in Florida. Mexicans buy big bags of tomatoes, peppers and other fresh produce. Foods white trash skip over.

>eating Taco Bell

nice b8 m8

>> No.6700537

Is there a Web sight for shit like this like that gives update about shows arround your area
there's a guy I work with who goes to these all the time he's in one of the bands but we're not really friends so it would be weird going to one with him

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Florida spics are Cubans, not Mexicans

>> No.6700553

The only cereal I ever buy in the generic bagged formed is generic golden grams/honey smacks, mostly because the quality is indistinguishable between it and name brand.

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Ya rednecks drink tall bus of coors light

>> No.6700582

Not quite. South Florida has a lot of Mexicans. They do all the farming here.

>> No.6700587

No Cubans are all docter in south Florida
the middle lower middle class are portiricans
and the poor are th3 mixicans that mow lawns and farm and construction

>> No.6700593

Tall boys*

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do grocery store still carry those massive 5 gallon tubs of 'sherbet'?

>> No.6700631
File: 54 KB, 230x260, prod_vienna_sausage_original_9.25oz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I throw up just thinking about them.

>> No.6700643
File: 267 KB, 800x600, IMG_2915_4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya'll best be leaving Malt O Meal out of it.

>> No.6700710

I like regular Budweiser in bottles

It's very drinkable, I couldn't drink craft beer all night I'd want to vomit after my third "pale pumpkin pasta ale" or whatever because it's like eating a liquid loaf of bread in a bottle

Don't be so pretentious it makes you a bigger pleb than if you were retarded

And 4 dollars a beer is for chumps

>> No.6700717

Trash drinks 16 ounce cans of Milwaukees best ice

It's like 5 dollars for 96 ounces

>> No.6700719

I know what I'm buying tomorrow

So based

>> No.6700753

dont know if any ones posted it, but

>pizza bites
>chicken nuggers
>fish sdicks

the cheapo kind that come in large bags. I know as I am white trash, and grew up on it.

>> No.6701312


You like TV dinners? My fucking cock is a gourmet meal.

>> No.6701540

Anything frozen or canned. Can't help but break into roaring laughter when I see someone suggesting to use frozen or canned food. Hi-la-rio-so.

>> No.6701569

I love you

>> No.6701579

>ctrl f
>no results for Arizona
Where I am all the jobless foodstampers drink this stuff like water, or carry around 2 liters of soda and drink it straight from the bottle. A few days ago at work a cashier told me a customer got into an argument with them because we don't keep 2-liters of soda in our coolers.

Unsurprisingly most of them are also missing half their teeth and have five kids

>> No.6701590

Hot dogs in baked beans
Steak ums

>> No.6701595

The water isn't safe, and they're finishing the box of beer by the end of the night, watered down or not. This is the healthier choice, for self and family.

>> No.6701601

Confirmed cosmic brownies, grew up in a poorish white family and those were my go-to snacks at lunch in elementary.

>> No.6701610

Cant believe nobody has mentioned dunkaroos yet

>> No.6701623

>tfw grew up in upper middle class family and regularly ate crab legs, lobsters that we kept alive in the bathtub, filet mignon, escargot

>> No.6701692

so you are automatically poor if you are not a lawyer, doctor or investor? Jeez. All popstars must be poor as dirt then.

>> No.6701751

Is it white trash if I want to open a vegan restaurant but put a whole lot of animal products in my food?

I fucking hate vegans.

>> No.6701757


I live in Gulf Shores, and work at a gas station. I second this.

>> No.6701879

I dunno about sherbet but they do have it for ice cream.

>> No.6701911

Frozen french fries are the ultimate poor people food

>> No.6701933

I buy bagged cereal sometimes. is that wrong?

>> No.6701947

Budweiser is piss in a bottle that's been chilled and shipped to stores. How can you stand that shit? It doesn't taste good and it doesn't get you drunk.

And 4$ for a beer isn't bad unless your poor

>> No.6701965

UK Edition:
>Space Invaders
>Richmonds sausages
>Spray whipped cream
>Angel Delight
>ready meals

>> No.6702065

As somebody who worked for AB, Busch is the actual white trash Anheuser Busch beer. Natty is college kid beer, and Bud Light and Budweiser range all throughout lower to upper middle class, it's basically for people who started drinking what their dad did and never branched out.

