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>your native country
>your favorite dish from that country
>explain in english what that dish is

Pic related, it's okroshka, traditional Russian cold soup made of boiled potatoes, cucumbers, boiled eggs and meat, garnished with sour cream and lots of chopped dill/parsley/green onions/whatever, served with a cold beverage in the same way and proportion that you would add cereal to milk.

It's the best summer food i've ever eaten, combining the springtime feel of salad and the refreshing of kvass. You can also use kefir, whey, mineral water, or beer, but the real okroshka needs kvass.

Highly recommend.

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; _;

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We have chili con carne. That's pretty good.

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South Louisiana
Boiled crawfish

>Implying countries don't have different types of cuisine regionally

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>Chili con Carne
>Fried cubes of red meat slow cooked with garlic, crushed tomatoes and chile powder.

I cook it regularly from fall through mid-spring; it's a god-tier bulking food.

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How is boiled crayfish a dish local to anywhere?

It's just... catch crayfish, boil crayfish.

Here in Russia it's a dish "local" to anywhere where there's a fresh water source.

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Its just an american pretending to have culture
Ignore him

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Southerners are retarded.

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rice pudding mixed with whipped cream, vanilla, and chopped almonds.
served cold with a warm cherry sauce.

Its the only danish dish i care much for actually, Danish cuisine is pretty boring.

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As an Brit who has spent 5 years in the US, I can at least say that Cajun food isn't anything like most "American" food. It's a bit too spicy and salty for my taste, but the flavor profiles are definitely unique.

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Taken as a whole, America has a much better cuisine than any European country except for Spain, Italy and France. It would be impossible for it *not* to, given its overwhelming size and diversity.

There are much better reasons to hate the place than for its food.

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Yes, they have tons of great regional food in the south but that guy posted the one thing that's common anywhere man is near a river.

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I'm sure he's referring to "traditional" southern Louisiana crayfish, which isn't just simply boiling crayfish in plain water.

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Crawfish boils are large-scale social events where massive quantities of shellfish are cooked and served in a traditional way unlike anywhere else.

Don't be pedantic
>Skyr? Literally just fermented milk
>Bouef Bourginon? Literally just beef stew
>Lefse? Literally just pita
>Sunday Roast? Literally just baked beef.

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Was the OP of the crawfish picture/post. Sorry, I'm drunk.

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All English speaking nations are exactly the same. No idea why they all pretend to be different when they're all just slightly different versions of England.

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Did you know that hot dogs from different areas taste different? It's because they're seasoned according to region! Fuck!

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My family is Tongan and my favorite dish is Lu Sipi, pretty much every island country has their own version from New Zealand to Hawaii. In Samoa they call it Palusami.

For the most part it is pretty bland. Consisting of mutton or corned beef with minced onion, salt, pepper, and coconut milk wrapped in taro leaves. I fucking love it though.

Usually it is served with a side of boiled green bananas (bland as fuck), taro (again bland ha) and rice noodles that have been boiled in soy sauce. Tongan food is bland, we have no taste buds , shit. But it's great, I love it. Taro is nasty as fick though, I wont eat it unless I'm forced to, it's like a potato but just plain plain plain.

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I want to know what everything in this picture is and where the fuck I can go to put it inside me.

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Also served with boiled sausage. Forgot to add that.


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People in Russia don't have personalities or flavours, they just eat whatever the government issues in the weekly recipes publication (kind of like a newspaper).

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that sounds better than stuffing your face with burgers everday like in america though.

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there's tons of german food i love, but you can always return to a good schweinsbraten (roast pork) in dark beer sauce, served with the crusty skin, dumplings and bavarian slaw.

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Munich represent

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God damn do I love em', especially when you put some butter on and dip in white vinegar; dad enjoys sour cream but to each their own.

Read about that stuff OP, been wanting to make some because I need some Kvass in general and it sounds good.

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Minced meat filling wrapped in soft-boiled cabbage then fried, served with potatoes, panjuices and lingonberry sauce

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It's important to make home-made kvass because store-bought is not really kvass, it's more like bready lemonade.

Real kvass contains alcohol, for one.

