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What's your favorite protein (meat, etc.) and why, /ck/?

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If you're talking industrially farmed meat I'd rather have wild caught seafood, beans or tofu. If you count traditionally farmed meat it's all good, but I have a real weakness for good pork. It's just really hard to find, and when you do it's very expensive.

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Fucking sardines.

I can eat sarrdines everyday until i die. They're just so goddamn cheap, tasty and nutritious. I can't get enough of them. I eat them at least 5 times a week, different kinds, different recipes, but I need to have my sardine dose everyday. It's absolute god tier food, i don't know how I went about 18 years of my life without having daily sardines.

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What are your favourite recipes? I love fish but I just find sardines to be okay. I don't mind them, but I couldn't get excited over them - which is weird because I love pretty much all other fish. Change me anon!

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Do you eat the spines? I enjoy canned sardines but it's such a hassle to take out the bone for me.

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Beef. Always and forever.
Not only is the beef industry the most regulated, but it tastes heavenly and I'm also anemic and so at certain times, I get huge cravings for steak or braised shanks and sautéed or creamed spinach (both, at the same meal).

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I'm not really a cook, but I usually eat my sardines with eggs. I make omeletes with cheese and sardines. One thing I really like to make is fry some eggs in a ban, then add sardines while it's still frying, then I add rice and mix it all until it looks ready. You can add some sauce and vegetables to make it even better. I'm a newbie cook, but sardines are something I always try to add in what I make.

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probably beef

although I eat it like once every two weeks because muh saturated fats and the fact I'm broke

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beef is my favorite or turkey, but turkey is too expensive at most times of the year. i generally eat more chicken to save money. i'd say i eat chicken 4-5 time a week and beef and fish once or twice.

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The spines are the best part, I separate them to consume on their own.

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For meat definitely beef.
Birds gotta be quail but too expensive where I live.
Fish any kind of tuna or salmon

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I bake.

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Double nigger

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Stay mad. Gluten is best protein.

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You mean condom dripings

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Try them with a bit of Tobasco and fish sauce, and a green onion on the side.

Also, Beachcliff is GOAT

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Pork has the best variety:

>fried pork skins/chicharrones
>link sausages
>breakfast sausage
>pork chops
>pork loin
>ham hocks
>pulled pork
>pork ribs
>salted pork
>smoked pork necks
>hog jowl
>hot dogs

The list goes on and on.

But I think beef and dairy is the best.

>burgers (I could stop here)
>steaks (porterhouse is my favorite)
>flank (e.g. carne asada)
>ice cream
>roast beef (e.g. Arby's)
>roast beef (e.g. grandma's version with mashed potatoes)
>chicken fried steak
>beef ribs
>all-beef dogs
>pho with beef

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Probably squid. It's affordable, versatile, easy to cook, and delicious.

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Mine would be shellfish such as lobster tail, lump crab and shrimp.

I don't feel so "meat drunk" after eating a good serving of shellfish like I would beef or pork, and I like the Omega3 benefits of shellfish.

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Shit that's hard.

I like squid, lobster tail, ribs but my favorite has to be a nice med-rare stake.

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Me too. I love the texture of shellfish and I don't care for a lot of fatty meats (other than chicken dark meat and the occasional well-marbled steak). I would eat it every single day if I lived where it was fresh and inexpensive.

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Probably chickpeas because they taste good even just plain boiled, have lots of fiber and nutrition, and I can do a lot of things with them, like sandwich spreads, tacos, and you can even puree them and use it as a ricotta replacement in lasagna and pasta dishes

Also pic related, chickpeas roasted with curry powder is awesome

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Fish [seafood] or beef.

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probably chicken. I like how its not very heavy and how many ways you can eat it. other than that, eggs, which I suppose still are chicken.

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Almonds and nuts.

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I'm growing really fond of seitan, it's just as versatile as tofu without tasting like wet cardboard.

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>Also pic related, chickpeas roasted with curry powder is awesome

is that something you buy or make? it looks almost identical to meat

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