>> No.6702113


They'll blow their floofloovers! They'll bang their tartookas!
They'll blow their whohoopers! They'll bang their gardookas!
They'll spin their trumtooka! They'll slam their slooslunkas!
They'll beat their blumbloopas! They'll wham their whowonkas!
And they'll play noisy games like zoozittacarzay,
A roller-skate type of lacrosse and croquet!
And then they'll make ear-splitting noises galooks
On their great big electro whocarnio flooks!

>> No.6702123

White trash coworker of mine makes soup with "treet", the poor version of spam.

>> No.6702215

I live in Arizona and grew up around mexicans my whole life and went to a school that was 50% mexican. Go fuck yourself, Florida don't know shit.

>> No.6702683

I have been working nights so I feel your pain...shut sucks.

>> No.6702716

You do know that when it comes to cereal and other processed foods (toaster pastries come to mind) the quality is indistinguishable between the big name brands and generic brands, right?
That's why you're better off making your own cereal.

>> No.6702718

Then don't drink to get drunk you fucking pleb.
Quality over quantity

>> No.6702725

See >>6702716

>> No.6702735

Fuck you pork rinds are goat
It's hot sauce

>> No.6702739


You're missing nothing important. It's all grain meal pressed into shapes with different flavourings.

It's pretty much useless from a dietary standpoint, and loaded with calories and sugar.

>> No.6702745

Bud Light is for Mexicans, they actually have huge ad campaigns geared towards just them.

>> No.6702775




Ingenuity in the kitchen used to come from the poor, back when, well, everyone except royalty and the gentry were poor.

Your wealth was much more dictated by the circumstances of your birth than by your skills and ingenuity as an individual, hence you had smarter poor people who learned how to do things to make their lives seem less impoverished.

Now, it's mostly people who consistently make dumb financial/life decisions who end up being poor. Sure, there's a certain amount of poorness due to birth circumstances even today, but it's far more likely that you're just dumb and lazy.

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File: 32 KB, 408x450, little-hug-drink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any of the following, bonus points for store brand:

> Hamburger Helper
> Chef Boyardee ravioli & other stuff like that
> Lil Hug juice
> Hostess/etc cheap prepackaged desserts (twinkies, yodels, etc)
> Those big prepackaged honey buns
> Boxed mac-n-cheese, but only if it's the kind with the cheese powder you have to add water to, not the kind with the liquid Velveeta sauce

>> No.6702997

And to expand on that "buy fresh and freeze it yourself" advice, on my way home from work, I stopped in at a local grocer and found a few great deals: Chinese aubergines/eggplants, bitter gourds/frogmelons, shallots and kondfal/purple sweet yam, all sold in 3lb bags for 99¢ each.

I processed the melons and aubergines for freezing and shoved them in the freezer a little earlier and will do the same for the shallots tomorrow. Gonna make the yams into yam jam.

Also, for all the people mistaking "white trash" for "poor," I grew up part of my childhood in America (currently live in US again now, all alone though) and my best friend back then came from a family where the father was a doctor and mother a college professor. They certainly weren't poor, but they ate white trash food exclusively. The kitchen was spotless and beautiful 24/7 because all they ate were things like >>6697055, >>6697146, >>6696928, >>6696963, >>6696994, >>6699924 and >>6699933, just brand name.
Seriously no vegetables that weren't canned or frozen. None. No fresh meats I can recall, either. Lots of macaroni and cheese, frozen pizzas, canned pastas, ready meals, "Lean Cuisines" and that sort of junk. He came over my house once to watch some movie or other on VHS (yeah: THAT long ago) and marveled that you could pop popcorn on the hob/stovetop because all he's ever seen was microwavable and the stuff at the movies.

Despite their income, they ate like white trash.

>> No.6703010


Breakfast cereal kicks ass. It's a good way to top up at the end of the day if you are missing a few calories. It has more vitamins and shit than broccoli, and it's comforting. I feel like a kid again with every bowl of fruity pebbles, captain crunch, and lucky charms.

>> No.6703022


I've talked to people about thin before. I think they like that it's light in flavor and not very filling. I'm all about craft beers and shit but sometimes a nice Pabst or bud 55 is nice. You don't drink a double ipa or Russian imperial stout when you cut the grass.

>> No.6703038


Even if you make only $20/hr you can not be poor. Poor people are bad and stupid for choosing to be poor. Spend less than you make, that's the one step guide to stopping being poor and getting rich slowly. It's worked pretty great for me and literally every other person to try it.

>> No.6703054

>Despite their income, they ate like white trash.