Anyway, burn the rye bread, don't be afraid to fuck up (everyone totally ruins their first batch) and feel free to experiment with fermentation duration (as yeast processes the sugar, kvass rapidly changes flavor).

Oh and be careful with the gas!

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Fucking pierogi man
A dish I can die for
They can be filled with literally everything, cherries, cheese, fish, meat, sauerkraut, so on and so on
But the best are the russian ones (as we call them in Poland), the filling is made with potatoes, cottage cheese, onions and of course spices. Fucking delicious. Some people it with browned onions, other with sour cream or butter. I found out that butter + some vingar is god tier.

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>It's a bit too spicy and salty for my taste,
Sure but if you're a Britbong, even German food is too spicy and salty for your taste.

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Song birds.

Ceasar's cook does them rather well.

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Only good food I can think of native to south Florida is the cuban sandwich. Roast pork, ham, salami, swiss cheese, and pickle on Cuban bread.
There's also Key Lime Pie but I dont like that.

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>Brits don't like spicy food
That's why we don't have many curry houses or kebab shops.

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>Brits don't like salty
>Marmite exists

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I want Bayern to leave

Pic related,Rheinischer Sauerbraten is propably the best ''local'' thing I know in germany,allthough I don't make it very often anymore.
It's basically acidic sunday-roast,you let the beef marinate in vinegar for a couple of days before roasting.
Usually served with cabage and dumplings

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Both of those look like shit. Germany is shit.

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You hate us,cause you ain't us

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Confused here. In America, we pride ourselves on the ability to appreciate the intricacies of spice. YES

In other words, do you royals enjoy spice?

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>tfw no labskaus

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What is that under the egg?

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Raw beef with beets,onion,sometimes potato and pickles,all mashed and boiled for a couple of seconds

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Thanks for the tip! Was going to get Monestary kvass since it's pretty good; have a bit of home brewing equipment as well so it seems like fate.

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>Raw beef

What the fuck, man?

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>He's never had Steak tartare

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beef tartar

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Ever heard of steak tartare?

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I had one in Tampa that was tops

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German dude here,Key Lime pie and Cuban Sandwiches are GOAT.
I want to go back to the US someday,just for the food.
Also I miss Jambalaya and gumbo

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No, that sounds fucking gross.

What flavor are you possibly getting from raw mush.

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The Netherlands
Its tiny little pancakes you eat with butter and sugar

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This is a very basic viand called "Nilagang Baka", or basically boiled beef.

I love it a lot because it's not just boiled beef.

The beef itself is slow-boiled over a charcoal stove for over 3 hours. After that, the beef, along with the stock, is brought to the gas stove and boiled again with cabbage, lettuce, carrot, string beans, corn and some onions to taste. The veggies are better added atleast 5 mins before the stove is turned off, and then it's all left to simmer so that they are all crispy and fresh-y.

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Looks good OP, would try on a hot day

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>shilling this hard for the federal government

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personally I'm not a huge fan but i mean dont we jerk each other off around here about eating rare steak? that's basically what it is but with a few extra ingredients mixed in

also you look high class if you eat it since the beef has to be fresh enough to not give you a ripping case of the squits and they only serve it if they are confident in the product, so you're probably at a nice place not some shithole

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I guess... It just sounds greasy and nasty rather than warm and savory

>> No.6689393


or an actual shithole where they don't care if they give you a ripping case of the squits

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I would eat king crab and raw oysters all day if I could but since thats not really a distinctive situation I vote for pork ribs, memphis or Carolina style

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tbh I like my steak room temperature anyways. I usually rest it for like 30 minutes if I'm cooking for myself. My relatives think that is enough time for it to spoil. Americans are retarded about food poisoning

I think most businesses know a bad case of food poisoning sends people running from the toilet to their yelp account and back again

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>If you're cooking it

As an American, no we aren't. Who the fuck thinks that?

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haven't you cooked something, put it in the fridge, and then had it go bad on you after a few days or weeks? cooking doesnt magically preserve food, and my mother's side is paranoid about leaving things out for any amount of time "just to be safe"

meanwhile my dads side cuts the green bits off the chicken before serving it up

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Frozen moosemeat slowly cooked at ~75 celsius in an oven for about 12 hours. It is then placed in a brine with cranberries, bay leaves and pepper for about five hours. Thinly sliced and served with potatoes, vegetables and chantarelle sauce.

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New England boiled dinners. Potatoes, carrots, cabbage and whole onions boiled in a big-ass pot with a hunk of brisket and corned beef for most of the day.

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Is this a dinner for ants?

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>not kebab

Come on

I'd eat that so much of that moose meat I'd probably die

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I thought that the Finns invented that one.

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oh look another incredibly off the mark attempt at trolling british people, how quaint.

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Pipe down Nigel; it's just banter.

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if it was on the mark it would be, as it stands it's just some mouthy guy looking like an idiot.

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Im going to make this shit for my friends. It sounds really good.

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my mom always makes it with kefir

kwas is really disgusting

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either these or Beijing roast duck

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>your native country
>your favorite dish from that country
Plato Paceño, Chairo and Ispi
>explain in english what that dish is
Pic related of Plato paceño. Just what you see, sometimes you add some beef.
Chairo, damn nigga the best soup of all world. It have everything and is so great.
Ispi, little fish fried.
Pic 1/3 Plato paceño
>explain in english what that dish is

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Pic 2/3 Chairo Paceño. Damn I'm hungry. It doesn't look good but it taste amazing

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Pic 3/3 A good Ispi is the real thing in this country. But damn is real hard to find place that made a good Ispi. You need to clean one by one the little faggots and That take a lot of time.

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Shit the picture

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>shilling this hard for the Soviets
Get fucked pinko

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Oh it's just Persian kebab. Go to any Iranian restaurant and ask for "kabab barg" and order "masteh moosir", which is just yogurt with chopped shallots. You'll get a plate of safron rice which you add copious amounts of butter to, then eat alongside the grilled tomato, yogurt, and kebab.

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My grandmother makes a godtier nilagang baka.

>that slightly spice soup because of those chilis (sword peppers? siling spada?)
>that nice corn
>them crunchy lettuce

Nice choice, anon.

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>American food isn't like "American" food
>I'm an uneducated moron who thinks all the diverse regions of america eat burgers and fries while shooting their guns into the air for every meal

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B-but MUH culture that has eaten the same peasant food the same way for a hundred years in an almost noticeably different way from the neighboring countries!

>> No.6691251

Oi dats sofisticated culture alongside toast sandwiches not like american garbage!

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delcious is very good description

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fucking goat

god damn i dont know what happened to me but since i had some bbq ribs a couple weeks ago i just cant stop thinking about them

something changed in my brain or something idk but holy fuck i love ribs now

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I don't have a favourite because everything is fucking great, but I like manti

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The horseshoe sandwich - Texas toast, french fries, cheese sauce, and the meat of your choice. I'm partial to hamburger, but ham and pork tenderloin are good, too.

There's a place that does them with pulled pork(or brisket or chicken) and bbq sauce, and that's pretty fucking good, too.

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Jambalaya is a popular rice, meat, and vegetable dish originating in Louisiana. It contains the Holy Trinity of spices which are onions, garlic, celery, and bell peppers.

Honestly it's one of Americas best dishes

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I could not appreciate jambalaya when I actually lived in Louisiana as a kid. Now that I am older and live in flyovertown, I would kill for some homemade jambalaya.

>> No.6691371

Just make your own bro. I live way over in California and I still try to make it.

>> No.6691374

>Holy Trinity of spices which are onions, garlic, celery, and bell peppers.

That's four ingredients, not three to make a trinity.

Also onion, garlic, celery and bell peppers aren't spices.

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Shrimps are expensive as fuck when you live in a landlocked state, anon. Especially Gulf shrimp.

>> No.6691386

Man I forgot bout the shrimp. You have my condolences anon.

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You're killing me man. I spent this winter in denmark where i had this for the first time. I plan on making this every year.

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Cattleman's Beans.
Sautéed dried beans, cabbage, eggs, sausage (or bacon), flour (usually manioc), onions and parsley.
And it's way better than feijoada.

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southern US - typical New Year's meal of black eyed peas (I prefer purple hull myself), greens, and cornbread.