This. My family made over 400k yearly but we lived exclusively off lean cuisines because no one bothered to cook.

>> No.6703155

I thought they ate like shit because it was convenient. Nope. They couldn't cook for balls. No one in his family. Not his grandmothers, either, so of course his mum and dad never picked up the skill (so neither did he and his sister).

Once, when I was 15 or so and said friend was 14 or 13 (he's a year and a month younger than me and this was after my birthday), his parents left the house to him and his sister for a couple weeks in the summer while they traveled abroad, no doubt fulfilling the stereotype of the Ugly American.
His parents stocked the chest freezer in the pantry room with enough ready meals for about a month even though they planned to be away for only twenty days. Well, something happened and I don't remember exactly what, but the result was that the freezer failed a few days after the parents left and everything went off and had to be thrown away. My friend and his sister were left with "only two hundred dollars" (only, they said; this was in the 90s, mind you) for takeaways. deliveries and stuff like that.
>What do we do?! We can't stock the freezer again because it's broken!! And the kitchen freezer is packed with ice cream!!!! Oh woe is us!
Chill out, fam, I gots dis.
He and I and his sister packed into his sister's car and drove to the supermarket where I bought, using their money, some ingredients (the entirety of the kitchen, the fridge, freezer and cabinets, had literally /nothing/ to cook with) and a roasting pan (literally nothing, like I said). I roasted a chicken with potatoes, made some jus to go with it, baked a loaf of soda bread and sautéed a bunch of spinach with garlic in olive oil and cooked up some carrots with butter and caraway, enough food for at least twelve portions (less the bread, which I only baked enough of for four portions).
If I wasn't a ginormous cocklover, his sister would have hopped my dick that night, she seemed so grateful. But I'm as gay as daffodil, so all I got was praise and thanks.

>> No.6703270

It's really interesting even though I'm sure there's not a huge cost difference and I think both are shit I get hugely different images in my head of people who drink Bud Light or Bud Light Platinum

>> No.6703335

Mate everyone eats those
Bad taste = white trash

>> No.6703336


Friends with a 1st Gen Mexican in Oklahoma. The only "white trash" food I can think of him and his family eating are Takis and this Valentino sauce or whatever. Everything else seems either standard mixed American cuisine alongside homemade traditional Mexican recipes. But, this is just one family, so who knows.

>> No.6703342

>you don't
YOU don't, I do

>> No.6703346

Bad taste != white trash

>> No.6703349

American-Mexican here, the majority of us eat homemade meals, but some of us do eat like white trash, but those that do are fat and eat like white trash on top of the homemade meals.

>> No.6703350


God bless America.

>> No.6703367

Pizza Bagels
Pop Tarts
Canned fruits and veggies (if at all)
Hamhocks and beans
Frozen dessert pies or cakes
Pimento spread
Canned sardines
Vienna Sausages
Microwave popcorn

>> No.6703485

>Canned fruits and veggies

Isn't that a staple?

>> No.6703503

God, I cannot stand that white bleached sliced bread anymore. Way the fuck too sweet. Whole wheat for life.

>> No.6703516

People ITT are confusing not being top patrician with being white trash

>> No.6703520

Takis literally have a full days calories in one bag

Why are they so good

>> No.6703646

Seriously laughed when I first saw it at Wal-Mart though it really isn't that bad. As a poorfag college student I sadly live off this price first crap. Everything taste okay except for that mac and cheese. Fuck that mac and cheese.

>> No.6704716
File: 446 KB, 500x670, freezer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hugs juice

Fucking niggers.

>> No.6705110


Holy shit another anon nearby.

Fort Mitchell here, from the PNW so this place is a bit of a culture shock.

>> No.6705642

Tfw I'm 19 and just had lobster for the first time a month ago. I've never even had any of those other things before.

>> No.6705683
File: 639 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-22-17-02-40-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any beer in a 24oz can. Fuck you if you buy these.

>> No.6705688

>2/4$ 25oz Budweiser
Good ol bud heavy. My nightcap
>fuck the fedora tippers

>> No.6705736

I work at a beer store and sell them to scumbags like you. Generally if you're under 40 and I don't see you everyday, you get a pass. I can't even fit into one post how scummy the people I see buy these on a regular basis actually are.

>> No.6705763

>Pimento spread

I always thought that shit was considered fancy.

>> No.6705818

Lol, no. Pimento cheese spread on white bread is a white trash southern lunch special.