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>I Fucking Love Pizza (second runner up would be penne all'arabiata)
> Dish is dough sauce and mozzarella... penne all'arabiata is pasta with chili red sauce sprinkled with parsley.

>> No.6691471

Who are you quoting, italian retard?

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From Swabia/Germany,
these are Maultaschen
pasta dough with a ground meat filling (often with bread crumbs, parsley and spinach) and cooked in broth
they are either served in the broth, or fried in clarified butter and often served with fried onions and sometimes gravy
the traditional accompanyment is Swabian potato salad, which is made from warm potatos with chopped onions, hot broth, vinegar, oil, chives and parsley (sometimes cucumber slices are added in summer)

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I love pierogis but russian ones are usually pretty crappy, unless served in borscht. Sauerkraut and mushroom ones though... Homemade fruit ones are great too.

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They're alright.
Even better.

You're still all wrong

Fucking Linsen mit Spätzle (lentils with spätzle (Swabian pasta)) is the best dish in the world
It can be pretty bland when you get it in some sort of cafeteria but if they're done right you get the dankest, tastiest lentils mixed with thick cooked bacon, some delicious spätzle topped by some saitenwürstle (wiener-like sausages) made by your village's butcher.
Thinking of making some soon after describing them.
My father's Linsen mit Spätzle are the taste of my childhood and everyone who wants to mess with my favourite meal can suck a fat Bavarian Schweinshaxe.

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Well you see, poutine (pronounced poo-tin in French) is cheese curds, fries and gravy all put together. If you don't know what a cheese curd is it's like a block of cheese but it has more of a springy kinda texture to it compared to regular cheese. But did you know that if you add things other then those 3 essential ingredients then it ceases to be a poutine?

>> No.6694281


god I miss Turkish food.

Norwegian waffles with berries and myost which is a sweet cheese.

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forgot pic

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>But did you know that if you add things other then those 3 essential ingredients then it ceases to be a poutine?


Wendy's sells fucking bacon poutine you dense motherfucker. I think you have some growing up to do. Come back after you've done that

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Ya and KBDProductionsTV CLEARLY STATED in his review of said poutine that if you do that then it IS NOT A POUTINE so maybe you should fucking check your facts before posting stupid bullshit on the internet you retard

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Hoppin john originally used carolina golden rice and purple cow peas that colored the rice reddish, all flavored with pork from extremely fatty and flavorful breeds, however many of these ingredients fell out of favor being replaced by types more suited to intensive industrial agriculture where the idea is quantity.
There have been recent attempt to bring it back such as a few producers of carolina golden rice that sell to specialty chefs.

>> No.6696248

Please don't translate "ruskie" into Russian, anon. They have zero to do with Russia and are pretty much unknown there. They originated in the former Ruthenian Voivodeship (Województwo Ruskie), which covered the area of today's SE Poland and a large part of Western Ukraine.

>> No.6696311

So much this. I love to put plantains and a little patis in mine.

>> No.6696320

>setting windows to japanese

>> No.6696324

You complete and utter, pathetic, pedophile, weaboo, faggot.
Die soon please.

>> No.6696337

This right here. Anyone who thinks Louisiana style crawfish isnt a special thing is a monster. Gross Tete represent!

>> No.6696950

Can really only find them in Central or West-Central Illinois. I hadn't heard of them until I went to school in Macomb nor have I seen them anyplace else since. Good, though.

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Mexico, frijoles charros
Here's how I make them

Beans in a slow cooker with pig's feet or pork jowl(with most of the fat removed) overnight. This becomes a base for a lot of recipes.

In a large pot fry some cut bacon, take the bacon out and fry tomatoes to a paste in the fat, add pepper.
Add onions and cook until soft at this point also add a shit ton of cerrano peppers in slices, also add a ton of garlic. Optional add some good dry sausage or earthy meat stuffs, chorizo works too.
When it's all good and done add the beans with some of the slow cooker stock and water.
Add cilantro, diced tomatoes, fresh onions, fresh diced peppers to taste before serving.
A winter meal that will warm you right up also great hangover cure.
Hardy as fuck.

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My nigga

>> No.6697079


[trying to click on photo to order this]

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for New Jersey I'd have to say food from diners is where it's going to be at.

Choosing the club sandwich because they have the magical property of looking exactly the fucking same no matter where you go.

toasted white bread, bacon, lettuce, mayo, tomato, and usually chicken—otherwise, it's just a blt club

>> No.6697626

Chicken, onion, scallions occasionally in dashi stock and soy sauce over steamed rice
I have been craving it for days, American food is rather bland

>> No.6697636

It's like poutine, but an actual meal.

>> No.6697679

No pigs for u mudslime. jk Iran number 1 stay trill bruh!

>> No.6698120


a region in our country also has a dish like this, but very flavorful. basically just replace corned beef with pork belly slices, shrimps, and wrap it on taro leaves, BUT slow cooked in coconut milk laced with tons of bird chilies.

Laing, tinumok style.

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Step up the game son.

Bulalo, basically what he said, but instead of hard beef cuts that we poor azn use, we use this same-as-though knee/leg idontknow part. the plus side is you also get the marrow. God cooking this for dinner now.

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South Australia
Pie floater
It's a meat pie served in pea soup. Pretty good tbh.

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>and its way better than feijoada


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From the Netherlands:

Kapsalon. It consists of fries on the bottom, then döner kebab with garlic sauce and hot sauce, some melted cheese and finished off with some lettuce.

It is delicious.

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underrated post.

I'll go with pierogi. Any type of filling. Love that shit.

>> No.6698579

Monday-borscht and potato
Tuesday- borscht and potato
Wednesday-borscht and potato
Thursday-borscht and potato
Friday-borscht and potato
Saturday-borscht and potato
Sunday-borscht and potato

>> No.6698603


get it with gravy if your shop does that, it's great.

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borscht is the fucking bomb tho! ate that for a week once because cabbage doesnt come any smaller.

German here rouladen ftw!

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Alabama here.

I guess biscuits-and-gravy is our signature dish, or maybe just biscuits with some kind of sasuage/chicken/bacon, etc. People say there's barbecue here with some kind of special "white sauce", but I've never seen it; actually usually the bbq is shit around here.

There are some good soul food joints, but the food there is not really specific to Alabama. Though neither is biscuits-and-gravy. I'd say b-and-g are really only good if they're made well, which they usually aren't, so I'm not the biggest fan, plus they're carb and calorie bombs.

tl;dr Alabama is a shitthole

>> No.6698753

Rouladen is good shit. It's usually what I get at my favorite german restaurant.

I really need to make it myself sometime.

>> No.6698763

They don't have the ingredients in Germany for you to make any of these dishes

>> No.6698776

Minnesota- roasted deer tenderloin stuffed with corn, wild rice, and juicy Lucy's
It's impeccable

>> No.6698801

Are you from Beijing or Shanghai. You cant have either.

>> No.6698981

That sounds like carne asada fries plus letteuce.

>> No.6699091
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Kalakukko (fishcock/fishrooster)

Rye crust full of fish and pork belly, baked in masonry oven for 5-7 hours so fish bones are pretty soft.
Choice of fish is a can of worms. Some people prefer vendace, others (like me) perch, some like roach (the fish, not the bug) and nobody prefers salmon.
Apply butter on crust and eat.

>> No.6699167
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I have dual citizenship in the US and Philippines and bounced between both alot. I grew up in Kentucky and Baguio and have love for both regions.

From Bagiuo (Luzon) the best dish i've had is Pork Sinigang. Its traditionally a pork chop, bok choy, garlic, onion, ginger, tomato, and green bean soup flavored with alot of tamarind. Tamarind gives it a unique sour flavor thats really refreshing.

From Kentucky I fucking love Hot Browns. Its basically fancy turkey/cheese/bacon toast or an open faced sandwich. White bread , roasted turkey, grilled tomato and bacon covered in a cheesy mornay sauce and broiled.

Cant beat the classics

>> No.6700126
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Diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions(you can add diced bell peppers if you like).
Season with olive oil vinegar and salt like a salad but a bit exagerated since youll add water next and you dont want it diluted.
Add cold water. How much you add is up to you as long as it tastes good.
Cut bread into squares and add.

Its basically a salad into soup form, and since you add cold water its refreshing.
Perfect for the summer.

>> No.6700130

Forgot to mention that spanish people love to blend everything together. I don't really like it. But you could try that if you want.

>> No.6700206

best sandwitch ever
it's cuban pork and sweet ham mayo mustard sauce swiss cheese and pickles on cuban bread and put in a pinini press
and if your smart you'll get some jalopano peppers on it to

>> No.6700225

fuuuuck I haven't had sinigang in forever. Good stuff. I just made some pork adobo with some chicken drumettes earlier.

>> No.6700228
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>No one has posted this yet
Loui representing again. This is about as popular a dish right after crawfish. In my experience there are two general styles, New Orleans style and Cajun style. Pic related is cajun style, which is more of a soup than a stew. Usually doesn't have peppers and is not as heavy on the okra as New Orleans style. My family makes either a Turf gumbo or a seafood gumbo
Chicken, deer or andouille sausage, chopped boiled chicken eggs, green onions, sometimes okra
Blue crab, shrimp, crawfish, oysters, green onions, boiled eggs, green onions, usually no okra

Some families will mix the surf and turf, but we usually keep it separate in our family for whatever reason. Always served with white rice.

>> No.6700232

*and pork chops

>> No.6700234
File: 96 KB, 700x589, NOLA-Andouille-Gumbo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Example of New Orleans style

>> No.6700272

Cmon homie your town is two truck stops and a pet tiger don't mention it.

>> No.6700316


>> No.6701199
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It's grilled meat on a skewer. Simple as that. The variation in my hometown is usually eaten with sweet soy sauce mixed with chilli peppers.

>> No.6701210

you're a faggot, but i was thinking the same thing

>> No.6701216
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Not a real meal, but it's really the only thing we have that's speical to us.

Ohio Buckeyes (not the nuts)

Peanut butter mixed with soft butter and suger dipped in melted choclate bars. Easy as hell to make and the ingredients are cheap.

>> No.6701560
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Žganci is made by low boiling flour, traditionally buckwheat, but can be other. The beauty of this dish is that it can be eaten with almost anything (usually fried pig fat, milk or yohgurt), it's cheap, easy to make, and filling.

>> No.6701621
File: 646 KB, 1536x2312, steak-house-grillnroses-mititei.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mystery meat on the grill
usually pork, but a 60/40 mix of sheep and beef is also popular
for best results, add baking powder to the mincemeat mix

>> No.6701632
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Indonesian Risoles.

A creamy chicken and vegetable filled crepe, breaded in panko, then pan-fried in shallow oil. Almost everything my Oma has made me from childhood is delicious, but risoles are ridiculously savory and crispy.

>> No.6701666
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South Florida
Key Lime Pie, nigga.

It's a stupid dish with a stupider recipe (sweetened condensed milk + key lime juice) but it's good shit.

>> No.6701667

fellow slav here and this looks horrible. i wanna try it

>> No.6701675
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In addition to this. I am Dutch-Indonesian. So I felt it necessary to include a Dutch dish.

Gehaktballen is a spiced meatball. Exact recipes vary from family to family. The way I was taught: half ground beef, half ground pork. A mixture of cloves, nutmeg, and other spices. Bread crumbs. An egg. Boiled and diced potatoes. Combine, roll meat balls. Simmer in pan with butter until cooked through. Served with mashed potato and pickled beets or pickled red cabbage.

>> No.6701697


>> No.6701712

When you read about its origins, (dudes on a ship with limited resources) its actually quite awesome.
Nothing stupid about it!

>> No.6701716

You can add raw egg yolk, Worcester sauce, salt, pepper, chopped onions, ketchup, Tabasco and caper, to your liking, that's how it's served in Paris. I recommend all of it.

>> No.6701752

I live on the border of Illinois but have never seen one of these. I'll have to take a trip to Macomb some weekend and find one.

>> No.6701774
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>your native country
South Africa
>your favourite dish from that country
>explain in english what that dish is
The only food from this country that isn't shit, basically.

>> No.6701853

i'll r8 8/8

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